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5 valuable gifts at the conference of young scientists

At the conference organized by VnExpress, participants will have the opportunity to receive Oppo phones, Bluetooth speakers, bracelets and wireless headphones.

The Young Scientist Summit with the theme: “Promoting creativity among young people” will take place together with the 2022 Science Innovation Competition Award Ceremony on the morning of May 17 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Science. and technology. The event was organized to discuss promoting scientific innovation among young people.

After the presentation session of the speakers, the program will have a stirring performance with minigames. The gift sent to the winner is 5 Jays non-A-five headphones; 2 Huawei Band 4e bracelets; 1 Huawei wireless speaker and 1 Oppo Reno7 Z phone.

Oppo Reno7 Z has a square design like iPhone 13, 64 megapixel camera and 33 W fast charging. Photo: Huy Duc

The program was organized by VnExpress to celebrate Vietnam Science and Technology Day (May 18, 2022). The program is expected to inspire creativity for young researchers and contribute to promoting applied research into practice.

View the event agenda

Interested scientists and readers can register to attend the event here.

The Young Scientist Summit and the 2022 Science Initiative Awards Ceremony were accompanied by Huawei, Sao Thai Duong, Samsung Vina, Fecon, FPT, ThaiBinh Seed.

In 2022, the Science Initiative contest held its first season. All prize money is funded by the Hope Foundation. This is a social fund – charity works for the community, not for profit, operated by Electronic Newspaper VnExpress and FPT Corporation. The Foundation pursues two goals: to support the disadvantaged and to create momentum for development. One of the fund’s activities is promoting technology application, equipping individuals and communities with tools for sustainable development, especially equipping knowledge through education.

In the first season, the program awarded a special prize of 100 million VND; the first prize is 50 million dong, the second prize is 30 million dong, the third prize is 20 million dong and 3 consolation prizes are 10 million dong each. gifts

Nhu Quynh


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Honoring 10 young scientific talents of the Golden Globe Award 2021

On the morning of December 19, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union awarded the Golden Globe Youth Science and Technology Award and the Outstanding Female Student Award in the field of Science and Technology in 2021. The annual award aims to discover and honor young talents under the age of 35 with outstanding achievements in science and technology.

The award committee selected 10 typical faces from 66 candidates to honor from 5 fields. This year, the award has adapted the field of “information and communication technology” to information technology, digital transformation and automation. This adjustment contributes to orienting and promoting the young generation to research, apply and start a business in the field of science and technology as a national strategy, actively transform digitally, and build a digital government. The remaining fields include medical and pharmaceutical technology; biotechnology; environmental technology and new material technology.

The organizers said that many individuals are managers of national and international science and technology projects, whose topics are practically applied, bringing high efficiency, many scientific works, high quality publications under the management of the Ministry of Finance. item Q1, has many patents, utility solutions and many domestic and international awards and medals.

Each individual who won the award received the Golden Globe trophy, the award certificate and the “Creative Youth” badge of the Central Youth Union, a bonus of 20 million VND.

In the award for Outstanding Female Student in Science and Technology in 2021, 20 students in four industries of information technology, electricity, electronics and mechanics were accepted. The female students were also presented with certificates of merit from the Central Youth Union and a bonus of 6.5 million VND.

The award is chaired by the Central Youth Union, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology, to consider and award each year since 2003. After 17 years of organization, 169 individuals have been awarded.

10 faces receive the Golden Globe Award in 2021

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh (35 years old), University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, in the field of information technology, digital transformation and automation, has 4 patents, 8 articles published in international scientific journals. economics, chair a grassroots topic.

Dr. Pham Quoc Viet (31 years old), contract professor, Busan National University, Korea, in the field of information technology, digital transformation and automation, has 59 scientific articles published in international journals, author of 3 chapters of training books published by world-renowned units.

MSc Le Hoang Quynh (34 years old), lecturer at University of Technology, Hanoi National University, in the field of information technology, digital transformation and automation, has 2 patents, 3 internationally published articles, 22 articles published in international scientific conferences.

Dr. Truong Thanh Tung (32 years old), lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy, Phenikaa Advanced Research Institute, Phenikaa University, in the field of pharmaceutical technology, has an international patent, 19 scientific articles published in international journals, chaired a grassroots-level topic, participating in peer review for the top 20 journals of the publishing system Nature, Springer Nature, and Elesevier.

