World Cup 2022: fever rises among French supporters

“I had foreign colleagues who told me that when they arrived in their hotel room, the window was not put down! We feel that there are some problems. » From the outset, Hervé Mougin, president of the group of French supporters Irrésistibles, describes the sometimes strange atmosphere which reigns for this World Cup in Qatar.

Present in Doha, he evokes the first days spent in the villages built from scratch to receive fans from the football world. “The places are sanitized, the buildings are so big, it’s not an event on a human scale. “We have the impression that everything is under cellophane”, he laughs. But the supporter, who was in Brazil in 2014, as in Russia in 2018, also finds reasons for satisfaction: “All the supporters of the world are gathered in the same place. You can come across 31 nations different from yours when, at the previous Worlds, we only came across them during matches. It’s a pretty exhilarating environment. »

A rising euphoria

A veteran of nine World Cups to his credit, Clément d’Antibes is also present in Qatar. He claims not to have “never seen that”. “A Tunisian friend lent me a rooster with which I walk in the streets of Doha or in the souk, and people of all nationalities come to talk to me”describes the one who savors his last competition. “At 74, this is my last World Cup and with the injuries and uncertainties surrounding the France team, I was afraid it would be a blow in the water. “But the results are there! »he rejoices after the two victories of the France team and its qualification for the round of 16.

During the France team’s match against Australia, there were 3,000 French supporters. They were a thousand more in the second match against Denmark, gathered in the stands. “The Qatari officials are rather conciliatory when we explain to them that it would be good to bring together the French supporters who did not buy their tickets together, once in the stadium. As a result, we were able to create kops to add a bit of atmosphere,” rejoices Hervé Mougin. After two encounters, he feels “a growing atmosphere” among the French present in Doha.

A passion that translates concretely: “We saw some French fans who were not used to associating with groups of supporters coming to inquire with us, to join”, says the fan, for whom qualifying for the round of 16 releases a certain adrenaline. “Foreign fans tell us about our team as the big favourites, there is a respect around the national team which comes earlier than in 2018. In Russia, we were taken seriously after the round of 16 against Argentina. This year, it is already the case! »

The dream of a new coronation

Thousands of kilometers away, in France, French supporters are not left out. Leaning on the table of her favorite bar, surrounded by friends, Lauriane savors the euphoric end of the match of the French team against Denmark. The double of the inevitable Kylian Mbappé has just qualified the Blues for the 10th knockout stages of the World Cup in their history. The supporter from Tours, present in one of the strongholds of supporters in the old center, explains: “Les Bleus matches are always a beer in hand with friends. And we scream, we scream until they win! » Behind the image of a happy party girl hides a real connoisseur. “You know, every time France beat Denmark in the group stage, they end up winning the World Cup! “Okay, it only happened twice, but don’t we say two without three?” »she laughs.

200 kilometers further north, within the Vitré Foot association, football fan Patrick Flippot recalls: “With the injured, with the pattern of play which had suddenly changed, we waited to see… then we reassured ourselves. We are pleasantly surprised. We have a group! » The blue jersey pegged to the body, he begins to dream. “Of course France can go all the way! » Of all the teams, the men of Didier Deschamps are those who have made “the best impression” since the start of the World Cup. “I saw that Brazil and Spain were in the other part of the table. At this stage, I don’t see any other teams capable of competing with France before the semi-finals.”predicts Patrick Flippot.

