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Elon Musk, James Franco refuse to go to court to help Amber Heard

AmericaBillionaire Elon Musk and actor James Franco withdraw from the list of witnesses to help Amber Heard in the case with Johnny Depp.

According to NY Post, The two stars will not appear in court in Fairfax as planned to give testimony. Elon Musk’s lawyer Alex Spiro confirmed the information. A source close to James Franco also said the actor did not want to be involved in the incident between Heard and Depp.

Actor James Franco (left) and billionaire Elon Musk – two people accused of dating Amber Heard when she was still Johnny Depp’s wife. Image: Independent

At the end of March, the source of People said Musk and Franco accepted to stand trial in support of Amber Heard. In the lawsuit, Depp once said Heard had an affair with Tesla’s billionaire. Actor Pirates of the Caribbean said that his ex-wife started dating Musk only a month after the two got married, ie early 2015. During the trial on April 21, Johnny Depp also said he suspected Heard had an affair with James Franco during the time the two were still together. are husband and wife.

The Tesla boss’s representative denied the information in Depp’s lawsuit. Musk’s side said that he had known Heard for a long time, but only dated at the end of 2016. The two broke up after a year because they were too busy with their own projects. In an interview with Rolling Stones In 2017, Musk said it was painful to end his relationship with the actress. Amber Heard and James Franco also denied the allegations.

During the trial on April 28, a series of Johnny Depp’s witnesses gave testimony against Amber Heard.

Terence Dougherty – director of the nonprofit American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – was the first to appear in court. He confirmed Amber Heard did not spend all of the compensation from the divorce with Depp to the charity as promised. The actress said she would donate $3.5 million over 10 years, starting with a donation of $350,000 in 2016. In 2019, the organization contacted her to remind them of their promise. Heard said he could not continue to donate due to financial reasons.

Thereafter, the ACLU received three more funds from organizations and individuals deposited on behalf of Heard. Dougherty revealed that Depp paid his ex-wife $100,000, two payments of $500,000 and $350,000 were sent from unnamed funds. Dougherty believes that the benefactor who secretly donated $500,000 is billionaire Elon Musk, Amber Heard’s ex-boyfriend. However, he did not give specific evidence in court.

Amber Heard on hearing testimony from witness Terence Dougherty.  Photo: Reuters

Amber Heard on hearing testimony from witness Terence Dougherty. Image: Reuters

After the lunch break, Edward White – Depp’s business manager – went to court. He recounted the process of negotiating divorce terms between the stars. Amber Heard repeatedly demanded that her husband increase his compensation, from $4 million to $7 million. Depp also had to pay $500,000 in attorney fees for her. Heard also requested access to Depp’s several cars and three Los Angeles penthouses. In return, the actress side promised to keep quiet about the divorce, not to disclose information to the media.

Malcolm Connolly – Depp’s bodyguard – said through a pre-recorded video that Amber Heard always wanted to be the breadwinner, making important decisions in the family. He said he discovered Depp had many bruises on his face and neck around 2015. In contrast, the bodyguard said he had never seen Heard show signs of abuse while working for both. Connolly also admitted to repeatedly seeing Depp use drugs for pleasure.

Starling Jenkins – Depp’s driver – said he witnessed Amber Heard using psychedelic mushrooms while going to the Coachella music festival. He also recounted a time when the actress threw Depp’s phone and credit card out the window after an argument. Amber Heard’s attorney denied the doping charges, saying Jenkins mistook Amber for her sister, Whitney.

Amber Heard’s lawyer said that the testimony in the trial on April 28 was subjective because it came from loyal employees of Johnny Depp. The court will resume the adversarial sessions early next week. Before leaving the court, the actor Pirates of the Caribbean Signed to thank the fans who came to support him in the lawsuit.