Dr. BS Dao Viet Hang (34 years old), Deputy Director of the Center for Interventional Endoscopy, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, lecturer at Hanoi Medical University, in the field of pharmaceutical technology, 5 articles published internationally, chaired 4 high-level topics foundation, author of two textbooks, a reference book published by a reputable publisher, and an ISSN standard book chapter.

Dr. Do Phuc Huyen (35 years old), Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Health Technology (iHeat), in the field of medical and pharmaceutical technology, has 25 international published articles, chaired one grassroots project and one collaborative project. international, won the Young Researcher Award at the Global Conference on Epidemiology, International Society of Epidemiology.

Dr. Ninh The Son (33 years old), Institute of Chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, in the field of biotechnology, has 2 useful solutions, 43 articles published internationally, chaired a grassroots topic , won the 3rd Outstanding Young Scientist Award in 2020.

MSc Ho Xuan Vinh (34 years old), Deputy Director of Ho Hoan Cau Co., Ltd., Quynh Van Commune, Quynh Luu District, Nghe An Province, in the field of environmental technology, has one patent, 3 utility solutions, chaired 6 grassroots projects and one international cooperation project.

Dr. Nguyen Trong Hieu (33 years old), researcher, senior lecturer, Australian National University, in the field of new materials technology, has 67 scientific articles published in international journals, an excellent report at international conferences (Oral presentation), chairing 4 ministerial-level and equivalent projects.

Dr. Pham Van Trinh (35 years old), principal researcher, Institute of Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, field of new materials technology, has one patent and one utility solution, 48 Internationally published articles, chaired 7 scientific research projects, of which 1 was at the state level, 2 at the ministerial level and 4 at the grassroots level.


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Vietnamese technologies transferred to Laos

Vietnam has transferred the training center for scientific and technological managers and many technologies in agriculture to research institutes and enterprises of Laos.

Vietnam – Laos established diplomatic relations in September 1962, signed the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between Vietnam and Laos in July 1977. In the field of science and technology, the two sides signed an Agreement in 1985, then in December 2008 signed a replacement Agreement.

Under the Agreement, the Vietnam-Laos Science and Technology Cooperation Committee was established and meets every two years, rotating in each country. At these meetings, the two sides exchanged contents on training and improving the scientific and technological capacity of Laos; quality measurement standards, intellectual property, atomic energy, transfer of scientific and technical progress between localities.

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, hundreds of Laotian officials have been trained in the following fields: basic remote sensing and remote sensing image processing, technology for manufacturing solar cells and fuel cells…

A training center for science and technology managers of Laos from Vietnam’s ODA for Laos was started in September 2015, acceptance in December 2017 according to schedule and quality assurance. The project has a total investment of over 98 billion VND approved by Vietnam, of which Vietnam’s non-refundable aid is over 89 billion VND; Laos’ counterpart budget is nearly 9 billion VND.

Leaders of Vietnam and Laos at the 2018 Center handover ceremony. Photo: TH.

The project was completed to serve the research and training of science and technology managers of Laos, meeting the scale of 600-800 turns of people per year; is a working place for about 70 officials, scientists, teachers; contribute to achieving the strategic goals of science and technology development of Laos…

In 2018, at the Vietnam – Laos Technology Transfer Promotion Forum, 142 technologies and equipment solutions were introduced, and 11 technology transfer agreements were signed. Among these, the Department of Technology Application and Development, Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam supported the research and development pilot project of HDPE plastic cages in fish farming in Laos.

Information and communication technology solutions for smart city development; technology for extracting medicinal preparations from sage and turmeric; application of microorganisms in the production of organic fertilizers; aeroponics technology in vegetable production… was also transferred by Vietnam to research institutes, universities and enterprises in Laos.

Hanoi National University transfers biodiesel production technologies; microbial technology products in environmental treatment and application of green agriculture development (microbiological fertilizers, animal feed, agricultural protection drugs), and information and communication technology for management. smart urban management and smart transportation services EMMDI.

The Vietnam-Laos Bilingual Handbook for Technology Transfer Promotion was also compiled by the Department of Technology Application and Development together with its Lao counterparts.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung (third from left) and leaders of the Lao Ministry of Science and Technology visit the demonstration and technology introduction area of ​​the two countries Vietnam - Laos in 2018. Photo: TTTT.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung (third from left) and leaders of the Lao Ministry of Science and Technology visit the demonstration and technology introduction area of ​​the two countries Vietnam – Laos in 2018. Photo: TTTT.

