Facebook: Who is secretly viewing your Facebook profile? The ‘Ya’ abandonment trick will get the information

New Delhi: How To Check Who Visited FB Profile: Most of us today use social media. Many things have changed since the advent of social media. We share many things related to our private life on social media. Social media also allows other people to secretly track others. However, you do not understand who is viewing your profile and photos on social media. Many people are also tracking your profile on Facebook. They know everything about you. Here’s a simple trick to find out who’s looking at your Facebook profile. It lets you know who has seen your Facebook profile in just a few minutes. Let’s learn about this trick.

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Find out who saw your Facebook profile

  • Who is secretly viewing your Facebook profile? You need to have a laptop or desktop to know this. Then open the official Facebook website on your laptop.
  • Then login to your official Facebook account. Now go to your timeline. Here you have to right click and select View Page Source.
  • You can also type Ctrl + U directly. After performing this process, you want to press ctrl + f on the keyboard. Now search by typing BUDDY_ID.
  • Next to BUDDY_ID you have to write 15 digit number. For this you need to search (15 digit number) in the browser. Search by copying this number.
  • After this process, your Facebook profile will be in front of the profile of the person viewing it secretly. With this simple trick, you can find out who is viewing your Facebook profile.

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Facebook Account: ‘Ya’ mistakes on Facebook means that the account is directly blocked, so be careful, see the details

New Delhi: Facebook Block: The craze of social media platforms has increased a lot in the last few years. Facebook is everyone’s favorite. Social media, smartphones have become an important part of our lives today, not just for calling. Facebook is followed by many social media platforms. But, the craze of Facebook is different. From school children to aunts and uncles, everyone is on Facebook these days. Users express themselves with the help of Facebook. Present their own opinions. But, there are some things that need special attention when using Facebook. Failure to do so may result in your Facebook account being blocked.

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Avoid talking on Facebook:

If you are talking to someone on Facebook Messenger or writing a comment on a user’s post, one thing to keep in mind is to never say that you are threatening someone by mistake. If you find yourself doing this, your account may be blocked.

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Avoid writing posts like this:

Facebook’s policy is very strict. So if you are caught writing hateful posts or sharing any offensive videos or photos, spreading hate among the people in any way, you can be prosecuted. In addition, your account may be blocked.

Stay away from things like:

If you join any such terrorist organization through Facebook or are found to be involved in any terrorist activities, your account may be blocked by taking action against you.

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Delete Facebook account permanently? Follow these steps


  • Deleting a Facebook account is very easy.
  • Data cannot be restored after account deletion.
  • The account can be reused within 30 days even after deletion.

New Delhi: Popular social media platform Facebook is used by millions of users. Millions of new users are being added to this platform every day. Although Facebook’s popularity has waned to some extent with the advent of many other platforms, millions of people still use the platform every day to share photos, videos and text. However, for some reason you often want to delete your Facebook account permanently.

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Some people decide to delete their Facebook account due to excessive usage while others decide to delete their Facebook account for other reasons. If you also want to permanently close your account, follow the steps below.

How to delete facebook account permanently?

One thing to keep in mind before permanently deleting your Facebook account is that after deleting, all the photos, videos and other information on your account will be deleted. You can download all this information before deleting it. You will not be able to restore the account after permanent deletion.

  • To delete an account, first click on the account on the left side.
  • Then select Settings & Privacy and click on Settings.
  • Click on Your Facebook Information here.
  • Then click on Deactivation and Deletion.
  • Select Permanently Delete Account and then click Continue to delete the account.
  • After clicking Delete Account, enter the password and click Continue.

After that your account will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to restore it again. However, if you want to reactivate the account within 30 days after this, you can revisit the account.

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