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‘There is no money to bring back to my mother’

‘Son, if it’s too difficult in the city, come here. If you don’t have money, just go home to your mother’.

The author Vu Thi Minh Huyen is currently a PhD, working at the Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy.

In the past few days, the rap song “Bringing money home” by Black Vau has caused a lot of controversy. A part of music listeners thought that the concept of “bringing money home to mother” was too pragmatic, going against progress as well as showing inequality. There have also been many other opinions defending that the above inferences have gone “too far”.

Personally, I think that, whether it is understood literally or figuratively, it is probably not too important, nor should it be interpreted too much. We just need to understand that, when the whole world is against you, your mother will always support and trust you. When you have difficulties in life, or when you stumble and fail, your mother is the one who always comforts, encourages and accompanies us.

Recently, the movie “Going home to my children” has received a lot of attention from audiences nationwide. And I kept tearing up with the loving line of the character Son’s father – a line that seemed to speak for the message throughout the film, and at the same time spoke on behalf of millions of parents to their children around the planet. “I’m nothing but old and dodgy now, but I have love and a home to which you can return anytime.”

>> Bring money back to pay filial piety to your parents

When I was a child, I was often scolded by my mother, thinking that it was the most painful thing in the world. At that time, I was very angry with my mother and thought she did not love me. But when I went to work, I realized that people beat me without whipping, making me hurt and bitter. The heartache caused by them, following me for the rest of my life, cannot be healed. Obviously, nowhere is comfortable, nowhere is there as much love as next to mother. When I was a child, I didn’t know how to appreciate it, I was born and stumbled to understand, only in the family, being scolded, I felt so loved.

The older I get, the more I want to go home. Home is the most peaceful and safest place to return to. You will realize that no matter how old you are, when you come home. You are still a child, your mother takes care of every meal and sleep. And not only do you look forward to coming home, your mother looks forward to you even more. However, there are still young people who can’t see what their mother really wants and hurt the people they love the most. In addition to the pain, there is also the endless torment and regret of being too careless for your family.

I still have not forgotten every time I called to say that I was sick, my mother left all work at home to take care of her. It can only be a mother. As long as I see you suffering, as long as I know you are being knocked down by life, battered by expectations, when I know you’re hitting the bottom – that’s also the time, I’ll be there again, eagerly waiting Open arms to welcome you back.

Children are a “great work” of a mother, but the “materials” invested are silent and unconditional sacrifices, the smallest and most priceless things. That is the love, time, youth, health, responsibility, care… of mother. No matter how busy life is, mom still makes time to talk, listen, understand and learn how to grow up with her children.

When we were little, we always loved our mother. We embrace, understand and do not want to leave our mother, even half a step. But when we grow up, being dominated by money too much, our understanding of our mother is no longer there. I say I love my mother, making money is to give her a happy and happy life, but it’s hard for us to see the sadness on her face. You know, forever is the same, no matter what, mother still chooses children, not money.

Mothers are always associated with self-sacrifice. A mother always thinks of her children first. Worrying about my children getting enough food and warm clothes, getting a decent education like other people, worrying about me being inferior to my friends, worrying about me marrying a bad husband and wife… Mom worries more than I thought. A mother’s happiness is seeing her children healthy, happy, happy. If you compare your children with other valuable things, they will always be the most priceless and incomparable asset. And because you are my source of life and hope, I always care, worry and worry about my children, ready to sacrifice everything for you.

>> Paying filial piety to parents with money

Whether you are an obedient, filial child or just a spoiled, useless person outside of society, even a murderer, I still love you like that. Even if you do a lot of wrong things and make your parents upset, in the end, your parents will always be tolerant and forgiving of you, unconditionally. Grandparents have a saying: “Tears flow down” because of that.

Out there, there are countless mothers who always believe that one day their children will be better, wholeheartedly waiting for their children to return no matter how many sins their children have committed. No matter whether we succeed or fail, be rejected or rejected by the world, mother is always there to accept us and together with us to slowly remove and correct all mistakes in life. As for society, if you want to be loved, you must have conditions. After all, this world is so big, only mother loves us with selfless love.

Life is too long and wide, so the worries, struggles and fatigue of life are just like that. If we were just busy running and forgot to stop, we wouldn’t know that we had come this far. At some point, you will be exhausted, sweat and tears wet your shoulders, and your knees are tired. Only then will you realize how far you have left your mother’s arms.

