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7 people appeared in court in the biggest land violation case in Can Tho

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan – former vice chairman of Binh Thuy district, together with 6 people were tried for illegal relocation of more than 14,000 m2 of land.

On January 14, Mr. Tuan (51 years old); Le Van Vu (former head of Department of Natural Resources and Environment); Huynh Trung Thanh and Le Van Tru (former director, deputy director of the Land Registry Office of Binh Thuy district) and 3 others were tried by the People’s Court of Can Tho City for the crime. Violation of regulations on land management under Article 229 of the Penal Code.

The prosecutor’s office determined that the behavior of Mr. Tuan and his accomplices directly infringed on the state management order in the field of urban land, disrupting land use planning… The biggest land violation case in Can Tho so far was discovered by the inspector at the end of 2017.

Defendant Nguyen Van Tuan (left cover, top row) and his accomplices at the court session on January 14. Photo: Kowloon

According to the indictment, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, as Vice Chairman of Binh Thuy District People’s Committee, and his subordinates knew well the district’s land use plan in 2015-2017 related to two projects connecting the August Revolution to the provincial road. 918 and the Vo Van Kiet new urban area project has been approved and implemented.

However, Mr. Tuan and related officials have signed decisions to carry out procedures to change the purpose of using 14,727m2 of rice land, planting perennial crops to urban residential land for households and individuals in Long ward. Combined with the value of land use rights of nearly 10 billion VND.

In which, Mr. Tuan signed 30 decisions permitting the change of use purpose of 39 land plots with the total area of ​​land being converted to use purpose. Le Van Vu signed 29 proposals to change the land use purpose with a total area of ​​more than 13,685 m2, worth nearly 9.4 billion. Huynh Trung Thanh is the autographer on the papers submitted to Le Van Vu for approval.

The other defendants are accused of having appraised, submitted and carried out procedures to change the use purpose from 5,000 to more than 6,000 m2 of land worth 2.3-6 billion VND.

In June 2021, the Can Tho City People’s Court once brought the case to trial, but returned the file to the Procuracy of the same level for additional investigation, clarifying that Mr. Tuan’s behavior showed signs of crime. Lack of responsibility causes serious consequences according to article 285, Penal Code 1999.

However, the Procuracy maintained the position of prosecuting the former vice president of Binh Thuy district for crimes Violation of regulations on land management, according to Article 229 of the 2015 Penal Code.

Regarding the violations of his subordinates, in 2020, Mr. Le Tam Niem – Chairman of Binh Thuy District People’s Committee was disciplined and sent to the Department of Home Affairs of Can Tho City.

The court is expected to pronounce the verdict this afternoon



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Sentenced to 2 years in prison for swinging a knife at the Covid-19 checkpoint

DanangHo Dac Thi, 40 years old, used a knife to attack forces on duty when he could not present a pass through the Covid-19 checkpoint.

On the afternoon of December 16, the People’s Court of Hoa Vang district sentenced Ho Dac Thi (residing in Hoa Chau commune) to 2 years in prison for the crime of Against people on duty.

Around 11pm on September 13, Thi rode a motorbike from Pham Hung Street through the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint on Hoang Dao Thanh Street, Cam Nam Village, Hoa Chau Commune. At this time, Da Nang stipulates that people traveling must have a road permit. Mr. Tran Minh Hieu (22 years old, commune militia and self-defense force) signaled to stop the car and asked Thi to present a driving license.

Defendant Thi at the trial. Photo: Ngoc Truong

The indictment states that Thi and Thi did not have a travel permit, so Mr. Hieu asked to return. Begged but to no avail, Thi cursed.

At this time, in addition to Mr. Hieu, there were Mr. Le Ba Dung (48 years old) and Mr. Huynh Anh Vu who were civil defense officers and union members participating in the key duty. Three people were pointed at by Thi, cursed and threatened to stab him to death.

Authorities allege, Thi then ran to her motorbike to retrieve a keychain shaped like a bullet shell with a metal blade inside, and returned to the camp. When being restrained, Thi stabbed Mr. Dung in his right arm and left armpit.

