Handball: defeat of the Blues against Denmark in the final, no seventh world title

The seventh crown will wait. The Blues fell on stronger in the final of the Handball World Cup, beaten Sunday January 29 in Stockholm (34-29) by Denmark which, after having raced in the lead from start to finish, offered an unprecedented hat-trick.

The Swedish capital seems somehow cursed for French handball. A bad nod to history, it is already there, right next to the Tele 2 Arena where the French suffered the law of Denmark, that the pioneers of 1993 lost in the final of the World Cup, against the Russia.

Sunday evening’s defeat will probably have a different taste for the Blues 2023, who were looking for gold and nothing else on Swedish soil a year and a half after winning the Olympic title in Tokyo, against these same Danes (25-23 ).

But, after their 2019 and 2021 titles, the Scandinavians took their revenge to write history with a world hat-trick that had never been achieved. The Blues had missed this mark twice (2009 and 2011 then 2015 and 2017) in the time of the “Experts”who therefore await their successors on the World Cup list.

No more world titles since 2017

Because apart from the golden parenthesis of Tokyo, the French team has not won a title since the world championship at home in 2017. The band of Guillaume Gille, promoted alone at the helm after the departure of Didier Dinart in the stride of the Euro-2020 fiasco (elimination in the first round), had fallen off the podium at the World Cup-2021 then at Euro-2022.

She is there this time but not on the top step for the tenth and last world championship of Nikola Karabatic. At 38, the handball legend started the match, despite a still painful left foot.

But he joined the bench after fifteen minutes, witnessing the superiority of the Danes, thanks to their speed of passing, movement and their triple trigger on the back base, composed of Simon Pytlick (9 goals), Mathias Gidsel (6 ) and Rasmus Lauge (10). The latter was particularly badly hurt in the second half.

Overwhelmed at the start of the match

The Blues were overwhelmed from the start of the match before gradually rectifying the situation. In defense and attack, led by Nedim Remili (5 goals at the break, 6 in total) and effective relays, like Elohim Prandi (3/3), in place of Nikola Karabatic, or Valentin Door, come opportunely ” to close “on his wing, to cause a Danish force passage (28th).

Just behind at the break (15-16), returned to height at the restart (16-16), they gave in around the 45th minute, conceding five goals to score only two and find themselves trailing 30-26 at the start. 53rd minute.

While Danish incumbent goalkeeper Niklas Landin, the reigning double best player in the world, was expected at the turn, it was his replacement, Kevin Moller, who stood out in the “money time”.

The guards pass by

The goalkeeper showered the last hopes of French victory by making his only three saves in the last ten minutes, including one on a shot from Yannis Lenne (27-30, 55th) then another in front of Melvyn Richardson on penalty (29-32, 58th). Opposite, the French goalkeepers (4/25 for Vincent Gérard, 3/16 for Rémi Desbonnet) never knew how to find the parade against the Danish gunners.

Guillaume Gille’s team, decimated by injuries before the tournament (seven withdrawals) then during, with a featherless left-back position throughout the final phase, will have to wait at least another year to find gold. Appointment is made for Euro-2024.



World Cup 2022: when a 2006 film predicted Morocco’s semi-final

This is the story of a supporter who had seen things before everyone else. Narjiss Nejjar, a Moroccan screenwriter and director, created a film in 2006 that went unnoticed by the general public. In Wake Up Morocco, the Moroccan national team reached, for the first time in its history, the semi-finals of the World Cup. In this cinematographic opus, the spectator is immersed in a journey through time, paying homage to the former sporting glories of the land of Sunset.

Sixteen years later, reality catches up with fiction. Even more surprisingly, former Atlas Lions player and current coach Walid Regragui played himself in this experimental film. Also in the cast is the novelist Leïla Slimani, Prix Goncourt 2016.

A film that did not find its audience

Faced with numerous requests from the Moroccan press, fascinated by this crazy story, the director Narjiss Nejjar expressed herself, via a message published on her Facebook account, Monday, December 12. Yes, Morocco in the final I dreamed of eighteen years ago, yes the national team in an immense outpouring of generosity agreed to participate in the film free of charge », she remembers.

