Emmanuel Macron launches his sports plan and announces 5,000 sports equipment created or renovated

After the words, the budgetary acts. In his reception speech for the Tokyo medalists on September 13, Emmanuel Macron called for sports mobilization after the disappointing results of the Olympic Games. This speech, which had made waves in the sports world, should lead, a month later, to announcements, during a trip by the Head of State to Seine-Saint-Denis, at the heart of the device. of the Paris Games.

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The president indeed hears, according to his sports advisor Cyril Mourin, “Take advantage of the leverage of games to strengthen sports policy in terms of schools, public health and territorial action”.Concretely, an envelope of 200 million new credits will be opened to the National Sports Agency, an organization created in 2019 to coordinate all sports actions in the territory.

Lightweight and inexpensive infrastructure

No less than 5,000 sports facilities will be created or renovated, according to the Élysée. With a priority for poorly endowed areas: priority neighborhoods for city policy in Seine Saint-Denis or Marseille, and rural development areas. The effort will focus on light and inexpensive infrastructure. The plan targets in particular the City Stadiums, judo halls (dojos), 3 x 3 basketball courts, padel courts or removable swimming pools.

Appropriations will be specifically directed towards the requalification of existing equipment for new needs. Certain college or high school stadiums will thus be fitted out to be accessible to the public outside of school hours. Municipal halls or common areas on the ground floor of social buildings will be suitable for sports uses.

Immediately available credits

For the sake of efficiency, these credits are immediately available, allocated over time, according to the needs expressed by the federations, without waiting for the usual budgetary arbitration. Emmanuel Macron should also announce that the State will commit to at least 50% on each project. This rate can go up to 80% in certain cases (100% in the overseas territories and departments).

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Member of the Loire (Generations) and co-chair of the working group on Paris 2024 at the National Assembly, Régis Juanico regrets that this plan is coming so late. “It’s always good that we put money into sport, explains the opposition MP, but it would not have been necessary to plan for three years in 2017, 2018 and 2019, the sums allocated to sports equipment. We had fallen to a historically low level, there we are correcting it is good, but we lost a lot of time ”.“One can also wonder about the means freed in addition to animate these places, because an empty stadium, without educator or project of animation, it is useless”, he adds.

A president footballer for a day

These announcements will be distilled during a morning dedicated to the sports and Olympic world. The presidential procession will pass through the Olympic village, whose construction is well underway. The opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to check that the deadlines are respected, as well as the conditions of employment imposed by the State in the application file. According to the sports advisor of the Élysée, the imposed target of 10% of jobs induced by Paris 2024 resulting from integration has been exceeded (we are talking about 13%).

The afternoon will then be festive for the president, who will leave Seine Saint-Denis to reach the Yvelines, in Poissy, where the Variétés Club de France, “his” ephemeral football club awaits him. In order to pay tribute to this association organizing matches for the benefit of charities, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year, he will put on crampons alongside former glories, such as Marcel Desailly, Arsène Wenger, Christian Karembeu or Jean-Michel Larqué .


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Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3 are priced from 21.99 million

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Z Flip3 with 7 colors.

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At this price, Samsung’s new folding screen phone is among the most expensive in Vietnam. Galaxy Z Fold3 512 GB version is about one million VND higher than iPhone 12 Pro Max 512 GB. And the Galaxy Z Flip3 has the same price segment as the iPhone 12 Pro. However, if calculated according to the actual cost of ownership (excluding gifts, directly deducted from the selling price), Samsung’s product duo has a better price.

Thom Browne White special edition Galaxy Z Fold3 product set.  Photo: Grailed

Thom Browne White special edition Galaxy Z Fold3 product set. Photo: Grailed

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