Johnny Depp gestured to thank fans at the trial.  Photo: Reuters

Johnny Depp gestured to thank fans at the trial. Image: Reuters

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been dating since filming together The Rum Diary (2011), got married in February 2015. Fifteen months after their wedding, Heard filed a lawsuit in court asking for the right to ban Johnny from approaching and accusing him of verbally and violently abusing her. Depp countered that he was the one being abused by his wife. The two sides disputed and slandered each other for months before finalizing their divorce in 2016.

Things gradually subsided before Amber Heard wrote a letter in the magazine Washington Post at the end of 2018 accused of being abused by Depp. The actor denied and said his ex-wife made up stories to promote the movie Aquaman. He sued her in US court for defamation and demanded $50 million in damages. Heard then counter-sued Depp for the same crime, demanding $100 million in damages.

Amber Heard The Rum Diary

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Ngo Thanh Van – Huy Tran visits children undergoing heart surgery

Ho Chi Minh CityActor Ngo Thanh Van and her fiancé – Huy Tran – participate in charity activities, March 16.

Both visit and give gifts to babies who have had successful heart surgery at a hospital. Both wore jeans and T-shirts, youthful white shirts. Accompanying them on the trip was singer Jun Pham.

Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran first publicly matched at the event a few days after their engagement. Photo: Windy Nguyen

Ngo Thanh Van is an ambassador for Heartbeat Vietnam, and along with benefactors, has helped more than 2,500 poor children with congenital heart disease through nine fundraising programs. Scars of life. For the past two years, due to Covid-19, the actor had to stop fundraising. Even so, she and her fiancé want to make a direct personal contribution so that saving children can continue. Ngo Thanh Van said: “I see this as a mission, there is much to save a lot, a little to save a little, but I can’t stop because the list of children with heart problems across the country keeps growing every day.”

They played together, taking care of a child during the trip.  Photo: Windy Nguyen

They played together, taking care of a child during the trip. Photo: Windy Nguyen

Huy Tran said he wants to accompany Ngo Thanh Van more in projects. “I won’t let Van do this alone anymore. With more helpers, more children will grow up with healthy hearts,” he said.

On March 14, Ngo Thanh Van accepted a marriage proposal from businessman Huy Tran, 11 years younger than her. They love each other for two years but are quite secretive. The actor received many congratulations from friends, colleagues and the audience. On the evening of March 15, the beauty wrote on Facebook: “Van and Huy thank everyone for their blessings. Hope to continue to receive love and support in the upcoming journey.”

They are preparing for the wedding but have not revealed a specific time. Ngo Thanh Van said about her fiancé: “He is not a prince, a superman, he is simply a fulcrum that makes me feel at peace”.

The beauty was born in 1979, used to be a singer before working in the film industry. She was nicknamed “beating woman” after the success of the movie Hero’s Blood (2007), co-starring Johnny Tri Nguyen. She has participated in many Hollywood movies such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2, Bright, The Old Guard. In the 2010s, Ngo Thanh Van turned to film production and had many works such as Tam Cam: The Untold Story, Co Ba Saigon. 2019 movie Hai Phuong produced and starred by her earned more than 200 billion VND, is the most popular Vietnamese work of all time. In the near future, she will return to the role of a producer in the project Wolf Bar.

Huy Tran, born in 1990, in Ho Chi Minh City. He moved to Germany to live at the age of 14 months, graduated from GPB Berlin, majoring in import and export. He returned to the country to establish a business in 2018, currently operating a number of culinary restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. Huy Tran is also known by the audience through the program Who is that, Amazing race.

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‘Golden voice reading’ Tuyet Mai passed away

HanoiArtist Tuyet Mai – the once-voice of Voice of Vietnam – passed away at the age of 97 due to old age disease.

Musician Phan Tuyet Minh – the daughter of artist Tuyet Mai – said that she took her last breath at 22:12 on March 5 at Saint Pon hospital, with her children and grandchildren. Since the beginning of the year, her health has declined due to weather and disease. On March 4, the artist had a high fever and was taken to the emergency room by his family but did not survive.

