No matter how much electricity you use, this device of Rs. 759 does not increase the bill, the meter will always be down.

New Delhi: power electricity saving device updates: Summer days are on right now. As a result, many are facing huge electricity bills. Many are suffering due to higher electricity bills as compared to other months. Today we are giving you information about one such device in this place. Which you can use at home or in the office. If you use it in this place, you are likely to get lower monthly electricity bill. The device is priced at just Rs 759. You can buy it from Amazon. The company also offers a 2 year warranty on this device. Learn the details.

How to use
This device, called MD Proelectra, must be connected to the meter’s main wire. It is necessary to take the help of an engineer from the power department to install it along with it. The device is priced at Rs 2,200. However, with a 66 per cent discount, the device can be purchased for Rs 759. The bank offer is also on. Kotak Mahindra Credit and Debit Card offers 10% discount. However, for this, a transaction of Rs. 5,000 is mandatory. An instant discount of up to a maximum of Rs.

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Electricity bills can be reduced by 15 to 45 percent
It is best used for washing machines, ACs, refrigerators, water pumps, cooking and TVs. All these items increase the electricity bill. The company claims that installing the device in the home helps reduce electricity bills by 15 to 45 per cent. It also helps to improve the power factor.

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Small changes can save electricity bills
With small changes in the house, the electricity bill can be saved. Power companies are running a campaign on this. If the AC is running in the house then the room in the house should not be lit. This helps in controlling the temperature.

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