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Omicron and inflation drag down US growth outlook

Growth prospects for the first quarter and 2022 are darkening due to the Omicron wave and escalating inflation in the US.

Experts are Wall Street Journal This month’s survey lowered U.S. first-quarter growth expectations by more than a percentage point, to a revised 3% on an annualized basis, from 4.2 percent in the October survey.

The combination of rising inflation, supply chain constraints and the rapidly spreading Omicron variant have also prompted economists to cut their full-year 2022 growth forecast to 3.3%. Last year, economic output was estimated to have grown by 5.2 percent.

Economists cite the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, which risks reducing consumer spending and exacerbating labor shortages and supply chain strains.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve (Fed) is under pressure from businesses and consumers to rein in inflation, which last month hit its fastest pace in nearly four decades.

“The economy is at a major turning point in terms of whether inflation expectations are starting to take root in the minds of companies, consumers and workers,” said Lynn Reaser, former chief economist at Bank of America and now an expert at Point Loma Nazarene University (California), assessment.

A corner of Long Beach harbor – Los Angeles, California on April 7, 2021. Photo: Reuters

Pandemic-related labor shortages are expected to drive wages up sharply over the next few months, as employers offer higher pay packages to retain and hire employees. Economists forecast average hourly earnings in June to grow 4.9% from the same period in 2021. In December, it rose 4.7%.

By the end of 2022, wage inflation is expected to slow slightly to 4.5% year-on-year in 2021. However, economists expect workers to see an annual wage increase of around 4% in the range of next two years.

Spiral inflation could force the central bank to sharply raise short-term interest rates, posing a risk of a recession. In 2020, as the pandemic began to hit the US economy, the Fed cut interest rates to near zero and started buying bonds to lower long-term interest rates. The move caused financial market volatility and a short-term downturn.

While the labor market is enjoying a strong recovery, economists say the central bank risks not raising interest rates fast enough to keep up with prices. Inflation, which has largely stabilized at low levels since the 2007-2009 recession, has accelerated since last spring as demand surged and supply chains were congested by Covid-19.

Last week, the US Labor Department reported that consumer prices rose 7% in December from the same period in 2020, and up from 6.8% in November. That was the fastest increase since 1982 and the fifth month. three in a row exceed 6%.

“This is the first time the Fed has chased inflation in decades. The biggest risk is that the Fed could panic and overshoot,” said Diane Swonk, chief economist at Grant Thornton.

Experts who responded to the survey of Wall Street Journal believe inflation will average 5% in June, up significantly from the 3.4% they forecast last year. By the end of this year, inflation may cool to 3.1%, but still higher than the previous forecast of 2.6%.

High inflation and low unemployment mean that economists expect the Fed to start raising borrowing costs soon. Nearly two-thirds expect the Fed to raise rates at its March 15-16 policy meeting and continue to raise rates throughout the year. More than half expect three rate hikes this year, while nearly a third expect more than three.

That’s a significant change from the previous survey. In October, just 5% of respondents thought the Fed would raise rates in March, and more than 40% expected no rate hikes in 2022.

With that, concerns about limited supply remain a challenge in the outlook. Congestion is expected to continue in part, due to China’s zero-tolerance strategy to combat the pandemic. This has led to disruptions at ports and factories.

“Shipping rates remain extremely high, port backlogs are substantial, zero-covid policy in Asia is a major constraint while cargo accumulation in the US. That means demand. Demand is likely to continue to outpace available supply for a significant period of time,” said James Knightley, chief international economist at ING.

More than half of economists expect supply chain disruptions to last at least until the second half of this year, with a third fearing they will continue until 2023 or later.

Session An (according to WSJ)


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10 suggestions for a short Tet holiday for the family

A 2-3 day trip without early planning will be the right choice for families this Tet holiday, when many places are still limited to prevent epidemics.

* Note: The suggestions below are not in the red zone at the moment. However, visitors should note to check the translation level before departure for the most complete trip.

