World Cup 2022: who are the top scorers in the selection?

One step away from becoming the most prolific French scorer in national team history. By scoring twice during Les Bleus’ victorious entry into the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (4-1 victory against Australia), Olivier Giroud joined Thierry Henry at the top of the ranking of the top scorers of the France team (51 goals).

If the AC Milan striker were to score an additional goal in the blue jersey, he would become the top scorer in the history of the France team. In the process, Olivier Giroud (115 caps) would take 50th place in the ranking of top scorers in the national team, all nations combined. He would then be tied with the Dane Poul Nielsen (52 goals in 38 games between 1910 and 1925), just behind the Englishman Wayne Rooney (49th with 53 goals).

Cristiano Ronaldo far ahead

In first place, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (37) seems untouchable for the moment. Author of 117 goals in 191 games since 2003, the striker who has just left Manchester United has a 27-goal lead over his main rival, Lionel Messi (3rd). The latter, aged 35, is playing his last World Cup with Argentina and does not seem able to catch up with him.

Three men retired for more than fifteen years complete the first five steps of the ranking: the Iranian Ali Daei (2nd, 109 goals), the Malaysian Mokhtar Dahari (4th, 85 goals) and the Hungarian player Ferenc Puskás (5th, 84 goals). The player who gave his name to the award for the most beautiful goal of the year was caught last June by Indian striker Sunil Chhetri, himself closely followed by Ali Mabkhout (United Arab Emirates, 80 goals).

The World Cup, an opportunity for several players

All these players surpass in number of achievements the Brazilian legend Pelé (8th). The most prolific striker in the history of football, author of more than 1,200 club and selection goals, has scored “only” 77 times during his international career.

He should even be overtaken by his compatriot Neymar (11th), who is only two short lengths from the Santos icon. Brazil is also the country best represented in the top 50 international scorers, with also Ronaldo (30th, 62 goals) and Romario (41st, 55 goals).

Several players also hope to take advantage of the 2022 World Cup in order to increase their counter. This is the case of the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani (34th, 58 goals) and his compatriot and teammate at the forefront of Albiceleste Luis Suárez (18th, 68 goals). The latter could overtake FC Barcelona star Robert Lewandowski (16th, 69 goals), who is also competing with Poland. Finally the Belgian Romero Lukaku (24th) should take advantage of the World Cup to bring his total goals above 65.



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The Danes, best enemies of French handball players

From the final whistle Monday, January 24, after the easy victory of the Blues against Montenegro, the eyes of the players and the cameras of broadcaster BeIN Sports were already trained on the match of this Wednesday 26 against Denmark. “It’s going to be a real mountain to climb, but we do handball to play these matches”declared the French handball player Nikola Karabatic, lucid about the state of the forces present.

Still undefeated at this stage of the competition, the Scandinavians did not show any flaw in their spectacular game, giving the impression of walking on the floors. “They are favorites because they haven’t lost a Euro match. It is for me the team that plays the best in this competition. continues the patriarch of the France team, well placed to know the state of form of the Danes via his club colleague in Paris SG Mikkel Hansen, one of the greatest players of the moment.

The Danes remain on two world titles

Coach Guillaume Gille, who will return to the bench after a few days of confinement due to a positive Covid test, has always been able to boast of Danish qualities. “This team has a relentless side, it’s a kind of machine, which, when it starts, is very difficult to stop”, he repeats each time he is asked about the Danes who have often deprived the French of gold in recent years. Except in the historic Tokyo final where the Blues won (25-23) when they were not favorites in terms of recent awards.

→ PORTRAIT. Handball Euro: Guillaume Gille guides the Blues to the heights

Olympic champions in 2016 by beating France in the final, the Danes dominate their subject and remain on two world titles, in 2021 (France 4th) and 2019 (France 3rd). After being deprived of titles in the 2000s by the French in their national sport, which they invented (read below)the Red and Whites have taken advantage of the relative decline of the Blues in recent years to regain their offensive supremacy. “They shoot all the time and from all corners of the field”, adds Guillaume Gille, boss of a French team rather known for its defensive qualities.

