Football: Bordeaux at the start of a decisive season in Ligue 2

From a land presented as infernal a few weeks ago, the second division championship would almost today seem like an oasis in Bordeaux. After the void that their sporting relegation from Ligue 1 to Ligue 2 – a first in 62 years – hinted at at the end of last season, the Girondins came very close to nothingness when the National Management Control Department (DNCG), the financial policeman of French football, had spoken out in favor of their administrative demotion to the lower floor, on June 14. The path to the National, the third division and exit door to the amateur level in France, even seemed traced when the body validated its decision on appeal in early July, following the financial examination of the club.

Promising to fight ” until the end “, Bordeaux President Gérard Lopez then moved his fight to the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF). His position in favor of keeping the club in Ligue 2 was finally followed, on Wednesday July 27, by the executive committee of the French Football Federation (FFF), just three days before the opening of the season.

This emergency rescue, the scapular club owes it to new financial guarantees, deemed sufficient by the city’s commercial court a week earlier. In this model, the Girondins’ creditors, the American investment funds King Street and Fortress, agreed to reduce the club’s debt by at least 50% and an additional 24 million euros were placed in receivership, divided between a capital increase and a guaranteed sale of players during the transfer window. The recent departure of striker Sékou Mara to England for 13 million euros and the percentage affected by Bordeaux on the resale of their former player Jules Koundé from Seville to FC Barcelona last week have already filled this last part.

“Symbolic decision”

“This is excellent news for the club but also a symbolic decision for French football, Bordeaux is part of the sporting heritage, salutes Alain Anziani, the president (PS) of Bordeaux-Métropole, aware that a descent into National would probably have resulted in a bankruptcy filing. By losing its professional status, the club would also have lost several hundred jobs, its training center and its brand image which contributes to the attractiveness of our city. » Last month, the chosen one had given up collecting from the Girondins a rent of 5 million euros for the Matmut Atlantique stadium for this new season.

Other positions from the political sphere were enough to fuel the debate around the draft of this history of the hexagonal championship, founded 140 years ago and six times titled in Ligue 1. High-ranking people in the Federation told me: “If it had been another club, we would follow the rules. But there, it is the Girondins de Bordeaux.” (…) Imagine a guy who fails his baccalaureate. Then who goes to catch up and who misses again. But his dad has a lot of influence and a lot of money, and he gets a third session for his son where the marks he had before will no longer be taken into account. Top experts would be there to upgrade the boy. Then he comes back, and we give him the baccalaureate, “ Philippe Terrier, the president of the Villefranche club, had thus wondered, who could have entered Ligue 2 in place of Bordeaux, questioned by The Team before the verdict of the FFF.

“Reinforced control” this season

The big sigh of relief, shared by the leaders to former players like Alain Giresse or Bixente Lizarazu, via the supporters, does not however suggest a season sheltered from tumults. After having won only a draw during the first day, Saturday July 30, against Valenciennes (0-0), the coach of Bordeaux, David Guion, has also hinted that the immediate rise in the elite was not the goal, especially since the technician will have to deal with a largely overhauled workforce, where the bulk of the degreasing is expected by the end of the transfer window, September 1.

From Tuesday, the club will once again go before the DNCG, which could ban it from recruitment. I don’t think drastic measures will be taken, nuance David Gluzman, banker specializing in financial restructuring. It would be more reasonable to impose on the club a framework for transfer compensation and its payroll. This would encourage him to rebuild a project more rooted in the local area, without forbidding a more planned dose of player trading. » The continuation of a series of meetings which will aim to exercise “reinforced financial control”, recommended by the FFF, throughout this 2022-2023 financial year.


A decade of turbulent finances

In 2009, the Girondins are crowned champions of France. They will even play a lucrative quarter-final of the Champions League the following season, but see their payroll jump. A first deficit is dug.

In 2018the owner M6 sells the club to the American investment fund GACP and King Street.

