6G Technology: Indigenous 6G technology to come to India soon after 5G, information provided by the government


  • Trial of 5G network begins in India.
  • 6G technology will be available soon.
  • Information given by Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav.

New Delhi: Currently 5G trial is underway in India. The 5G network is expected to be available in the country by March next year. However, unlike 5G, you don’t have to wait long for 6G. According to the central government, 6G will be launched in India immediately after 5G technology.

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According to Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, India is working towards developing indigenous 6G technology. He said that 6G technology could be launched in India by the end of 2023 or in the first half of 2024. The government has already given permission to scientists and engineers for 6G technology.

According to the report, work is underway to develop 6G technology in India. To complete this work, the government has fixed the period till 2023 and 2024. Ashwini Vaishnav said that the government is emphasizing on indigenous 6G technology. The country is focusing on indigenous telecom software and other manufacturing. So that it can be made available in the world market as well.

Meanwhile, in India, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone Idea have been allotted spectrum for 5G trials. Meanwhile, Geo and Airtel got speeds of around 1 Gbps. Vodafone Idea got speeds of up to 9 GB during the 5G trial.

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Internet Speed: Cool! You will get 500 Mbps internet speed for free, take advantage of this scheme, see details


  • Users will get tremendous speed of 500Mbps
  • The internet will double the fun
  • The speed of downloading will be superfast

New Delhi: In the Indian market, there are many plans in the broadband market that offer a lot of benefits to the users. Be it BSNl or Jio, every company offers tremendous benefits to its users. Similarly, there is another company which is giving some discount offers to the users. ACT or Atria Convergence Technology Fibernet is offering its customers additional speed benefits for November, with speed upgrade updates being sent via customer emails. ACT customers can take advantage of this offer through the ACT Fibernet app or via offer email. There is also a banner for extra speed on the app and email.

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What’s on offer:

Users who subscribe to a broadband plan with speeds below 100 Mbps will be upgraded to a 100 Mbps plan. At the same time, customers who subscribe to plans above 100 Mbps but less than 300 Mbps will be upgraded to a 300 Mbps broadband plan. On the other hand, those who subscribe to plans above 300 Mbps but less than 500 Mbps will be upgraded to a 500 Mbps plan. The company will not upgrade existing 500 Mbps plan users to 1 Gbps.

ACT Fibernet offers broadband plans in eight cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi and ACT offers various broadband plans with ACT Blaze. It comes with 150 Mbps speed and is priced at Rs 1,085. In this plan FUP i.e. Fair User Policy download speed is 1000 GB. ACT Storm gives 300 Mbps Speed. Priced at Rs 1,185, it has unlimited speed.

ACT Lighting and ACT Incredible Broadband Plans: Available in 350 Mbps and 400 Mbps speeds respectively. In terms of price, ACT Lighting is priced at Rs 1,425. At the same time, the ACT Incredible is priced at Rs 1,999. It provides unlimited data. In addition, there is the ACT Giga plan. Priced at Rs 5,999. It is presented with a FUP limit of 5500 GB. The ACT had introduced a similar plan in November last year, releasing additional data for users. Earlier this year, ACT revised some broadband services to increase the FUP limit. The plan ranges from Rs 710 to Rs 5,999.

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Internet will not work in some smartphones from tomorrow, your phone is not included? See details


  • Many smartphones will not have internet from tomorrow.
  • Problems will arise if the validity of the important certificate expires.
  • Update your smartphone now.

New Delhi: From tomorrow (September 30), some users will not be able to use the World Wide Web. According to reports, some older devices will not have internet from tomorrow. The IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 certificate will expire on September 30, 2021. This will have an impact on Internet users around the world. It will not run on the Mac, iPhone, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS gaming consoles, smart TVs, set-top boxes and other smart devices, as well as some PlayStation 4s.