On the history of 61 meetings between the two countries, the French, carried by the generations of “Barjots” and “Experts”, lead slightly to the mark by 30 wins to 27 and four draws. Sharing the points would also be enough for the Blues to qualify for the semi-finals. Unless the Icelanders are beaten by Montenegro earlier on Wednesday afternoon, sending the Blues into the last four before kick-off.

Few cases of Covid

The Blues do not count on this improbable hypothesis and consider this match as a real quarter-final, a remake of the many finals between the two best teams in the world over the past twenty years. “After the final of the Olympic Games, they don’t want to give a gift and that’s normal”, continues Nikola Karabatic, aware that the Danes, very little affected by the Covid, leave with their full workforce. Unlike the French who find their coach but not their striker Kentin Mahé, best director of the Blues (behind Nikola Karabatic) with 453 goals in 140 selections.

→ PORTRAIT. Handball Euro: Valentin Porte, hardworking captain at the service of the collective

Fortunately, two major absentees during the first part of the tournament, Ludovic Fabregas and Karl Konan, will be there, in principle. On the front line against Montenegro, Karl Konan came back after a portion of Euro spent in his hotel room: “Against Denmark, it will be a final before the hour, we are aware of it. You will have to be ready from the start, until the end. The slightest mistakes will be fatal, but we are made for that. We only want to play our luck to the end. »

Against another opponent, the Danes might have let slip this last match of the table before the last four, by lining up a B team to preserve the holders for their semi-final. But this is not the kind of house, according to defender Henrik Mollgaard, former Paris SG. “If we can put France on the plane it will be an advantage for us, so we are not going to play loose”, he warned in the columns of The Team Tuesday, January 25.


A local discipline

If two countries dispute the paternity of handball, Germany and Denmark, the historians of the sport lean rather for the second. In the Middle Ages, we find traces of comparable hand games almost everywhere, in particular among the Inuit of Greenland (possession of the Danish Crown). The rules of the modern game were codified in 1898 by a Dane, Holger Nielsen. In 1919, the German Carl Schelenz created an eleven-player outdoor version, which first took precedence over the Danish version, before disappearing.


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BEST’s ‘hunting for lucky money’ challenge attracts thousands of participants

After two days of launch, “BEST gives lucky money, opens spring fortune” attracted more than 1,000 comments and received much attention from customers and partners.

The program “BEST handing out lucky money, opening spring fortune” was officially launched on January 17. Currently, in addition to attracting more than 1,000 comments, the event has also brought in more than 500 shares from the online community. Most are BEST Express customers and partners.

The challenge will take place continuously from now until the end of February 2022 with three main timelines. Phase one from January 17 to 31 with a lucky money prize of VND 888,000. The second phase from February 1-13, the lucky money prize of VND 8,888 million. And the last round took place from February 14, ending February 28 with a lucky money prize of 5 million VND.

The program “BEST giving lucky money, opening spring and fortune” takes place throughout Tet from January 17 to February 28. Photo: BEST Express

Also on January 17, artist Le Duong Bao Lam, one of BEST’s longtime close partners, excitedly shared about this interesting challenge with fans via livestream. At the same time, in order to support partner artists to have more opportunities to interact with the audience during the time of Tet, BEST Express has donated dozens of phone scratch cards to the audience watching the livestream. The highest value is up to 500,000 VND.

Artist Le Duong Bao Lam livestream announced the program BEST giving lucky money and opening spring fortune broadcast on January 17.  Photo: BEST Express

Artist Le Duong Bao Lam livestream announced the program “BEST giving lucky money, opening spring fortune” on January 17. Photo: BEST Express

“The challenges BEST offers often have an interesting form, with many valuable prizes attached. I immediately shared it with the audience so that everyone had the opportunity to participate in the gift hunt. As a close partner, I trust service quality of BEST and eagerly waiting for the next programs. I hope BEST Express will have a successful and outstanding development in 2022”, Duong Lam expressed.

Accordingly, to participate in the challenge, customers and partners of BEST Express can follow the following steps in order:

Step 1: Like Fanpage BEST Express Vietnam.

Step 2: Comment according to the syntax “Best Express + tag any two friends”. Each comment corresponds to a value of 2,000 VND.

