James Bond: ‘Dying Can Wait’ cars for sale

NEWS – Christie’s will sell in London on September 28, four cars from the Jaguar Land Rover group from the stunts of the latest 007 opus.

This is neither the first nor the last time that objects seen in the films of the most famous secret agent are put up for sale, but each time it is an event. This time, it is the Jaguar Land Rover group which has decided to sell vehicles which participated in the stunts of the last feature film “Dying can wait” (No time to die). Four vehicles will be sold at auction as part of a charity sale organized by Christie’s and the company EON Production on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of James Bond.

The first of four batches is a Defender 110 bearing the registration “VIN 007” (VIN stands for “vehicle identification number”). This Defender is one of the ten copies which were used for the filming of the film and which also participated in the promotion of the film before its realization. This vehicle is estimated between £300,000 and £500,000.

A Defender 110 V8 Bond Edition, designed by SV Bespoke and inspired by features of the Defenders seen in the film will also be on offer (estimate: £200,000-300,000). Only 300 examples of Bond Edition were released for the whole world and this one has the “60 Years of Bond” logo engraved on the dashboard. This vehicle is British specification, normally homologated, and is being sold for the benefit of the Tusk conservation charity fund.

The Range Rover Sport SVR in the sale also featured in James Bond chase scenes. This is one of six models of its kind used by the production. It is estimated between £80,000 and £120,000.

Finally, the fourth batch is one of two Jaguar XFs that appear in the pre-credits sequence of “Dying Can Wait”. She is estimated at £50,000-70,000.

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Six billion-dollar Hollywood blockbusters

“James Bond”, “Fast & Furious”… are iconic Hollywood action franchises, earning billions of dollars at the world box office.

James Bond ($7 billion)

007 is one of the world’s oldest action franchises. Experts estimate the franchise’s total revenue to reach over 14 billion USD at current exchange rates. The series begins with Dr. No (1962), about British super spy James Bond played by Sean Connery.

Trailer “No Time To Die” – the 25th film of the “James Bond” franchise. Video: CGV

To date, the brand has gone through 25 parts with three replacements for the male lead. In December 2021, Daniel Craig appeared in No Time To Die – the last project of the actor with the series. The work earned 774 million USD, entered the top 10 grossing movies last year.

Critics evaluate James Bond’s strength in the image of a romantic spy. The character is far from the familiar muscular male protagonists of the action genre. 007 is also considered by fashion experts as a symbol of elegance. Characters always appear with custom suits, drive classic Aston Martin cars… In addition, Bond always knows how to conquer female characters – which makes the character a masculine icon for many years. via.

Fast & Furious ($6 billion)

Trailer 'Fast & Furious 9'

Trailer “Fast & Furious 9”. Video: CGV

Fast & Furious is Hollywood’s most profitable blockbuster series today that is not based on an existing comic book. With the first part released in 2001, the franchise focused on illegal racing in the underworld. In recent seasons, the franchise has turned to heist and spy genres, with the cross-country missions of Dominic Toretto’s group (starring Vin Diesel).

Critics have commented Fast & Furious is one of the most creative action franchises in Hollywood in the early 2000s. However, later episodes are often criticized for their quality. Season nine, which was released in the middle of last year, was criticized, with an average score of only 59% on the page Rotten Tomatoes. However, the film was still successful at the box office with a revenue of 726 million USD thanks to a large global fan base. The film franchise will end at season 11, with the last two episodes directed by Justin Lin – Taiwanese-American filmmaker.

Transformers ($4.84 billion)

Transformers: The Last Knight

Trailer “Transformers: The Last Knight”. Video: Film Select Youtube

The brand is inspired by the robot toy line of the same name co-produced by Japan and the US. Director Michael Bay contributed to building the name of the series in the first five parts. The works are attractive with the shape of the robot and the epic action scenes, beautiful techniques.

Critics rate the success of transformer had a great influence on the action stream of the late 2000s. Hollywood spent more money on movies inspired by children’s toys such as, which were the stepping stones to many brands. Trolls, GI Joe, The Lego Movie… born.

However, the brand has gradually lost its breath in recent years when the works Bumblebee (2018), Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) suffered a loss at the box office. Last year, Paramount started filming the sequel Transformers: Rise of the Beastsslated for release in 2023 to find success for the series.

Mission Impossible (3.5 billion USD)

Tom Cruise performs stunts in Mission: Impossible 6

Trailer “Mission: Impossible 6”. Video: Paramount Pictures

Mission: Impossible Produced and starred by Tom Cruise, inspired by the hit 1960s CBS television series of the same name. The actor plays Ethan Hunt, a spy from the IMF – a unit specializing in the U.S. government’s utopian missions. Over six films, the franchise spent about $828 million and earned more than $3.5 billion.