“My mother passed away peacefully. At the end of her life, she lived happily with her children and grandchildren, without any problems,” Tuyet Minh said.

Artist Tuyet Mai. Photo: Data

Tuyet Mai’s real name is Bui Thi Thai, born in 1925 in Cat Hai, Hai Phong, then moved to Hanoi to live. She used to be a beloved vocalist in Hanoi. The artist often performs at teahouses, on the street and at government shows.

From 1945-1976, Tuyet Mai read the opening words of news programs or broadcasts of the Voice of Vietnam. Her reading voice is also associated with many programs such as Reading stories late at night, Poetry, Programs for compatriots far from the country… She was awarded the title of People’s Artist in 1993.

Voice of artist Tuyet Mai

Voice of artist Tuyet Mai. Video: YouTube Audio Quang Tuan

The artist experienced two marriages. Her first husband is musician Dinh Ngoc Lien, with three children. Then, in 1958, she married violinist Phan Phuc, 10 years younger and had one child.

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Alec Baldwin accused of ‘denying responsibility’

AmericaMatt Hutchins – husband of director Halyna – is angry that Alec Baldwin is not responsible for the gun accident that killed his wife.

On February 24, Matt Hutchins said in an interview with the channel Today: “I find it absurd that the person holding the gun, causing it to explode, would say he was not responsible for Halyna’s death. On that set, there wasn’t just a problem with props safety. They violated many rules. industry standards and many parties are responsible for accidents”.

Matt Hutchins talks about Alec Baldwin on television. Video: Inside Edition/Today

Matt said he was angry with Alec Baldwin after the actor’s interview on the channel ABC News December last year. At that time, the star 30 Rock said: “There is someone responsible for that accident. I can’t be identified at the moment but it’s not me.” Matt also resented Baldwin’s televised talk detailing how his wife died. “He denied any responsibility after describing how he killed Halyna,” Matt said Today.

October 2021, Alec Baldwin shoots action scenes in western movies Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico State. Informed that the props had no ammunition, he pulled the trigger but the gun still exploded. Director and screenwriter Joel Souza was shot in the collarbone, recovered, and was released from the hospital. Director of photography Halyna Hutchins was more seriously ill, was taken to the emergency room by helicopter but did not survive.

In mid-February, the Hutchins family sued Alec Baldwin, demanding compensation. In the petition, Matt alleges that the actor “did not perform the basic procedure of checking the props gun” and “carelessly shot a person to death”. In October 2021, Baldwin said that he offered to provide economic support to the victim’s family, but both sides did not disclose details.

Alec Baldwin (right) meets her husband and son Halyna Hutchins at a New Mexico state hotel in October 2021.  Photo: Backgrid

Alec Baldwin (right) meets her husband and son Halyna Hutchins at a New Mexico state hotel in October 2021. Photo: Backgrid

Alec Baldwin, 63, is an American actor and comedian who has won several Emmy and Golden Globe awards. The actor is known through movies like The Hunt for Red October (1990), The Aviator (2004) and blockbuster series Mission Impossible. He married yoga instructor Hilaria in 2012 and has seven children. In early February, the actor returned to acting after more than four months of rest.

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Vietnamese singer joins Korean music group

Hanbin – born in 1998, hometown of Yen Bai – is a member of the boy group TEMPEST that just debuted in Korea.

On January 3, Yuehua Entertainment announced the image of seven group members, including a Vietnamese singer with the stage name Hanbin (real name Ngo Ngoc Hung). Noticeable information on Twitter, the hashtag of the group’s name is in the dominant topic in Vietnam with hundreds of thousands of tweets.

Hanbin – Vietnamese boy group TEMPEST has just debuted in Korea. Photo: Yuehua Entertainment

Hanbin is an alumnus of the International Department of Marketing, University of Commerce. In 2020, he attracted attention when participating in the reality show I-Land of Big Hit Entertainment – the management company of BTS. He is constantly in the top contestants with a high number of votes, impressed by his handsome face and good choreography. Hanbin was eliminated before the final, missed the opportunity to join the boy group Enhypen – debuted in November 2020. After that, he joined as a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment – which manages artists Choi Ye Na, Cho Seung Youn, Everglow, actor Lee Do Hyun.

