Team sports are taking over the field of soft practices

The affair, for a long time, was heard. To get back to sport late in the day, or simply to talk without hurting your body too much, you didn’t have to look very far: focus on gentle disciplines, from Nordic walking to water aerobics, including yoga or all the sports. variants of indoor fitness. Sometimes group exercises, of course, but individual practices, always.

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This movement, accelerated by the multiple campaigns on “healthy sport”, the collective disciplines do not intend to let it pass. Even if the approach is not obvious at the start, because competition is not the alpha and omega of the practice; and that it is a question of addressing an audience of seniors, rather neglected until then.

Finally offer offers to seniors

Take football, for example. The story was played out at the end of 2017, in the Orne. On the side of Alençon more exactly, where Yannick Rouault then takes care of the football section at the Sports and Gymnastics Federation of Labor (FSGT). He has just discovered “walking football” in England, a football by walking which appeals to the over-50s across the Channel, with more than 1,000 clubs across the country. Prohibited from running, dribbling on obviously smaller grounds, in teams of five, trying to keep the ball as much as possible on the ground, the game seems ideal to this sixty-year-old who manages to organize a first meeting in June 2018.

“Other poles developed at the same time at the FSGT, in particular in Marseille and in Brittany, says Yannick Rouault. The advantage is that walking football also makes it possible to easily integrate disabled people and to develop co-education. In my club, out of about thirty members, there are five women. It’s very friendly, fun, it is aimed at people who have never played like former footballers who could no longer express themselves in a club. It remains to promote the discipline, to see the numbers swell. “

The FSGT does with its means, which are obviously not those of the French Football Federation (FFF). The latter has finally turned to this football while walking, which she looked down on when she first started out. “We realized that while we were very dynamic in our offers for people under 18, we were far behind seniors compared to other European countries., recognizes Patrick Pion, deputy national technical director of the FFF. We therefore offer several practices such as golf football (in which we replace the golf ball with a ball, editor’s note) and football while walking, which are a priority for us. We are going to distribute educational materials, train educators, because there are still only about a hundred clubs. “

Skills to look for

A certain enthusiasm, but still limited compared to the potential: this is the conviction of Chrystel Bernou, this time at the French Volleyball Federation, with the “soft volley” that she has been promoting for four years. A volley that this technical framework went to seek in Japan where the practice is paradoxically very oriented towards competition. For France, with this volleyball in teams of four, on a smaller field, a net only 2 m high, and a larger and softer ball, Chrystel Bernou wants to address seniors first. “Because, like the other federations, we still have a shortage of offers for the over 40s”.

As often, to adopt a gentle practice, you just have to test it. “Soft volley”, like certain adapted basketball formulas, is gaining supporters. “In the clubs where it takes, it takes very hard with very quickly dozens of participants”, says Chrystel Bernou. Which also raises limits. “Everything happens at the same time in the clubs: leisure sport, health sport, parasport, etc. It’s complicated to find niches in gyms to bring all these activities to life, with competent people to lead them. “

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Attracting more seniors can however be a means of integrating into clubs a population capable of becoming involved as volunteers, or even as leaders. This is an issue that Patrick Pion takes into account at the FFF: “There is a reserve of skills there that we can use to found the club of tomorrow: a club really open to the whole family, where everyone can contribute to make a place of total life. “


Touch rugby, contactless rugby

Seniors are not necessarily the priority audience of the National Touch Rugby Federation, born in 2001 by importing this rugby of Australian origin which is played without veneer and without scrum. Because this avoidance game, of which the premier category is mixed, remains very demanding for its practitioners (2,000 in around 70 clubs). Nevertheless: in a context where the bad contacts of the traditional XV have more and more tendency to frighten, “We also have quadras and fifties in our clubs who can thus keep in contact with the oval”, underlines Thibault Zettel, federal responsible for development, who does not however speak of “soft practice”. The latter regrets the lack of exchanges with the French Rugby Federation, which is focused on a fairly similar variant, V-rugby, a French exception.


