Alert: SBI warns millions of customers not to receive calls from ‘Ya’ numbers

New Delhi: The incidence of online fraud has increased dramatically in the last few days. Cybercriminals are looking for different ways to deceive citizens. Banks also warn their customers about this from time to time. Now State Bank of India has once again warned its account holders. The bank has warned citizens against fake phone calls. According to SBI, the number of fake calls has increased significantly, causing huge losses to account holders. The bank has also provided information on some mobile numbers. Also, do not pick up if you get a call on these numbers.

SBI has said that calls from +918294710946 and +917362951973 should not be stopped. The bank is working for the safety of its customers. SBI has warned account holders about this by tweeting from its official Twitter account. The bank has advised its account holders not to pick up calls from certain mobile numbers. This number is being used for phishing scams. Also, fraud is being perpetrated in the name of the bank. Phishing attacks are being carried out under the name of KYC Update by becoming fake officers.

The incidence of online fraud has increased. SBI has warned consumers by tweeting. Therefore, if the call comes from fake numbers, such call should not be received. Meanwhile, during phishing attacks, people are sent links via e-mail, messages and WhatsApp. After clicking on this link, the user’s phone is remote controlled and all the private and bank related information in the phone is stolen. Users use this information to empty bank accounts. So beware of such unknown numbers and dangerous links. Also, no one should share information regarding bank account and OTP.

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Becomes industrialist victim of online scam, Rs 64 lakh stolen from bank account; ‘Asa’ hacked phone

New Delhi: The incidence of online financial fraud is on the rise. In a similar incident, an industrialist from Jaipur has lost Rs 64 lakh. The SIM swapping scam is said to have cost the industrialist Rs 64 lakh. According to reports, Rs 64 lakh was withdrawn from the industrialist’s bank account. Suspicious movements were seen on his mobile phone for two-three days. Jaipur police have also ruled out phone hacking. The incident took place with Rakesh Tatuka, a 68-year-old businessman from Jaipur. They were shocked when their balance was checked after their transactions failed repeatedly.

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He was told by the bank that he had only Rs 700 left in his bank account. Also, the company has only Rs 300 in its bank account. He has since lodged a complaint with the police. He informed the police that there was no connectivity in his phone for the last two days. The same problem was coming up in the business partner’s phone. After this they decided to change the SIM cards. The two bought a new SIM card from a telecom company’s office. However, due to delay in activation, he could not use the SIM card immediately. Without paying any attention to this, he tried to log in to the company’s bank account. However, it was not accessed. After that they also accessed the personal account, but again the same problem occurred.

When he informed the bank about this, the bank said that he had only Rs.700 left in his account. According to police, the matter is currently under investigation and the exact reason behind it is not understood. Police are currently investigating both phones to determine if hacking has taken place. According to reports, connectivity between the two phones had automatically disappeared. According to police, two phones cannot be hacked at the same time. However, he did not rule out the possibility.

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Financial Fraud: Rs 16 Lakh Withdrew From A Phone And Bank Account, Remember ‘These’ Things To Avoid Online Fraud


  • Increase in the incidence of online fraud.
  • Rs 16 lakh stolen from woman’s account
  • Avoid giving bank account information to strangers.

New Delhi: The incidence of online fraud is on the rise. Cybercriminals are looking for different ways to cheat. One such case involved fraudulent customer care fraud. A woman from Gurugram has been similarly cheated of Rs 16 lakh. The cyber criminals emptied the bank account, believing the woman to be a customer care employee of the bank.

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In Gurugram, a woman was similarly cheated in November 2021. The woman was also called by a person claiming to be a bank employee and defrauded her of Rs 13.15 lakh. Many such cases have come to light before. Therefore, caution is needed to avoid this fraud.

This is how deception happens

Cybercriminals claim to be bank employees and ask to download Anydesk software. Hackers gain access to computers and smartphones through this app. Hackers use this software to empty bank accounts.

Keep these things in mind

  • Don’t download AnyDesk to your phone or computer without telling anyone.
  • Do not give any stranger access to computers, phones and devices via AnyDesk.
  • Avoid giving out bank account information to anyone on a phone call.
  • Note that bank employees never ask for a bank account username or password.
  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Also, make sure that passwords and usernames do not fall into the hands of strangers.
  • Change the password of bank account, email id from time to time.
  • Don’t click on any unfamiliar link that looks like the bank’s website.

