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7 people appeared in court in the biggest land violation case in Can Tho

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan – former vice chairman of Binh Thuy district, together with 6 people were tried for illegal relocation of more than 14,000 m2 of land.

On January 14, Mr. Tuan (51 years old); Le Van Vu (former head of Department of Natural Resources and Environment); Huynh Trung Thanh and Le Van Tru (former director, deputy director of the Land Registry Office of Binh Thuy district) and 3 others were tried by the People’s Court of Can Tho City for the crime. Violation of regulations on land management under Article 229 of the Penal Code.

The prosecutor’s office determined that the behavior of Mr. Tuan and his accomplices directly infringed on the state management order in the field of urban land, disrupting land use planning… The biggest land violation case in Can Tho so far was discovered by the inspector at the end of 2017.

Defendant Nguyen Van Tuan (left cover, top row) and his accomplices at the court session on January 14. Photo: Kowloon

According to the indictment, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, as Vice Chairman of Binh Thuy District People’s Committee, and his subordinates knew well the district’s land use plan in 2015-2017 related to two projects connecting the August Revolution to the provincial road. 918 and the Vo Van Kiet new urban area project has been approved and implemented.

However, Mr. Tuan and related officials have signed decisions to carry out procedures to change the purpose of using 14,727m2 of rice land, planting perennial crops to urban residential land for households and individuals in Long ward. Combined with the value of land use rights of nearly 10 billion VND.

In which, Mr. Tuan signed 30 decisions permitting the change of use purpose of 39 land plots with the total area of ​​land being converted to use purpose. Le Van Vu signed 29 proposals to change the land use purpose with a total area of ​​more than 13,685 m2, worth nearly 9.4 billion. Huynh Trung Thanh is the autographer on the papers submitted to Le Van Vu for approval.

The other defendants are accused of having appraised, submitted and carried out procedures to change the use purpose from 5,000 to more than 6,000 m2 of land worth 2.3-6 billion VND.

In June 2021, the Can Tho City People’s Court once brought the case to trial, but returned the file to the Procuracy of the same level for additional investigation, clarifying that Mr. Tuan’s behavior showed signs of crime. Lack of responsibility causes serious consequences according to article 285, Penal Code 1999.

However, the Procuracy maintained the position of prosecuting the former vice president of Binh Thuy district for crimes Violation of regulations on land management, according to Article 229 of the 2015 Penal Code.

Regarding the violations of his subordinates, in 2020, Mr. Le Tam Niem – Chairman of Binh Thuy District People’s Committee was disciplined and sent to the Department of Home Affairs of Can Tho City.

The court is expected to pronounce the verdict this afternoon