At the trial, Thi did not admit the crime, but said that she was beaten first by the force at the quarantine point, so she defended. The court said that the investigation results determined that Thi’s testimony had no basis.

The defendant has been to prison 4 times, has a criminal record and a criminal record; was previously administratively sanctioned for the act of gathering in large numbers during the time of social distancing to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

Ngoc Truong

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Mr. Le Tan Hung cried, said ‘no embezzlement’

Ho Chi Minh CityDefending himself, former general director Sagri Le Tan Hung cried, saying that he did not take money from the State to share benefits as alleged.

At noon on December 13, after being asked by the Procuracy to receive a sentence of 26-30 years in prison for the crime Violation of regulations on management and use of property causing loss and waste and Property embezzlement, Mr. Le Tan Hung (58 years old, former general director of Saigon Agriculture Corporation – Sagri) defended himself, before being defended by two lawyers.

In the second crime, Mr. Hung is accused of taking advantage of the role of General Director of Sagri to direct subordinates to connect with two travel companies, then “gut out” 13.3 billion VND of Sagri to use for purposes. personalization and legalization of the company’s undocumented expenditures. The investigation and trial process of the defendant, who said that he was not self-interested, recovered the entire amount.

Many times choking on his voice, Mr. Hung said that he and his staff had overcome many difficulties since receiving the assignment in 2016. The defendant directed his subordinates to make up 10 false contracts to visit and learn from experience. overseas and then withdrawing more than 13.3 billion dong is to “take care of the workers, share the results with the staff”. The purpose is for Sagri employees to go abroad to learn and experience, not for self-interest, to share and take advantage.

“I can assure you, my whole life can’t be changed because of this behavior. The incident affects my family, I hope the court considers it”, Mr. Hung burst into tears.

Regarding violations when transferring a housing project in Phuoc Long B ward, district 9 (now Thu Duc city) on 3.75 hectares of land to Phong Phu Company, Mr. Hung explained, when he received the assignment At Sagri, the company is still very short of both capital and human resources. He and company staff implemented many production cooperation programs and achieved certain achievements. After the company was inspected, he actively proposed to the City People’s Committee for inspector Sagri to develop comprehensively. Therefore, it is not like he intentionally broke the regulations to benefit.

Former general director Sagri affirmed that the transfer of the housing project in Phuoc Long B ward is done according to the pre-existing policy and the guidance of the competent authorities. “The VKS impeached me, causing a particularly large amount of state property loss, I couldn’t imagine. I just followed the direction of the city,” Mr. Hung said.

The Procuracy said that Mr. Hung was assigned by the State to manage assets at Sagri, but took advantage of his position and power as General Director of Sagri to direct subordinates to commit many violations to transfer the project. The defendant knew that the project had not fulfilled its financial obligations, Sagri had not yet approved the plan, divestment plan, had not appraised the price… but still made the transfer at a lower price than the market price, causing a loss of 672 billion dong of the State.

Defendant Le Tan Hung in court. Photo: Gia Bao

Defending Hung, lawyer Tran Van Tao said that his client had complied with the provisions of the 2014 Real Estate Business Law. According to the inspection results of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, Sagri was forced to divest all capital. in projects that are not main business lines, company restructuring, including housing projects in Phuoc Long B ward.

Implementing the city’s policy, Sagri consulted the Ministry of Finance on how to do it. The Ministry of Finance has responded in writing, State enterprises must comply with the capital management law and other legal regulations. In essence, this is a real estate project transfer. Therefore, Sagri must carry out the transfer of the above project in accordance with the provisions of the law on real estate business.

According to the lawyer, based on Articles 48 and 49 of the Law on Real Estate Business 2014, the project transfer does not need to be appraised. Therefore, Mr. Hung’s behavior is not a violation of Article 29 of Decree No. 71/2013 of the Government on investment of State capital in enterprises as prosecuted.

Therefore, lawyer Tao proposed the jury to comprehensively consider and evaluate the nature and motives of the client in order to make a fair judgment.

