Covid-19 Symptoms: Doctors warned! Stomach pain and vomiting can be a symptom of corona infection

Coronavirus New Symptoms: Once again, an increase in corona cases is being registered in the country. For the last two months, there is a decline in the cases of corona, which have suddenly started increasing. In the last 24 hours, 3,324 new cases of infection have been reported in the country and 40 people have also lost their lives due to this virus. In the country’s capital Delhi, the number of infected remains above 1,500. In such a situation, with increasing cases of corona, new symptoms of corona are being seen in new patients. In such a situation, health experts have warned people about these new symptoms.

Symptoms of corona changing in new case-
According to the report published in Scroll, amidst increasing cases of corona, doctors in the capital Delhi have told that the problem of stomach pain and diarrhea is being seen in new patients. At the same time, let us tell you that in the earlier waves of corona, patients were having problems like fever, cold, body ache and headache. According to doctors, 20 percent of the new corona patients have complaints of diarrhea. At the same time, this number of doctors can also be more. Along with this, doctors have also told that some corona patients have not seen any other corona symptoms except diarrhea.

These symptoms of corona in children-
Along with this, doctors say that the complaint of diarrhea is being seen the most in children. Diarrhea is the most common complaint seen in children even when they are suffering from any viral infection. Along with this, some patients are also facing the problem of abdominal pain along with diarrhea.

Also pay attention to these symptoms-
At the same time, some patients are having problems of earlier symptoms like fever, cold, cough, headache and weakness. Doctors believe that people infected with the BA.2 variant of Omicron have stomach problems. Most of these symptoms like abdominal pain and diarrhea can be seen. Along with this, some corona patients can see problems like sleeplessness, distraction etc.

Do this work when you see symptoms of corona-
According to the doctors, if you face any of the above mentioned problems, contact the doctor as soon as possible. Along with this, get your corona test done. Follow the Kovid protocol when you come out positive and keep yourself in isolation. Stay at home in mild symptoms and keep consulting the doctor online.

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10 to 15 per cent of Kovid-19 patients have symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea only- AIIMS

Effects on body parts resulting from Kovid-19 are being studied all over the world. Meanwhile, AIIMS doctors have said that about 10-15 per cent of Kovid-19 patients may only have gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Let us tell you that the patients of Kovid-19 usually have bad breath, cough or sore throat and the major symptoms of the disease have also been revealed by the research so far.

AIIMS doctors reveal effect of Kovid-19

Doctors shared the views on the treatment and trends of the disease and said that patients of Kovid-19 may also face problems of heart attack, stroke, kidney or liver disease. He said that 10-15 percent of Kovid-19 patients should not only show signs of respiratory symptoms, but also respiratory symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to test those who have gastrointestinal symptoms, so that they can be ascertained whether they have any respiratory problems or are in contact with a positive patient.

Gastrointestinal symptoms in Kovid-19 patients exposed

The most typical gastrointestinal signs of Kovid-19 include diarrhea (2–50 percent), loss of appetite (30–40 percent), hepatitis (14–53 percent), signs of digestion (3–23 percent), vomiting and nausea ( 1-12 percent). Doctor Neeraj Nischal also explained about the clotting problem, coronary heart and brain condition due to Kovid-19, in addition to gastrointestinal signs.

According to the data, Dr. Nischal said that out of 540 Kovid-19 patients in the ward, 27 percent of patients excluding dengue and blood cancer had less platelet and 2.9 percent of patients had very low platelets. Both dengue and blood cancer can cause low platelet intake. He said that pulmonary embolism in Kovid-19 patients is 20.6 percent higher than that of healthy people. Let me tell you that pulmonary embolism is a sudden blockage of blood clots in the blood vessel.

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