Welcoming spring at a homestay on Ha Giang rocky plateau

The pink color of peach blossoms and the yellow color of canola flowers fill the streets and villages of the top part of the country. Another trip every time, not moving much, just resting and wandering in the villages. Visitors will have a closer look at the life of the border town, take in the eyes of the spectacular layered rocky mountains of the rocky plateau, or dress up and go to the market on New Year’s Day. In the evening, the whole family can sit by the fire, sip a glass of hot corn wine, and talk about memories on the way to Ha Giang.

There are many homestays for visitors to choose from during their spring trip to Ha Giang, especially in Dong Van and Meo Vac. In particular, Hagiang-holic is a new homestay located on a small hillside, about 600 meters from Dong Van old town. The resort is built in a minimalist style, rustic, but comfortable and modern for you to relax after traveling a long distance.

Hunting flowers in Moc Chau plateau, Son La

Moc Chau is at a beautiful time when flowers bloom everywhere. In Mu Nau and Na Ka valleys, plum blossoms are in full bloom, expected to last about 1-2 weeks. Note, the road to Mu Nau is narrow and steep, you should book a motorbike taxi service of local people, price 120,000 VND round trip.

Pa Phach village is also an address to both see flowers and experience the peaceful life of the villagers. Leisurely walking around the village, breathing in the fresh air will be very relaxing on the first day of the new year. In addition, visitors can move to Chieng Khoa or Nang Tien waterfall an hour away from town to exercise their body. The pass to the waterfall is tricky, but the scenery is beautiful with many mountain ranges. If you are fascinated by the beauty of plum flowers, you should also try drinking a glass of plum wine with Northwest specialties at Tuan Gu restaurant.

To stay overnight in Moc Chau, visitors need to have a quick test result of Covid-19 within 72 hours. There is a wide selection of motels, hotels and homestays. Homestay costs from 700,000 VND/night, budget hotels cost about 200,000 VND/night.

Spring trip to Tay Thien pagoda, Vinh Phuc

About 70 km from Hanoi, Tay Thien relic site is a suitable destination for the whole family to travel in spring and worship in the new year. Tay Thien is located in the valley of Tam Dao mountains, with an altitude of 54 to 1,100 m, so the climate is fresh. In addition, here there are full scenery of mountains, old forests, streams and many communal houses and pagodas such as Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Thuong temple, Mau temple, Cau temple, Co temple… The scenic area has cable cars and cars. electricity, taking visitors to the Upper Temple in about 30 minutes.

Around the relic, there are many hotels and eating places for visitors to choose from. The whole family should combine an overnight stay in Tam Dao. Some suggested places to stay with beautiful locations are Venus Tam Dao, homestay 90s… Attractions are Lala Land strawberry garden, May bridge, Sake Garden with cactus…

Three days in Yen Tu, Quang Ninh

If you are in Hanoi or neighboring provinces in the North, a spring break in Yen Tu is a suggestion. The most ideal time to go to Yen Tu is in the spring, from January to March of the lunar calendar. At this time, the weather is pleasant, also a suitable time for a spiritual activity.

From Hanoi to Yen Tu about 140 km, you can go in the direction of Chuong Duong bridge, cross national highways 5, 10 and then go to national highway 18 to enter Uong Bi city, you will see signposts to Yen Tu. You can also go in the direction of Bac Ninh, then join Highway 18. Choose to stay at Legacy Yen Tu MGallery, with a relaxing space suitable for the first days of the year. During the three-day stay here, it is advisable to arrange a morning for the whole family to climb the Dong Pagoda, at an altitude of about 1,100 m.

Resort at Yen Tu has its own electric car to serve guests. It only takes about 5 minutes from the resort, you are at the foot of the mountain. Photo: Resort

Playing Tet in Hanoi

In Hanoi, many restrictions are still in place due to the complicated Covid-19 epidemic situation, visitors can experience quiet places. Art lovers can visit Art Exhibition Space 22 Hang Buom, which is open throughout Tet. If you are interested in the theme of Tet, you can “see Tet, eat Tet and play Tet” through the exhibition “Old Tet” at the exhibition area of ​​the National Archives Center 1.