As the person who signed the decision for Sagri to be allowed to transfer the project, the former vice president of the city Tran Vinh Tuyen (56 years old) was recommended 7-8 years in prison for the crime. Violation of regulations on management and use of property causing loss and waste under Clause 3, Article 219 of the Penal Code. Acting as an advisor to Mr. Tuyen, defendant Tran Trong Tuan (former director of the Department of Construction) was also asked for a similar sentence.

Related to the case, 13 other defendants were prosecuted as accomplices with Mr. Hung. Mr. Tuyen was recommended by the Procuracy to serve a 4-28 year prison sentence.

The Procuracy proposed to impose fines on the 3 defendants Lack of responsibility causes serious consequences; Concealing criminals sentence of 3 years in prison up to 3 years in prison.

The trial continued with the defense of the remaining defendants and lawyers.

Hai Duyen


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Confessions of the person who hid the girl’s body

BA Ria Vung TauMurdering a 17-year-old girl after an argument, Tran Thanh Hai burned the body, brought it to hide in a shallow well, and then hid for nearly a day.

On December 9, Hai (33 years old) was investigated by the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Provincial Police for his behavior Murder, Intentional Injury and Destruction of property late two days ago.

Declare to the investigating agency, Hai admitted all the acts.

Hai at the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Police Department. Photo: Quang Binh

Hai’s family and Mr. Dang Van Dien (62 years old) were formerly neighbors, and there was a persistent conflict because of a land dispute. At the end of last year, when he was stoned by Mr. Dien’s nephew, Danh Thi Hanh Minh (40 years old), Hai took a knife and slashed at her, injuring 7%. Nearly 2 months ago, Hai was sentenced to 9 months in prison by the court, awaiting execution.

According to Mr. Dien’s family, after the incident, his family sold the house and moved to the neighboring commune. Because the new owner has not moved in, his old house is abandoned, so he sometimes comes back to cultivate. On December 6, when he drove to harvest melons, Hai’s mother scolded him, chased him, beat him, and then took his coat and hung it on the top of the motorbike. At home, he told the incident to his children.

Late on the same day, Mr. Dien’s children, Dang Thi Kim Oanh (17 years old), Minh’s sister, Tran Trong Binh (32 years old, Minh’s friend) and a 14-year-old girl riding two motorbikes came to Hai to ask for her shirt back. Both sides cursed and challenged.

Hai said, at that time holding two knives to chase, but Binh and the little girl escaped with him. He turned back to cut Minh. When Oanh ran to intervene, he was stabbed many times and collapsed on the side of the road. Mr. Binh returned to the rescue and brought Ms. Minh to the emergency room.

Hai took gasoline to water, lit Oanh’s motorbike on fire, dragged the girl into the fire, and then left the house. A relative came to see Oanh’s body burned black, so she ran to ask for help.

At this time, Hai carried a bucket of water to put out the fire, took a motorbike to transport the victim’s body to an uninhabited house, about 200 meters from the scene. After disposing of the motorbike in the weedy garden, he turned around and dragged the girl’s body across the asphalt, to an abandoned dry well in the middle of the garden.

The case happened on the road in front of the suspect's house and the victim's old house.  Photo: Truong Ha

The crime scene in the street in front of the suspect’s house and the victim’s old house. Photo: Truong Ha

Hai placed the victim’s body in the sound tunnel – where the owner of the well dug close to the bottom to guide the irrigation pipe. He hid inside for nearly 24 hours.

Late at night on December 8, Hai left his hiding place, went to a roadside shrine to charge his phone, then texted the police to confess.

Police of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province are clarifying the suspect’s testimony and motives.

Quang Binh – Truong Ha


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The ‘boss’ of a gambling line of VND 88,000 billion may have gone abroad

Ho Chi Minh CityThe four suspects leading a gambling ring of VND88,000 billion said they were guided by an Indian man to operate in Vietnam, while he operated abroad.