Tom Cruise has just completed filming for the seventh season, set to hit theaters in September. The 60-year-old actor is currently working on the eighth season, scheduled to be released in mid-2023.

Terminator (2.1 billion USD)

Terminator: Dark Fate - the new chapter of the Terminator series

Trailer “Terminator: Dark Fate” (2019). Video: CGV

First launched in 1984, the franchise revolves around the story of the Terminator robot (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). He is sent from the future back to the 1980s to kill Sarah Connor – who will give birth to a hero who will save humanity from the takeover of artificial intelligence. Despite the low budget (about 6.4 million USD), the first part of Terminator became a box office phenomenon with a revenue of more than 78 million USD.

The film was praised for its novel script compared to the sci-fi and action genre at the same time. Many viewers also praised Schwarzenegger’s image as a killer robot. In 2008, the U.S. Library of Congress ranked the work as preserved because of its cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance in the film industry. The success of part one also changed Terminator become an entertainment brand with many toys and comic products, bringing the total revenue to more than 3 billion USD.

The Matrix (1.7 billion USD)

Trailer Matrix 4 (The Matrix) final trailer

Trailer “The Matrix Resurrections”. Video: CGV

Launched in the late 1990s, the brand is considered a monument of action and science fiction movies. The script revolves around Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) trapped in a virtual world called The Matrix, where artificial intelligence (AI) rises to rule. He leads the liberation army to fight with the desire to reclaim freedom for mankind.

The first film was a big hit, winning four Oscars in the categories of visual effects, editing, sound and sound. Two sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions were released in 2003 to low critical acclaim but were still commercially successful. The series also opens a series of video games and animated spin-offs. Financial experts estimate total product under the brand The Matrix worth about $3 billion, including box office revenue.

In 2021, Warner Bros. release of the fourth film – The Matrix Resurrections. The work was not as successful as expected, grossing only about 140 million USD worldwide. Follow Screen Rant, an insider source at Warner Bros. said the studio is no longer interested in investing in the next episode.

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60 years James Bond hit the silver screen

The image of James Bond has continuously changed over the decades through the acting of actors Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig…

No Time to Die – the 25th James Bond film – was critically acclaimed, and was a commercial success. The sheets The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph All generously gave the maximum score, rated the film as touching and thrilling, worthy of the audience’s wait. After its release, the work earned nearly 670 million USD worldwide, ranked fifth in the list of highest-grossing films of the year, confirming the vitality of agent 007.

How the “James Bond 25” (No Time To Die) crew shot the action scenes. Video: Insider, Universal, Clideo

From the fictional character created by writer Ian Fleming, James Bond stepped onto the big screen for the first time through the work Dr. No (1961), then appeared in 25 films produced by Eon Productions. Every time the 007 agent returns, he is awaited and received, making many impressions. Not only is the franchise the longest in cinema history, the series is also considered a classic for espionage, intelligence, and is an inspiration for works in the same line. Six decades have passed, many popular series such as Mission: Impossible, Kingsman, Jason Bourne… appeared in turn, but no name has yet been able to replace James Bond’s position.

The success of the series comes from the fact that the producers capture the psychology of the audience. Are from Dr. No come No Time to Die, The characteristics that make up the brand are still preserved. Referring to James Bond is referring to gentlemen’s suits, new car models, a series of weapons, high-tech equipment … The filmmaking formula is almost unchanged with the title paragraph (opening credit). ) start, tailored for each section. The action screen is highly invested, always following the criteria of limiting the green screen to bring a natural feeling. The image of James Bond wearing a vest, holding a pistol, surrounded by beautiful people, has become a man’s dream. The character is also described as a hero, ready to overcome any situation to complete the task, worthy of the nickname “the most dangerous spy in the world”.

Of the six actors who played James Bond, Sean Connery is considered the best choice, expressing the spirit of Ian Fleming the most. The author himself was skeptical about the star’s appearance when he thought that he was not suitable for the role, but had to change his opinion when he saw Bond on the big screen. Through the incarnation of Connery, Bond became a symbol of elegance, handsomeness, gallantry, attractive to women and vice versa, always in love with “pink balls”. When performing missions, he is also ruthless, not hesitate to kill opponents in all circumstances.