The filmmaker recalls how much this film was an obstacle course, “both in terms of production, staging and distribution”. At the time, few exhibitors believed in this project, arguing that the film would not make entries. Narjiss Nejjar remembers: “The film was seen as misleading, not believable. » According to his feedback, the fact of seeing the Moroccan selection in the semi-finals of a World Cup was then a matter of “pure utopia. »

A message of hope

At a time when Morocco is preparing to face the French team for a place in the World Cup final, the director wants to be optimistic and salutes the already successful course of her selection. “The victory of our national team is a lesson in hope but above all in determination and solidarity. »“Never let go of your dreams, keep them well anchored and do not lose sight of them or lose them in your heart”, writes Narjiss Nejjar for Moroccan youth.

In the meantime, the 2006 film finds a second youth. Available on YouTube since Monday, December 12, it has been viewed more than 38,000 times in the space of a few hours. Proof of the enthusiasm aroused by the unprecedented and historical epic of Morocco.



World Cup 2022: Argentina in the final after their victory against Croatia

With a double from Julian Alvarez on Tuesday December 13, Argentina punished Croatia (3-0) in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup and offered their captain Lionel Messi a new planetary final on Sunday, against France or against Morocco, opposites on Wednesday.

Eight years after having stumbled on the last rung of the 2014 World Cup (1-0 against Germany), the Albiceleste seems carried by a sacred mission in Qatar: to hoist its captain and number 10 on the roof of the world, at the same altitude as the icon Diego Maradona.

And after Australia in the round of 16 (2-1), after the Netherlands in the quarters (2-2 aet, 4 pens to 3), this time it was Croatia, vice-world champion 2018, who succumbed in the semi-finals in front of the Argentinian and the magic of his number 10.

“King Leo”

“This group is amazing, we did it, we did it, we’re going to play another final”, the sixth in the history of Argentina, savored Lionel Messi, who can offer a third star to his selection.

Best squire of “King Leo” Tuesday evening, the untenable Julian Alvarez first caused a penalty, converted by Messi (34th) who at the same time joined Kylian Mbappé at the top of the scorers’ rankings with a 5th achievement. The young Manchester City striker then doubled the lead after a disheveled counter-attack, with all the success of his 22-year-old (39th).

But Messi remains Messi: on the third goal, it was the PSG star who drove the Croatian defense crazy before serving back Alvarez (69th), author of his fourth goal in this World Cup.

Thousands of Argentine supporters massed in the stands

In a Lusail stadium acquired from the sky and white camp, these goals freed the thousands of Argentine supporters massed in the stands, religiously devoted to the cause of “their” Messi (35) despite the initial difficulties of the Albiceleste in Qatar (including a 2-1 defeat against Saudi Arabia).

They hope to be just as numerous on Sunday for the final, scheduled in the same stadium (4 p.m.), while Croatia will have to settle for the match for third place on Saturday (4 p.m.), against the loser of the other semi-final , France-Morocco, scheduled for Wednesday (8 p.m.).

A “deserved loss”

“It’s a deserved loss. acknowledged Croatian coach Zlatko Dalic on Tuesday. We lost, but I can’t fault the boys. They gave their maximum during this tournament. »

This outcome is heartbreaking for the master to play Luka Modric (37), who undoubtedly dreamed of the most beautiful scene to end his career in the World Cup… even if a possible third world podium after 1998 (3rd) and 2018 (2nd) would reward the immense footballing talent of this small country of less than 4 million inhabitants.



World Cup 2022: the statistics of the France team, before the final against Argentina

With a fourth final in seven appearances in the World Cup, the French football team, which will face Argentina on Sunday December 18 at 4 p.m. in the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, is the “the most regular nation of the last quarter century”.

► 13 goals scored, 5 conceded

For now, the France team is also, with England, the best attack of this World Cup. The players have scored 13 goals in the six games played. Among the top scorers: Kylian Mbappé has five goals, while his partner in attack Olivier Giroud has scored four times.

The semi-final of the Blues against Morocco was a first for the French defense: Hugo Lloris and his defenders kept the French clean sheet for the first time during this World Cup. In total, the French players have conceded one goal in every game before, making five in total.

Future opponent of the Blues, Argentina scored 12 goals and conceded five.