On December 8, a source from Ho Chi Minh City Police said that the suspects leading this line were Huynh Long Nhu (28 years old), Huynh Long Bach (30 years old), Nguyen Dac Quy (27 years old) and Pham Thi. Mai Ngan (36 years old) admitted to holding the largest executive position in the country. However, they are under an Indian over 30 years old, once residing in Vietnam but returning home. Before being shut down by the investigative agency, this line had about 20,000 betting accounts.

Nhu Khai, happened to know an Indian man in Saigon. He was told that he was developing online betting, so Nhu found out and invited many people to participate. Some time later, when Nhu’s group developed on its own, he “boss” returned to the country. All contact, operating activities are exchanged by the two parties mainly via Telegram.

“This is their one-sided testimony, the investigating agency will clarify the roles of the people involved,” the source said.

Huynh Long Nhu when he was arrested. Photo: Tuong Van

The Nhu development team entices players in Vietnam in the form of financial investment at and, providing documents for “legal international operations”.

The investigative agency determined that these two sites had repeatedly changed their names from to and Rocketgamelive…. In fact, these are intermediary sites linked to the international betting platform. to get commissions from players, plays and bet amount.

Participants are provided with an account, fixed with an initial investment of at least 200 USD. They are committed by the group of organizations to insure their investment equivalent to 1.5% of their capital.

Players only need to register a virtual currency wallet on the Remitano exchange (overseas), then use the money in the bank account to buy other virtual currencies to bet on the website. After setting the time frame, members will create a closed group, chat on Zalo at the same time to make a deposit and bet on the game (games) according to the orders of the leaders (Leaders).

The cars - evidences of the case, were detained by the police.  Photo: Tuong Van

The cars – evidence of the case, detained by the police. Photo: Tuong Van

To increase players, the leading group of the gambling floor offers a form of reward for those who attract more members. For every 3 people invited, they will be given 50 USD and gradually increase their level in the system.

There are a total of 7 levels arranged according to the investment price and the number of people attracted. The leading group commits to an income of 5 million VND to 1.4 billion VND per month for each level. In order for players to believe, they constantly introduce and give Leader models with huge income. These Leaders are constantly exclaiming about their trust in how to make money from betting, demonstrating a high-class life with luxury cars, and billion-dollar charity events.

According to the investigative agency, this gambling ring has been most active in the past few months, especially when Ho Chi Minh City is social distancing to prevent Covid-19. Thousands of people have invested large amounts of money in the Nhu group’s exchange. In order to remain undetected, they constantly change the way to bet through using Vietnamese money to buy cryptocurrencies (Etherum, USDT, TRON), linking with financial exchanges to convert, recharge or withdraw money.

“When the number of players is high, they will crash the website to appropriate the money in the account, virtual money and remove traces so that it is difficult for the authorities to handle,” the investigation officer said.

Swift site license used by this group to entice participants.  Photo: Nhat Vy

Swift site license used by this group to entice participants. Photo: Nhat Vy

In early November, after understanding the activities of this line, the Cyber ​​Security and High-Tech Crime Prevention Division (PA05) reported to the leadership of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department to set up a special project. Hundreds of police divided into 20 working groups simultaneously searched many locations, arresting 59 people.

Authorities seized a series of electronic exhibits; nearly 3 billion dong; more than 19,000 USD; 40,000 AUD; 6 Mercedes and Peugeot cars (about more than 20 billion VND); many land use right certificates; receipts, deposit contracts for land purchase and sale…

Based on the transactions, the investigating agency determined that this ring had bet more than 3.8 billion USD – equivalent to 88,000 billion VND. This is believed to be the largest gambling ring ever busted.

Currently, Nhu and 37 others have been prosecuted and detained for the act Gambling organization and Gamble.

Gambling line video

Police searched and seized many exhibits and assets related to the 88,000 billion dong gambling line. Video: Tuong Van

Van Vo


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‘Nhue’ street claimed to be known for ‘eating money on corpses’

peacefulNguyen Xuan Duong (Duong “Nhue”) said five times that he was “reputed for being a vulture that eats corpses”, asking the court to reject the prosecution’s charge of appropriating property of cremation service establishments.