Before debuting, Hanbin was famous in the world of Vietnamese Kpop dancers with the stage name Hung Bin and had a strong fandom. He used to be the leader of the group CAC, won the Vietnam Kpop random dance in public 2018 contest.

Vietnamese singer joins Korean music group

Hanbin performed “I & reliable” in December 2020. Video: YouTube Big Hit Labels

On December 31, 2020, Big Hit held an online concert “New Year’s Eve Live” gathering stars BTS, TXT, GFriend and Enhypen, many fans suddenly saw Hanbin appear on stage through the song. I & reliable. On January 4, 2021, Big Hit posted Hanbin’s video on a YouTube channel called Big Hit Labels, in just 18 hours, it reached more than 658,000 views, 169,000 likes – a number that surpassed even the video of Enhypen – the group he debuted with. before. Currently, this performance video of Hanbin has reached more than three million views.

According to the management company, TEMPEST – their first boy group – will develop with a bright direction, strong performance style. On December 31, 2021, the company introduced social media accounts including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter of the group with the identification logo.

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Erik’s mark in The Heroes

Erik was praised for rapping “Nam Quoc Son Ha”, refreshing “Only me”, “The thief meets the old woman” in The Heroes.

The male singer won the first place in the music reality show on the evening of November 27, surpassing Uni5 (second prize), My Anh (third prize). Participating in the game, he is a famous and experienced factor in the contestants, and is expected to be a breakthrough by the judges. He kept a stable performance, tried to innovate, and at the same time tried to overcome the weakness of the nasal voice. The singer has many performances that are invested in both audio and visual parts, and are praised by judges and audiences.

Red blood yellow skin

The song Erik performed in the last episode was composed by the group DTAP, with a world music sound, mixed with a little house to create a fast-paced, joyful rhythm. Erik sings, raps, tells stories about Vietnamese people rising from difficulties, with the strength of solidarity that can overcome all challenges. Judge Vu Cat Tuong commented that he spread pride to the audience.

The song “Red blood and yellow skin” (Composer: DTAP). Video: Viva

Nam Quoc Son Ha

The most notable performance in the competition, introduced by Erik in the semi-finals. His crew performed a song inspired by an ancient poem, with a heroic melody but still with a modern breath, combining eye-catching choreography, causing a fever on Tiktok. On Youtube, the audience praised the good music, expressing national pride. Phuong Dao’s account commented: “Erik’s voice is more and more addicting, combining with sweet Phuong My Chi. Rap ​​and choreography are also good, leading the trending chart is deserved”. Erik says the success of Nam Quoc Son Ha pressured him in later episodes.

Rap song 'Nam Quoc Son Ha' causes fever

[Ca khúc “Nam quốc sơn hà” (Sáng tác: DTAP, Hành Or, R.Tee). Video: Viva

Chỉ riêng mình ta

Erik làm mới ca khúc gắn tên tuổi Nguyễn Hưng theo hơi hướng disco, được các giám khảo đánh giá cao. Phần rap của anh do Mato viết lời, nội dung nói về một cuộc tình đổ vỡ, lồng ghép tên một số ca khúc của anh như Lạc nhau có phải muôn đời, Sau tất cả, Ghen. Huấn luyện viên Khắc Hưng cho biết anh áp lực khi làm việc với Erik bởi nam ca sĩ là người cầu toàn.