► 4 minutes 39 seconds: speed record for Theo Hernandez

By opening the scoring in the semi-final against Morocco after 4 minutes of play, defender Theo Hernandez became the fastest scorer at this stage of the competition since 1958. Only the Brazilian Vava had done better by scoring after two minutes in the semi-finals of the 1958 World Cup… against France.

► 0.19: Kylian Mbappé defends less than once per game

Focused on the attack with five goals in six games, the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker participates very little in defensive spots. In total, out of the 477 minutes played during this World Cup, Kylian Mbappé defended… only once. This is the lowest number of any player in the competition.

His teammate in attack at PSG and future opponent Sunday Lionel Messi has nine defensive actions in 570 minutes played or 1.42 per game.

► 144 selections and 19 World Cup matches: Hugo Lloris, model of longevity

Captain of the Blues, Hugo Lloris, now has 19 games played, in four different World Cups (2010, 2014, 2018, 2022). At 35, the goalkeeper is also the most selected Blue in the history of French football, with 144 selections.

► 20.7 million viewers: audience ratings for TF1

Each new meeting of the Blues beats the previous annual television audience record. The semi-final against Morocco attracted an average of 20.7 million viewers on TF1, according to figures published by Médiamétrie.

The other matches of the France team also brought together more than ten million people. Another audience record is expected in Sunday’s final against Argentina.

► €400,000 bonus for future winners

If they retain their world title, the players of the France team will receive a €400,000 bonus paid by the International Football Federation (Fifa), according to the sports daily The Team.

If this amount represents only a few days of salary in their respective club, the Blues will be able to donate their bonus to associations or NGOs which “work for human rights”, as they hinted before the competition. In 2018, an endowment fund, “Generation 2018”was created for this purpose.



2022 World Cup: view of Argentina, France “great rival” for the final

After their victory against Morocco (2-0), the Blues will find Lionel Messi’s Albiceleste in the final of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar on Sunday, December 18. The 2018 world champions have been noticed by the Argentine press, identified as strong opponents for the dispute to come.

The Nationthe most read daily newspaper in the country, title on the ” challenge “ who awaits Argentina: “Take back the crown from France, defending champion. » « The selection led by Didier Deschamps is not afraid of anything, neither the whistles of thousands of Moroccans throughout the match, nor the successive losses of players like N’Golo Kanté, Paul Pogba, Karim Benzema, Kimpembe and Lucas Hernandez”. reports the daily.

Several heavyweights of the France team had indeed been declared forfeited a few weeks before the start of the competition. The newspaper further recalls that the two teams are vying for their third star, with Argentina having won the title in 1978 and 1986 and France in 1998 and 2018.

Another major daily in the country, the Clarinsalute “skill” of the France team, thanks to which the Blues once again managed to reach the final. Argentinian players, after a day off with the family, bring back the title in One, “will begin to prepare the team and the clash with the French giant”. France, “last hurdle” before the coronation in the columns of the regional newspaper The Gacetaand “great rival” for The VozWhere Los Andes.

Mbappé-Messi duel

Several press headlines highlight the duel that will be played on Sunday between Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi. For The Gacetaduring the confrontation “The World Cup will not only be at stake, but Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé will also compete to define which of the two will be the best player of the tournament”. Both forwards have scored five goals each since the start of the competition.

The regional daily Los Andes sees in the final the opportunity for Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé to argue “the title of MVP and top scorer of the tournament”. The sports daily OleMbappé jersey in One, title on the battle between the two players “for the cup and the crown”.



World Cup 2022: Argentina beat the Netherlands on penalties and join Croatia in the semi-finals

Despite the genius of Lionel Messi, author of an assist and a goal from the penalty spot, Argentina came very close to disaster against the Netherlands, who snatched an unexpected equalizer before losing on penalties on goal (2-2 after extra time, 4-3 after penalties), Friday December 9 in Doha.

The Albiceleste therefore came out alive but a little shaken from the fateful session which had been fatal in Brazil a few hours earlier against Croatia, the next opponent of the band to Messi, Tuesday in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup Argentina entered the pitch informed of the still hot elimination of their arch-nemesis, Brazil, and spurred on by the chants of their supporters.

Argentinian dominance

In great form and ultra-motivated for his 24th World Cup match in five final stages, Messi gave the public a brilliant first inspiration in the 35th minute for the opener: acceleration and blind pass to Nahuel Molina who managed to get ahead of Virgil van Dijk’s tackle and score with his toe (35th). 1-0, score at the break.