On the afternoon of November 17 at the People’s Court of Thai Binh province, Duong (Duong “Nhue”), 40 years old, was isolated during questioning in the case of the robbery of nearly 2.5 billion dong for cremation.

8 lawyers returned after simultaneously leaving in the morning because they thought that the court violated proceedings during the summoning process. One lawyer explained that because “we could not agree on how to oppose the trial panel, we had to continue to participate in the trial”.

At the interrogation, the group of Tang’s juniors said that in 2017, under the direction of Duong, “invited” the owners of cremation service businesses in Thai Binh to meet twice to establish the Thai Binh Funeral Association. Duong’s group agreed to divide the area of ​​operation, collect 500,000 VND/cremation from establishments

Asked about this agreement, Nguyen Manh Tien (Tien “White”), 26 years old, briefly presented: “The defendant is silent, only asking for 20 years in prison”. Tien would like to give up the information that the adopted son Duong “Nhue” is recorded in the indictment because now “the meaning is over, the green is always ripe”.

After Tien, Duong declared the indictment with many incorrect points. Firstly, the information about the defendant Pham Van Uy, 32 years old (the secretary of Duong’s wife) counting the cremation money for him from May to December 2019 is wrong, because “At that time Uy was in prison.” .

Second, the indictment from the third page writes that To Van Son, 47, helped him threaten the representative of Nam Dinh incarnation in Thai Binh. However, at the end, the indictment states that Son only appeared once at the meeting at the cafe and “did not say or do anything” so he was not handled.

Duong said that with the two “wrongs” above, the indictment “how can it be convicted?”. The 40-year-old defendant therefore hopes that the fair chairman will reject all charges so as not to be “wrongly thought by the whole country as a vulture that eats corpses”. Those identified as victims are actually “business partners”, Duong said.

The Chairman then reminded defendant Duong that this is an interrogation session, the views will be presented in the debate.

Duong “Nhue” (black jacket) and the defendants in court. Photo: Song Minh

Duong’s wife, defendant Nguyen Thi Duong, 41 years old, admitted to signing a number of principle contracts between Duong Duong Company and funeral service establishments in Thai Binh to collect 500,000 VND / cremation shift. In addition to signing the contract, Duong is accused of receiving money for “protection” of cremation twice, totaling nearly 100 million VND.

Duong declares that he only deals in real estate, not knowing that her husband “does more cremation services”. Because he believed and wanted Duong to do business, he signed a contract with funeral facilities even though he “didn’t read it, didn’t know the contents”.

Duong therefore believes that only violating “enterprise law, not rape”. “Without the defendant, the Thai Binh Funeral Association is still operating like today without a lawyer, the court will still hear it.”

The female defendant affirmed that “always put her mind above her work, so she will never lose her honor just for tens of millions of dong”.

The indictment determined that Duong and his accomplices forced funeral service establishments in Thai Binh to pay him 500,000 VND/cremation. Those who oppose will be threatened, blocked, or beaten. From 2017 to 2020, this group collected nearly 2.5 billion VND for cremation protection from 25 service establishments.

Duong was arrested in April 2020 and sentenced to 7 years in prison in 3 cases that have just been tried. In the opening court session today, husband and wife Duong and Tien “White” and Ninh Duc Loi, 47 years old; Pham Van Uy, 32 years old; Nguyen Khac Nin, 42 years old; Quach Viet Cuong, 47 years old; being tried for a crime Property expropriation, under Article 170 of the Penal Code.

Tomorrow, the trial continues.

Song Minh


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A 15-year-old female karaoke worker was raped

Binh ThuanLe Anh Tuan, 40, and his accomplices were investigated for controlling and raping a 15-year-old karaoke bar employee.

On the morning of November 3, Tuan (Deputy Director of the company in Binh Thuan, Quang Binh hometown) and Truong Dinh Vinh (31 years old) were detained and detained by Binh Thuan Police for investigation of their behavior. Arresting people illegally; Rape of a child under the age of 16.

Mr. Tuan is being taken to testify at the investigating agency, on November 2. Photo: provided by the police

Before that, on the afternoon of October 31, 5 guests went to a karaoke bar in Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, to eat and drink.