In Qatar, the indestructible Clément d’Antibes is more cautious: “This World Cup is really curious. When we see Germany falling, Belgium losing its means… we say to ourselves that it could happen to us. But of course, we are among the biggest favourites! » Cautious, Hervé Mougin also does not want to succumb to euphoria. “Some of us already imagine ourselves with a third star. You have to go game after game. »

Torn supporters

The excitement that is gaining French homes is not without affecting some supporters who have chosen to abstain. Fabien Bonnel, also a member of the French Irresistibles group, had decided to boycott this World Cup, in response to the violation of human rights in Qatar and the ecological nonsense surrounding this World Cup. A decision “hard to bear” so much the love of the blue jersey is anchored in him, confides the person concerned. “I was confident in my ability to hold on”he explains “But during the first match, while I was playing sports, a colleague turned on the radio and I had a hard time having to move away from the sound. »

“I’ve always said I wasn’t infallible, but I’m proud to have held on so far. I’m not the only one, there is a small wave of people who have made the same choice as me., says Fabien Bonnel. For the latter, the boycott does not prevent the wish for success “I will be delighted that France goes to the end. I wish my fellow supporters, who have not made the same choice as me, to experience this euphoric moment. »

“Of course, we don’t forget the context”abounds Patrick Flippot. “Now the controversies are behind, the sport has started and what more can we do? If I turn off my television, in reality, nobody cares! »argues the one who has long worked as a coach in regional teams. “The fever that emanates from a World Cup has something supernatural about it. The supporters cannot be guilty of supporting their team, for a decision taken more than ten years ago.he confides, a bit moved.

Faced with good audience scores, the breath of the boycott seems to be dissipating little by little. “On December 18, if France reach the final, I don’t know what I will do”asks Fabien Bonnel. “We will see how far the France team will mistreat me! »


Supporters on site and audiences at the highest level

The Irresistibles Français movement, the main group of supporters of the French football team, was born in 2002. It has nearly 1,600 members.

A vote was taken between the members of the French Irresistibles to determine whether it was legitimate to go to Qatar. The “yes” won, but several members showed their intention to boycott the matches.

On Tuesday, November 22, the France-Australia match attracted an average of 12.53 million viewers, for an audience share of 48.1%. Four days later, during the France-Denmark match, 11.59 million viewers watched the victory of the French team (62.8% audience share).



These Ayurvedic medicines must be in every home, a great replacement for English medicines

From headache to fever, most of the time we use only English medicines. Many experts and health experts tell this thing in their interviews that English medicines have many bad effects on the body. Their bad results are more visible when people buy and eat medicines without doctor’s advice. If you want to stay away from the side effects of English medicines, then you should memorize the names of these Ayurvedic medicines on your tongue.

Most of the people run towards English medicines to get quick relief from any pain or problem. Because most people think that pain killers are only in English medicines and they give quick relief. While it is not so at all. Here we are telling you the names of some Ayurvedic pain killers, which give you relief in the same time as any English medicine. Know here which ayurvedic medicine should be taken in which pain and common disease.

  • For Headache – Shira: Shool Vati
  • On body pain and breakdown of the body – Shool Varni Vati
  • For heartburn and indigestion – Avipatikar Churna
  • In case of fever – Laxmi Vilas Ras
  • Frequent urination – Chandraprabha Vati
  • In case of cough – Shwasari cough syrup

It is important to pay attention to the quantity

  • Usually these medicines and their quantity are written on their pack. But it would be better if you take information about the dosage of all these medicines at once from a good doctor or from an Ayurvedic doctor.
  • However, as many Vati i.e. pills are there, you can take them in one quantity and one-fourth teaspoon of powder is sufficient. One teaspoon of cough syrup is sufficient for children and two teaspoons for adults.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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Beijing Olympics: in the bubble, pin fever

Tao, 21, with round glasses on his nose, dedicated his day off to it. If she made the trip between the mountains of Zhangjiakou and the capital, Beijing, that day, it was for this sole purpose: “exchange pins with athletes and reporters”, she announces with a big smile.

→ CHRONICLE. Beijing Olympics: in the Olympic TGV

The Chinese student works for OBS, the television broadcasting service for the Games, as an assistant cameraman. From the first days, it perpetuated an old tradition of the Olympic Games: the exchange of pins, these metal badges with pins, which one exhibits here proudly on the lanyard of its accreditation.