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VN-Index increased by nearly 30 points

The market has been positive since mid-afternoon when investors gathered large-cap stocks, helping VN-Index up nearly 30 points to 1,273 points.

The deep drop at the beginning of the week, according to many analysis groups, further confirmed that the bearish inertia had not shown signs of stopping and the support levels were not nearly reliable enough. Bottom fishing is not recommended, instead it is advised to stay out of the market and observe the market.

However, today’s market movements showed the opposite as investor sentiment improved and a lot of money was disbursed into large-cap stocks that just experienced a sharp drop.

VN-Index struggled around reference in the first few minutes, continuously reversed from up to down and vice versa. The index lost more points at the end of the morning, sometimes dropping more than 15 points but recovering gradually about half an hour before the order matching session to determine the closing price.

Investors took advantage of buying in banking and securities groups when information on business results in the second quarter was gradually announced. SSI was the only stock in the VN30 basket that increased all its range to 52,700 dong, followed by key stocks like HPG, MWG, HDB, and TPB which also increased by 4.5% or more.

VN30-Index was pulled up 37 points compared to reference, so VN-Index also kept going up in a few minutes. The index representing the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange closed at 1,273.29 points, up nearly 30 points compared to the reference. Top 10 stocks with the most positive impact on the market, led by HPG, VCB, VHM, GVR and BID, contributed more than 18 points to VN-Index.

Today, 281 stocks closed in the green. The number of stocks that fell was 94 stocks and 40 stocks that remained unchanged. The raw materials sector increased the most with 5.94%, followed by the financial group with 2.8%, industry 1.58% and real estate 1.21%.

Market liquidity was relatively low when only 568.6 million shares changed hands, worth about VND 17,880 billion. HPG led in terms of liquidity with VND 1,762 billion, nearly equal to the two following stocks, TCB and SSI combined.

Foreign investors had the second net selling session with a selling value of more than 2,070 billion dong, while buying 1,750 billion dong. HPG, VIC and NVL were the most sold stocks.



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Stocks struggled at the beginning of the week

VN-Index reversed 5 times in the morning session, before falling deeply in the afternoon session on June 21, closing down more than 5 points.

Unlike the forecast of securities companies, the upward momentum in the last session of last week could not be extended to this week. Selling pressure skyrocketed from the beginning and engulfed VN-Index after ATO. The market recovered after that but the main trend still struggled. VN-Index increased and decreased continuously near the reference, creating a graph with steep slopes.

In the afternoon session, red color has the upper hand. Many investors lost their patience and decided to sell, causing the market to drop sharply in the morning. When VN-Index retreated to 1,370 points, the new demand rebalanced the selling momentum. However, the buy orders did not push up, so the market only narrowed in red, not enough to surpass reference.

At the close, VN-Index dropped more than 5 points (0.37%) to 1,372.63 points. VN30-Index fell 0.2% to 1,478 points. On HNX, HNX-Index and UPCOM-Index both dropped below reference but the amplitude was not more than 1%.

VN-Index dropped more than 5 points after June 21 session. Image: VNDirect.

Red dominated with 232 losers on HoSE compared to 173 gainers. In the VN30 group, there was no difference when 17/30 blue-chips were below reference.

Leading in green were some large-cap codes such as NVL with an increase of 5.8%, PLX, MWG with more than 3%, FPT, MSN with an increase of over 2%. In contrast, the banking and finance group continued to witness the withdrawal of cash flow. SSI, TCH fell 3%, BID, BVH, VCB, CTG, HDB, TPB fell below reference.

HoSE liquidity reached more than 22,600 billion dong, of which VN30 group traded nearly 11 trillion dong. Foreign investors today net sold more than 1,000 billion dong, focusing on HPG, NVL and VNM.