According to the victim’s complaint, a member of the group raised the issue “overnight” but the girl did not agree. These people then controlled, put the victim in a car, ran to a hotel in Lien Huong town, about 2km away. Here, the girl was raped by someone in the room.

During the investigation, the local police extracted the camera, took statements from the people involved, and sent the victim to a forensic examination. Initially, the police determined that Tuan was the one who performed the act of having sex with the victim. In addition to the two people who have just been arrested, the other three suspects are being investigated for signs of crime.

Tu Huynh


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The company operates “underground” to spread Covid-19

Tien GiangDuring the period of suspension of operations, Mekong Seafood Company Limited still allowed workers to work, causing 85 people to be infected with nCov.

On October 26, the police of Tien Giang province prosecuted the case and investigated signs DRAWi violate safety regulations in crowded places according to Article 295 of the Penal Code, happened at Mekong Seafood Company Limited (headquartered in Binh Phuoc commune, My Tho city).

Headquarters of Mekong Seafood One Member Limited Liability Company. Photo: Hunan

This business is directed by Mr. Le Van Deo (49 years old). 5 days ago, a worker at the company showed signs of cough and fever, went to Military Hospital 120 for medical examination and treatment. The rapid test results confirmed that this person was nCov positive.

Chau Thanh district police then sent four investigation teams to coordinate with medical forces to quickly trace contacts for screening and epidemiological investigation.

By October 25, through testing this outbreak, there were 85 F0, 109 F1. The Tien Giang Department of Health then had to upgrade the epidemic level in Binh Duc commune to level 4.

In January, Mr. Deo was sanctioned for administrative violations in the field of land. A month later, his company continued to be fined for an administrative violation of VND 60 million for not having an environmental protection plan in accordance with regulations. Simultaneously suspend operations for 9 months.

The investigation agency said that the Mekong Seafood One Member Limited Liability Company was in the period of suspension of operation but still secretly operated, giving rise to the disease.

To date, Tien Giang has over 15,800 infections and 391 deaths. Currently, the whole province has 1,541 F1s isolated at home; 1,465 F1 centralized isolation; 5.234 F2 and people returning from epidemic areas are monitored at home.

Hunan – Nam An


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The director of the beauty salon fell into a trap

Ho Chi Minh CityThe director of a beauty salon in District 1 asked Nguyen Huu Khoa, 34 years old, to do paperwork for many houses being bought and sold, but he “drawn” a lot of bogus money.

On October 8, Khoa – working as a real estate broker, was detained by the District 1 Police for his behavior Abuse of trust to appropriate property and Fraudulent appropriation of assets.

Defendant Nguyen Huu Khoa. Photo: Nhat Vy

According to the investigation, from 2016 to 2018, the director of the cosmetic hospital company on Nguyen Trai Street (District 1) repeatedly authorized Khoa to submit documents and pay taxes, carry out procedures for mass transfer of houses. bought and sold.

At the end of 2019, this man bought a house in the alley of Ly Thai To Street, District 3. According to the agreement, the buyer will bear the registration tax and personal income tax for the seller – about 200 million VND in total. Khoa was authorized by him to give money to carry out the paperwork in this transaction.

The investigative agency determined that Khoa was currently in debt due to a loss of investment, so he took the money of the hospital director to pay personal debt. He lied that he had finished paying his taxes, waiting to get his house papers issued.

Khoa continued to make up the story that 13 houses where the director of the beauty salon was asking for the procedure to change the name had to pay non-agricultural land use tax, asking to give 60 million VND to pay otherwise there would be problems in the buying and selling process.

Waiting for a long time without a house in District 3, the director of the beauty salon asked, Khoa made an excuse that the house had an excess land area, had to wait for the notice of the District 3 Tax Department.

At the beginning of November 2020, Khoa forged “land use tax payment notice” for this excess area of ​​more than 160 million VND. The beauty salon company was suspicious and asked an employee to follow the Faculty to receive the documents. Knowing that he was exposed, he fled.