In the second half, Argentina almost made the score worse with a quick counter-attack in the 59th minute, but Mac Allister, who saw De Paul unmarked on his right, wasted this huge chance by adjusting his pass badly, and the Oranje were able to extricate themselves. Decidedly untenable, Lionel Messi continued to delight the public with his classy gestures, passes and accelerations, forcing Van Dijk to foul him at the entrance to the area (61st). But the free kick from the Pulga landed just above the net (63rd).

The undecided balance tipped sharply in the Argentinian side in the 71st minute when Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz awarded a penalty for a Dumfries foul on Acuna.

Messi’s tenth goal in a World Cup

The opportunity for Messi to score his tenth goal in the World Cup, the fourth at this World Cup (71st). His second successful penalty in Qatar after the one scored in the inaugural defeat against Saudi Arabia (2-1), and after the one missed against Poland (2-0), both times in the group match.

Difficult at this moment of the match to imagine for a moment the incredible reversal of the situation which would lead to the equalization of the Netherlands, with the two entrants at the start and the arrival of the two goals. Substitute Wout Weghorst, who entered in place of a fairly transparent Memphis Depay (78th), launched the first stone in the Argentine pond by deceiving Emiliano Martinez with an uncrossed header upon receiving a cross from Steven Berghuis (83rd ), also entered in the second half.

A snatch equalizer

From then on, a wind of panic began to blow in the Albiceleste camp, facing a transformed and dangerous Batavians, as on this heavy strike from Luuk de Jong, just next door (85th). And another entrant, Leandro Paredes, further increased the opposition’s enthusiasm by deliberately clearing the ball towards the Oranje sidelines, provoking the fury of its occupants and earning him a warning (89th).

And the incredible thing happened at the very end of added time, in the 90th minute plus… 11: a brilliant fake strike from a free kick by Teun Koopmeiners for Werghorst, the super-substitute who scored and equalized with a shot crossed from the left and capsized his camp of happiness. Extensions.

The extension did not allow the score to change despite several dangerous actions, especially on the Argentinian side, including a last shot from Enzo Fernandez on the post (120 + 1). And the penalty shoot-out turned to the advantage of the Argentines, whose excellent Emiliano Martinez diverted the first two shots from the Oranje.

Eliminated in the round of 16 by France in 2018, Argentina, world champion in 1978 and 1986, continues on its way to a third coronation, which would be the first for its superstar Lionel Messi.



World Cup 2022: Morocco eliminates Spain and goes to the quarter-finals

History at the end of the suspense: Morocco surprised Spain on penalties (0-0, 3 penalties to 0) Tuesday, December 6 in the 2022 World Cup, and rallies for the first time the quarters of final of the competition. With a sumptuous panenka, Achraf Hakimi, who was born and raised in the southern suburbs of Madrid, concluded the superb performance of goalkeeper Yassine Bounou, who has played for ten years in Spain and who was impassable during the penalty shoot-out at the aim.

The Atlas Lions had never reached the quarter-finals of a World Cup. Before Monday, their best result in football’s premier competition was in 1986, when they reached the round of 16. Last African selection still in the running, Morocco will have the opportunity to join the last four on Saturday (4:00 p.m.) against Portugal or Switzerland, who face each other on Tuesday evening (8:00 p.m.).

A sterile Spanish base on the game

At the Education City Stadium in Doha, the long-awaited opposition in style took place between Spain, their short passing game, and Morocco, their counterattacks and their victories based on an excellent defense, the best of the tournament (a only goal conceded). And in this game, it is the style of play of the Atlas Lions which has long seemed the most capable of winning his team, in front of the Moroccan supporters, who are much more numerous than those of Spain.

“They have 70% possession on average, even having faced Germany or Francehad also analyzed before the match Walid Regragui, the coach of Morocco. Possession, they will have it, we have to accept it. But Japan won (against Spain, 2-1) with 17% possession, and won with 20% possession against Germany (2-1). »

On Tuesday, La Roja had possession, in the proportions predicted by Regragui, but did not manage to break the Moroccan lock, often losing themselves in sequences of long possessions and side passes. Worse, Spain only scored two shots, one less than the Moroccans, before the penalty shootout, a lottery they would have liked to avoid.