Minh Son


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Japanese giants continuously collect Petrolimex shares

ENEOS Corporation registered to buy an additional 25 million shares of PLX from Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) to increase its ownership rate to nearly 5%.

The transaction is expected to be carried out from May 24 to June 22 by order matching method. If successful, ENEOS Corporation will hold 63 million shares, equivalent to 4.87% capital in Petrolimex. According to the reference price this morning (May 20), the Japanese petroleum giant will spend about 1,350 billion VND for this transaction.

Two months ago, ENEOS Corporation bought all 25 million treasury shares of Petrolimex at an average price of VND57,057 per share.

Currently, the ownership rate of ENEOS Corporation and its member unit, ENEOS Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Petrolimex is 10.94%. This group is the second largest shareholder after the Committee for Management of State Capital at Enterprises – the state representative organization owns 75.87% of the capital.

Recently, the Board of Directors of Petrolimex has approved the plan to pay a 12% cash dividend on July 6, ie 1,200 VND per share. It is estimated that Japanese shareholders will receive about 170 billion dong.

Petrolimex sets a target this year to achieve revenue of 135,000 billion dong and pre-tax profit of more than 3,300 billion dong. Sales volume is expected to decrease, but profit is expected to increase strongly thanks to income from treasury stock sales.

In the first quarter of this year, the group recorded a revenue of more than VND 38,200 billion and profit after tax of approximately VND 740 billion, while the same period last year lost more than VND 1,800 billion.

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Stocks ‘rise in the morning, fall in the afternoon’

The scenario increased before the lunch break and then decreased at the end of the session because the pressure of profit taking was repeated, pulling the VN-Index down to nearly 1,250 points.

Similar to the first session of the week, the chart of VN-Index today (May 18) is divided into two distinct halves, with one side being a state of struggle over the reference, while the second half is dominated by red.

Investors trade securities at Yuanta Exchange in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, in March 2021. Image: Quynh Tran.

Profit taking pressure increased after lunch break. The support from some stocks in the VN30 group was not enough to spread to the whole market. As a result, the VN-Index dropped for the second consecutive session, losing 0.48% and retreating to near 1,250 points. VN30-Index was in the opposite direction when it increased 0.53% to 1,378 points.

By the end of the session, losers dominated on HoSE with 274 stocks compared to 143 gainers. Although VN30-Index closed in the green, losers still dominated with the ratio of 18:11.

VN-Index dropped more than 6 points after May 18.  Photo: VNDirect.

VN-Index dropped more than 6 points after May 18. Image: VNDirect.

Support in today’s session came from some mutant codes. STB traded the whole morning session below reference, but suddenly surpassed in the early afternoon when foreign investors increased their buying. This ticker closed the session with an additional 5.2%, the most positive gain in the VN30 group.

NVL also traded positively as it gained 3%, HPG gained 2.4% after the news of registering to buy shares of Mr. Tran Dinh Long’s son, VPB gained more than 2%, MSN gained nearly 1%.

In contrast, TCH lost more than 3%, VIC, VRE, BID lost more than 2% of market price, VHM, HDB lost nearly 2%, VCB, TPB traded 1.5% lower than reference.

HoSE liquidity reached nearly 21,000 billion dong, down about 10% compared to the first session of the week. Foreign investors continued to net sell more than 600 billion dong, focusing on VIC, VPB, VNM.

Minh Son


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D-Home applies the model of one destination, many services

D-Mall shopping center in D-Homme has a scale of up to 25,000 m2, developed under the model of one-stop shopping – one destination, multi-service.

As the economic, trade and service center of the country and the region, Ho Chi Minh City increasingly welcomes new and unique commercial models. For example, the D-Mall commercial center, deployed by real estate developer DHA Corp, belongs to the D-Homme apartment complex in the center of Cholon (district 6).

Strength of one-stop shopping model

One-stop mall or one-stop shopping is a model of a commercial complex that provides all services to meet the diverse needs of consumers from shopping, dining and entertainment… at just one destination.

