These delicious foods protect against diseases caused by the summer season

Summer Special Ayurvedic Foods: In the summer season, there is less desire to eat food while cold beverages and light snack type foods attract a lot. However, whenever it comes to snacks or something light-hearted, our attention goes to the chips, namkeen etc. found in wrappers. However, their consumption causes great harm to the body. That’s why today we have brought information about some such delicious food items for you, which will keep your taste better and also health in the summer season.

1. Coriander Panjiri

Panjiri prepared by grinding dried coriander is usually prepared for worship only on the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami. However, you can also consume it to avoid the scorching heat. It is helpful in protecting against burning sensation on the chest and also reduces the chances of heatstroke. Because it is helpful in controlling body temperature.

2. Amla Petha

Petha or Panjiri prepared from Amla comes in many flavours. You will find these sweet, sour-sweet and amla masala in the form of candy. Amla Petha is helpful in keeping the body cool, maintaining proper digestion, preventing acidity and maintaining hydration. You can consume it every day during the summer season.

3. Ayurvedic Sharbat

If you want to drink cold in the summer season, you can drink Ayurvedic syrup instead of drinking coke and soda. They cool down the body, are very tasty and also help in keeping you healthy. Rose syrup, fennel syrup, conchpushpi or khus-khus syrup are very beneficial in summer.

4. Bell Cherries or Candy

Bael fruit is one of the most important fruits to keep the body cool in summer. You should drink Bael’s syrup every day. Bael is such a fruit, which you can store at home for a long time. It is better to make its syrup at home and drink it.
Bell cherries or candies are easily available in the market. You will find these especially at any Patanjali store. If you are not able to eat bael or do not find time to make its syrup, then you can eat bel candy every day.

5. A glass shikanji

You can keep yourself hydrated by drinking a glass of shikanji every day during the summer season. If you feel dizzy or feel weak, you can get immediate relief by drinking a sugar-salt solution. Just mix three teaspoons of sugar and one-fourth teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and drink it. You will get instant relief. You must drink this water after coming from the hot sun.

6. Other Great Ways to Avoid the Heat

  • Consume mango panna and mint chutney every day.
  • To avoid heat rash, apply a paste of sandalwood and multani mitti.
  • Drink sugarcane juice and include coconut water in your daily diet.
  • To maintain the glow of the skin, you can apply sandalwood paste 3 times a week.
  • Eat watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber and cucumber every day.
  • Eat more vegetables like raw banana curry, bottle gourd, pumpkin and tinda.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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Taste Coriander Seeds Fiercely and Avoid Loose Motions as well as Dehydration

The problem of loose motion ie diarrhea is very common in the summer season. The main reason for this is heatstroke or eating stored food. Food items get spoiled very quickly during the summer season, in such a situation, if they are eaten without giving proper attention to them, then the problem of loose motion becomes very quick. If the situation is more serious then there is a chance of food poisoning.

In order not to trouble you in the summer season, it is important that you increase the consumption of coriander in your daily life. We are talking about coriander seeds here, it is also called dry coriander and also whole coriander. Now you know here how to use this coriander regularly so that heat stroke and unnecessary bacteria virus can not make you sick.

How to use Coriander Seeds

Whether there is a problem of loose motion or frequent dry mouth, in both the cases you can give water of coriander seeds to the patient. Follow this method to prepare this water…

  • 1 liter pure water
  • 1 tsp dry coriander
  • Add coriander seeds to the water and cook the water on low flame till the water is reduced to half.
  • Now filter this water and let it cool down and after some time keep drinking little water sip by sip.

There will be no lack of water in the body

  • In case of loose motion, the most danger is that there is no shortage of water in the body. If there is too little water in the body, then the patient’s life is in danger. Therefore, in such a situation, it is most important that you do not let the lack of water in the body.
  • If you drink enough water every day, then the bacteria that harm digestion do not grow in the body and all the toxins keep coming out of the body.
  • When you drink enough water, the effect of heat and strong sunlight on the body is not very easy. Therefore it is necessary to drink sufficient amount of water.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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Dehydration can be dangerous for the body, know how to protect during monsoon season

Water is important for the body

consume more and more water even in monsoon

Effects of Dehydration

Generally the problem of water scarcity should not be taken lightly. Due to lack of water, the body becomes a victim of dehydration. Due to which people can also die. Due to dehydration, the skin of the body becomes dry and lifeless. Along with this, people who are suffering from the problem of water for a long time get wrinkles in their skin. 

