Football clubs still make billionaires dream

After the Russians, the emirs of the Gulf, the Chinese, make way for the Americans. In recent months, investment funds have multiplied the takeovers of football clubs in Europe. In Great Britain, Chelsea has just been taken over by a consortium led by businessman Todd Boehly, already co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. He will pay 3 billion euros to take over the shares of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich and has promised to inject an additional 2 billion into the London club. It is the largest transaction ever made in a team sport.

The return on investment is not obvious, but by buying out a team, a fund gains notoriety which can enable it to attract other investors and therefore increase its financial standing”, analyzes Jean-François Brocard, lecturer at the Center for Sports Law and Economics. Clearly, it would be a kind of marketing expense. The prospect of carrying out a real estate project on the land belonging to the stadium and the development of derivative products can also whet the appetite of a fund.

Toulouse FC and Red Star under American control

In Italy, AC Milan, the former club of Silvio Berlusconi, is also changing hands. Owned by Elliott Management since 2018, it was bought in early June by another American fund, RedBird Capital, for 1.2 billion euros, which owns shares in baseball in the United States and in the club of Liverpool. In the summer of 2020, he also became the main shareholder of Toulouse FC, which will return to Ligue 1.

Several American funds are also in discussion with Olympique Lyonnais to take a stake. At the beginning of May, 777 Partners based in Miami, took over the Red Star, the club of Saint-Ouen, in the Paris suburbs. He already owns Genoa, Italy, Standard de Liège in Belgium, part of Spanish club FC Sevilla, as well as Brazilian Vasco de Gama.

Financialization is accelerating

The period is conducive to this frenzy of acquisitions. There is money to invest and clubs to sell, hard hit by the Covid crisis and in need of fresh money.

We are taking a further step in the financialization of football, with the risk that these new investors seek to limit the sporting hazard, by pushing for the creation of closed Leagues, without ups and downs, as in the United States “, emphasizes Jean-François Brocard. A similar project, called “Super League”, imagined by twelve football clubs (six English, three Spanish and three Italian) is still pending.


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Men’s ‘wet dreams’

Nightmares, also known as “wet dreams”, is the phenomenon of ejaculation during sleep – a man’s normal physiology, not harmful to health and will gradually disappear.

Nightmares are often accompanied by sexual dreams, hence the term “wet dreams”. This phenomenon usually occurs at night but can also occur during daytime naps.

Doctor Le Duy Thao, Department of Andrology, Hong Ngoc General Hospital, said that nightmares mainly occur in adolescents, between the ages of 9 and 19, often also the first ejaculation marking the onset of sexual dysfunction. reproductive maturity of a man. Nightmares can occur in adult men who have not had sex or masturbated for a long time, helping to release the amount of sperm produced in the body.

Nightmares can also be encountered in cases of stimulation before and during sleep such as watching sex movies… Men with physical weakness, nervous tension or abuse of alcohol and stimulants can also have nightmares. .

Usually during adolescence, nightmares appear once or twice a month and will gradually disappear with adulthood and regular sexual activity.

According to doctors, this condition is not harmful to health, but too much nightmare can cause nutritional deficiencies, body weakness, fatigue. When too much sperm is ejaculated out of the body due to spermatorrhea, and the testicles do not have enough time to produce a new amount, it can make the sperm weaker and the number will also decrease.

Those who dream too much without treatment can lead to erectile dysfunction such as premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation or erectile dysfunction… affecting marital happiness.

In the case of thick dreams, men should exercise regularly, improve their physical and mental health, and reduce unnecessary sensitive thoughts. Limit stimuli before and during sleep; do not view “black” websites. Limit alcohol, stimulants, avoid stress. Choose the right size pants for your body, don’t wear too tight pants that will cause the penis to be stimulated, which is harmful to reproductive health.

Strengthen nutritional supplements, especially foods containing zinc, selenium, vitamins… good for reproductive health in men. In particular, children reaching puberty need to talk to their parents or a trusted person such as a doctor for advice on sex. Families need to be sensitive and share with their children so that they can better understand their bodies and avoid anxiety, shame and guilt.

“If the state of nightmares still does not decrease, affecting health and psychology, it is necessary to see a doctor for early diagnosis and timely treatment,” the doctor recommended.

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Paralympic Games in Beijing: the French team begins to dream of the podium

Although it denies it, the French delegation, 18 strong, including four guides for blind or visually impaired skiers, takes advantage of the exclusion of Russian athletes during the Beijing Paralympic Games which open this Friday, March 4. First admitted, then refused following a reversal of the Paralympic Committee after the threat of several delegations to boycott the events, the Russian athletes will weigh heavily by their absence.

→ ANALYSIS. Russian sports diplomacy in disarray

Expected in alpine skiing, snowboarding and Nordic, and knowing that it has no representative in the ice disciplines (curling and sledge hockey), the tricolor delegation expects a result slightly higher than the twenty medals obtained during the last Worlds in January in Lillehammer (Norway).

25 medals left available

The potential advantage linked to the absence of the Russians will be particularly observable in the Nordic events, cross-country skiing and biathlon, where they appeared as the main competitors of the Blues, on a par with the Norwegians and the… Ukrainians. The 25 medals obtained by the Russian delegation under a neutral flag in 2018 will be distributed among the major winter Paralympic powers, of which France is one.

→ INVESTIGATION. At the Paralympic Games, equipment in the race for medals

A few hours before the opening ceremony, the head of delegation of the French team, Jean Minier, recognized that the absence of the Russians allowed the “France to aim for one of the three places on the podium”. His subordinate Christian Fémy, director of the France team, abounded, while relativizing. “It doesn’t change much in alpine skiing, except perhaps for our skier Marie Bochet, whose supremacy was challenged by a Russian skier. On the other hand in Nordic, it is true that the French team was one of the few to be able to derail the Russian train. »

French cross-country skiers will benefit

“Basically, we are counting on the fact that we had prepared our athletes for a peak in form in Beijing rather than in Lillehammer”, continues the director of the French team, Christian Fémy, who expects better from the Nordic team back from Norway with three bronze medals in Nordic skiing and biathlon. French flag bearer Benjamin Daviet, twice tanned in Nordic skiing, and Hyacinthe Deleplace, bronze medalist in biathlon, will aim for a brighter metal.

The delegation also counts on its only two female representatives, Marie Bochet, eight times gold medalist after the last two Olympiads, Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018. And snowboarder Cécile Hernandez, much less known, but still three times medalist, a twice in bronze and twice in silver, during the same competitions. “There is a lack of girls in disabled winter sports, whereas this is less the case in summer sports, hence the importance of the media coverage of these Games which will perhaps give young girls get started”, explains Marie-Amélie Le Fur, president of the French Paralympic Committee. Which is pleased that the events are broadcast by the cameras of France Televisions.


The program for Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March

Saturday March 5. Alpine skiing, men’s and women’s downhill, 3 hours and 6:10 a.m.

Sunday March 6. Alpine skiing, super-G men and women, 3 hours and 7:30 a.m. Snowboard cross, men and women, 3 hours and 6 hours. Cross-country skiing, 18 km seated men, from 3 a.m., 12 km seated women, from 5:30 a.m.