Bankrupt after King Street divestiture Last yearBordeaux is taken over by the Hispano-Luxembourgish businessman Gérard Lopez, ousted a few months earlier from the head of Lille for indebtedness.



Football: favorable opinion on keeping Girondins de Bordeaux in Ligue 2

The initial sanction pronounced against the Girondins could be considerably reduced. The French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) issued a favorable opinion on Monday July 25 to keep the Girondins de Bordeaux in Ligue 2, which must be confirmed by the executive committee of the French Football Federation (FFF), a-t- we learned from a source close to the club. “It’s a favorable decision, we welcome it. The relief is obvious but it’s not over,” a source close to the club told AFP.

For its part, the FFF plans to convene its “comex” on Wednesday, for a decision rendered the same day, said the body. If the executive committee follows the advice of the CNOSF conciliators, Bordeaux, administratively demoted to the third division, will be officially maintained in L2 and will be able to start its season on Saturday July 30 against Valenciennes. A relief for the club, threatened by relegation from the professional championships.

Commitments honored

On the other hand, if the comex confirms the previous decision of administrative demotion in National taken by the appeal commission of the DNCG (the financial policeman of French football), the club of Gérard Lopez has already announced its intention to file a summary freedom with of the administrative court.

In their conclusions, the CNOSF conciliators “note that all of the commitments (taken by the club) were approved by the Commercial Court of Bordeaux by judgment of July 19, 2022 and that the applicant club was able, during the hearing (from Thursday July 21)remove the remaining doubts and questions with regard to these commitments”.

These commitments related in particular to the waiver of 75% of the debt owed to creditors King Street and Fortress (from 53 million euros to 13.5 million euros) and the sequestration of 24 million euros (including 10 in capital increase) by Jogo Bonito, a holding company of Gérard Lopez.

“The club not only is not in a state of cessation of payments, but has provided elements, documents and evidence of the disposal of the funds necessary to ensure the continuity of operation for the coming sports season”, adds the CNOSF.

The sale on Thursday of promising striker Sekou Mara, transferred to Southampton for 13 million euros, has also healed the fragile finances of the club, which now dreams of winning its race against the clock against sports bodies. For several weeks, the Girondin leaders have been insisting that a demotion to National would sign the death warrant of the club, probably forced, in the long term, to file for bankruptcy which would threaten 300 jobs.



The Girondins de Bordeaux, a monument of French football in danger

Alain Giresse, Bixente Lizarazu, or more recently Aurélien Tchouaméni, were trained in Haillan. Zinedine Zidane, Marius Trésor or Aimé Jacquet have left their mark on Parc Lescure. Four of the players of the Girondins women’s team, which has just played in the Champions League, are selected with Les Bleues for the Euro. “This legacy cannot die”implore the Ultramarines (the main group of supporters), who call to demonstrate this Saturday, July 9 in Bordeaux.

Tuesday, July 5, the DNCG (national management control), charged by the French Football Federation to monitor the accounts of professional clubs, has indeed rejected the appeal of the Girondins de Bordeaux. Down in Ligue 2 at the end of a season which they finished last in Ligue 1, they were then demoted to National 1, the lower level, by the financial policeman. This would lead de facto to a liquidation of the professional structure of the club, whose resources would become insufficient to meet its expenses.

funds and form

Reason: the club’s significant debt, 52 million euros due to its creditors, former owners and still shareholders of the club, the American investment funds King Street and Fortress. The lack of equity, according to the DNCG, makes it unlikely that the club will be able to complete the season, which starts on July 30, with a budget of 40 million euros which would be the largest in Ligue 2.

This Thursday, during a press conference, Gérard Lopez, president and owner of the club since last year, said his ” incomprehension “, when he thought he had answered point by point to all the reservations of the instance. In particular, he planned to inject 10 million euros of personal funds into the capital of the club, obtained from creditors the transfer of half of the debt to his company, Jogo Bonito, and a line of credit of 14 million euros. euros in case the sales of players are not enough, and the incentives on the transfers of former club members, including Aurélien Tchouaméni who will leave Monaco for Real Madrid.