Erik làm mới 'Chỉ riêng mình ta'

Ca khúc “Chỉ riêng mình ta” (nhạc ngoại, lời Việt: Lê Xuân Trường). Video: Viva

Muộn rồi mà sao còn, Yêu 5

Trong vòng bốn, ca sĩ trình diễn bản mash-up hai ca khúc Muộn rồi mà sao còn (Sơn Tùng M-TP) và Yêu 5 (Rhymastic). Tiết mục nhận lời khen từ ban giám khảo nhờ chất nhạc disco hút tai, phong cách trình diễn lôi cuốn của Erik. Huấn luyện viên của anh – nhạc sĩ Khắc Hưng – đọc rap, tạo điểm nhấn cho phần thi.

Erik hát 'Yêu 5'

Erik hát mash-up “Muộn rồi mà sao còn” (sáng tác: Sơn Tùng M-TP) và “Yêu 5″ (sáng tác: Rhymastic”). Video: Viva

Kẻ cắp gặp bà già

Erik làm mới bản hit của Hoàng Thùy Linh trong vòng hai cuộc thi. Anh và êkíp khiến ca khúc lôi cuốn, bắt tai hơn qua bản phối đậm chất dance. Ngoài ra, ca sĩ đầu tư kỹ lưỡng trang phục, vũ đạo, tăng hiệu ứng cho phần nhìn của tiết mục. Màn trình diễn được huấn luyện viên Hà Lê khen “đẳng cấp”.

Erik - 'Kẻ cắp gặp bà già'

Ca khúc “Kẻ cắp gặp bà già” (sáng tác: DTAP). Video: Viva

Erik tên thật là Lê Trung Thành, sinh năm 1997 ở Hà Nội, từng là giọng ca chính của nhóm nhạc Monstar. Trước đó, anh vào top 15 Giọng hát Việt nhí 2012, giải vàng giai điệu Tuổi hồng toàn quốc 2013. Ngoài ca hát, anh có khả năng sáng tác và nhảy. Erik gây chú ý với bản hit Sau tất cả, Ghen Cô Vy (Khắc Hưng) và nhiều ca khúc nhạc phim.

The Heroes có tên tiếng Việt là Thần tượng đối đầu thần tượng. Trong cuộc thi, các ca sĩ, nhạc sĩ hoặc những nhà sản xuất âm nhạc nổi tiếng (được gọi chung là master) sẽ chọn những thí sinh phù hợp về đội, dẫn dắt họ xây dựng tiết mục qua từng vòng. Dàn thí sinh chương trình năm nay gồm Mỹ Anh, Erik, Quân AP, Thanh Duy, Han Sara, Orange, Cara, Uni5, Thanh Duy, Ali Hoàng Dương, Lona.

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Vietnam Film Festival ‘surpasses difficulties’ during the pandemic

HueThe Organizing Committee of the Vietnam Film Festival held a solemn closing ceremony in the context of the epidemic.

The 22nd Vietnam Film Festival ended on the evening of November 20, after four days with live and online activities. The closing ceremony was the highlight of the event, after three quiet days because of streamlining activities and ensuring safety during the pandemic. The red carpet program “warmed up” the atmosphere before the award ceremony with the faces of artists from the film crew, many beauties such as Miss Do My Linh, Luong Thuy Linh, runner-up Kieu Loan…

Song Perfume Theater – where the event took place, welcomed few guests. To ensure the prevention of the epidemic, guests must scan a QR code before entering the theater. All attendees were vaccinated before November 3 and quickly tested for Covid-19 before 72 hours. Artists, film crews and delegates are arranged to sit at a distance.

According to director Hoang Nhat Nam, the award ceremony was built according to the criteria of thrift, simplicity and warmth. In two hours, the organizers honored many important categories, most of which pleased the audience. However, the downside of the closing ceremony is that many of the winners are announced quickly, while the nominations introduction is long. The live speeches from the winners are cut as much as possible to prevent the epidemic.