Preventing Dehydration


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Health Tips: Lemonade can also cause these losses, learn how to consume

new Delhi: Most people drink lemonade as soon as they wake up in the morning. By drinking lemon squeezed in water, the body gets vitamin C, potassium and fiber. However, excessive consumption can cause some side effects as well. Drinking more lemonade causes a shortage of water in the body and increases the problem of dehydration.

Apart from this, many people also feel cold-hot in the teeth. Apart from this, there are many other problems, which can be caused by drinking more lemonade. Before taking lemonade regularly, consult the doctor once. Let’s know what side effects can happen by drinking more lemonade.

Cold-hot teeth Lemon contains citrus acid, whose teeth become sensitive due to more contact in the teeth. If you have to drink lemonade too, always drink it with straw, so that the water does not touch the teeth.

Chest irritation- If you have a problem of acidity, stop the consumption of lemon completely because it contains acid.

Stomach may be badMany times people consume lemon juice to digest food because its acid helps in digestion. But due to excess acid in the stomach, the stomach can get upset. Always eat lemon mixed with food.

Kidney and gallbladder problems- In addition to the acidic level in lemon, it also contains oxalate, which, due to high intake, can go into the body to form crystals. It can take the form of crystallized oxalate, kidney stone and gallstone.

Dehydration Drinking lemonade causes frequent urination, which can cause dehydration in the body. So if you want to drink lemonade then drink as much plain water as possible.

Take these precautions- Lemonade should never be drunk to cure illness. If you feel any side effects after drinking it, then stop its intake immediately. If you want to drink it to get vitamin C, then only squeeze half a lemon and mix it in half a glass of water.

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Health Tips: These side effects of protein powder can be, may be heavy on health

Health Tips: Protein is very important for our muscles and especially for those who do gym. It helps in meeting the protein needs of our body. But its intake in a certain amount is beneficial for our body but its high quantity can be very harmful for our health. Excessive intake of this can cause damage to the kidneys and liver and can cause bone related disease. So let’s know about the disadvantages of protein powder.

Damage the kidneys
If a person takes a high amount of protein, he produces a large amount of urea. This puts a high pressure on the kidneys because they filter the abundant amounts of urea and calcium from the blood. When protein powder is consumed in large quantities for a long time, the risk of kidney disorders increases. Damage to kidney stones and kidney failure are caused by taking high amounts of protein supplements.

Cancer risk
Some protein powder brands contain large amounts of metals which may increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, it should be avoided with excessive intake.

Gain weight
If protein powder is taken in excess then it can cause your weight gain. This increases the amount of fat in your body. This fat is collected day by day, due to which you start gaining weight fast. And this is definitely not a good sign.

Damage the liver
A diet of protein supplements can lead the body to a state of ketosis without carbs, which leads to higher blood acidity levels. This persistently high blood acidity is known to impair liver function and can result in severe liver dysfunction. In addition, there may be inflammation in the liver and there may be an increased risk of severe liver disease.

Dehydration problem
According to a research, high protein diet can make your body dehydrate. This is why people should drink a lot of water on a high-protein diet.

Acne problems
Protein enhances the production of hormones, which are considered to be insulin growth factors. Which can give rise to acne. Therefore, intake of protein powder in high amounts can be harmful for acne.

Bp lo problem
People who are already low blood pressure patients or normal because the protein intake can reduce their blood pressure greatly.

Increased acid in the blood
If you do not use the protein properly, you may have to face this side effect. This is the condition when ketone increases in the blood. If the body fat is low then it will not be able to convert protein into energy and in this way the level of ketone will start increasing in the blood. That means increasing the level of acid in the blood.

Stomach upset
Lacto milk products and sugar found in proteins can give you allergies. But this can make your stomach upset. You may feel swollen or bloating. There may also be abdominal pain or nausea.

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