The Spanish-Luxembourgish businessman said to himself ” revolt That some, in the front rows of which the president of the FFF, Noël Le Graet, make the comparison with clubs which had to start from scratch after suffering the wrath of the DNCG, such as Strasbourg or Bastia. These clubs weren’t even paying for their turf anymore. We have never failed to pay our suppliers’ bills, we have a budget to pay employees and players, everything is there to succeed. » The president of the FCGB wants as proof of this a recent order from the Commercial Court of Bordeaux, attesting that the club is not in default of payment.

Local support

He also benefited from a rescheduling of the payment of rents due and to come for the use of Matmut Atlantique, the large stadium in Bordeaux Métropole, voted on Thursday, July 7. Alain Anziani, president of the metropolis, and Pierre Hurmic, mayor of Bordeaux, have indeed both denounced “a dramatic decision”and expressed “the bitterness and anger of a whole people”.

“We manage to overcome our divisions to save a monument of French football which is also a company hiring between 200 and 300 people, not to mention the consequences for subcontractors”, says Alain Anziani. If the resident club disappears, 80 to 100 million euros in revenue will be missing to reimburse SBA (Vinci-Fayat consortium), builder and operator of Matmut in the context of a public-private partnership.

Local elected officials, who have written to the Minister of Sports, nevertheless see ” a glimmer of hope “ in the conciliation that the club will request from the French National Olympic and Sports Committee. They evoke a precedent: in 2002, OGC Nice, also downgraded by the DNCG and very close to returning to amateur level, “fleed during an appeal, thanks to political mobilization and unprecedented popular enthusiasm”hammer the Ultramarines.

After consulting the conciliator, it will be up to the executive committee of the FFF to decide. If the decision is again unfavorable to it, the FCGB would only have to seize the administrative court in summary proceedings.



Football, the Girondins de Bordeaux will lose their professional status

After the void suggested by their sporting relegation from Ligue 1 to Ligue 2, at the end of the last season, then their descent to the even lower floor, pronounced in mid-June because of their financial difficulties, the Girondins de Bordeaux are now approaching nothingness.

Tuesday, July 5, the administrative demotion of the club was validated by the appeal committee of the National Directorate of Management Control (DNCG), the body responsible for controlling the finances of French clubs. Bordeaux will therefore evolve in the national 1 championship at the start of the school year, the third division of French football, from which the clubs lose their professional status.

If the club with the scapular still has a third instance appeal to the National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) or to a judge in chambers of the Administrative Court to suspend this decision, its chances of competing in Ligue 2 seem low being given the time needed to study his case, from several weeks to several months. Well after the resumption of the season, scheduled for the end of July.

Towards a bankruptcy filing

“This unjust decision is unacceptable and incomprehensible (…). I will fight until the end and that is why we have decided to appeal against this iniquitous decision, ”said club owner Gérard Lopez in a press release, without specifying to whom. jurisdiction the appeal would be addressed.

The Girondins, historic formation of the elite in France, six times titled in Ligue 1, failed to find the sum of 40 million euros demanded by the DNCG. The financial guarantees provided by the club’s creditors – the American investment funds King Street and Fortress -, by President Gérard Lopez himself via his company Jogo Bonito and by several local players, such as Bordeaux Métropole, have been considered insufficient by the authority, which has not yet specified the reasons for its decision.

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The question of the survival of the club is no longer to be excluded, as its finances should suffer the consequences of this fall, losing its professional status and no longer being able to include television rights, reserved for residents of the first two divisions. With this in mind, the club could file for bankruptcy and start the next season in national 3, the fifth level, far from the promises made by Gérard Lopez when the Hispano-Luxembourg businessman became its president, there is a year.