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Let’s Encrypt issues certificates to encrypt connections across the Internet and devices such as mobiles, laptops, PCs. This ensures that your data is safe and that hackers do not misuse it. When you visit a site starting with HTTPS, you are on a secure website. This will affect many devices as Let’s Encrypt stopped using old certificates on September 30th.

Include your device?

This will not affect most internet users. Computers and browsers that are not updated to the latest version will not be able to use the Internet from tomorrow.

According to reports, this will affect non-up-to-date computers, tablets and smartphones. New and updated devices will not be affected. Users using macOS 2016 and older versions of Windows XP may face this problem.

If the validity of the certificate expires, the Internet will not be able to be used on Android devices with older version 7.1.1. This will affect devices with a version older than iOS 10 for the iPhone. If your phone has an older version, you can avoid this problem by updating now.

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Searching about diseases on the Internet can be dangerous for you, know the reason

In today’s time the Internet has become a very big means of gathering information. Today, sitting in our home, we can get all the information from all over the world on a single click. People also search the internet when they are sick, about the symptoms of their disease, its prevention, the problems caused by it and its treatment. But do you know that the search being done on the internet about your disease can make you more ill.

According to Health Expert Doctor Abrar Multani, nowadays, when there is a small problem, we first start searching about it on the Internet. Recently, it is being used the most for the prevention of corona epidemic.

However, we need to be very careful while collecting disease information from the Internet. First of all, it is very important for us to know that whatever information we are getting from the internet is correct or not. This is because most of the half-hearted and wrong information about diseases is also available on the Internet. The use of these information in real life can prove to be very dangerous for our health.

How disease increases by searching on the Internet

According to Dr Abrar Multani, suppose you have a headache and you search the internet about its causes. So you get a list of many such reasons ranging from brain tumor to fatigue. But human nature or thinking is that his attention is first attracted towards those things which are most dangerous. So it is only natural that he would first associate his headache with brain tumor. Because of this, the fear that will grow in his heart and mind will first affect his sleep. At the same time, his nervousness and restlessness will also increase. All these things can turn your minor headache into a more dangerous disease.

The name of this disease in medical science is Cyberchondria.

Doctor Abrar Multani said, this disease is called Cyberchondria in medical science. In this, after searching on the Internet, the concern of a person about his health starts increasing. According to Dr Abrar Multani, in Cyberchondria disease, any person starts treating even a minor cough and pain as a serious disease. After this, he insists on going to the doctor and getting as many tests as possible even if there is no need.

Dr Abrar Multani said, “We also have many such patients coming to us. These people consider even the slightest chest pain due to gas as a heart attack and insist on getting their own ECG or Echo done.” Also, Dr Abrar told that, not only the internet, people around us can also become the cause of this Cyberchondria disease.

How to protect yourself from Cyberchondria disease

According to Dr Abrar Multani, to avoid Cyberchondria, it is important that you do not take the information available on the Internet about any disease as the ultimate truth. Search by going to the same website where the opinion of experts is present. If you fall ill, the first thing to do is to go to the doctor. Trust the doctor’s opinion the most and do not take any kind of medicine without his advice.

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Tata Group to launch blast, launch internet service in India to counter Geo-Starlink


  • Tata Group to launch internet broadband service
  • Contact Telesat,
  • This service will be available in 2024.

New Delhi: Today, along with smartphones, the internet is spreading widely. New companies are now stepping into this field. A few days ago, Elon Musk’s Starlink stepped into this field. Now the Tata Group is also gearing up.

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The Tata Group seems to be slowly stepping into the realm of internet and mobile. This could lead not only to Starlink but also to Reliance Jio.

Tata’s Satellite Internet Service

Tata Group had announced a few days ago to make semiconductors. This semiconductor is being made for mobile and other electronic devices. This is where it will be used. Apart from this, the company is also working on launching 5G.

According to reports, Tata Group may soon launch broadband services. This service will be based on satellite internet. The Tata Group has approached Telesat for this and the service may be available in 2024.