Moments of sharing

In the Olympic bubbles, this badge, fashionable in the 1980s and 1990s, has stood the test of time. According to the IOC, the presence of this type of object even dates back to the first Games of the modern era, in Athens in 1896, where the delegations wore cardboard badges.

→ CHRONICLE. Beijing Olympics: the silence of the snow

“It’s the culture of the Olympicsapproves Tao, accompanied by three colleagues on the return bus, heading for the Beijing train station. It’s our first time at the Games, so it’s a way to experience them fully. »

International Collections

The delegations carry in their luggage collections of pins with their effigy. Sponsors also create them. And the organizing committee puts some into circulation. Then a giant market can begin.

→ CHRONICLE. Beijing Olympics: the first flakes of Zhangjiakou

Tao proudly presents the pins she wears: a bear from the Russian Olympic team, a chick skating on the ice, a panda in front of Mount Fuji, and the unmistakable “Bing Dwen Dwen”, panda mascot of the Games. For the French team, the new logo appears, on a blue background, a fusion between the Olympic flame and a rooster.

A few minutes later, she pulls a precious metal box from her pocket. “I have 20 in total. There’s this one, from the BBC, and even one from the France team! Badges that are the occasion for rare moments of sharing, in the Olympics that limit most interactions.



If fever persists for more than three days during Kovid-19, then definitely do this work

Covid-19: Coronavirus has once again troubled people. This time the new variant of corona, Omicron Variant, has troubled people. Many types of symptoms are seen in people infected with Omicron. Which you should not ignore even by forgetting. Symptoms such as headache, weakness, sore throat, sore throat, burning eyes are seen while taking Omicron. Along with this, fever is also a symptom of Omicron. In such a situation, if the patient has fever for 3 days, then it should not be ignored. Rather, the doctor should be contacted immediately. Let us tell you here that if you have fever, then what should you take care of. Let us know.

These people are more at risk- According to the cases that have come up now, people above 60 years and children up to 19 years are at less risk of infection. At the same time, people in the age group of 20 to 30 are more at risk. Along with this, people of 40 to 50 years are also more prone to this infection.

Keep these things in mind-

  • If you are having fever for 2 consecutive days, then you should also check the oxygen level of your body. For this, check the oxygen at 8-8 hours.
  • At the same time, after 6 minutes of walking, if the oxygen level falls below 94 or becomes less than 3 percent, then be alert.
  • Before taking fever medicine, make a chart by measuring fever three or four times.
  • Consult a doctor if fever is more than 103 degrees.
  • Adults should use a budesonide inhaler with the help of a spacer for 10 days if fever persists for 3 days.
  • Get admitted somewhere if there is continuous fever for 5 days, sore throat, diarrhoea, shortness of breath.

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Disclaimer: Method described in this article, Methods and claims are not confirmed by ABP News. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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Cycling: in Guadeloupe, the unsuspected fever of the “bisiklèt”

The wheels squeal on the warm asphalt cooled by the heavy downpour. Runners have wet faces and pulsating temporal veins on the climbs. At the edge of the road, the headgear parades. Canotiers, Panama hats, caps and bobs for the intrepid, umbrellas for the far-sighted.

The Guadeloupeans braved the storm in numbers, this Sunday, October 10, to attend the Jocelyn-Bruyère race. What does it matter that a hurricane wave threatens the department, placed in red vigilance: “We are a little cracked here”, jokes Freddy Urie, sports director of the Excelsior, whose favorite runner, Alexandre Lachagès, will finish second.

→ ANALYSIS. Stock-outs and price increases, the bicycle victim of its success

Cracked perhaps, especially keen on a cycling that one suspects little, across the Atlantic, so much the landscapes are there volcanic and the blazing sun. However, the sport is more popular there than all the others, football included. The peak of the competition, the seventieth edition of the International Tour of Guadeloupe is about to begin, this October 22, for nine days. Highly anticipated, it welcomes teams from the third division, sometimes from Japan, Germany, especially the Caribbean basin, as well as a handful of fans from France.