To start bailing out the coffers, Bordeaux wants to part with the few players in its workforce to have distinguished themselves this season, such as the South Korean Hwang Ui-jo or the Honduran Alberth Elis. Many other departures are expected by the end of the transfer window in early September. The future buyer of the club founded in 1881 will inherit ruins to start building its site, as was the case in Strasbourg in 2011 or in Bastia five years ago.

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Football: the Girondins de Bordeaux sanctioned with administrative relegation to the third division

The Bordeaux club, sportingly relegated to Ligue 2 at the end of the 2021-2022 season, was sanctioned with an administrative demotion to National 1, the Professional Football League (LFP) announced on Tuesday June 14.

The LFP made this decision public after financial examination of the Girondin club, owned by businessman Gérard Lopez, by the National Directorate of Control and Management (DNCG). The club has seven days to appeal from the day after the day it was notified of the decision.

Bordeaux is plagued by recurring financial difficulties and has not been able to reassure the DNCG, the financial watchdog of the French League. These setbacks are added to a catastrophic sports season, ending in last place in Ligue 1, with an unprecedented relegation since 1991-1992.

“No measure” against LOSC

These developments come a year after the arrival of Gérard Lopez at the head of the Girondins. The Spanish-Luxembourgish leader landed in the summer of 2021 as a savior at the head of Bordeaux, despite a blurred image, in particular by the end of his Lille period (he had been ousted from LOSC for financial problems).

Chance of the calendar, the League announced Tuesday that the DNCG had not taken “no measure” against the Lille club. The green light has also been given for Amiens, Caen and Saint-Étienne in Ligue 2, as well as for Red Star in National 1. On the other hand, FC Annecy (L2) is concerned by a “supervision of payroll and transfer allowances”according to the League.



Football, the bad vintages of Bordeaux

A harsh winter for two great monuments of French football, Saint-Étienne and Bordeaux. Cumulating 37 national titles between them and great European times, the Greens and the Navy Blue occupy the last two places in the French championship.

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If the cause seems almost heard for the Stéphanois, almost in Ligue 2 and waiting for a new owner, the case is not very well underway either for the Girondins. They had a nightmare last weekend, crushed 6-0 by the Rennais, who could have scored more on the boulevards left by the worst defense of the moment, with 50 goals conceded since the start of the season.

No life possible for Bordeaux in Ligue 2

At the end of this nightmare, Defender Enock Kwateng’s statement to Prime Video spoke volumes about the Marines’ state of mind: “If we continue like this, we are going straight to Ligue 2.” The diagnosis is lucid in view of the forecasts of Opta, the company specializing in statistics: since the return of the championship to 20 clubs, twenty years ago, 22 of the 27 teams with such results at this stage have been relegated.

A prospect which should not have pleased the deputy director of the club. ” For the Girondins, there is no model, no life in Ligue 2. The income that we get from TV rights in Ligue 2 does not allow the club to survive there.he assured during a conference announcing another bad news: the breach of the contract between the club and its shirt sponsor.

The evil is old, because the people of Bordeaux have actually been living with a knife to their throat for years. They have been running since 2009 behind their last title of champion of France, with Laurent Blanc in charge. And have never recovered from their sale in 2018 by the M6 ​​group to an American pension fund, King Street, more concerned with promoting the Bordeaux brand than the Girondins jersey. American financiers have multiplied the blunders, transforming the historic name Girondins de Bordeaux into Bordeaux Girondins, which they believe is more readable for foreign customers. Then they embarked on a costly and ineffective waltz of player and manager transfers.

After losing the support of the Ultramarines, the main group of supporters, and of a late mayor, Alain Juppé, King Street ended up throwing in the towel in April 2021, withdrawing its financial guarantee to the club and placing it de facto under the protection of the commercial court and under the threat, therefore, of an administrative relegation to the fifth division (National 3). This sanction was pronounced at the beginning of July by the financial policeman of professional football (National Management Control Department), but with a suspensive clause in the event of the takeover of the club and its debts.