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Cyber ​​Fraud Alert: Hackers can empty your bank account in minutes, follow these steps for security


  • Increase in cases of cyber fraud.
  • Avoid sharing bank information.
  • Damage can be caused by fake apps.

New Delhi: Digital transactions in India have grown exponentially in the last few months. Online payments are easily made thanks to smartphones and the internet. This eliminates the need to stand in front of a bank or ATM to withdraw cash. However, as simple as online transactions are, care must be taken in doing so.

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Along with digital transactions, cyber fraud and crime are also on the rise. Cybercriminals are looking for new ways to defraud. So there are some things to keep in mind to keep online transactions and bank accounts safe.

Cybercriminals call you as a bank official, insurance agent, healthcare provider or telecommunications employee. They then take away private information for fear of closing or locking the bank account. Also, fraud is committed through fake apps.

Follow these steps to avoid online fraud

Avoid sharing OTP and private information

Never share bank information to avoid online fraud. Also, OTP sharing should be avoided. The bank never asks for such private information.

Beware of fake links

Many fake links are shared on WhatsApp and Facebook. Users click on this link under the name of attractive offer and they are deceived. So don’t click on any unknown link.

Don’t make payments through fake online portals

People who regularly pay online should never pay through unfamiliar and fake portals. Often people give their full information to pay online fees and this leads to fraud.

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Don’t be afraid of online fraud, report to this number immediately and get your money back


  • Don’t be afraid of fraud
  • Call 155260
  • Home Ministry and Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell number

New Delhi: There has been a tremendous increase in technology. Banking and financial transactions are all online now. The government and the banks of the country can instantly alert the people from time to time. If someone is a victim of fraud, they are instructed to report it immediately. The Home Ministry and the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell have started working together to ensure that online fraud does not happen to people and their money stays safe.

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The Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell and the Home Ministry have issued a helpline number to help people. Any online fraud at this location can be reported immediately. Home Ministry and Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell have jointly launched 155260 helplines. If you have been involved in any kind of online fraud, you can immediately report to this number. You can call it.

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After 7 to 8 minutes the amount withdrawn from the account which has gone to another account. That helpline will send an alert message to that bank or financial institution. The money will then go on hold. The 155260 pilot project, along with the Home Ministry’s cyber portal and the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell, was launched last year to curb online fraud. Now it has been launched with full power.

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The most special feature of this helpline is ten lines. This means that callers will not get this number busy. When any person calls the helpline number. So at that point he will be asked his name, number and the time of the fraud. Once the information is collected, it will be forwarded to the concerned portal, the concerned bank or finance institution. It can be beneficial to report the fraud immediately. An appeal has also been made to lodge an immediate complaint.

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Alert! Online fraud of 22,000 women from these websites

M. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai

Beware of women who shop online. The cyber police have arrested a cyber villain who cheated 22,000 women by advertising on social media. Originally from Gujarat, the young man has studied computer science abroad. The investigation so far has revealed that the scoundrel had planted lime worth Rs 70 lakh.

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A number of women had lodged complaints with the cyber police alleging financial fraud by posting advertisements of women’s dress material, imitation jewelery and household items on the website on Facebook and other social media. A team of Inspector Pramod Khopikar, Assistant Inspector Ravikiran Nala, Sub-Inspector Ganesh Kokate, Hemant Thakur, Mayur Thorat and Panchal was formed under the guidance of Inspector Sharmila Sahasrabuddhe in-charge of Cyber ​​Police Station. The team gathered technical evidence. From this it was noticed that this type started from Gujarat. Police arrested a 32-year-old computer expert from Surat, Gujarat.

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Use of these bogus websites

Https://,,,, ,,,,,, [kjsnh djrkuk Ql या बोगस संकेतस्थळांचा वापर केल्याचे झाले आहे.

वाचाः प्रचंड वादानंतर WhatsApp ची प्रायव्हसी पॉलिसी अपडेटला स्थगिती

ही घ्या खबरदारी-

‘कॅश ऑन डिलिव्हरी’चा पर्याय निवडा

ऑनलाइन शॉपिंगचा सिक्युअर गेटवे निवडावा

खरेदीवर मोठी सवलत देणाऱ्यांपासून सावध राहा.

वेबसाइटच्या कन्झ्यूमर कम्प्लेट / Ḥरिव्ह्यू ची पाहणी करा.

कंपनीच्या अधिकृत वेबसाइटवरून खरेदी करा.

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