Which carpooling app to choose?

Many easy-to-use ride-hailing apps are available. adobe-stock

Limit your carbon footprint and costs
transport by sharing with others your
short daily trips.

Carpooling attracts a large public and users are attracted both by the reduction in their transport bill, at a time when energy prices are soaring, and by the eco-responsible approach. Among the many carpooling apps, Karos deserves a look. Designed for recurring home-work journeys, it relies on its large number of members and its ease of use. It only takes a few minutes to install it, create an account, fill in your residence and professional activity addresses, specify your usual departure times, and discover carpoolers sharing the same route.

Local partnerships

Of course, you can choose to be driver, passenger, or to alternate between these two roles, for example every other week. In any case, Karos assists you in your organization and takes care of finding members of the community corresponding to your needs. Other assets of the app, the partnerships it has signed with many local authorities and companies (Safran, Airbus, La Poste, Pasquier, etc.) to offer advantageous conditions to users and employees. Thus, in Ile-de-France, two journeys are offered daily to holders of a Navigo Pass. The regional councils of Occitania, Normandy or Reunion, the agglomerations of Grenoble or Troyes also bear part of the cost of travel. In the end, the bill is almost painless for the passengers, without the compensation of the drivers suffering.

Remember to add your ticket

To benefit from the advantages linked to your employer or your local authority, consider entering the name of your company in the app and adding your public transport ticket.

Find out who you will carpool with

Before booking a trip, you can view the profiles of other users. Convenient to know their car model, to know if they are smokers or if they like to chat.

Other apps

BlaBlaCar, the essential

Availability: App Store, Google Play

Price: free

Impossible to talk about carpooling without mentioning the pioneering app in the field and still among the most used. To be considered especially for occasional medium or long distance journeys.

To know: for your recurring journeys, turn to BlaBlaCar Daily, a variation of BlaBlaCar specializing in home-work journeys.

Citygo, urban

Availability: App Store, Google Play

Price: free

Designed to facilitate travel within the same urban area, this app offers a function to find a trip at the last minute.

Namely: available throughout France, it is mainly around Paris, Lille and Lyon that users are concentrated for the moment.

MobicoopCooperative, cooperative

Availability: App Store, Google Play

Price: free

Offered by a cooperative society of collective interest, this app does not charge any commission. It makes it possible to share occasional as well as regular journeys.

Good to know: payments can be made via the app (at no additional cost) or directly from hand to hand.

Klaxit, get to work!

Availability: App Store, Google Play

Price: free

Klaxit focuses on home-work journeys and relies on a network of partnerships with some 30 communities and several hundred companies. Result, again, carpooling at very low prices, even free.

Note: on the driver’s side, each journey is remunerated at €0.10 per kilometer, with a minimum of €1.50 per journey and per passenger.



The risks of carpooling

Andrey Popov/Andrey Popov –

RIGHT OF THE USER – While carpooling has become a generally user-friendly mode of travel, it is not without risk for the driver.

Carpooling is the joint use of a motor vehicle by several people and for which financial exchanges are limited to the sharing of costs (petrol, tolls). Outside this framework, you will be prosecuted for violation of the regulations on the transport of people.

You do not have to take out additional insurance since civil liability insurance is sufficient for carpooling, but beware it does not cover all situations.

You do not risk any prosecution in the event of an offense related to the transport of luggage whose content is illegal or of a person in an irregular situation since you had no knowledge of it.

You will also not be liable if adult passengers do not fasten their seat belts, but you will be liable for a fine per unfastened passenger if they are minors.

Finally, if you use a company vehicle to carpool, it is imperative to obtain the prior agreement of the employer. Otherwise, he could incur sanctions or even dismissal.