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Administrative denunciations on the rise

Denunciations in the administrative field accounted for 84.6%, much higher than in previous years (64.8% in 2020; 66.6% in 2019).

The above data is stated in the report on citizen reception, settlement of complaints and denunciations in 2021, sent by the Government to the National Assembly. However, compared to 2020, the number of applications decreased sharply with 35.1%, the number of cases decreased by 18.7%. The main content is still denouncing cadres and civil servants for violating the law in the management and performance of official duties.

Judging by the case, the situation of complaints and denunciations in 2021 will decrease sharply compared to 2020 (complaints decreased by 23.5%; denunciations decreased by 18.7%). By sector structure, the complaint situation has not changed much compared to previous years, still mainly concentrated in the land sector, accounting for 64.6% (61.5% in 2020; about 67 in 2019). %).

The Law Committee, the agency that examines the report, proposes to the Government to supplement and clarify the above ratio due to the fact that the operation of the public administration apparatus is still inadequate, the people do not really believe in the law. integrity, objectivity, fairness of a part of civil servants, competent persons in settlement or for any other reason…

Through the settlement of complaints and denunciations in 2021, the authorities have proposed to handle over 570 people, including 442 officials and civil servants. 12 cases with 15 civil servants and 2 individuals were transferred to the investigating agency for further handling.

The above decisions were made after settling nearly 17,300 cases of complaints and denunciations (reaching 76.3%, down 7.2%). The competent authorities also proposed to return to organizations and individuals VND 441 billion, 41.6 hectares of land; restore and ensure the interests of 51 organizations and more than 1,000 individuals.

According to the Law Commission, the number of 12 cases with 17 people mentioned above is “very modest”. Therefore, the Government is requested to provide more information and clarify this content.

The Law Commission also suggested that the Government complete the national database on citizen reception, handling of petitions, settlement of complaints and denunciations; building a legal framework to ensure connectivity and interoperability in data sharing. This is in order to improve the quality of citizen reception, handling of applications, limiting the situation of transferring duplicate applications, transferring applications for cases that have been resolved according to their competence, without new details.

Hoang Thuy