Step 3: Like and share the challenge post “BEST handing out lucky money – opening Xuan Loc Phat” in public mode on personal page with hashtags BESTExpress, Besttraolixikhaixuanlocphat.

The program will continue until the end of February, through the Lunar New Year. If you are not lucky enough to win a reward at the first time you participate, customers, partners and audience watching the program can continue to hunt for lucky money in the second and third installments, the higher the value of the lucky money will be.

“We want through this program to send wishes of luck and prosperity to customers and partners throughout the Lunar New Year. BEST Express is committed to making a breakthrough in 2022 to maintain trust and satisfaction. , bringing quality services to the Vietnamese market,” shared Mr. Nelson Wu, CEO of BEST Express.

Thy An



Health Tips: Do This Warm Up Before Excercise, You Will Get Amazing Benefits

Best Easy Warm Up: Many women exercise at home to lose weight. At the same time, it is very important to warm up before exercise. But if you are short of time, then it may be possible to leave the warm-up and start working out directly. But doing so can put you at increased risk of injury and put more pressure on the muscles. It is important to take a few minutes to get your muscles in exercise mode. In such a situation, today we will tell you about some warmups that you can try before your workout. Let’s know.

Benefits of warming up before a workout-

Warm-up exercise can help prepare your body for vigorous activity.

Increases flexibility- Being more flexible can make it easier to move and exercise correctly.

Better range of motion Having a greater range of motion can help you move your joints more fully.

low risk of injury Warming up your muscles can help them relax which in turn causes less injury.

Do these pushups before exercise-

crawl push ups To do this, stand straight. After that crawl forward and come forward. Then do pushups and crawl backwards and go back. After that come back to the normal position. Do this 5 times.

spine rotation push upsTo do this, stand upright with your back straight. Stretch both your hands upwards. Now take the upper part of the waist down. Then bring it upwards by rotating it in 360 degrees. Now rotate the body clockwise and anti-clockwise.

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Health Tips: Consume these things in snacks, weight will not increase

Health Tips: Do not forget to drink water after eating these things, health can deteriorate

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

Check out below Health Tools-
Calculate Your Body Mass Index ( BMI )

Calculate The Age Through Age Calculator



Paralympic Games: for Marie-Amélie Le Fur, “sport is the best way to cope with your handicap”

The XVIeSummer Paralympic Games open this Tuesday, August 24 in Tokyo, behind closed doors, Covid-19 requires. Until September 5, thousands of athletes will meet in front of empty stands. This is not quite the atmosphere that Marie-Amélie Le Fur dreamed of to end her career in style on an athletics stadium, at the age of 32, after four consecutive participations in the great meeting of the disabled. “I also went there for human relations, meetings, moments shared with all the people who supported me, she says. We must make do. “

→ ANALYSIS. Tokyo Games: Paralympism in full swing

The athlete from Loir-et-Cher, amputated at the age of 15 with his left leg below the knee after a scooter accident, landed in Japan with the ambition to keep his title in the long jump in its category (lower limb amputees). The final is scheduled for August 28. Coming to the end of the runway without spectators saddens her but does not distress her. “I have no doubt that the sharing between athletes will be good, despite the health crisis, she continues. I am also sure that we will thrill the French public through our performances. “

“This postponement of one year was very complicated for me”

A new success and it would be her fourth gold medal, after those obtained in London in 2012 over 100 meters, then in Rio in 2016 over 400 meters and in length, a specialty for which she holds the world record with a jump to 6. , 14 m passed last February. But she would have gladly retired from sports, as she had initially planned, in 2020. The pandemic decided otherwise. As for the Olympics, the Paralympics have been postponed by one year. “This postponement was very complicated for me, she admits. I really experienced it as an extra year, with a lot of sacrifices in my personal life. “

Because Marie-Amélie Le Fur is no longer just a multi-medalist high-level athlete. Since December 2018, she has been president of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF). Since August 2019, she is also the mother of a little girl. “It was a lot of fatigue, with a very busy year, both morally and nervously speaking”, she continues. The end of his preparation was also disturbed by injuries: “I was not used to it, but I have no regrets, because I know that I will have given absolutely everything. “