Sean Connery's James Bond image in Diamonds Are Forever.  Photo: PictureLux

Image of Sean Connery’s James Bond in “Diamonds Are Forever”. Photo: PictureLux

Through each decade, the James Bond image is renewed to suit each actor taking on, updating the breath of the times. In 1969, George Lazenby – the youngest ever to play Bond at age 30 – gave the role a hint of romance. However, the Australian actor could not overcome Sean Connery’s huge shadow, so he only participated in a single movie. Roger Moore’s charm comes from humor. He turned Bond into a carefree person who didn’t take anything seriously. From 1973 to 1985, the star appeared in seven consecutive seasons, being the person who played Bond the most. In 1987, Timothy Dalton made major changes such as giving up smoking or reducing the character’s promiscuous habits. Compared to Moore, Dalton’s Bond is dry and less humorous, so it is not as successful.

Entering the 1990s, the producers chose Pierce Brosnan with the desire to regain fame for the series. The Irish actor revives the character with the image of a versatile hero, ready to roll in any situation. To create his own style, Brosnan blends Sean Connery’s elegance, Timothy Dalton’s coolness and Roger Moore’s humor, making Bond feel like he’s wearing a new coat. Pierce Brosnan’s pitch in Golden Eye (1995) was well received by audiences and critics alike, helping him return for three sequels.

Compared to his predecessors, Daniel Craig completely breaks the mold of Sean Connery, while opening a new era for the series. Not only building the image of a muscular hero, the actor born in 1968 gives the character emotional depth. Bond of the 21st century is a man of love, that is to say, always attaches great importance to the women he loves, as well as spends a lot of reflection on the past. Craig also brought a lot of commercial success to the series. In 15 years, the actor played only five films but earned more than $ 3.5 billion, half of the $ 7 billion revenue of the whole series, including Skyfall (2012) – the highest-grossing Bond film of all time with sales of more than $1.1 billion.

“Bond girl” – the term referring to the women who appear next to 007 – is also the mark of the brand. Like Sean Connery, the image of Ursula Andress with a white two-piece bikini in Dr. No became a classic, a model for many actors after that. Over time, “Bond girl” is no longer framed in any criteria. Duong Tu Quynh marked as the most famous Asian “Bond girl”, Halle Berry blew a new breath with her black “female” image, while Lea Seydoux transformed into the woman most loyal to Bond. Eva Green is impressed by her realistic acting, portraying both mysterious and complicated characters in the movie Casino Royale (2006), was considered by many viewers as “the best Bond girl of all time”.

The classic Bikini Bond Girl scene in Dr.  No (Spy 007)

Bond Girl classic bikini scene in “Dr. No”. Video: Youtube James Bond 007

Besides the actors, the script is the point that makes the series successful. The first works associated with Sean Connery’s name often have a simple plot, the villain only appears at the end of the film and does not play an important role as the following parts. Since the time of Roger Moore, the film’s content has become more complicated, the villain has been invested to match the intelligence of agent 007. The change comes from the fact that the producers want to add more action scenes. move to increase entertainment and satisfy contemporary audiences. Before Daniel Craig appeared, Bond films were often built into individual works, with independent content. Song, series writer Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015) and No Time To Die (2021) intentionally ties the details together to create a connection, creating a separate “cinema universe” about James Bond.

Music also plays an important role in building the atmosphere, creating emotions for the scenes. Many songs have a life of their own, separate from the movie like Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey, You Know My Name by Chris Cornell, Die Another Day by Madonna, Writing’s on the Wall by Sam Smith… In it, Skyfall Adele’s commercial and artistic success, winning the Academy Award for Best Original Score, selling more than 7.2 million copies worldwide.

Song 'Skyfall' - soundtrack "Skyfall"

Song “Skyfall” (Adele) – soundtrack “Skyfall”. Video: Youtube Adele

No Time To Die is the longest part (163 minutes), the most invested (approximately 300 million USD), also the goodbye of Daniel Craig for the role of James Bond. The work was born in the context of “big man” Amazon negotiating to buy back MGM – the company that holds the film rights produced by Eon Productions. Although many names have been nominated, there is currently no qualified face to replace Daniel Craig after the “term” of 15 years. That makes the future of the franchise still a mystery, but also a reason for the audience to continue to wait for James Bond in the next return.

Son Phuoc



Land Rover Defender Bond Edition, code name 007

NEWS – Featured in the latest James Bond “Die Can Wait”, the Defender has inspired a very limited special series.

No need to rush. The few copies planned for the French market of the copy of the Defender, which plays in the twenty-fifth installment of James Bond, “Mourir can wait”, are already all consumed. Unless an order comes from a dealer and he is ready to give up his reservation form. It must be said that Land Rover limited this very special series to 300 units for all markets. Based on the latest 525 horsepower V8 Defender, this 4 x 4 comes in two body and wheelbase versions: 90 and 110. In both cases, the Bond Edition will not go unnoticed with its all-black dress, including 22 inch rims and glass surfaces. A few details will allow it to be identified immediately: the front brake callipers are Xenon blue, the rear door incorporates a 007 badge and at nightfall, unlocking the doors via the remote control will trigger the inscription “007” on the ground.