Truc Anh (middle, the female lead of the movie “Beared Eyes”) with the director of the closing program – Mr. Trinh Hoai Nam (right). Photo: Vo Thanh

In the feature film category, the Golden Lotus Awards – Blue eyes (directed by Victor Vu), Silver Lotus – Godfather (Tran Thanh wrote the script, directed, starred) are in the prediction of experts. Director Nguyen Quang Dung said that Blue eyes The combination of two factors: artistic and commercial quality, deserves the top prize. The film conquers viewers with a gentle love story that evokes childhood memories. The romantic scene of Hue, the meaningful soundtracks also contributed to the success of the film. The work marks the third time that director Victor Vu has won the Golden Lotus, after Scandal: Secret of the red carpet (2013) and I see yellow flowers on green grass (2015).

Truc Anh gave a speech to receive the award

Truc Anh shared his feelings when the film won the award. Video: Vo Thanh

Mr. Nguyen Vinh Son – Chairman of the Jury of the Feature Film category – said that this year, the scorers do not have to “compare a bunch of chopsticks to choose a flagpole” to award the award. Actor Truong Ngoc Anh – a member of the jury – commented that the film industry was heavily affected by the two-year epidemic, making many films unable to be produced and released in theaters. However, the organizers selected works of equal quality to attend the event.

“Excellent female lead” awarded to Le Khanh (Very old girl moves 5), “Excellent Male Lead” belongs to Tuan Tran (Godfather). Both captivated viewers with their godly acting and transformation in the projects they participated in.

The Science and Documentary Film Award honors works that closely follow social life and move or have a great influence on viewers, such as: Boundary (Golden Lotus documentary) – about the fierce fight against Covid-19 at Hung Vuong Hospital (HCMC), Traffic blind spot (Golden Lotus science film). Cartoons attract attention with the highest number of works in the four genres.

Artist Le Khanh (left) received the Best Actress award for her role as Ly Le Ha in the movie The old girl is very good 5. Photo: Vo Thanh

Artist Le Khanh (left) received the “Best Actress” award for her role as Ly Le Ha in the movie “The old girl has many moves 5”. Photo: Vo Thanh

Events on the sidelines of the film festival have not resonated due to difficulties due to translation. In the host province of Thua Thien Hue, community infections increased rapidly at the time of the event, making people afraid to go to the movies even though the screenings were free. Many theaters such as Cinestar (Hai Ba Trung Street, Vinh Ninh Ward), Dong Ba (Tran Hung Dao Street) can accommodate several hundred people but only sporadically welcome a few dozen spectators. There was no red carpet program, the opening ceremony took place quickly with a number of cultural performances and speeches by representatives of the organizers.

People entering the theater have their body temperature checked and QR codes scanned.  Photo: Vo Thanh

People entering the theater have their body temperature checked and QR codes scanned. Photo:Vo Thanh

Mr. Phan Thanh Hai, Director of the Department of Culture and Sports of Thua Thien Hue, said many programs had to be canceled, shortening the time. Some activities such as community Ao Dai performance at Quoc Hoc stele, walking paths, and the semicircular bridge on the Perfume River had to be cancelled. During the film festival (November 18-20), two exhibitions of photos and paintings were held in the grounds of the Perfume River Theater and the Diem Phung Thi Museum.

Very few spectators came to watch the screenings.  Photo: Vo Thanh

Very few spectators came to watch the screenings. Photo:Vo Thanh

In addition to the opening and closing ceremonies in Hue, the organizers of the movie show online on the online application of Vietnam Television, but there is no specific viewership data. However, the topic of the film festival is rarely discussed on social networks. Mr. Vi Kien Thanh – Director of the Vietnam Cinema Department – said that he anticipated difficulties when organizing the program during the pandemic. The top goal is to ensure the safety of the crew, artists and guests, and at the same time promote the beauty of Hue – the host locality.

The Vietnam Film Festival is organized by the Cinema Department and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism every two years. The event aims to honor works imbued with national identity, rich in humanity, with creative imprints, and honor film artists with outstanding artistic achievements. The event will take place in Lam Dong in the next organization.

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Thu Thao: ‘Divorce is the best decision of my life’

Miss Ocean 2014 Dang Thu Thao said that when she was depressed because of her broken marriage, she divorced to save herself and her two children.