Some coffee shops that have just opened on the occasion of Tet have no cockroaches, suitable for the epidemic situation such as The Sipping Bar located right in the heart of Thong Nhat Park. The restaurant’s space is in harmony with nature, so there are many outdoor seats, where you can watch Bay Mau lake. In addition, you can refer to two newly opened shops, Dream Si Coffee on Lo Duc Street, which has a large and airy space. Ikigai Coffee shop at Lane 36 Phuong Mai stands out with its Japanese-style decoration space. If you are looking for a different dinner experience, you can go to Tong restaurant at 38 Thai Thinh, with a performance of rain and snow at 8pm every day.

Slow living in Phong Nha, Quang Binh

10 suggestions for playing Lunar New Year for the family - 3

Inside a bungalow at Chay Lap Farmstay. Photo: Resort

Only about 20 km from Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Chay Lap farmstay is very convenient for you to visit famous landmarks around. The bungalows here are built in the style of wooden dome rooms, creating a very new feeling and blending into the natural landscape. The room is spacious, the interior is simple but just enough comfort, especially when you step outside, you will see the whole green landscape of the garden and mountains.

In addition to the bungalow for you to enjoy the slow life, Chay Lap Farmstay also has rooms for families or companies. The apartment area can also open to the garden, has a swimming pool, a large veranda for people to gather or have a barbecue.

Staying here, both adults and children have the opportunity to participate in many different experiences such as camping, boating, river cruises, cycling to explore the village, trekking the cave system in the national park…

Secret stay at Lak lake, Dak Lak

10 suggestions for a short Tet holiday for the family - 8

Lak Tented Camp is located about 40 km from Buon Ma Thuot city center, on an area of ​​4.8 hectares along Lak lake. The resort is spaciously designed with 15 lake-view eco-shacks, 4 lakeside bungalows, a collective tent house, a restaurant… connected to 3 outdoor wooden decks by the lake for guests who love the space. nature, beautiful scenery.

Stay here for at least two nights to feel the slow life most clearly. The resort has the advantage of being a peninsula, with an 8 km connection to the main road. The experience of running and cycling on this road by the rolling mountains, by the Lak lake, is truly unforgettable. At dawn, you can trek to the top of the mountain to see the misty Lak lake. Kayaking to watch the sunrise and sunset in Lak lake is very romantic. In addition, you can also combine visiting Buon Ma Thuot city with coffee museum with many virtual living corners, Yok Don national forest…

Camping in the middle of the pine forest in Dalat

The destination is chosen by many famous people as a place to stop when coming to Da Lat.  Photo: Pham Thi Thanh Van

The destination is chosen by many famous people as a place to stop when coming to Da Lat. Photo: Pham Thi Thanh Van

Located about 15 km from the center of Da Lat city, CampArt by #Mother Jen is a tourist attraction located next to Suoi Vang lake in Lac Duong district. Guests staying here only need to bring their personal items, the camp prepares tents, pillows, warm sleeping bags to rest comfortably and serves attractive dinners with steak, smoked goose breast, pasta.. . with the price of 890,000 VND/person.

In the morning, visitors will wake up early to welcome the dawn with a chilly air, in front of the mist spreading on the surface of Suoi Vang lake and listen to the sound of pine trees and birds chirping. People can sit and have a light breakfast with tea, coffee, bread… silently admire the scenery, capture their favorite moments or choose to paddle SUP on the lake to start the day. The program at the campsite takes place from 5pm to 9am the next day. After finishing the schedule, the whole family can plan to explore many beautiful destinations in Lac Duong district such as Golden Valley tourist area, Cu Lan village, cherry apricot hunting at the foot of Langbiang mountain…

Staycation at 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City becomes a green area, visitors can fully experience the city with a variety of services and full range of Tet holiday. From traditional activities such as walking to Binh Dong wharf flower market, District 8; see lion dance performance in Chinese street; participate in the Vietnamese New Year festival at the Youth Cultural House; Stroll along Nguyen Hue flower street… to discover the modern and luxurious beauty of the city.

If you want a different experience in Ho Chi Minh City, you can try to refer to the on-site resort packages for Tet holiday of 5-star hotels such as: InterContinental Residences Saigon, Sheraton Saigon, Renaissance Riverside Saigon… With location In the prime location, the hotels will give you the opposite experience between the bustle and bustle of the city and the quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the hotel premises.