Land Rover

The installation inside will finally dispel any doubts. Each Bond Series Defender features the SV Bespoke logo along with the engraved “One of 300”. So chic! Vehicle start-up is also accompanied by the “Defender 007” display on the infotainment touchscreen.

The presence under the hood of the supercharged 5-liter V8 reinforces the exclusivity of the Defender 007 developed by the Land Rover SV Bespoke customization department. This fine mechanic makes it possible to reach 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds and to display a top speed of 240 km / h.

Land Rover



Mercury Cougar XR7 convertible, James Bond sells

NEWS – Appearing in the sixth James Bond “on Her Majesty’s Secret Service” has enabled this American model to beat an auction record of more than 390,000 euros.

The most famous secret agent on the planet definitely unleashes passions. We remember that in August 2019, one of the Aston Martin DB5s full of gadgets that James Bond drives in Goldfinger, was sold for almost 6 million euros at an RM Sotheby’s sale at Pebble Beach. At the beginning of December, it is the first pistol of 007 that Sean Connery uses in “James Bond against Dr. No ”which sold for 256,000 euros at auction. A few days later, it is again a car, a convertible Mercury Cougar XR7 which appears in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, the sixth opus in the series, which raised the stakes. By being led in the film by the James Bond girl 007 will marry, Countess Teresa di Vicenzo played by actress Diana Rigg, the American convertible has gained its acclaim. Those who have seen the famous James Bond will remember the scene where the convertible interferes in an ice race.


The car auctioned by Bonhams in mid-December in London is one of three Mercury Cougars purchased by production company Eon Productions. This is the one used to shoot the barn scene where George Lazenby, who takes on the role of 007 for the only time in his career, and Diana Rigg find refuge for the night. This is where James Bond proposes to the Countess. Equipped in the film with a ski rack and temporary French transit license plates, the American convertible is one of 127 examples produced with a Cobra Jet V8 engine (428).

After a bitter battle between two amateurs, the Mercury Cougar was sold for 356,500 pounds, or 393,290 euros. This result represents a new record for this model which was estimated to be half the price. To own an object from the Bondian universe, some collectors are definitely ready for anything.



Sean Connery’s Aston Martin DB5

The symbols are stubborn. More than fifty years after its debut on screen, the DB5 is more than ever associated with Sean Connery, the Scottish actor who died last Saturday October 31 at the age of 90. In Goldfinger, this is the first time Agent 007 has driven an Aston Martin. Specter’s latest shot features Commander Bond’s reunion with his famous Aston Martin. We hear the roar of the six-cylinder in-line then we see the English GT driven by double zero seven move away from the camera and pass in the background, in London still asleep.

Photographer Max Earey

This is to say if the Aston Martin has left a lasting mark on consciences and wonderfully symbolizes the Bondian universe: a world that fascinates and a hero with which we have all identified, at least once in our life. Certainly, the most famous secret agent is invincible. Immortal. He has the license to kill. This can be useful these days. He is leading the way, at the expense of His Gracious Majesty. He travels all over the world, goes to palaces. Her costumes are tailor-made. He dips his lips in the best bottles. The prettiest girls on the planet fall into his arms. But, without his Aston Martin, Bond wouldn’t be quite Bond.

Aston Martin

It is from Goldfinger, the third part of his adventures released on the screens in 1964, that Mr. Bond trades his old Bentley for a DB5. We will also see her again in the next episode, Operation Thunder. The new GT from the English firm of Newport Pagnell, presented in London in 1963 at the Earls Court show, was not chosen by chance. It perfectly embodies the epitome of British elegance and power. While science fiction permeated many areas at the start of the sixties, to impose itself and bring the adventures of James Bond into a new dimension, director Guy Hamilton understood that he had to flesh out his hero’s game. modern times and multiply special effects. Soon, we are witnessing an escalation in this field and gadgets such as tear gas pens, its lighters bombs, its watches equipped with a laser beam, its glasses equipped with X-rays end up taking a preponderant place in the missions of the agent 007. But what marks the spirits, it is this famous Aston Martin DB5 which Sean Connery takes delivery in the workshops of “Q”, person in charge of the cell in charge of developing gadgets within MI6, the external intelligence service from the United Kingdom.