At a press conference at noon on November 5, Thu Thao said that she decided to divorce half a year ago because she found herself suffering from many injuries. She said: “When I first entered this marriage, I thought my love story had a beautiful fairy-tale ending.”

Dang Thu Thao was born in 1995, once won the crown of Miss Ocean 2014. Photo: peaceful

Dang Thu Thao got married to Mr. Phuc Thanh in November 2018 after a period of mutual commitment and suffering. She said: “We used to know each other for many years, went together on an old motorbike, shared each package of raw instant noodles, and spent every penny to eat through the meal.” She left her unfinished acting career in Ho Chi Minh City, returned to her husband’s hometown An Giang, and started everything again.

In the first year, the marriage was smooth, she was loved by her ex-husband and his family. Then, at his suggestion, she started a wedding dress business. There is time, she stays up until two or three in the morning to adjust the bride’s dress. Thu Thao said: “Seeing me struggling, he advised me to close the shop, stay at home, let him take care of the economy”.

According to the beauty, the rift started when she was pregnant with twins in 2019. At that time, she suspected that the marriage had a third person in it. For several days in a row, she received a text from an unknown number, sending a picture of him with a woman. When asked about her husband, he denied, saying it was just a business relationship. Changes in body shape during pregnancy such as face full of acne, stretch marks … also made her feel sorry for herself. She said: “At that time, I tried to hold on to the marriage but did not dare to strain it. Partly, I was afraid of losing him, partly because I had to depend on him economically because I no longer worked.”

The peak was when she suffered from postpartum depression in August 2020. For a long time, she cried alone many times. Miss said that at one point, she ate half a bag of tissues unconsciously. Hearing her baby cry, she was startled, hugged her son, and promised herself to be awake to raise her child. Thu Thao mainly overcame difficulties herself during pregnancy and childbirth. She said: “The journey of pregnancy until confinement is a nightmare for me. Two children are the motivation for me to find myself again, to overcome this abyss.”

Thu Thao took a photo to celebrate her pregnancy with twins in July 2020.  Photo: Thai Binh

Thu Thao took a photo to celebrate her pregnancy with twins in July 2020. Photo: peaceful

Thu Thao filed for divorce at An Giang People’s Court in April. Initially, her ex-husband wanted to raise one child for each side, but she actively took the initiative to raise both, saying that the children were too young to need care from each other. mom. She moved back to her parents’ family in Can Tho, with the help of her maternal family. Thu Thao began to self-medicate for depression. Due to busy taking care of children, she could not arrange time to see a psychologist. She asked some familiar doctors, bought sedatives to relieve headaches. “Every time I see two children smiling brightly, learning to play, I see my life flashing new rays,” she said.

Because her parents are retired, Thu Thao does not want to be a burden to the family. She contacted Miss Phuong Le – a senior who had met many times, hoping to arrange a job to earn income. Sympathizing with Thu Thao’s situation, Phuong Le suggested that she go to Ho Chi Minh City to work for her clinic. She left the child to her grandparents to take care of, and went to the city to start over. Phuong Le said: “The day Thao started working, Thao was bewildered and surprised because she lived in the countryside for a long time. I had to guide and encourage her because I guess she still hasn’t completely recovered from her depression.”

Thu Thao said that up to now, her life has been much better when her spirit has recovered and her income is stable. She still creates conditions for her ex-husband to meet their children. He provides eight million dong a month for two children, but Thu Thao said this is not important because she wants to raise her children on her own. She said: “However, I still have not fully regained my confidence and enthusiasm. I hesitated before sharing the story for fear of affecting my children’s future. However, I hope all women will do the same. The situation can find itself in my case, from which to make the right choice. For me, divorce is the best decision in my life.”