This year has allowed her to continue to improve, in the face of competition which should be even stronger than it would have been in 2020. Once back from Japan, the future stadium retiree will then be able to devote herself entirely to her leadership role. In July, she was re-elected to a four-year term as head of the CPSF. “Thanks to my position as president, I really understood that it was possible to get involved in the development of sport other than being an athlete, and that fulfills me as much, she assures. It is a commitment in which I believe. “

“In 2024, we will have to have a conquering French team”

The Paris 2024 Games are already in his sights. Invested in their organization, she hopes that they will be a great showcase for disabled sports in France and a springboard for better recognition of Paralympic athletes, while stepping on a podium requires an increasingly important investment. “We will have to have a winning French team and ensure that we are able to detect talents, support them and put them on the high performance circuit,” she comments. We have already embarked on this path, we must go further. “

→ INVESTIGATION. Looking for new champions for the 2024 Paralympics

The other challenge will be to develop practice thanks to the impact of this event and the results of French athletes. “We must put in place incentive public policies and take a step forward, so that anyone with a disability can find a suitable club near their home, with trained volunteers, she insists. Because playing sports when you have a disability is the best way to cope with your disability, both physically and mentally. “ Medalist or not in Tokyo, she will remain well placed to speak about it.


In Japan, hope sparked by the Paralympic Games

“If the competition allowed the general public to learn about marginalized people, such as those with disabilities or sexual minorities, and take action, it could achieve what the Olympics could not do in terms of diversity. “, launches Tadashi Watari, specialist in the sociology of sport at Juntendo University in Tokyo. The researcher deplores the lack of support from the authorities for organizations that promote sport among people with disabilities.

In Japan, if the law forces companies to employ them, multiple obstacles, such as the lack of support staff and suitable infrastructure, prevent them from having access to sport. According to the Japanese Sports Agency, only 24% of them play sports at least once a week, compared to 60% of able-bodied people.



Euro football: France-Portugal, and if the best attack was defense …

France in football is waiting to know whether Didier Deschamps will or will not go back on his own by not establishing Karim Benzema, mute and powerless since his return to the France team. The clues plead rather for a retention of the Madrilenian. But the great upheaval is preparing elsewhere, in the defensive sector, to try to ensure victory. And a first place in the group, synonymous with an opponent in the round of 16 in principle more affordable.

→ CONTEXT. The Blues already qualified for the round of 16, before Portugal

“I will try to give a puzzle (sic) to the coach “, jokes Everton defender Lucas Digne, aware that his tenure against Portugal is hanging by a thread, which may have broken during a performance considered average against Hungary. In view of the happy face of Lucas Hernandez, his competitor for this position, during the final training sessions, the latter slightly affected during an impeccable performance against Germany could find his place.

Indisputable in his Bayern club, Lucas Hernandez has, since the 2018 World Cup, the preference of Didier Deschamps on the left flank. His club mate Benjamin Pavard set foot on the right flank, at least until his clash against Germany and a very average copy against Hungary, which could deprive him of the game against Portugal. To the benefit apparently of the Sevilla player Jules Koundé, who got the best of the Lyonnais Léo Dubois during the small matches organized in training.

Good comrade, Lucas Digne flew to the aid of his comrade Pavard in difficulty. “I don’t worry about him, he’s a very great player who is used to pressure”, he launched, paid to know that a side can lose all credibility and confidence in a lost duel or a bad placement. He is also aware of the double responsibility of this increasingly complete position. “It has become a very difficult position, we are asked to defend, which is normal but also to attack. He’s one of the toughest physically. “

Football marathon runners

The statistics published at the end of each match by UEFA are unambiguous: it is the two full-backs who have run the most against Hungary, respectively 10.23 km (Digne) and 10.22 km (Pavard). Even N’Golo Kanté, the usual marathoner of the France team, made a little less distance (10.21 km). This double attack-defense cap is due to the system of play adopted by Didier Deschamps, who chose to line up three attackers accustomed to poking in the center, leaving the responsibility of the corridors to the laterals supposed to be mounted during the offensive.