After a long search, the District 1 police recently arrested Khoa. He admitted that due to his loss of business and poverty, he planned to appropriate a total of 260 million VND from the cosmetic company. This money has been used up by the Faculty, but the investigation agency has not recovered.

Nhat Vy


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Police lover reveals secret of Saigon Co.op investigation

Ho Chi Minh CityLe Thi Phuong Hong claimed to have installed tracking software, or waited for her lover, a police officer, to fall asleep, to steal investigation information about Saigon Co.op.

Phuong Hong (42 years old, self-employed) and Nguyen Hoai Bac (37 years old, former officer of the Economic Security Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department) were proposed by the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Investigation Security Agency to prosecute for their behavior. Deliberately disclosing state secrets, September 27th.

As the recipient of investigative information from Hong, Mr. Diep Dung – former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the City Union of Trading Cooperatives (Saigon Co.op) was accused of Appropriating state secret documents.

According to the investigation, around the end of 2017, Bac knew Hong and lived as husband and wife in an apartment building on Bui Dinh Tuy Street, Binh Thanh District. In August 2020, an officer of the Economic Security Department joined the error verification team of Saigon Co.op, brought many documents to work with Mr. Diep Dung (self-declaration, testimony record)… Hong house. This woman secretly read and recorded Mr. Dung’s phone number.

A month later, Hong actively texted to get to know Mr. Dung. Through the exchange, this woman sent some important information about the investigation process at Saigon Co.op, the violations related to Dung leading to Saigon Co.op’s tax arrears, and promised to “help overcome the case.” job”.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saigon Co.op expressed his gratitude and “will repay this kindness”, invited Hong to the cafe, gave an envelope with 100 million dong and a note of content thanks to monitoring the agency’s response. Tax related dispatch Saigon Co.op please consider the tax arrears.

The investigating agency determined that in the information that Hong provided Dung, there were “secret” and “top secret” documents that North held. The former police officer transferred it to Hong via Zalo message, then the woman transferred it to Mr. Dung’s side.

However, working with the investigating agency, Hong said that he had installed software to spy on Bac’s phone to check “if he has an emotional relationship with other people”. When she broke into the lover’s phone, she learned information about the wrongful investigation process at Saigon Co.op.

Hong said that he did not intentionally steal information, stemming from jealousy with Bac, so he knew the documents in his phone; The purpose of helping Dung is to want him to introduce a source of cheap goods to trade.

The investigative agency examined Bac’s phone but did not detect spyware. Bac Khai did not provide the Zalo password or synchronize the account with Hong, once he went to reset the phone and discovered that 2 email boxes were synchronized and copied.

“Defendant Bac is well aware that Hong is a person who has no obligations, is not involved in the verification process of the case, is not allowed to provide this information to Hong, but still does it,” the investigation conclusion stated.

As for Mr. Diep Dung, the investigating agency said that, although the accused did not admit the crime, based on the messages exchanged with Hong showed the will and awareness of wanting to receive information from Ms. this. Specifically, the message promised to “repay”, “So your story is done”, “Ok, do you have any advice for me now?”…

In addition to this behavior, Mr. Dung is being investigated for crimes Abuse of power in the performance of official duties.

Saigon Co.op was established in 1989 according to the decision of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City with the name of the City Union of Trading Cooperatives. Up to now, Saigon Co.op has more than 100 supermarkets (Co.opmart) throughout the country.

In July 2020, the Ho Chi Minh City Inspectorate concluded that the member cooperatives of Saigon Co.op achieved a profit of VND 5-6 billion but did not contribute capital, while many cooperatives only achieved after-tax profits from 24 500 million dong a year and hundreds of billion dong. Even a loss-making business unit still contributed VND 247 billion.

This shows signs of illegal capital mobilization and acquisition at the time of adding charter capital to nearly VND 6,800 billion; request the City People’s Committee to transfer the file to the police for investigation.

According to the inspection agency, if the increased capital cannot be clarified, Saigon Co.op will be dominated by external organizations and individuals and cannot keep the principles of organization and operation.

National winner