Thu Thao and her husband sang Bolero at the wedding

Thu Thao and her ex-husband sang “Engagement” (composed by: Giao Tien) at the 2018 wedding in Can Tho. Video: Minh Anh

Dang Thu Thao was born in 1995, from Can Tho. After graduating from high school, she worked as a human resources manager for a small branch of a company specializing in coffee sales. In 2014, she was crowned Miss Ocean with a height of 1.71 m, weight 57 kg, body measurements 91-63-90 cm. She also acted in films: American stepsister, Contract to catch ghosts, Bodyguard – the lady and the fool, where is your prince, there is a ghost in the Hoang’s house…

In 2018, she married Mr. Phuc Thanh in Can Tho. He is an actor who played small roles in a number of TV series, then started a business in building materials. The two met while filming Silk Soul 2015.

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Circus artist has an accident at a height of 12 m

Jonathan Goodwin – America’s Got Talent: Extreme contestant – had an accident while practicing swinging at a height of 12 m.

Follow NBC News, Goodwin was immediately taken to the emergency room after the accident on October 19. He suffered broken bones in both legs and suffered multiple lacerations and burns to his face. According to the plan, the artist freed himself from the ropes and dodged two cars that were free to rush towards him. However, the performance did not go as planned, Goodwin was caught when the two cars collided, creating a large explosion in mid-air.

Jonathan Goodwin had an accident on the set of America’s Got Talent: Extreme. Video: TMZ

The crew of America’s Got Talent: Extreme stopped production after the accident. A spokesperson for the show said: “We are praying for Goodwin and his family. In order to focus on recovering the spirits of the crew, we are temporarily not filming for a few days. The health and safety of the crew members. everyone is a priority.”

America’s Got Talent is an American talent show broadcast on NBC, founded by Simon Cowell. This year, the organizers launched the America’s Got Talent: Extreme competition, dedicated to risky performances. Jonathan Goodwin participated in Britain’s Got Talent 2019 and entered the top eight.

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‘Memories’ to attend Busan Film Festival

“The Memory” – a film by director Bui Kim Quy – is one of 11 works competing for the “New Currents” prize at the 2021 Busan Film Festival.

Director Hoang Diep – member of the National Film Review Board – said that the film was licensed to enter international competitions with the unanimous votes of all 11 members, which is a valuable work. Bui Kim Quy could not attend the event from October 6 to 15 in Korea due to health problems.

Trailer of the movie “Memory Domain”, written and directed by Bui Kim Quy. Video: Youtube Busan International Film Festival

According to information on the festival’s website, the film is 99 minutes long, opening with the death of a mother, grieving for her son until the last minute of his life. While neighbors dug a grave to bury her, her son insisted on cremation.

Another man died in an accident at the construction site. His wife decided to bring her husband home for burial. However, relatives on the husband’s side doubted the faithfulness of the wife because she was young and beautiful. Director Park Sung Ho – a member of the organizing committee, in charge of Asian cinema – commented, “In the end, the attitude to death is determined by how those who are alive receive it. We cannot. make someone remember a person forever, embrace their memories. Memory by Bui Kim Quy solves this problem by revealing the truth that no one can escape”.

Images from the movie The Domain of Memories.  Photo: Busan International Film Festival

Image from the movie “Memory Domain”. Photo: Busan International Film Festival

Bui Kim Quy was born in 1983 in Hanoi, graduated from Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. She used to make short films Cushion (first prize at National Short Film Festival 2003), New Year’s Eve is over (2005), Why is there no moon during the day? (2006), Illusion sky (Consolation prize of the National Short Film Festival 2007). I used to write the script Humans, Dreamers, Breeders, co-writer of the script Curse of wormwood blood, Marry right away lest you miss it.

The “New Current” award is given to two outstanding works, chosen from a first or second film by new directors in Asia. The winning film will receive $30,000 in cash. In 2019, Rom by Tran Dung Thanh Huy was honored in this category.

Busan International Film Festival is one of the largest film events in Asia, held since 1996. The award mainly honors young directors, newly released works with 21 categories.

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