Harley-Davidson Nightster 975, the revolution is underway

TEST – The famous American brand is changing. Illustration with its latest model which, accessible with the A2 license, finishes dusting off its image.

Whoever does not advance retreats, it is well known. For years, Harley let herself be lulled to sleep by the magnetic boom-boom of her mechanics, placidly watching her clientele grow old with her. Until it became clear that without an electric shock the very future of the company was threatened.

The management committee eventually became aware of this and accepted a questioning of its fundamentals, illustrated by the appointment as its head, in March 2020, of Jochen Zeitz, who had already been a member of the board since 2007. Aged 59 today today, the German, committed through various foundations to the promotion of a responsible economy and sustainable development, has been quick to set the course. Beyond these environmental considerations, the entire philosophy of the Milwaukee brand is being redefined.

Where you least expect it

Revolution Max: this is how Harley-Davidson baptized its new V-twin engine. Quite a program! Technically, this twin actually has little to do…

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Harley-Davidson gets off the marked trails

TEST – The American manufacturer is embarking on the growth segment of the large road trail with an original and perfectly accomplished Pan America.

With the Harley-Davidson brand going through difficult times, the announcement, two years ago, of the arrival in its range of a large road trail, a first, was a hopeless bet. After this test, it is clear that it is in fact a winning poker move, as daring as it is brilliant. To succeed, without any previous culture of the genre, to compete from the start with brands as established in this field as BMW, Ducati or KTM, is indeed no small feat. Especially since, refusing the facility, the American manufacturer did not content itself with copying European references; he reinterprets his own codes to deliver a very personal copy.

It is also obvious. Here, no duckbill, as is the fashion, but a very Yankee design, which, with its rectangular headlight, inevitably evokes the SharkNose style of the iconic Road Glide model. We like it or we hate it, but that at least has the merit of originality. Completely new, the engine resumes

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