Drone: This ‘drone’ camera is cheaper than smartphones, the price is so low that it is unbelievable.

New Delhi: Budget Drone Camera: Nowadays a good craze for drone cameras can be seen among the youth. Everyone wants to buy a drone camera. Because he can take great shots in the air. But the biggest problem with drone cameras is that when you go to buy them, you have to pay a hefty price. Drones are generally found only in the expensive range. But, if your budget is low and you are thinking of getting a drone camera at an affordable price, don’t worry. Today we bring you information about a cheaper and stronger option. See details.

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Hillstar Pioneer Foldable Remote Control Drone

The Hillstar Pioneer Foldable Remote Control Drone is a powerful drone. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. The biggest feature of this drone is that it is portable. Plus, it comes with a high quality remote control. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. The drone does not weigh much and fits in the palm of your hand. Easy and convenient, this little drone can be your best partner in your journey. Which lets you capture your best moments. Hillstar Pioneer Foldable Remote Control Drone is low and the device is compact and convenient, so you can take it anywhere. It has a strong camera and battery. Which allows you to record long videos.

What is special?

Hillstar Pioneer Foldable Remote Control Drone has foldable design, WiFi app control, dual HD camera, headless mode, altitude hold. Also hover, 360 flip stunts, 1 key take-off / landing, gesture selfie. This device can fly up to 40-50 meters in 6-8 minutes. It has a primary camera – 7 megapixels and a secondary camera – 2 megapixels. Hillstar Pioneer Foldable Remote Control Drone has a charging time of 60 minutes. The drone camera weighs 185 grams and is priced at Rs 6,999.

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