Peach blossom has bloomed, Hanoi is busy with cars going home. Suddenly, a text message appeared on my phone: “Son, if it’s too difficult in the city, come here. If you don’t have money, go home to your mother. Come home, mom will wait, mom will wait”.

Vu Thi Minh Huyen

>> The article does not necessarily coincide with the opinion of Posting here.



Frédérique Bangué, sporting soul

” Mom, you won lots of medals, so i would like to win some too! ” When she heard her daughter Victoria innocently utter these words, in the spring of 2017, Frédérique Bangué was taken aback: “I had no idea what to say to him!” “, confides the one who is then convinced to be “A bad mother”. At the origin of a deep questioning, this episode is also the starting point of the adventure that she carries today at arm’s length: her magazine Salto, a free monthly magazine filled with educational, psychological and scientific advice that helps parents guide their children in their sport. Because this experience “Wonderfulfor some, disastrous for others ”, was for her “The school of life”.

→ INVESTIGATION. “We need to set up a framework without stifling passion”: child-athletes, parents in the second line

Born in Lyon but raised in Annecy, Frédérique Bangué was a free and curious child but not very sociable. “I think I can say that I was lucky not to experience discrimination, but I had a hard time making friends! “, confides this woman, become particularly smiling and talkative. The little girl builds her world between basketball courts, tennis courts and dance halls, “Where I was fulfilled, even if I was really not good!” “, she blurted out laughing. In the fall of 1991, dragged by a friend who abandoned her at the last moment, she accidentally landed on an athletics track. Frédérique Bangué is all alone, but the physique is good and the mind is ready: “ In a few weeks, I found myself at the departmental, then regional and, finally, national championships. “

“Respect, solidarity, discipline and perseverance”

Ten years later, the teenager has become an international athlete with multiple titles, selections and “Success”, a word she has only managed to pronounce for a few months. This period of a “Extreme requirement” has always been associated, however, with values ​​dear to its heart: “Respect, solidarity, discipline and perseverance”. Her early retirement at 25 does not prevent her, moreover, from giving herself a new goal: an excellent client at the microphone and in front of the journalists’ cameras, she also studied communication in a Parisian school and went on internships in the world of media, of which it is ” fallen in love “. By knocking on doors and increasing the number of calls, she will end up multi-hat – consultant, producer, host – within large groups like Canal + or M6.

After the birth of her daughter, she has to opt temporarily for food work “Exciting but impractical”. At almost 40 years old, in 2016, the former athlete who became a single mother “The feeling of having to start all over again”. She finally found the strength, with two partners, to carry out an ambitious project that brought together her passions and her skills. Recently greeted by the Minister of Sports, Salto magazine now running thanks to around forty people – journalists, graphic designers, photographers, volunteers or service providers – enough to give new meaning to his life but not yet win it.

For this, Frédérique Bangué gives courses in Paris and conferences all over France, especially in the Annecy region, “Where I am also an opposition municipal councilor! “, she explains between two toast of jam. Just cured of breast cancer, she adds up the radiotherapy sessions and slowly recovers: “I happened to be at the bottom of the hole, but I always knew I would get something positive out of it! And she has just found love again.

“When you believe in God, it’s easier! “

For her, courage has become an instinct for survival: “It must be said that it is quite natural when you work in very, very masculine environments”, she believes. It is also on the theme of “Courage of women” that she will speak, Friday, November 19, at the Interviews of Valpré, in Écully, near Lyon (1).

→ MAINTENANCE. Sport: “Between the child and his trainer, a very strong relationship”

“When you believe in God, it’s easier! “, adds the one who, as a teenager, used to go to places of worship and burn candles, “Especially during competitions”, she remembers fondly. She was baptized at the age of 30, following a catechumenate ” exciting “.

