Facebook: Who is secretly viewing your Facebook profile? The ‘Ya’ abandonment trick will get the information

New Delhi: How To Check Who Visited FB Profile: Most of us today use social media. Many things have changed since the advent of social media. We share many things related to our private life on social media. Social media also allows other people to secretly track others. However, you do not understand who is viewing your profile and photos on social media. Many people are also tracking your profile on Facebook. They know everything about you. Here’s a simple trick to find out who’s looking at your Facebook profile. It lets you know who has seen your Facebook profile in just a few minutes. Let’s learn about this trick.

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Find out who saw your Facebook profile

  • Who is secretly viewing your Facebook profile? You need to have a laptop or desktop to know this. Then open the official Facebook website on your laptop.
  • Then login to your official Facebook account. Now go to your timeline. Here you have to right click and select View Page Source.
  • You can also type Ctrl + U directly. After performing this process, you want to press ctrl + f on the keyboard. Now search by typing BUDDY_ID.
  • Next to BUDDY_ID you have to write 15 digit number. For this you need to search (15 digit number) in the browser. Search by copying this number.
  • After this process, your Facebook profile will be in front of the profile of the person viewing it secretly. With this simple trick, you can find out who is viewing your Facebook profile.

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Facebook Account: ‘Ya’ mistakes on Facebook means that the account is directly blocked, so be careful, see the details

New Delhi: Facebook Block: The craze of social media platforms has increased a lot in the last few years. Facebook is everyone’s favorite. Social media, smartphones have become an important part of our lives today, not just for calling. Facebook is followed by many social media platforms. But, the craze of Facebook is different. From school children to aunts and uncles, everyone is on Facebook these days. Users express themselves with the help of Facebook. Present their own opinions. But, there are some things that need special attention when using Facebook. Failure to do so may result in your Facebook account being blocked.

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Avoid talking on Facebook:

If you are talking to someone on Facebook Messenger or writing a comment on a user’s post, one thing to keep in mind is to never say that you are threatening someone by mistake. If you find yourself doing this, your account may be blocked.

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Avoid writing posts like this:

Facebook’s policy is very strict. So if you are caught writing hateful posts or sharing any offensive videos or photos, spreading hate among the people in any way, you can be prosecuted. In addition, your account may be blocked.

Stay away from things like:

If you join any such terrorist organization through Facebook or are found to be involved in any terrorist activities, your account may be blocked by taking action against you.

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Cool! 26 Remaining Money Can Be Made By Making Facebook Reels, Find Out How?

New Delhi: Social media platform Facebook has launched its Reels features worldwide. The short video feature Facebook Reels is now available to users in 150 countries around the world. Facebook Reels has been made available for Android and iOS users. Facebook Reel was first launched in the year 2020 to compete with Tiktok. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, said that creators will have an opportunity to earn through Facebook Reels. For this, new features will be introduced from Facebook soon. Creators will have the opportunity to earn up to Rs 26 lakh.

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Earnings opportunities for creators

Meta has launched the Reels Play program for Facebook and Instagram users. This will allow users to earn money through reels. Users who make Facebook reels will be given a bonus. Reels that have 1000 views in 30 days will get bonus. The company will invest १ 1 billion in Creators under the Reels Play bonus program. Under this program, creators can earn up to 35,000 dollars (about 26 lakh rupees) per month. This earnings will depend on the qualifying reel views. The company plans to expand the program in the next few days. Users who create reels in this program will be rewarded.

How to earn

According to Meta, ads will appear when viewing Facebook reels. These ads will be in the form of banners and stickers. Full screen ad will be released in Reels soon. This will make money for Facebook. Some of this revenue will go to Facebook reel users. According to the company, Facebook users will soon see the reels. Facebook reels are likely to appear in place of Facebook stories. Also, several updates for Reels will be released from Facebook. It will give users the option to remix videos with editing and sharing. A 60 second short video can be made in Facebook Reel. Reel users can get draft and draft save button in the latest update. In addition, a video clipping feature is also available. This will allow you to publish videos in different formats.

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Can make big money through Facebook, just need smartphone-internet; Here are 5 important tips

With smartphones and cheap internet available in every hand, the number of users using social media is not small. We use many social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. However, the use of this platform is no longer limited to photo-video sharing. These platforms are now also a great way to make money. Facebook, the most used social media platform in the world, is also making huge profits. Facebook, which was once famous only for photos and videos, is now offering various features to its users. Through this, users can easily earn big money. Facebook has the highest number of users compared to other social media platforms. So you can make big money from this platform. Here are some tips to help you make money on Facebook.