An arsenal of war

Photographer Max Earey

The proof that this Aston is not only cinema, all the gadgets really exist and work wonderfully. We checked it out. The light gray coupé no longer has anything to do with the production model. If the silhouette looks like the one that the manufacturer’s catalog shows, Bond’s DB5 has been transformed into a real killing machine. © 2010 Courtesy of RM Acutions

The only brake on the debauchery of equipment and gadgets seems to have been the imaginative power of production designer, Ken Adam, and special effects pope, John Stears, nicknamed the “real Q”, as well as the technical feasibility of the Newport Pagnell plant. Obviously, nothing has been omitted to escape the most perilous situations. The DB5 is equipped with an arsenal of war directed from a control panel hidden in the armrest of the central tunnel. We realize this from the 20th minute of the film, when Sean Connery follows the Rolls-Royce of the villainous Goldfinger from a distance on the road to the Swiss Pass of the Furka, before setting off on a chase with a convertible Ford Mustang.

Aston Martin

The explanation is cut short. Agent 007 activates a button. A telescoping spur comes out of the rear wheel hub and shreds the Ford tire. The DB5 was later found to be fitted with retractable front and rear bumper bumpers. To keep Goldfinger’s henchmen company, under the rear bumper, near the exhaust outlets, a nozzle gives off a smoke screen. If that’s not enough to take shelter, the small upper rear lights contain other treasures. The one on the left lifts to release a nozzle spraying a slick of oil on the road. The one on the right sows three-pointed nails! And Bond still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Under the two front indicators are hidden the barrels of the Browning 30 caliber submachine guns.


In the Auric Enterprises factory, he managed to get rid of a bulky passenger by releasing the left ejection seat using the red button hidden under the gear lever knob. When he comes under heavy fire from his attackers, Bond deploys a steel plate from the trunk. It stands vertically and acts as a bulletproof shield. The windshield and side windows were also made to resist bulletproof. That’s not all. The driver’s side mirror has a sighting system. In the right door, double zero seven has a Bakelite telephone. A geolocation screen, ancestor of the navigation GPS, also takes place at the base of the central console and makes it possible to follow Goldfinger. Finally, the swiveling license plates would undoubtedly make the happiness of the motorists who want to escape the sanctions of the radars which bloom on the edge of the roads. The system offers a choice of three numbers: English (BMT 216 A), Swiss (LU 6789) or French (4711 EA 62). On the other hand, the bubbling “Q” had probably not planned that Bond leave on weekends or on vacation. The trunk is entirely occupied by the systems making it possible to operate all the gadgets.

Weight supplement

Two people are needed to lift the trunk lid weighed down by the steel shield plate. Moreover, the systems put a strain on the weight of the DB5, which is close to 2 tonnes, or an additional 500 kg. In fact, the DB5 Goldfinger is not as efficient and agile as a stock DB5.

According to the records of the Aston Martin factory, four copies were ordered by the production company EON from the English manufacturer then at the height of its glory. Listed DB5 / 2008 / R and coming out of a restoration of almost several years in the workshops of Roos Engineering in Switzerland, the model that we had found would be a reserve car, used for advertising promotion. It is a paradox, the copy DP 216/1, resulting from the department of the special projects of Aston and which was used for all the scenes of Goldfinger, disappeared from the radar screens, stolen in the United States in June 1997. Without Would it be doubtful to suggest that, in a future episode, Commander Bond goes in search of his racing car?



Le Figaro at the wheel of James Bond’s Aston Martins

EXCLUSIVE – We tested the four cars staged in No Time to Die, the next James Bond opus coming out in April. Impressions.

The Aston Martin DB5 Stunt in the last installment of 007, “No Time to Die”, similar to the DB5 of “Goldfinger” (1964), was reissued in a lighter version equipped with a six-speed gearbox.
The Aston Martin DB5 Stunt in the last opus of 007, “No Time to Die”, similar to the DB5 of “Goldfinger” (1964), has been reissued in a lighter version equipped with a six-speed gearbox
Max Earey

At Aston Martin, the subject was not debated: “It was unthinkable that our cars weren’t in the next movie, insists David King, vice-president of Aston Martin, in charge of special operations, we have done everything in our power to be included. ” Successful operation. No Time to Die, the next James Bond, in theaters on April 20, will be the twelfth feature film in which Agent 007 drives a vehicle of the English brand. But this is not a routine. When the Aston Martin team discovers the scenario of the feature film, over which it has no control, it finds among other things the iconic DB5 Superleggera from 1963. Problem: the planned stunts are not possible by the vehicle color “silver birch” which made its first appearance in Goldfinger (1964) piloted by Sean Connery. The car in its original version is a bit unsuitable in mind Fast and Furious of the script. “We had no choice. In six months, we designed and produced eight

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