Short-lived hope

The savior was the former president of Lille, the Hispano-Luxembourg financier Gérard Lopez, who bought the club in King Street and hired Vladimir Petkovic, the coach who eliminated France at the Euro when he led the Swiss selection. But the magic potion of a new technician, who started out working, then lost its effects. After a decent start to the season, the Navy have lost their footing, little helped by injuries and a few errors from their captain and former sentinel of the French team, Laurent Koscielny.

The emblematic player, as well as six of his comrades, was withdrawn last week from the professional group, with automatic placement on the transfer list to be completed by the end of the winter transfer window (January 31). One ” punch “ in the words of the person concerned, little appreciated by the players’ union, who protested against the methods of President Lopez. He defended himself by highlighting a need for cash in view of the size of the budget deficit, estimated according to the newspaper South West at 60 million euros for the season.

The town hall is impatient

Especially since another essential partner of the club is showing impatience: Pierre Hurmic, the environmental mayor elected in 2020, multiplies the red cards concerning the Matmut Atlantique stadium, where the Girondins play. The enclosure is managed by a private company which does not pay the rents expected by the municipality, and the elected representative wishes to sell it to the club, which is not able to buy it.

One more headache for Gérard Lopez, who could find himself faced with a new dilemma on Sunday evening 23 in the event of a defeat at home against a Strasbourg in great shape: whether or not to keep his coach, whose salary, estimated at €250,000 per month weighs heavily in the balance. Additional bad news, international goalkeeper Benoît Costil, one of the few to hold his rank, was seriously injured on Wednesday 19 in training.


Hatem Ben Arfa, from Bordeaux to Lille

At 34, Hatem Ben Arfa has found new colors. After spending just under a year in Bordeaux, which he left in May 2021, he has just signed a contract with Lille, which will be his tenth club in eighteen years of career (the seventh in Ligue 1) . Irony of professional football, within a few months, it is the current president of Bordeaux, Gérard Lopez, who could have hired him: before settling in Gironde, Gérard Lopez indeed presided over the destinies of the Lille club.



In Bordeaux, the recovery of the Girondins or the threat of a “financial earthquake”

Attention, monument of football in danger. To date, the Girondins de Bordeaux are administratively relegated to Ligue 2 because of finances in the red. Unless Gérard Lopez proves this Monday to the DNCG (national control and management department), the gendarme of French football, that he is able to absorb the club’s deficit, estimated between 55 and 80 million euros, condition of its maintenance in the elite.

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The Spanish-Luxembourgish businessman is the only takeover candidate selected by the current owner, King Street. After having financed in 2018 the buyout of the Girondins from M6 by the investment fund GACP, which became sole master on board in 2019, the American announced last April his withdrawal from the club, refusing to hand over to ensure the survival of the club.

A model that does not pack

Friday July 9, Gérard Lopez, former owner of LOSC (the Lille club), overcame a first test: the Bordeaux Métropole council validated its letter of guarantee according to which the Girondins, even in the event of default or demotion, would pay the approximately 5 million euros in annual rent paid to the community to be able to play at Matmut Atlantique, the large stadium belonging to Bordeaux Métropole.

The economic model advocated by Gérard Lopez – based on the sale of young players trained at the club or detected upstream, and indebtedness -, however, does not thrill many Bordeaux elected officials, noting that justice was interested in transfers made by the former president of Lille. “But there is no alternative”, believes Alain Anziani, president of Bordeaux Métropole: “Either I trust Mr. Lopez, or I press a little red button and there are no more Girondins; we would then lose 5 million revenue, and it would be a financial earthquake. “

Turn the page of “foot business”

The Matmut stadium, which can accommodate 44,000 spectators, was built for Euro 2016 in a public-private partnership by Vinci and Fayat, who operate it through their SBA consortium. But to finance it, the town hall of Bordeaux borrowed nearly 100 million euros. The debt was then transferred to the metropolis, and its repayment costs it 4 million per year.