Via video

If you have a Facebook account, you can connect with limited friends. However, through the Facebook page, you can share your opinions, photos, videos with millions of users. Like YouTube, Facebook offers its users the option of video monetization. So that, users can earn money. You can create and share videos on different topics on Facebook. For this you need to have a Facebook page. Also, if the video is 2-3 minutes, you will definitely earn money.


Numerous people have gained fame through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Many are making big money on the strength of this publicity. If you have more followers or likes on your Facebook page. Or if you are popular, you have a great opportunity to make money. You can become an influencer and earn big money through paid promotion. However, like other platforms, your Facebook page needs to have maximum likes and good engagement.

Through blogging

If you love writing, you can earn money through blogging. For this you need to create a website at low cost. After that you can earn money through Google Adsense. In addition, you can earn money through Facebook’s Instant Article feature. You can monetize by sharing links to blogs on your page. You get paid for it. However, your Facebook page needs to have maximum likes.

Through live events

Social media platform Facebook has provided various features to give users a chance to make money. One of these is a live event. You can also earn money by hosting live events on Facebook. You can organize talk shows, comedy shows or events on other topics. Users who attend this event will pay you and you will earn money. You can also set fees for attending users.

Affiliate marketing

Once upon a time, Facebook was just a means of expressing opinions, sharing photos and videos. However, now the company has also made available to its users the option of product selling. Users can make big money by selling items. There are also some Facebook groups with thousands of members, where you can earn money by sharing affiliate links. If anyone buys an item through affiliate link, you will get a few percent commission. That way, you can easily make money through Facebook. All you need is a smartphone and a fast internet connection.



Metaverse: ‘Virtual World’ Gangrape, Hear Anger Story From Woman’s Mouth

New Delhi: One of the most talked about words in the world of technology over the last few days is Metaverse. The word Metaverse came into the spotlight after social media platform Facebook changed its name to Metaverse. Metaverse is a virtual world where your own digital incarnation will easily do all the things you can. However, Metavers is now in the spotlight due to a mishap. One woman said that within 60 seconds of joining Metavers, some users physically abused the woman’s avatar. This has been revealed by a woman named Nina Jane Patel who lives in London.

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The woman said that within minutes of joining Metavers, some male users physically abused her avatar and gang-raped her. The woman has given information about this in a blog post. The 43-year-old woman said that 3-4 male avatars cursed her and even took photos after the rape. Nina Jane Patel said that after joining Metavers, she raped her avatar, took photos and used offensive language by texting.

He said it happened so fast that there was no time to put the safety barrier in the right place. Also, everyone who signed in to this version of Metavers’ Facebook could see the event. Nina Jane Patel has reported this incident through her blog post. Meta later apologized, saying it was likely due to some technical issues. A Meta spokesperson said that this is an attempt to provide a better experience to the users of Metavers. The matter will also be investigated and action will be taken.

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Messenger: Getting a screenshot of a message will get you a notification

New Delhi:Social media platform Facebook is launching many cool features for the convenience of its users. Now the company has rolled out some great features for its messaging app Messenger. The company is offering easy to use and more features like Messenger on WhatsApp. The company has launched some great features to enhance the chatting experience of the users. Let’s learn about these features.

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You will receive a notification after taking a screenshot of the chat

Now when someone takes a screenshot of your message while chatting, you get a notification. This will let you know that front users have taken screenshots.

Swipe to reply feature

You will get the option to swipe to reply in Facebook Messenger. This allows you to reply by touching any message while chatting.

Reply with Emoji

Now you can reply not only with message but also with emoji. Also, photos and videos can be edited before sending.

End to end encrypted chat

Chat on Messenger will be end-to-end encrypted just like WhatsApp. That is, no one other than the sender and receiver will be able to read your chat. Also, any message can be replied via GIF by long press.

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Facebook: Commenting on other people’s Facebook posts will cost you dearly


  • Avoid making wrong comments on Facebook posts.
  • Wrong comments can lead to jail.
  • Complaints can be made on incorrect, offensive comments.

New Delhi: Today, it is rare to find a person who does not use social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are used by many. As far as Facebook is concerned, these social media platforms can do a lot of things ranging from sharing photos, videos to jobs, selling products. Often we can also comment on other people’s Facebook posts. However, making incorrect comments on other people’s posts can be costly and can lead to direct jail time.

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Action may be taken against these users

The use of social media has increased tremendously. So companies are also taking steps to ensure the safety of their users. Therefore, action can be taken against those who make offensive, controversial, offensive and defamatory comments on other people’s posts on Facebook. Facebook can take action against users who make such controversial comments and may even penalize them if necessary.

Avoid making wrong comments

Strict action can be taken against anyone who makes racist, religiously motivated comments under any post. Action will also be taken if you are insulting, cursing or posting obscene photos in the comments section.