Starlink and Geo will clash

JioFiber is hotly debated in the market. Customers are happy with the speed and service. The company is slowly trying to reach all users. Elon Musk also announced the Starlink service. The service is expected to launch in India soon. So now the Tata Group can rival Geo and Starling.

Starlink is expected to offer speeds of up to 150Mbps by 2022. Therefore, if Tata Group launches internet service, users are likely to get great service at low cost.

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Annoyed by slow internet speed? Increase Wi-Fi speed using these tips


  • Keep the router in place to increase Wi-Fi speed.
  • You can use the Wi-Fi Signal app to increase the speed.
  • A device like Wi-Fi booster will also help increase the speed.

New Delhi: Today, people use the Internet 24 hours a day. Many are working from home due to the corona virus epidemic, while others are enjoying watching movies / series at home. However, in such a situation, if the internet is running slowly, a big problem arises. If you are also bothered by slow internet speeds, here are some simple tips that can help you increase your Wi-Fi speed. Let’s learn these tips.

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Turn off the device and restart

Turn off your router, modem and restart. Also, restart the device that has Wi-Fi connected. Every device needs a brake. Especially to modems and routers. The modem translates the Internet signal received between the home network and the ISP. Therefore, if the internet speed decreases, the modem should be reset for trouble shooting.

Place the router in the right place

Wi-Fi only sends signals over a limited distance. Signals are blocked by walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances and anything larger. Also, radio waves from cordless phones, microphones, and Bluetooth speakers can interfere with the signal. So if the router is in one corner of the house, the speed will be less. You can place the router in the right place in the middle of the house or in a place where you use more internet. The router should not be placed in the basement or cupboard.

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Adjust the antenna of the router

Many routers have internal antennas. Cannot be adjusted due to antenna inside the body. If your router is the same, you can do nothing. However, if your router has an antenna, adjust it so that it receives a signal in every direction. If you want to send a Wi-Fi signal to multiple floors, set it horizontal. This will help the Wi-Fi signal to go up and down.

Expand the Wi-Fi network

If your Wi-Fi is in the right place and you are still experiencing the problem of slow-internet, then you need to include a device to increase the network range. Place the Wi-Fi booster in the center of the router and dead zone. So that, a Wi-Fi signal is received. You can also use the Powerline Extender Kit.

Use the Wi-Fi Signals app

Android users can check the Wi-Fi signal with the help of WiFi Analyzer app. You can go to the app and see the network. Network information will be listed as dBm.

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Vodafone-Idea’s Abandoned Plan, with 3 GB per day and an additional 48 GB of data


  • Vodafone-Idea’s plan features 3 GB of data per day.
  • Additional data will also be available in Rs 401, Rs 601 and Rs 801 plans.
  • The plan also comes with a Disney + Hotstar subscription.

New Delhi: Telecom company Vodafone-Idea (VI) is bringing many great prepaid plans for its customers. The plan also offers free calling with plenty of data. If you are one of those users who needs a lot of data, VI has many such cheap plans. Let’s take a look at some of VI’s plans that offer additional benefits up to 48 GB with extra data and unlimited calling.

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Rs 401 plan

Vodafone-Idea’s plan has a validity of 28 days. This plan offers unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day on any network across the country. In this plan, the company is offering 3 GB of data per day as well as extra 16 GB of data for the entire period. The special thing about the plan is that it also gets a one year subscription from Disney + Hotstar. The plan will also feature weekend data rollover.

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Rs 601 plan

With a validity of 56 days, the plan offers 3 GB of data per day and an additional 32 GB of data. Apart from this, you will also get unlimited calling on all networks and 100 MSS per day. It can also roll over weekend data. In addition, you will also get a one-year subscription to Disney + Hotstar.

Rs 801 plan

Vodafone-Idea’s prepaid plan is valid for 84 days. The plan offers an additional 48 GB of data with 3 GB of data per day. The plan also offers unlimited calling, 100 free SMS per day and a free one-year subscription to Disney + Hotstar. It will also feature weekend data rollover.

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