A “Decisive argument” for Pierre Hurmic: “If Mr. Lopez is not chosen and the team ends up in D2 or D3, we no longer have a tenant for the Matmut and it is the taxpayer who will pay the rent for the too large stadium. “ The ecological mayor of Bordeaux, however, dreamed of turning the page on “football business”. Candidate for mayor, he also promised to sell this great stadium, against which he had protested when he was in the opposition. But no Gulf emir or Russian oligarch has come forward, and Gérard Lopez does not want to buy him back.

A sword of Damocles for public finances

The Matmut is a real sword of Damocles for public finances, especially if SBA files for bankruptcy. The stadium operator loses 2 to 3 million euros per year, for lack of revenue from events – few concerts have been held in 5 years – and “naming” – the “rental” of the name of the stadium. to Mamut brings in half as much as initially hoped.

SBA failing, Bordeaux Métropole would be obliged to resume the operation of the stadium under direct control without the annual fee of 4.6 million euros from SBA and with the resumption of staff … A time bomb which elected officials hope to avoid the explosion with an agreement between Vinci-Fayat and Gérard Lopez, who thinks they can generate more profits from the operation of the stadium.

The businessman would still have to pass a final obstacle next week: the validation of his project by the Bordeaux commercial court, which holds the fate of the Girondins in its hands: if he does not deem it viable. , he could pronounce the liquidation of the club, and the end of his professional team.



Rugby: in Bordeaux-Bègles, Christophe Urios still tells his stories of men

With him, the right word is always sure. He points in the speech of Christophe Urios, the manager of the Union Bègles-Bordeaux, in a flood that rolls like his accent from the southwest: overflowing. Before the Top 14 semi-final against Stade Toulouse, Saturday June 19, the pearl arrives to ensure the ambition of his team: ” As Elon Musk says, “It’s possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary”… There you have it, that’s the idea. To beat Toulouse, you have to be extraordinary.

The reference to the boss-billionaire of the company SpaceX is not anecdotal. Embark his world to touch the stars, work, convince, this is what occupies Christophe Urios, full time on the human management of his group. “Me, my job is to create this atmosphere around the club, in the team, which makes us move forward, with a common project”, did he just confide in Olympic noon. An alchemy to be found, which he also testifies in his book co-written in 2020, 15 leadership lessons – management as much as rugby -, placed under the motto of the All Blacks, “Being better never stops”.

Player, already a perfectionist

Christophe Urios, always in search of innovation and perfection. He was like that already a player. Not the most gifted of the gang, the hooker from Carcassonne in the 1980s, then from Castres the following decade, but, as his teammates at the time testify, the most relentless in training. We nickname him “the rustic”, so what? He was rewarded with a title of champion of France with Castres (in 1993), and a retraining without thinking about it but ultimately obvious. After putting away the crampons, Christophe Urios could have taken over the family vineyard in the Minervois, with his oenology diploma in the luggage. But no. His father was angry about it for a long time, but rugby won.

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Because the good man was reading, and in particular the Fundamentals of modern rugby (1994) by Pierre Conquet, a former Carcassonne and Racing winger who became a great oval theorist. The apostle of combat rugby nourishes the appetite for knowledge of an apprentice trainer Urios with the hopes of Castres, then the young people of the training center, then the guys of the pro team in the first half of the 2000s. fold is taken. Christophe Urios had not premeditated it, but he is a coach. A career well launched?

The collective above all

Not so sure. It begins with bitterness and nasty pills to swallow. Castres who sacked him in 2005, then two years at Bourgoin-Jallieu where he failed to forge this strong relationship with the players that he loved. He is on the verge of stopping. But a proposal comes from the Pro D2 club of Oyonnax. He signed for a 7-year adventure, which established his reputation. He takes the club to the Top 14 by transcending men, the famous “Oyomen”.