Can complain

If you or someone else’s post has been used for obscene comments or foul language, you can report it directly. Every user on Facebook has the option to report a comment, which allows users to report inaccurate comments to Facebook.

One should refrain from making such comments on one’s own. So, no action will be taken by Facebook and you can use the app without any problem.

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Facebook: If you are constantly posting on Facebook, avoid ‘these’ mistakes, otherwise there may be imprisonment, see details


  • The number of Facebook users is huge
  • Care must be taken when using the platform
  • Mistakes can lead to imprisonment

New Delhi:Facebook is used by most of the users nowadays. This is a great platform to stay up to date. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Some people don’t think before writing or sharing anything on Facebook and then they often face serious consequences. If you don’t want to get caught up in this, here are some important facts about Facebook.

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Use of vulgar language:

If you continue to use abusive language against any person or organization through your posts, you may be sent to jail for doing so. If you bring the information of these posts to the IT cell, you will find yourself in a legal quandary. If you do, change the habit immediately.

Offensive post:

If you are expressing your views through a post, but the post is offensive or has something written in it that tarnishes the image of any person, cult or organization, then you may be sent to jail.

Offensive video or photo:

Some people post offensive photos or videos from their Facebook account, which can be offensive to anyone. Facebook already bans such photos and videos. However, if they are not deleted, there is a possibility of police action against them. In that case, you should not make this mistake.

Fact Sheet:

Too often people post unsubstantiated information in their posts, which can cause people trouble, in which case, before making any post, find out about that post or that topic.

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Cyber ​​Fraud Alert: Hackers can empty your bank account in minutes, follow these steps for security


  • Increase in cases of cyber fraud.
  • Avoid sharing bank information.
  • Damage can be caused by fake apps.

New Delhi: Digital transactions in India have grown exponentially in the last few months. Online payments are easily made thanks to smartphones and the internet. This eliminates the need to stand in front of a bank or ATM to withdraw cash. However, as simple as online transactions are, care must be taken in doing so.

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Along with digital transactions, cyber fraud and crime are also on the rise. Cybercriminals are looking for new ways to defraud. So there are some things to keep in mind to keep online transactions and bank accounts safe.

Cybercriminals call you as a bank official, insurance agent, healthcare provider or telecommunications employee. They then take away private information for fear of closing or locking the bank account. Also, fraud is committed through fake apps.

Follow these steps to avoid online fraud

Avoid sharing OTP and private information

Never share bank information to avoid online fraud. Also, OTP sharing should be avoided. The bank never asks for such private information.

Beware of fake links

Many fake links are shared on WhatsApp and Facebook. Users click on this link under the name of attractive offer and they are deceived. So don’t click on any unknown link.

Don’t make payments through fake online portals

People who regularly pay online should never pay through unfamiliar and fake portals. Often people give their full information to pay online fees and this leads to fraud.

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Top Stories

Fewer and fewer employees want to stick with Facebook

An internal survey conducted by Facebook shows that less than half of employees talk about “intention to stay at the company” in the future.

Facebook Pulse Survey, New Business Insider collected, shows that employees are losing faith in the company’s leadership and the percentage of people who want to stay is not as high as before. Pulse is conducted twice a year, the latest in mid-November, when the company changed its name to Meta, but the surveys still listed it as Facebook.

47% of employees responded agreeing on “intention to stay” on Facebook, down 2 percentage points compared to the survey earlier this year. Regarding optimism at the company, 51% agreed, down 11 percentage points. Meanwhile, despite being a Facebook employee, only 55% consider Facebook “pride”, down 7 percentage points compared to before.

However, the majority appreciate the direct manager, the convenience of collaboration, teamwork, work-life balance…

Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Senate in 2018. Photo: Abaca Press

In a later statement, a Facebook spokesperson said Pulse surveys are part of the company’s culture: “Internal surveys are an opportunity for employees to see where they’re doing well or where they need improvement. Where. Where there is a decline, we will try to listen and take the feedback seriously, then take action.”

The leaked Facebook internal survey took place in the context of former manager Frances Haugen mass copying Facebook documents, then disclosing it to the media, and testifying before the US and UK Congress. After the scandal, Mark Zuckerberg’s company also made cultural adjustments to prevent the “next Frances Haugen”.

Business Insider The company also cited recruitment companies and industry sources as saying that more and more Facebook employees are quitting or looking to leave the company. They turn to look for new opportunities in the tech industry’s competitive job market. Competitors and startups are willing to offer better pay for less controversial jobs at Facebook.

And on Workplace – the internal system for Facebook employees, the number of posts about burnout appears to be increasing. In particular, in 2020, the company set up several rounds of “intensification work”. One employee wrote: “The overtime culture is a failure. These over-busy times can be exhausting for employees.”

Bao Lam (follow Business Insider)