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‘There is no money to bring back to my mother’

‘Son, if it’s too difficult in the city, come here. If you don’t have money, just go home to your mother’.

The author Vu Thi Minh Huyen is currently a PhD, working at the Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy.

In the past few days, the rap song “Bringing money home” by Black Vau has caused a lot of controversy. A part of music listeners thought that the concept of “bringing money home to mother” was too pragmatic, going against progress as well as showing inequality. There have also been many other opinions defending that the above inferences have gone “too far”.

Personally, I think that, whether it is understood literally or figuratively, it is probably not too important, nor should it be interpreted too much. We just need to understand that, when the whole world is against you, your mother will always support and trust you. When you have difficulties in life, or when you stumble and fail, your mother is the one who always comforts, encourages and accompanies us.

Recently, the movie “Going home to my children” has received a lot of attention from audiences nationwide. And I kept tearing up with the loving line of the character Son’s father – a line that seemed to speak for the message throughout the film, and at the same time spoke on behalf of millions of parents to their children around the planet. “I’m nothing but old and dodgy now, but I have love and a home to which you can return anytime.”

>> Bring money back to pay filial piety to your parents

When I was a child, I was often scolded by my mother, thinking that it was the most painful thing in the world. At that time, I was very angry with my mother and thought she did not love me. But when I went to work, I realized that people beat me without whipping, making me hurt and bitter. The heartache caused by them, following me for the rest of my life, cannot be healed. Obviously, nowhere is comfortable, nowhere is there as much love as next to mother. When I was a child, I didn’t know how to appreciate it, I was born and stumbled to understand, only in the family, being scolded, I felt so loved.

The older I get, the more I want to go home. Home is the most peaceful and safest place to return to. You will realize that no matter how old you are, when you come home. You are still a child, your mother takes care of every meal and sleep. And not only do you look forward to coming home, your mother looks forward to you even more. However, there are still young people who can’t see what their mother really wants and hurt the people they love the most. In addition to the pain, there is also the endless torment and regret of being too careless for your family.

I still have not forgotten every time I called to say that I was sick, my mother left all work at home to take care of her. It can only be a mother. As long as I see you suffering, as long as I know you are being knocked down by life, battered by expectations, when I know you’re hitting the bottom – that’s also the time, I’ll be there again, eagerly waiting Open arms to welcome you back.

Children are a “great work” of a mother, but the “materials” invested are silent and unconditional sacrifices, the smallest and most priceless things. That is the love, time, youth, health, responsibility, care… of mother. No matter how busy life is, mom still makes time to talk, listen, understand and learn how to grow up with her children.

When we were little, we always loved our mother. We embrace, understand and do not want to leave our mother, even half a step. But when we grow up, being dominated by money too much, our understanding of our mother is no longer there. I say I love my mother, making money is to give her a happy and happy life, but it’s hard for us to see the sadness on her face. You know, forever is the same, no matter what, mother still chooses children, not money.

Mothers are always associated with self-sacrifice. A mother always thinks of her children first. Worrying about my children getting enough food and warm clothes, getting a decent education like other people, worrying about me being inferior to my friends, worrying about me marrying a bad husband and wife… Mom worries more than I thought. A mother’s happiness is seeing her children healthy, happy, happy. If you compare your children with other valuable things, they will always be the most priceless and incomparable asset. And because you are my source of life and hope, I always care, worry and worry about my children, ready to sacrifice everything for you.

>> Paying filial piety to parents with money

Whether you are an obedient, filial child or just a spoiled, useless person outside of society, even a murderer, I still love you like that. Even if you do a lot of wrong things and make your parents upset, in the end, your parents will always be tolerant and forgiving of you, unconditionally. Grandparents have a saying: “Tears flow down” because of that.

Out there, there are countless mothers who always believe that one day their children will be better, wholeheartedly waiting for their children to return no matter how many sins their children have committed. No matter whether we succeed or fail, be rejected or rejected by the world, mother is always there to accept us and together with us to slowly remove and correct all mistakes in life. As for society, if you want to be loved, you must have conditions. After all, this world is so big, only mother loves us with selfless love.

Life is too long and wide, so the worries, struggles and fatigue of life are just like that. If we were just busy running and forgot to stop, we wouldn’t know that we had come this far. At some point, you will be exhausted, sweat and tears wet your shoulders, and your knees are tired. Only then will you realize how far you have left your mother’s arms.

Peach blossom has bloomed, Hanoi is busy with cars going home. Suddenly, a text message appeared on my phone: “Son, if it’s too difficult in the city, come here. If you don’t have money, go home to your mother. Come home, mom will wait, mom will wait”.

Vu Thi Minh Huyen

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