On this occasion, guests will enjoy the night in a luxurious space with panoramic city views, free breakfast, preferential health care services, gifting lucky money to be converted into culinary services. At the hotel, Tet gifts placed in the room, applied from January 31 to February 6, free use of swimming pool, gym…

New year full of sunshine in Phu Quoc pearl island

Muse Helly Tong experiences pristine Phu Quoc

Tourists in the South have a near and easy-to-travel destination that is Phu Quoc City (Kien Giang). You can come here by air or go to Rach Gia city and take the train. The large pearl island, tourists who love private resorts, visiting national parks, safari zoos can stay in the north of the island.

The places that are being loved by many tourists are Vinpearl Phu Quoc, Fusion Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc Eco Beach… Those who love the experience of visiting the islands, watching the sunset at Sunset Sanato, enjoying the food at the island. Duong Dong should stay in the center or the south of the island. Some recommended resorts are Sol by Melia, Sunset Beach resort & spa…

At the beginning of the year when coming to Phu Quoc, don’t forget to visit Ho Quoc Pagoda (Duong To), Dinh Ba and Dinh Cau (Duong Dong center)… In addition, there are many other experiences such as watching the sunset at Bai Truong, Snorkeling to see coral, visit Phu Quoc Prison…

Du Hy


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Djokovic leaves Australia

AustraliaA few hours after the court’s ruling, world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic boarded a plane to Dubai.

Djokovic (second from left) arrived at Melbourne airport on the afternoon of January 16 to leave Australia. Photo: Reuters

Djokovic, dressed all in black, accompanied a group of assistants to the airport in Melbourne. The Serbian tennis player will fly Emirates to Dubai – where he lives before applying for entry to Australia.

This is the end of the noisy affair that has lasted for the past 10 days, starting when Djokovic had his visa canceled for the first time at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport on the night of January 5. In a hearing five days later, the Judge asked the Australian Government to return Djokovic’s visa because the Border Force did not follow the procedure. The world number one was then freed, spending three days training at the Rod Laver Arena.

However, on the afternoon of January 15, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke used his personal power to cancel Djokovic’s visa again. This afternoon, a court hearing was opened on the appeal of Djokovic. This time there are three judges. According to the final ruling, Chief Justice James Allsop announced that upholding Minister Hawke’s decision would mean Djokovic’s expulsion from Australia.

Djokovic’s lawyers asked for more time to appeal and consider next actions. However, Chief Justice Allsop, acting on behalf of the other two Justices, believes that any further request for the case is unnecessary.

Minutes after losing the lawsuit, Djokovic wrote on the page Instagram: “I am extremely disappointed with the Court’s decision that has just been issued, rejecting my application to review the decision to cancel my visa from the Immigration Minister. This means I cannot stay in Australia to compete. But , I respect the Court’s decision and will cooperate with the authorities regarding my departure from the country.”

It is not clear if the 34-year-old star will be banned from entering Australia for three years.

He has attended the Australian Open for 17 consecutive years, setting a record of winning all nine finals, including the last three. He currently holds the record of 20 Grand Slams with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Nhan Dat


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7 people appeared in court in the biggest land violation case in Can Tho

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan – former vice chairman of Binh Thuy district, together with 6 people were tried for illegal relocation of more than 14,000 m2 of land.

On January 14, Mr. Tuan (51 years old); Le Van Vu (former head of Department of Natural Resources and Environment); Huynh Trung Thanh and Le Van Tru (former director, deputy director of the Land Registry Office of Binh Thuy district) and 3 others were tried by the People’s Court of Can Tho City for the crime. Violation of regulations on land management under Article 229 of the Penal Code.

The prosecutor’s office determined that the behavior of Mr. Tuan and his accomplices directly infringed on the state management order in the field of urban land, disrupting land use planning… The biggest land violation case in Can Tho so far was discovered by the inspector at the end of 2017.

Defendant Nguyen Van Tuan (left cover, top row) and his accomplices at the court session on January 14. Photo: Kowloon

According to the indictment, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, as Vice Chairman of Binh Thuy District People’s Committee, and his subordinates knew well the district’s land use plan in 2015-2017 related to two projects connecting the August Revolution to the provincial road. 918 and the Vo Van Kiet new urban area project has been approved and implemented.

