Broccoli and leafy vegetables are helpful in slowing down the rate of corona and flu infection.

Omicron reduced the growth rate of six strains including variants by 50 percent.

Weight reduction speed

Researchers later did this test on rats. They found that if a rat is given 30 mg of ‘sulforaphane’ equivalent to one kilogram of weight and then infected with the corona virus, then the speed of its weight loss is greatly reduced. When infected with the corona virus, there is usually a reduction in weight of seven and a half percent.

Many corona infected have died due to these reasons. The researchers, however, cautioned that the general public should not compete to buy ‘sulforaphane’ supplements online or in stores. He said that it is necessary to study the effect of ‘Sulforaphane’ on the human body and only then it can be termed as effective. Apart from this, there is also a lack of necessary rules in the manufacture of these supplements.

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