Second early elimination at Worlds

For La Roja, history repeats itself: the 2010 world champions had already been knocked out by a team within their reach, Russia, at the 2018 World Cup. The Spanish coach Luis Enrique had however foreseen this scenario by asking his players to prepare for the exercise. “They had to arrive with at least a thousand penalties taken with their clubsEnrique explained at a press conference on Monday. There will surely be a knockout match where we will have to go through a penalty shootout. » Enrique had also displayed his confidence in his “three very good goalkeepers”including the titular Unai Simon.

But it was Bounou, the goalkeeper of Sevilla FC, who took the light at the end of the match, stopping two shots on goal, from Carlos Soler and Sergio Busquets, while that of Pablo Sarabia had hit the post.

He confirmed what seems obvious after the fight won against Spain: Morocco has the best defense in the competition, which no opposing player has yet deceived. Only the central defender Nayef Aguerd deceived, despite himself, his goalkeeper against Canada (2-1). The attackers of Portugal and Switzerland are warned.



2022 World Cup results: Senegal and the Netherlands qualified for the round of 16

Senegal and the Netherlands qualified for the knockout stages of the World Cup on Tuesday (November 29th). The Dutch finished top of this group A (seven points), with two wins, against Senegal and Qatar, and a draw against Ecuador, while the African champions finished with six points, two wins, against Qatar and Ecuador, and a defeat against the Netherlands.

The Netherlands will open the ball for the round of 16 on Saturday at 4 p.m. French time against the second in group B, either England, Iran, the United States or Wales depending on the results of the matches. of this Tuesday. Senegal, African champion, will face the first of this same group B, Sunday at 8 p.m. French time.

► Senegal dispossesses Ecuador of its ticket for the eighth

Senegal recorded its second victory (2-1) in Group A of the 2022 World Cup against Ecuador on Tuesday, November 29, thus qualifying for the round of 16 in front of long-waiting South Americans.

As a tribute, this second ticket in the history of Senegal in a knockout match is confirmed two years to the day after the death of Pape Bouba Diop, defensive midfielder hero of the 2002 World Cup, during which the Lions had reached the quarter-finals.

Beaten in the opening match by the Netherlands, their distant heirs are not there yet. But with six points in pool, they improved their best passing time by one unit. Even deprived of Sadio Mané, their best injured player in Qatar.

► The Netherlands qualify by inflicting their third defeat in Qatar

Without stress or glitter, the Netherlands qualified at a slow trot for the round of 16, in first place in group A, by winning at the Al-Bayt stadium 2-0 against Qatar, who said goodbye in his tournament on a zero point.

The Dutch, put into orbit in the first period by the now inevitable Cody Gakpo, will face the second in group B on Saturday at 6 p.m. and will be accompanied in the next round by Senegal.

For the “Al-Anabi” (the “Bordeaux”), it’s a complete failure. Before the small Gulf emirate, only one of the host countries of the World Cup had been eliminated at the end of the group stage: South Africa in 2010, after a course however more honorable. Qatar is the first host country to lose its three group matches.



2022 World Cup results: Argentina and Poland qualified for the round of 16

► Argentina finish first in Group C

Argentina breathes! Badly started, Lionel Messi’s team invited themselves to the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup on Wednesday November 30, beating Poland 2-0 thanks to goals from Alexis Mac Alister (46e) and Julian Alvarez (67e). The Albiceleste had to whip, Lionel Messi missed a penalty at the start of the match against the Poles, but here they are first in Pool C and opposed on Saturday (8 p.m.) in the round of 16 to Australia, who tamed Denmark (1 -0).

There will therefore be no immediate revenge between Argentina and France: the Blues of Kylian Mbappé, reigning world champions and executioners of Albiceleste in 2018 (4-3), have finished first in group D and will challenge Robert Lewandowski’s Poland on Sunday late afternoon (4 p.m.).

► Mexico eliminated despite victory over Saudi Arabia

Mexico almost came back from the dead: in bad shape before the last matches of group C, the “Tri” beat Saudi Arabia (2-1) in vain, because they finished third in the group, behind the Poland.