However, Mr. Tuan and related officials have signed decisions to carry out procedures to change the purpose of using 14,727m2 of rice land, planting perennial crops to urban residential land for households and individuals in Long ward. Combined with the value of land use rights of nearly 10 billion VND.

In which, Mr. Tuan signed 30 decisions permitting the change of use purpose of 39 land plots with the total area of ​​land being converted to use purpose. Le Van Vu signed 29 proposals to change the land use purpose with a total area of ​​more than 13,685 m2, worth nearly 9.4 billion. Huynh Trung Thanh is the autographer on the papers submitted to Le Van Vu for approval.

The other defendants are accused of having appraised, submitted and carried out procedures to change the use purpose from 5,000 to more than 6,000 m2 of land worth 2.3-6 billion VND.

In June 2021, the Can Tho City People’s Court once brought the case to trial, but returned the file to the Procuracy of the same level for additional investigation, clarifying that Mr. Tuan’s behavior showed signs of crime. Lack of responsibility causes serious consequences according to article 285, Penal Code 1999.

However, the Procuracy maintained the position of prosecuting the former vice president of Binh Thuy district for crimes Violation of regulations on land management, according to Article 229 of the 2015 Penal Code.

Regarding the violations of his subordinates, in 2020, Mr. Le Tam Niem – Chairman of Binh Thuy District People’s Committee was disciplined and sent to the Department of Home Affairs of Can Tho City.

The court is expected to pronounce the verdict this afternoon



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The world’s smallest antenna

CanadaResearchers at the University of Montreal (UdeM) created a nanoantenna 20,000 times smaller than a human hair to track the movement of proteins.

Fluorescent nanoantennas are used in protein research. Photo: Caitlin Monney

In a study published on December 30, 2021 in the journal Nature Methods, Scott Harroun, PhD student in chemistry at UdeM, and colleagues say antennas are a new way to track structural changes in proteins over time, helping scientists better understand the technology Natural nano and human design.

More than 40 years ago, researchers invented the first DNA synthesis machine to create molecules that encode genetic information. “In recent years, chemists have realized the possibility of using DNA to make a wide range of structures and nanomachines. Inspired by DNA’s Lego-like character with building blocks 20,000 smaller than a human hair times, we created a DNA-based fluorescent nanoantenna that helps describe the function of proteins.Just like two-way radios can receive and transmit radio waves, fluorescent nanoantennas receive light at one color, or step. waves, and depending on the motion of the protein, it transmits light back in a different color for us to detect,” the team said.

One of the major innovations in nanoantennas is that the antenna’s receiver is fitted with a sensor to sense the molecular surface of a protein through molecular interactions. The main advantage of using DNA to make nanoantennas is that the chemistry of DNA is relatively simple and easy to program, according to Harroun.

Nanoantennas can be synthesized with different wavelengths to optimize their function. The researchers can easily bind the fluorescent molecule to DNA, and then link the fluorescent nanoantenna to a nanobiological machine like an enzyme. By carefully tweaking the design, the team created a 5-nanometer-long nanoantenna that emits a characteristic signal when the protein performs a biological function.

In addition to helping researchers understand how natural nanomachines work or fail to cause disease, the method also helps chemists identify new drugs and guide nanoengineers in the development of machines. What excites the team most is that many laboratories equipped with spectrometers can use nanoantennas to track their favorite proteins, thereby identifying new drugs or developing new nanotechnology.

An Khang (Follow


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WHO calls for a new Covid-19 vaccine – VnExpress

The WHO called for the development of new vaccines with greater resistance to infection, saying multiple booster doses of existing vaccines was not a sustainable strategy.

“The vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of existing vaccines does not appear to be appropriate or sustainable,” said the World Health Organization (WHO) advisory group on Covid-19 vaccine preparations ( TAG-Co-VAC) issued a statement on January 11.

TAG-Co-VAC calls for adjusting existing vaccines to enhance effectiveness against raging strains, such as the Omicron strain that has spread rapidly and appeared in 149 countries and territories.

According to WHO experts, it is advisable to develop a new vaccine that is not only able to protect the injector from the risk of severe disease, but also protects the injector from the risk of virus infection more effectively.