At Techconnect Vietnam – Laos 2018 T-Tech Corporation presented a model of a waste incinerator to the Department of Technology Innovation (Laos Ministry of Science and Technology). NETAFIM donated a smart drip irrigation model to the Lao Institute of Science and Technology Management. Institute of Agrobiology – Vietnam Academy of Agriculture donated hydroponic model to the Institute of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos.

According to Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung, connectivity activities bring efficiency through technology transfer, research coordination between scientists of the two countries, cooperation in research-application, production. -Business between Vietnamese and Lao enterprises.


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Honor authors with community initiatives

Hanoi20 authors were honored for their outstanding initiatives and projects, contributing to poverty reduction and sustainable national development.

The award ceremony was held on the evening of December 26 in Hanoi, with the participation of Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Chu Ngoc Anh and leaders of ministries, sectors and scientists.

The awards organizers honor two initiatives of the First Prize, three second prizes, 5 third prizes and 10 consolation prizes.

Minister Huynh Thanh Dat (left) and Hanoi City People’s Committee Chairman Chu Ngoc Anh (right) awarded first prize authors. Image: Handsome.

At the event, Minister Huynh Thanh Dat congratulated the authors of 20 excellent initiatives and projects contributing to community development. He said, the program is organized with the aim of finding creative initiatives, ideas and projects to contribute to solving common problems of society.

“After three periods of organization, the program has become a familiar place for creative enthusiasts and enthusiasts in community development activities”, he said and believed in the response of numerous community participation and participation. The high applicability of each initiative will surely provoke and encourage more groups of individuals to engage in exploration for creative initiatives for themselves and the community.

According to the Minister, the initiatives awarded this year continue to show seemingly simple and close things, but if they are replicated and shared, it will bring great effects to the community, not only in terms of material and crystals God.

He emphasized that, with the responsibility of being the unified management agency for science, technology and innovation activities, the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with branches and levels, always desires and implements many specific solutions. to promote and mobilize the creative power of the community, continuing to inherit the results achieved by the previous organizations.

Summarizing the Initiative for the community program, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Ha, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Magazine, Head of the organizing committee, said there were more than 400 dossiers of initiatives participating in the contest. The topics focused on hot areas, attracting great attention of the government and the community. Some projects are responsive, born out of the urgency of reality.

As the author of the first prize with intelligent distribution grid automation system, Mr. Le Van Phu, said that the purpose of this project is to build a technical solution to improve operational efficiency. distribution grid operator. The main function of the system is to automatically identify failure zones to restore power supply. When an incident occurs on the distribution grid, the system is activated and operated completely automatically without the intervention of the grid operator.

“The automated system automatically calculates, analyzes and identifies the faulty grid area, automatically sends signals to control the switches on the grid to isolate this grid area. In this system, people only lose power in 11 seconds – 22 seconds, while the time to fix the system before deploying the system takes up to 30 minutes – 45 minutes “, Mr. Phu said and said the current system has been deployed in Da Nang, with the goal of replication in the central provinces, areas where electricity is frequent due to natural disasters.

The authors received the second prize from the Organizing Committee.  Photo: Anh Tuan.

The authors received second prizes from the Organizing Committee. Image: Handsome.

At the awards ceremony, Minister Huynh Thanh Dat launched the fourth “Initiative for the Community” contest (2021-2022). The Organizing Committee will receive initiative documents from now to January 21, 2022.

The contest “Initiative for the community” is part of the Initiative for the community program coordinated by Communist Magazine, Ministry of Science and Technology, Hanoi People’s Committee, Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Vietnam Electricity organization.

The First Prize was awarded with two initiatives, including: “Research to build automatic system of smart distribution grid in Da Nang city” and “Experience in teaching autistic children in an inclusive educational environment”.

Three initiatives to win the Second Prize include: “Model of compassionate house with low budget”, “Flood-proof housing program”, “Wheelchair trailer for the disabled”.

Five initiatives won the third prize, including: “Improving the quality of customer care using electricity in Hung Yen province”, “Applying SCADA system to optimize network operation management on the village basis. geographic map “,” Remote temperature meter “,” Mobile transaction point by specialized car “,” Autowork automatic credit operation management application “. Consolation Prize was awarded to 10 initiatives.