Tied on points with the Poles (four), the Mexican players fail for a unit on goal difference, despite the defeat of Robert Lewandowski’s teammates against Argentina at the same time (2-0), in the qualifiers match.

What an infuriating fate for the “Tri”, as it dominated the match against Saudi Arabia! He only missed a goal for a long time against the “Green Falcons”, who finally failed in fourth place in Group C, far from their initial feat against Argentina (2-1).

► France is preparing an appeal for Griezmann’s canceled goal

The confusion over a French goal canceled by the VAR after the end of the match against Tunisia (1-0), Wednesday in Doha, led the French team to prepare an official complaint to the attention of Fifa, a- she announced.

The coach of the Blues Didier Deschamps had already expressed doubts about the validity of this goal. “I am awaiting an answer on the regulations”, he assured at a press conference. The coach criticizes less the existence of an offside than “the point of settlement”. “The second aspect is that the referee whistled the kick-off and the end of the match. Does he have the right to return (on purpose) ? I am not sure, he continued. I went to see him. I am awaiting the response. »

According to an arbitration source interviewed by AFP, this situation does not appear in the VAR protocol. “Once the kick-off has been given, then it is impossible to return to the offside situation”, explains this source.



The Blues first qualified in the round of 16

Always, if possible, maintain good habits. For the third consecutive time, Didier Deschamps can be satisfied with a qualification in the round of 16 of the World Cup after the first two games of the competition. His Blues did the job on Saturday November 26 by beating Denmark (2-1), imitating their elders from 2014 and 2018.

They had been brilliant in 2014 in Brazil, going 3-0 in Honduras, and battering the Swiss 5-2. The adventure ended in the quarter-finals against Germany (1-0). They had provided the essentials in 2018 in Russia, with a laborious 2-1 against Australia and a minimum 1-0 against Peru. And the story ended on top of the world. What continuation can tell the double evolution of the Blues of Qatar, convincing vis-a-vis Australia (4-1), but serene intermittently vis-a-vis the Scandinavians?

Satisfaction in defense and midfield

It is not impossible that the Blues have in any case found a typical team. The newcomers from the start, Raphaël Varane back from injury and Jules Koundé compensating for the defensive flaws of Benjamin Pavard, have removed doubts about the form of one and the placement of the other. Raphaël Varane especially entered the competition perfectly, and it is a comfort as the Blues have so far lost many soldiers let down by their physique.

Throughout the first half, this formation in any case proved to be in place, well in its fragile certainties. Rather dominating, the Blues multiplied the chances, without however ever finding the net. But after 45 minutes, they seemed to dominate their subject, with real satisfaction on the side of Ousmane Dembélé, twirling on his right wing without neglecting his defensive folds, and Antoine Griezmann, in the oven and at the mill like he often knows how to do it, but less prominent lately.

World Cup 2022: Olivier Giroud, the mark of the copy

A very united group

The general feeling of a quiet strength, finally lacked only the validation of the score, stubbornly blocked at 0-0. The downside could also come from Kylian Mbappé, a tone below compared to the overall score. Except that a sleeping Kylian can always wake up. It is characteristic of giant players. The second half will therefore be that of his double, including a spectacular second goal from the thigh on a cross from Antoine Griezmann. Between these two goals, however, the Blues floated a little, at least enough to let the character of the Danes express themselves, the Scandinavians offering themselves the luxury of returning to the score on their first shot – a whim – on target.

This second half, less controlled, somewhat limits the enthusiasm. But if the Blues had a number of questions about the midfielder, deprived of Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kanté, the two performances performed by the triplet Antoine Griezmann, Adrien Rabiot and Aurélien Tchouameni, the last two discovering the World Cup for the first times, give rather satisfaction.

The team, above all, displays a beautiful unity and a communicative spirit. Welded, perhaps, by his misfortunes (the defections), and finding this balance sought in vain during the last Euro. It is a curious paradox. The absent are always wrong ? Maybe. This group is strong, solid, and wants to do great things.” commented after the meeting a Didier Deschamps who will be able to afford to rotate his workforce Wednesday, November 30 against Tunisia (at 4 p.m.). From his reactions to the two goals of his star striker, we can probably deduce that he is relieved. He is not the only one.

World Cup 2022: France qualified, Poland wakes up… the matches of Saturday November 26