Cooler Tips: Old Cooler Will Be Shiny, Will Give Cold Wind Like AC, Follow ‘Or’ Cool Tips

New Delhi: Old Cooler Makeover: At present the temperature has risen drastically in many states of India. Temperatures in some cities have reached 43-45 degrees Celsius. Everyone seems to be buying cooling devices like Coolers, AC to get rid of this heat. The temperature may have risen in your city too. But, if you don’t have a plan to buy a new cooler, there is no need to take tension. Because, here we are going to give you some tips to makeover the old cooler. So the old cooler will give you cool air like AC. Importantly, when buying a new cooler, it costs at least Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 and if it breaks down, you also have to pay for its maintenance. As such, you can replace the old cooler at home with a new one at a lower cost. Here are some simple tips to follow. Let’s learn about it.

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Clean the old cooler and paint it:

Clean the old cooler and paint it. This will strengthen the body of the cooler. Also, the bacteria in the cooler will go away along with the dirt. Also change the grip of the cooler pad.

Servicing Cooler Fan:

Have your fan serviced before you start the cooler. This is because the fan motor often gets jammed due to lack of proper maintenance. If you try to drive a jammed motor with electricity, it is more likely to break down. So after cleaning the cooler, servicing the fan.

Check submersible pump:

If there is a leak in the cooler tank, put M-seal there. This will stop the water coming out of the cooler tank. Also check the submersible pump that supplies water to the cooler. If the submersible pump is not working properly, buy a new submersible pump from the market and install it in the cooler. After all this work, your discarded cooler may be new, but you will also get cool air like AC.

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