Experience builds it. He returned to Castres in 2015 for a new challenge, with an air of revenge. Three years later, he won the national title, as a leader of men, big mouth and big heart. The following year, rather than resting on his laurels, he announced his departure after the end of the season. Bad idea. His demobilized troops are unrecognizable and finish seventh. “Ineligible” sportingly, judge the boss, who will comment: “We acted like bastards”.

With his ease, it goes, but with some, it breaks. The leaders of Castres do not all mourn his departure, sometimes judging his self-centered swerves. He bounces back in Bordeaux, with a new “project” since that’s what fascinates him: taking the time to build. This time, however, he is going very quickly. The Bègles-Bordeaux Union was in the lead in 2020 when the Covid prematurely sounded the end of the game. This year, the team reaches the European semi-final and will therefore play this semi-final in the Top 14 on Saturday. Nice course.

Back to the roots

Christophe Urios savors. But it would put an end to the series of the neighbor of the Garonne, three times victorious this year (twice in Top 14 and in the continental semi-finals), just to nail the beak to the master of playing “Red and Black”, Ugo Mola, with whom he willingly scrapes verbally, the latter accentuating the opposition between his movement rugby more shimmering than the confrontation rugby of Christophe Urios. The question of style is however no longer quite relevant, the UBB playing a more unbridled game than the previous clubs of Christophe Urios. Proof that it can adapt while remaining efficient.

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As we get older, it is not excluded that Christophe Urios, 55, will improve further. Like a good wine, he who took advantage of the break from confinement to return to his roots by buying the wine estate where his father was manager during his childhood. A family story, his two brothers and his wife investing a lot in it. It’s always the same with him. The “Fair balance between valuing the collective and motivating individually”. In the field as in life. He’s doing it pretty well.



Football: King Street announces that he no longer wishes to “finance” the Girondins de Bordeaux

It is a hard blow for the Girondin club. The American investment fund King Street, owner of Bordeaux (L1), announced, Thursday April 22, that it “Wishes more to support the club and finance current and future needs” des Girondins, placed under the protection of the Bordeaux commercial court. “An ad hoc representative has been appointed [qui] will be responsible for assisting FC Girondins de Bordeaux in their search for a lasting solution ”, explained the club in a press release, referring to “The economic context linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and [le] withdrawal of Mediapro [ayant] caused an unprecedented drop in revenues for French football clubs ”.

This announcement comes in the context of an acute sports crisis – Bordeaux is 16e of L1 and fight for its maintenance – and very strong tensions between President Frédéric Longuépée and the Ultramarines, exacerbated since the end of 2019 and a ticketing affair. In a tweet, the main group of supporters wished the “Immediate and immediate departure” by Frédéric Longuépée and King Street “Working in the coming hours for a healthy and sustainable club sale”.

No surprise for the mayor of Bordeaux

The crisis worsened in the spring of 2020 with the broadcast of the “Girondins leaks”, a series of audio recordings, resulting from private meetings held between December 2019 and March 2020 between Bordeaux leaders and club subscribers, and broadcast by the Ultramarines on social networks.

King Street was the sole master on board in Bordeaux since he bought his shares in the American fund GACP (General American Capital Partners) from Joe DaGrosa, with whom he had taken over the club in 2018, until then owned by the M6 ​​channel.

This advert “Unfortunately not a big surprise for me”, reacted quickly the mayor EELV of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic. “The club’s takeover plan, against which I voted in 2018 (as an opposition municipal councilor, editor’s note), did not seem, from the start, in a position to ensure its sustainability. This seems to be confirmed today. “ “A page will have to be turned”, he added. “Everything will have to be done to put in place a solution ensuring the sustainability of this club. All its supporters, partners and supporters will have to show solidarity and vigilance so that the great sporting adventure of the Girondins de Bordeaux, which began 140 years ago, continues. “