→ READ.“Tamié saved me”

“Je believe that part of me is in my hands and the other is not! “, explains Frédérique Bangué. She recently walked part of the Camino de Santiago and made a silent retreat at Tamié Abbey. Doctors who tended to define it as agitated ” now find her appeased. ” And like Salto is a project of the heart, it always goes like me! “


His inspirations – Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk, Jean-Jacques Goldman …

I have always admired the men and women who manage to unite around their project, despite the obstacles, in order to make things happen or create new ones, for society, for culture, for science… I naturally think of people like Nelson Mandela, who rose to the head of a country where apartheid reigned, but I can also be interested in paths like that of Elon Musk and his technological innovations which fascinated the world, or that of Jean-Jacques Goldman, whose compositions have always thrilled millions of people. When I undertake something, I try to draw inspiration and energy from this story, both past and present: in my eyes, it proves that humanity wants to survive and that gives faith in it! “


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Mother gave birth to 3 children on the same date, 3 years apart

AmericaKristin Lammert’s three daughters, 6 years old, 3 years old and 2 months old have the same birthday on August 25, each child is exactly 3 years apart.

Kristin Lammert of Florida gave birth to her eldest daughter Sofia on August 25, 2015. Three years later, on that same day, her sister Giuliana was born. This year, continuing the tradition of August 25, the family’s third daughter, Mia, also cried out.

Three years ago, when the second daughter was born, the family just thought it was an interesting coincidence and the fact that the two sisters have the same birthday is not too rare.

Lemotte – husband Kristin Lammert said that when his wife was about to give birth to a third child, he was mentally prepared for “some destiny”. After much media coverage of the family’s story, Lemotte read many comments about this coincidence. “Many people are skeptical of a pre-scripted plan,” he said.

Kristin Lammert’s family poses for a photo with their newborn daughter in October 2021. Photo:

Lemotte admitted that he and his wife have a plan on when to have children, they hope to have a gap of 3 years between each child. The goal with the third child is to be born before September, because the father doesn’t want the youngest daughter to be the youngest in the class.

During Mia’s pregnancy, at 10 weeks, Kristin Lammert was diagnosed with Covid-19, then was closely monitored for possible complications. In the last days of pregnancy, she suffered from high blood pressure and constant headaches. The mother ended up giving birth two weeks early due to preeclampsia. Mia is due to give birth on September 8, and she was born on August 25, 14 days earlier.

Kristin Lammert insists she does not set a date for her baby’s birth, because it depends on the progress of health. “The doctor won’t let me give birth just because the day sounds great,” the mother said, calling it “fated”.

Mia’s two sisters are very happy that the three sisters share the same birthday. However, this year Sofia and Giuliana were not held because the whole family was hospitalized to welcome a new member.

Rob Warren, a sociology professor at the University of Minnesota, said that three babies born on the same day and three years apart is the possibility of a million couples having eight such pairs.

Vy Trang (Follow



DGHS Guidelines: Should children below five years of age wear masks, know the guidelines of the Ministry of Health

Children are feared to be the most affected in the possible third wave of Corona. However, according to AIIMS, there is no strong evidence that the coming wave will have the biggest impact on children. Despite this, people are scared and cautious about their children. Now a guideline has been issued by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) under the Union Health Ministry.

According to this guideline, children below the age of five are not required to wear a mask. Apart from this, the government also issued guidelines for children aged 6 to 11 years. According to this, children aged 6 to 11 years should wear a mask under the supervision of a parent. Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) had made it mandatory for children above 12 years to wear masks in its guideline. The WHO had also said that children below 5 years of age do not need to wear masks.

Remdesivir is not for children below 18 years of age
The DGHS also told in another guideline that children below 18 years should not be given Remdesivir injection at all. The DGHS said that there is no concrete data about Remdesivir yet, so this injection should not be given to children. The DGHC advised that if the child does not have symptoms of corona or has a minor infection, then he does not need to be tested. Also, there is no need to give any medicine to such children from their mind. In this situation, the doctor should be consulted through telecommunication and not the hospital. Apart from this, children should be given a nutritious diet and follow the Kovid protocol.

children need extra care
Doctors say that this guideline is necessary for the parents of the children as well as the doctors. According to a report published in the English newspaper, Dr Gauri Agarwal of Yashoda Hospital in Delhi said that it is important to understand the basic information about masks and hygiene. It is impossible for children to understand how to wear a mask. Therefore, DGHS has advised children not to wear masks. Doctors say that since the child cannot wear a mask, parents need to take extra care of their child. A few days ago AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria had said that there is no strong evidence of the maximum impact on children in a possible third wave.

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