Carrot-radish pickle will help in increasing immunity

Gajar or Mooli Ka Achar: In winter you must have eaten carrot and radish salad. Both of these are very beneficial for health. Many people also eat carrot, radish vegetable. If you want, you can also eat carrot and radish pickle. On the other hand, carrot and radish pickle is very tasty and nutritious. Along with this, you can easily make this pickle at home. This pickle can be eaten with parathas, roti. In such a situation, we will tell you here what are the benefits of eating radish-carrot pickle in winter.

Carrot NutritionCarrots are rich in vitamins and minerals. Elements like carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin A, iron are found in plenty in it.

Radish Nutrition – Radish is also rich in nutrients. It is a good source of protein, iron and calcium.

Carrot And Radish Pickle Benefits (Carrot And Radish Pickle Benefits)-

Beneficial in diabetes Carrot and radish pickle is also beneficial for diabetic patients. It contains sufficient amount of fiber. The element present in it helps in controlling diabetes.

Relief in cold and flu Immunity weakens in winter. It is quite common to have a cold. In such a situation, you can increase your immunity by eating carrot and radish pickle because it contains vitamin C. Which strengthens the immunity of the body.

beneficial for stomachCarrots and radishes contain fiber, so it improves the digestive system. Taking pickle of carrot and radish also provides relief in the problem of constipation.

useful for eyesCarrots are beneficial for the eyes, the beta carotene, vitamin A present in it protect against eye problems, eating carrot and radish pickle can prevent eye problems.

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