Nguyen Xuan


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Three projects won the Ho Chi Minh City artificial intelligence application award

Three AI projects in music, agriculture and healthcare won the award for excellence in the AI ​​Application Innovation Contest, with a reward of 100 million VND.

At the Vietnam Artificial Intelligence Festival (AI4VN) 2020, the Organizing Committee awarded prizes to projects participating in the contest. “The project of innovation applying artificial intelligence in Ho Chi Minh City”November 28 afternoon. The contest is organized by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City in coordination with the Department of Information and Communication and the Department of Science and Technology Enterprise Development, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Launched in early May, the contest has attracted 108 registered projects. The organizers selected the 20 best projects for the final. Three excellent projects using AI to screen for Glorcomosis (medical field), Music ID (in the field of music copyright), and MiSmart (in agriculture) won the excellent joint award.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Bui The Duy (left) and Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Duong Anh Duc (right) awarded for the top 3 excellent projects. Image: Organizing Committee.

With Glaucoma screening project, a group of doctors from Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital offer a solution to take stained-color imaging, using AI software (Eye DR). Glaucoma, another name is glaucoma, is a form of eye disease that damages the optic nerve, causing blindness.

The method of papillary color imaging has a shooting speed of 6.5 seconds per image with a sensitivity of over 92%, and a diagnosis accuracy of 92%. The project is highly appreciated, helping to increase the productivity of doctors, reduce administrative procedures in medical examination and treatment …

Music ID is a solution to protect music copyright using AI. By building an algorithm on artificial intelligence, the group of authors come up with a solution to help the creator know if their products are copied, posted on social networks such as Youtube, Facebook … or not. The system helps to detect people who post music products without permission of the author, providing evidence for the creators to work with the poster, regulators to protect copyright.

Project MiSmart creates a drone that can carry up to 23 kg of pesticide sprayed on crops. With built-in artificial intelligence, the device can analyze plant image data, identify plant abnormalities and “diagnose” the type of disease, and then propose the appropriate spraying of pesticides.

Sharing at the awards ceremony, Mr. Pham Thanh Toan, representative of the project MiSmart said, the award not only brings great material value to AI startups. Of greater significance, project teams are allowed to participate in a training course contest with 22 sessions with experts and advisors to help complete the business model, start-up mentality and call for investment capital. These are the greatest values ​​when participating in this contest “, Toan said.

In addition to the three excellent projects, the Organizing Committee awarded 5 consolation prizes, an impressive award for projects. Top 20 projects that reached the final round received certificates of participation in the contest.

Ha An


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E-commerce platform, agricultural champion Startup Hunt 2020

Overcoming 300 ideas and projects, FoodMap.Asia’s agricultural e-commerce platform won the first prize in the contest, receiving 100 million VND.

On the morning of November 27, the final round of the Startup Hunt 2020 startup contest with the theme “Agricultural digital transformation” was held within the framework of the Techfest 2020 program. Five projects were in the final round to introduce the product and presenting to the jury.

In the end, the foodmap.Asia agricultural e-commerce platform project won the first prize in the contest and received a prize of 100 million VND. This is the foundation to help connect small farmers to hotels and residential areas to provide agricultural food, to solve the problem of product output for producers in a solid and stable manner.

The organizers awarded the first prize worth 100 million VND to the representatives of the group. Photo: DT.

The project deeply supports producers and farmers to build stories and production processes, to help stabilize products in terms of quality and improve the value of Vietnamese agricultural products. Up to now, FoodMap.Asia has linked and sold to more than 300 producers, farmers with nearly 1,000 types of agricultural products from more than 40 provinces across the country.

The Second Prize was awarded to the Digital Kingdom project with a quality supply chain traceability solution applying Blockchain technology, receiving a prize of 50 million VND.

NATA project with an efficient solution of treating aquatic product processing waste sludge, growing melon and strawberries, won the third prize worth 20 million VND.

The Prospect Prize is awarded to the FAGO project with the farm’s electronic diary for livestock farming and the An Nhan project with the application of agricultural management, saving time managing goods in the agents of agricultural materials. Karma. Two Prospects projects received 10 million VND awards.

Speaking at the final, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tung, Director of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Center, said that with the theme of digital transformation of the agricultural sector this year, excellent projects at the competition are expected to inspire. Entrepreneurship to Vietnamese youth, creating new solutions and values, contributing to the restructuring of Vietnam’s agricultural sector through investment activities, promoting and finding partners, inspiring start-up.

Nguyen Xuan