According to experts, despite being in the same city or area, there is always a diversity of behaviors, habits, capacities, and consumer preferences of customers of different ages. Therefore, the variety of services in one-stop shopping helps this model to develop well and be popular.

One-stop Shopping model will be one of the development trends of the retail market in the coming time. Image: DHA Corp.

With an area of ​​up to thousands of m2, the model of a shopping experience complex plus a dining area, beauty salon, supermarket, even schools, banks… becomes the choice of not only credit shopping but also satisfy the entertainment needs of families, from children to the elderly.

In fact, in Vietnam, the big commercial centers developed under this model such as Vincom, Takashimaya, Aeon Mall, Lotte Mart, Crescent Mall… are successful and popular. Not only a trend, one-stop shopping model is predicted to be one of the development trends of the retail market in the near future.

D-Mall . Skywalk

D-Mall is located in the middle of the most expensive land in District 6 on Hong Bang Street, close to Cay Go roundabout. This commercial complex has a scale of 5 floors, more than 25,000 m2, when completed, it will be a shopping – food – entertainment center in the model of an elevated pedestrian street.

D-Mall is located in the middle of the expensive land of District 6 on Hong Bang Street, close to Cay Go roundabout.  Perspective photo: DHA Corp.

D-Mall is located in the middle of the expensive land of District 6 on Hong Bang Street, close to Cay Go roundabout. Perspective photo: DHA Corp.

According to the representative of the project development unit, this “outsight” elevated pedestrian street model is popular abroad with Optics Valleys Walking Street (Kong Kong), Birkey Market (Russia). However, in Vietnam, the pedestrian street is not quite new. To create a highlight, D-Mall was developed according to the plan of faithfully recreating the pedestrian streets of Cho Lon in the air.

Accordingly, D-Mall is located in the center of Cholon – famous for its old, crowded and rich streets. These streets have existed for hundreds of years and have become familiar memories and habits for all generations of residents living in Cho Lon area.

Therefore, when bringing the pedestrian streets at Cho Lon to the air, customers when shopping here will both feel familiar when they meet the silhouette of familiar streets and feel new when they first visit. I saw the pedestrian street in the air.

D-Mall's specialty is a Chinese food court with many famous brands on the 3rd floor. Perspective photo: DHA Corp.

D-Mall’s “specialty” is a Chinese food court gathering many famous brands on the 3rd floor. Perspective photo: DHA Corp.

The separate food court on the 3rd floor of the D-Mall commercial area is the convergence of culinary quintessence of Cho Lon with dozens of famous culinary restaurants such as duck with medicinal herbs, noodle shops, all kinds Chinese herbal tea, Dimsum restaurants, Sichuan restaurants, Chaozhou…

In addition to the food court, D-Mall also owns a shopping mall center with more than 200 stalls on the first and second floors. This will be the place to recreate fashion streets in colorful style. of Hong Kong. In addition, there is an area where hypermarkets, fashion stores, luxury cafes are located… The 4th floor of D-Mall will be an “entertainment paradise” in District 6 with Imax cinema. modern, Bowling area, children’s play area, bookstore…

D-Homme project owns the golden land bank of District 6, located in front of Hong Bang at the intersection with two major roads 3/2 and Minh Phung.  Perspective photo: DHA Corp.

The D-Homme project owns a “golden” land fund in District 6, located in front of Hong Bang at the intersection with two major roads 3/2 and Minh Phung. Perspective photo: DHA Corp.

D-Mall is a part of D-Homme project of developer DHA Corp. This is a high-class apartment project in District 6, designed with humanoid architecture and owns many utilities that have never appeared here such as an infinity pool at a height of 120 m, Aqua Gym, natural spa, CO2 mineral hot tub, international kindergarten…

Hotline: 0987 21 79 79

Model house D-Homme: 46 Kinh Duong Vuong, Ward 13, District 6, HCMC