Sylvain Pigeau was one of them, in the early 2000s, before settling in Basse-Terre and joining the daily sports section. France-Antilles. He tells the story of the excitement, the journalists who “Fall on it” from his first run, the customers of the grocery store who recognize his face and quote his classification. “It was crazy. I was only an amateur and I felt like a pro. I felt like Sylvain Chavanel in his region ”, he laughs.

A business of farm workers

The “Bisiklet” in Guadeloupe is first and foremost a business of agricultural workers, black and precarious. At the beginning of the XXe century, the work is arduous in the fields of sugar cane. We go there early in the morning, we leave late at night. Cars are too expensive, so you get on a bike. And to brighten up the journeys, we challenge ourselves. We bet that with some “Kud’chèn” – “chain shots” in Creole – we will join, before the other, Morne-à-l’eau, Saint-Claude, Saint-François. Legend has it that descendants of slaves and settlers clash, replaying history. Gradually, the competition follows the evolution of the road network and the distances grow longer.

A rivalry in the 1970s made the archipelago particularly vibrate and definitively established the “bike-mania” there. While the Raymond Poulidor – Jacques Anquetil duel fascinates France, in Guadeloupe, Saturnin Molia and Alain Pauline engage in a daunting fight. One comes from Basse-Terre, the other from Grande-Terre.

“It was competition and spectacle. We lived for it. People from the same family refused to speak to each other because they did not support the same runner ”, reports Isabelle Gotin, her eyes still sparkling. She chairs the Excelsior de Baie-Mahault, the oldest club in the territory.

Polo, cap and marshmallow pink mask, she leaves no room for doubt as to the colors of her team. The Guadeloupeans to tell the truth, do not skimp on the signs of support: it is said that at one time, the most fervent supporters painted their facades according to their favorite club, forming colorful and joyful neighborhoods.

Noble reputation

Anecdotes of this kind, the archipelago has some ” a truck “, after Sylvain Pigeau. Each having crossed the generations, transmitted by a passionate parent. “My father rode a bicycle, my brothers rode a bicycle, my cousin won the Tour de Guadeloupe. I was the only one who wanted to play football ”, remembers, teases Yohann Gène, professional Guadeloupe runner. The popularity of the sport can be explained by the fact that almost all the families on the island have a cyclist among them.

The bicycle has a noble reputation, too, because it officiates in a school of the last chance, in a Guadeloupe overwhelmed by unemployment and academic failure. The clubs recruit young people, without cultural background or diplomas, and make them grow. “It’s our pride to put them on the bike and give them a frame. We raise them through sport “, says Isabelle Gotin.

→ INVESTIGATION. Cycling from below worried about its future

Often runners benefit from training, even jobs, through cycling. “At the town hall in particular”, specifies the president of the Excelsior. The local councilors, in fact, follow the competitions with interest. “The city is counting on us a lot to represent Baie-Mahault, the mayor sometimes gives the kick-off”, adds Isabelle Gotin.

The enthusiasm is also maintained by the media, some of which publish eight daily pages devoted to the Tour: “And before 2005, it was even twelve pages. We distributed the newspaper France-Antilles free of charge, every morning at the start of the stage », remembers Sylvain Pigeau, who underlines that in general, Guadeloupe likes competition whatever it is. The pool of top-level athletes there is also impressive: in almost every discipline of the Olympic Games, the Antilleans are excellent.

For the high level, “we have to go to metropolitan France”

Very rare, however, are the Guadeloupe runners who have gone professional. Two, precisely, by the name of Rony Martias and Yohann Gene. The second, back in his parents-in-law’s house in Morne-à-l’eau, can boast of having the most beautiful record on the island. The first West Indian to participate in the Tour de France, he has completed it seven times.