→ ANALYSIS. Euro 2021: the Blues launched in a physical and mental marathon

When they don’t trigger it. Deemed to be a better air crosser than Lucas Hernandez, Lucas Digne was preferred to the Bayern player for his ability to challenge Hungarian defenders not very skillful with the head. Lucas Hernandez crosses rather strong and low to the ground (as in the goal against Germany), which places him in pole position to face Portuguese considered a little heavy in central defense.

The Roberto Carlos model

In modern football, the post of pure winger at Georges Bereta no longer exists. This accentuated their freedom of movement. This mini-revolution was triggered around the 2000s by Bixente Lizarazu or Roberto Carlos, famous Brazilian side of Madrid, better known for his offensive rides than for his victories in defensive duels.

Of these great old pocket (Lizarazu and Carlos measure less than 1, 70 m), the men of the corridor of today have retained the movement. Adding a few centimeters to the menu to add their head game (Pavard measures 1.86 m, Hernandez 1.80 m). The current side do not get carried away, like Bacary Sagna, long holder in blue on the right. “We are defenders above all: you can bring as much as you want on the offensive side, but if you don’t do the job defensively, you create danger for yours”, he declared in France Football.

Especially since in the Portuguese camp will roam, this Wednesday, June 23, the one who remains one of the very best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, who constantly slides to the right and left of the field, making the defenders dizzy. “It will take a lot of talking to not give him space”, warns Lucas Digne. Probably easier said than done.


Already qualified, France wants first place

Qualified for the knockout stages before playing, with at worst a good third place assured from Monday June 21, the French will approach this third match focused on the goal of winning against the Portuguese, who would give them first place in the group. F. This first place would allow them to meet in the round of 16 an opponent within their reach, Switzerland, Finland or Ukraine, Monday 28 in Bucharest. A second place would send them Tuesday 29 to London, potentially to face the English at home. A third place would send them against Belgium or the Netherlands, Sunday 27, in Seville or Budapest.



Lucy Bronze and Robert Lewandowski named “best players” by Fifa

“He made the season of his life” : Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, influential Bayern leader, expected the attribution of the Fifa “The Best” trophy on Thursday December 17th to his striker Robert Lewandowski. A work monster, the Pole has gone beyond his own limits and taken on a new dimension in 2020.

Without a rival in the Bundesliga (five times top scorer over the last seven seasons), often brilliant in the group stage of C1, he has long clashed with the Munich club, which he joined in 2014, on the glass ceiling of the towers knockout in the Champions League.

Everything changed at the start of 2020. In 8e final, he atomized Chelsea on his own with three goals and four assists in two games (3-0, 4-1). He then scored and scored during the demonstration against Barcelona in the quarter-finals (8-2), then against Lyon in the half (3-0), before giving way in the final to Kingsley Coman, author of the victorious goal against Paris SG (1-0).

The “most complete player” in world football

He finished the European exercise with a personal total of 15 goals, two units behind Ronaldo’s all-time record “CR7”. And in the historical classification of the competition, he has just caught up with the Spanish legend Raul in third position, with 71 goals. Still far behind Ronaldo (134 goals) and Messi (118 goals).

→ READ. In Italy, a football player suspended for blasphemy

“Robert is the most complete player in world football”, had launched the former German international Lothar Matthäus, Ballon d’or 1990, even before knowing the result of the vote. “He took a step up last season and he just got even better. He also became one of the leaders of the FC Bayern dressing room ”, had added the former glory of the Bavarian club.

Particularly observed in the absence this year, due to Covid, of the Ballon d’Or organized by the magazine France football, the title of best player awarded by Fifa (the International Federation) crowned in women the Briton Lucy Bronze.

A defender crowned best player

The player thus becomes the first Englishwoman, but also the first defender, to be elected winner. Become a figure of her sport by revolutionizing the position of full back until stacking trophies with Lyon and Manchester City, the player is known for exceptional athletic abilities, her technique and her tactical sense.

Lucy Bronze and Robert Lewandowski named

It is very rare that these kinds of accolades escape midfielders or attackers, but as former England women’s coach Phil Neville had said, “There are no two players like” Lucy Bronze.

In 2019, the England international became the first defender to be voted UEFA best player and she finished 3e for the Fifa “The Best” trophies, as the English had finished 3rd in the Women’s World Cup that year.