Drug use may increase the risk of Kovid-19 breakthrough infection

Breakthrough Infection: If you are a frequent use of tobacco or marijuana, if you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, you are at higher risk of contracting the corona virus despite a ‘breakthrough’ infection or complete vaccination. This disclosure has come from research published in World Psychiatry. The researchers concluded after analyzing 580,000 people who had taken both doses of the vaccine in the US.

Intoxication can increase the breakthrough infection of Kovid-19

Research has found that drug abusers are at a higher risk of getting infected with the corona virus even after using both doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine. Drug abuse disorder also known as drug addiction is a type of disorder i.e. dependence on marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, narcotic substances and tobacco.

Drug addiction reduces the effect of the vaccine

Researchers say that the effect of the vaccine in drug addicts may be reduced by excessive use of marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, drugs and tobacco. He wrote, “Addicts are at higher risk of COVID-19 infection and adverse consequences of infection. Although the vaccine is highly effective against COVID-19, the vaccine’s effect in drug addicts is due to a weakened immune system.” may be less than that.”

Research showed that 3.6 percent of non-drug addicts were affected by breakthrough infection while in contrast 7 percent of people with drug addiction were affected by breakthrough infection. Researchers said that people consuming marijuana were at the highest risk, ie 7.8 percent showed breakthrough infection. At number two, 7.7 percent of people who used cocaine were involved and 7.2 percent of people who used alcohol had a breakthrough infection.

Marijuana proponents said that the research did not see that marijuana could be the reason behind the breakthrough cases. Significantly, the results of the research have come at a time when the World Health Organization has recommended the use of the third dose of Kovid-19 vaccine to those with weakened immune systems. A panel of experts from the World Health Organization is going to review the global data on booster doses in a meeting to be held on November 11.

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