Cycling: in Guadeloupe, the unsuspected fever of the

If he started cycling at the age of twelve, his career, he admits, did not really take off until four later, when he was recruited in France. “If you want to reach a high level, you have to go to mainland France”, he explains. But recruiters are cautious, Guadeloupe being famous for being a high place of doping (see benchmarks).

→ READ. Cycling and doping, the return of suspicion

“Sports directors have their share of requirements”, Sylvain Pigeau analysis: that the runners be young, 16 years old maximum, surrounded by trusted relatives and that they undertake to return as rarely as possible. “Discipline is the key”, defends Freddy Urie, a time sports director in France: “But the experience can become very hard for these teenagers, there are a lot of failures”, he continues. The climate, isolation, homesickness, financial difficulties are among the most notable obstacles. “I’m afraid of the cold”, admits Alexandre Lachagès, a young 23-year-old local prodigy, who has already given up on France.

“We leave even though we are not independent and it is always mum who cooks food”, insists Yohann Gene, who concedes having often had the desire “To turn around”. Especially since the executives of his Guadeloupe club have not always encouraged him to leave: “They derive more benefit from their riders staying and shining at the Tour de Guadeloupe”, he blurted out, without bitterness. This is the ultimate hindrance at the start. Those who win the Tour are guaranteed sponsorship deals and nice cars, fame and prosperity. For a long, long time.


In Guadeloupe, cycling undermined by doping

Twenty-three doping cases have been counted on the Tour de Guadeloupe since its existence, ranking the race among the ten most concerned by doping, behind the Tour de France (197 cases), the Tour of Italy (133) or again the world championships (54).

From 1985, Richard Métony, initially winner of the Tour de Guadeloupe, is disqualified for doping.

In 2008, the premises of the USL club in Lamentin are searched and its six riders, preparing to leave for the Tour de Guadeloupe, placed in police custody. A dismissal will ultimately be pronounced.

In 2010, a network of doping products, supplied by runners and relatives, as well as medical personnel, is dismantled.

In 2016, a report from the French Anti-Doping Agency reveals the existence of another network of doping products. On a competition, among the 99 samples taken, 7 gave abnormal results. Six runners are suspended.

Guadeloupe owes its sulphurous reputation to its direct access to Latin America, where doping agents actively circulate, especially EPO, aimed at improving the endurance and oxygenation of tissues. Venezuelans and Colombians, who participate in the archipelago’s races, frequently test positive.



Know the symptoms of viral fever and home remedies to prevent

Incessant rains in most parts of the country have increased the difficulties of the common people. Even though people get relief from the decrease in temperature due to rain, at the same time people have to bear the loss due to rain. Generally during the rainy season people have been seen battling with viral fever as well as dengue and malaria diseases.

Symptoms of Viral Fever

Viral fever has become a common thing during the rainy season. The main reason for the rapid spread of viral fever is infection which reaches from one person to another. Due to viral fever, the sick person sees the problem of joint pain and sore throat along with headache.

Abdominal pain with vomiting, diarrhea

Along with this, in viral fever, the body temperature keeps on rising and falling rapidly from time to time. At the same time, a sick person may have to suffer from the problem of coughing as well as vomiting, diarrhea and watery eyes. Complaints of severe abdominal pain have also been seen during viral fever. At present, this fever persists for 7 to 8 days. During this time people need to pay full attention to their health.

Home remedies will remedy

A person suffering from viral fever should act with caution instead of panic and start his treatment with a doctor as soon as possible. At present, viral fever can be told by adopting some easy and home remedies. To avoid this, doctors usually recommend drinking ginger tea or a decoction of black pepper and clove with basil leaves. Along with this, it is also advised to use Giloy.

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Coronavirus: Know expert symptoms of Ayurvedic indigenous treatment of mild symptoms of cough, fever and fatigue

The second phase of vaccination is underway to protect against the corona virus. Fever, cough, and fatigue are still the most common symptoms associated with corona virus infection, while at home people can do something to strengthen their immune system and speedy recovery. People with severe complication must be kept under the supervision of a specialist, while those who are in quarantine can be treated with some simple medication while having minor symptoms.

Ayurveda expert Dr. Rekha Radhamoni has shared the Ayurvedic protocol for treating minor symptoms of Kovid-19 on her social media account.

Doctor Rekha suggests the use of hot water with dry ginger and basil leaf. To make this easy mixture, boil some water with a piece of dried ginger until it is reduced in half. After that, mix basil leaf and drink it several times a day.

Eat freshly cooked and hot food. Make sure to make rice mandar or moong dal soup without salt or oil in your lunch or dinner. Avoid overeating, but leave the stomach half empty after every meal. Make sure to eat dinner before 7 pm.

We all know that Indian spices have the power to provide relief. Include cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, chakra flowers and cloves in your diet. Add dry turmeric and dry ginger to the food as well.

The fruit
If you are asymptomatic, then eat fruits like pomegranate and grapes. If you have symptoms of corona virus, then avoid eating fruits completely.

The vegetables
Use well cooked vegetables, do not eat raw vegetables or salads. Be sure to eat bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd. Reduce the intake of brinjals, tomatoes and potatoes.

If you have symptoms and are feeling tired, then do not do any kind of physical activity. Do pranayama for only 30 minutes.

If you have a cough, then drink one teaspoon of honey with black pepper powder three to four times a day. If you have a sore throat, rinse with lukewarm water. The de-effects did not appear.

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Which thermometer is better to measure fever and what is the right way to use it, know here

A thermometer is one of the medical devices measuring the body temperature of a human being. Thermometer is a must in every household. If you or your child sees fever-like symptoms, then you can measure the temperature using a thermometer present in the house. But it is very important to use thermometer properly so that you can measure fever properly. Actually, the body temperature can be treated correctly by checking the thermometer properly. Let us know what are the types of thermometer and what is the correct way to use it.

There are two types of thermometer

There are two types of thermometers available in the market. A mercury thermometer that is used by most doctors and another digital thermometer that can be easily used at home as well.

Mercury Thermometer– This thermometer is like a glass tube. Mercury (mercury) is filled in it and normal temperatures are written above the glass tube. If the temperature changes, the mercury also starts to expand or shrink and in this way the temperature of the body can be detected. This thermometer is shaped like a straw or pipe. Inside it is filled with liquid silver or white color. However, the practice of these thermometers has now become a thing of the past because now digital thermometers have come in their place, which are also easy to use and their results are also accurate.

digital thermometer- Nowadays the trend of digital thermometer has increased. In this, the condition of fever can be easily detected. It does not break even when it falls. This battery operated thermometer consists of sensors and LCD screen. The temperature falls on the LCD screen. It can be carried anywhere and it is also easy to use

Proper use of thermometer is necessary

To measure body temperature, use mercury thermometer or digital thermometer. Keep in mind that they should be used properly.

Children should use thermometer very carefully. In children up to the age of three, the correct body temperature can be measured using a digital thermometer from the anus.

At the same time, the normal type of thermometer can be taken by applying it to the mouth, armpit or rectum. These thermometers are also considered suitable for newborns, older children and adults.

Please tell that after the age of five years any type of thermometer can be used in any part of the body.

How to mouth temperature

If you are measuring the temperature of an adult or a child older than 15 years, then take the temperature by mouth. For this, it is considered accurate to take a temperature by placing a thermometer under the tongue at the back. If you are taking a temperature with a digital thermometer, then first turn it on. After this, keep it as far back as possible under the tongue and close your lips and keep the mouth closed until the sound of beep from the thermometer. This may take some time. After taking the temperature, clean the thermometer with soap and mild lukewarm water and then wash it with cold pan.

How to get temperature from side

The temperature of young children can be taken by placing a thermometer next to them. However, for this, dry the armpits first. After this, place the tip of the thermometer in the center of the armpit and lower the arm. Wait until the sound comes from the thermometer.

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