Medical staff prepare a shot of the Covid-19 vaccine in Dresden, Germany, in July 2021. Photo: Reuters.

TAG-Co-VAC believes that this vaccine will reduce community transmission and help relax strict and widespread anti-epidemic measures. The WHO expert also suggested that manufacturers develop vaccines that “generate good and long-lasting immunity to reduce the need for consecutive booster shots”.

According to WHO, 331 vaccine candidates are being studied around the world.

TAG-Co-VAC added that until a new vaccine is developed, existing Covid-19 vaccines may need adjustment. “This is to ensure that vaccines continue to provide protection to the injector from the risk of infection and progression from the strains of concern, such as the Omicron strain and later strains,” TAG-Co-VAC said. confirm.

WHO has approved nine Covid-19 vaccines. TAG-Co-VAC emphasizes that these vaccines are still highly effective in preventing the risk of morbidity and mortality from these strains.

Figures from AFP shows that more than 8 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in at least 219 countries and territories. According to United Nations figures, while more than 67% of people in high-income countries have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, the figure in low-income countries is less than 11%.

Ngoc Anh (Follow AFP)


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Oscar 2022 will have a presenter

AmericaThe organizers of the Oscar 2022 said that the March 27 event will have a host after three years of eliminating this role.

Follow Variety, on January 11, Craig Erwich – director of ABC Entertainment – confirmed the information but did not announce the MC’s identity. Jimmy Kimmel is the closest person to be invited to host in 2017 and 2018. Some other artists selected in previous years are Chris Rock (2016), Neil Patrick Harris (2015), Ellen DeGeneres (2014), Seth MacFarlane (2013), Billy Crystal (2012) and James Franco, Anne Hathaway (2011).

Jimmy Kimmel leads the 2018 Oscars ceremony. Photo: ABC

In 2019, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences invited comedian Kevin Hart. However, he caused controversy when he posted a status line on social networks mocking the LGBT community. Hart decided to withdraw after the organizers asked him to apologize publicly.

Oscar 2019 did not have an MC but achieved a higher rating than the previous year. Academy and radio ABC decided to continue leaving this role for the next two years. The 2020 awards ceremony saw a slight decrease in viewership. However, the Oscars 2021 show dropped by more than half its audience – from 23.6 million to 10.4 million. This led the organizers to decide to return to the form of a guide organization as in the past.

The Oscars 2022 will take place on the morning of March 28 (Hanoi time) at a familiar location – Dolby Theater, Hollywood. Last year’s show had to move to Union Station in Los Angeles after being postponed due to the epidemic. On February 8, the Academy will announce this year’s list of nominees.

Jimmy Kimmel opens the Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards ceremony Oscars 2018. Videos: ABC

Dat Phan (follow Variety)


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Chairman of Dong Trieu town: People dig holes to store water, do not exploit clay

Quang NinhMr. Nguyen Van Ngoan, Chairman of Dong Trieu town, said that the area does not have a clay mining site, only a few holes dug by people to collect water for irrigation.

On the afternoon of January 10, Mr. Nguyen Van Ngoan said that on December 27, 2021, he went to check and discovered Mr. Chu Van Minh’s household, 43 years old, in Trai Moi A village, Binh Khe commune, Dong Trieu town. idea to improve the stream by digging some water storage holes. Previously, there were two small holes, not enough water for irrigation. Therefore, people dig wide and deep down to increase water storage in the dry season, serving to irrigate hill gardens.

The amount of waste soil and rock generated by Mr. Minh was given to other households in Binh Khe commune for the purpose of leveling, building houses, renovating gardens for perennial crops.

Quan Vuong stream area, Binh Khe commune is like a big construction site because of illegal clay mining. Photo: Minh Cuong

According to the leader of Dong Trieu Town People’s Committee, on December 28, 2021, the People’s Committee of Binh Khe Commune issued a decision to sanction an administrative violation for Mr. Chu Van Minh’s act of destroying the land, a fine of 4,000 VND. .000 VND; asked Mr. Minh to stop illegal digging and shoveling in the area; Leveling and leveling of the existing ground will be completed before December 31, 2021.

However, the leveling of the current status of Mr. Minh’s household has not been completed. On January 6, 2022, the Commune People’s Committee continued to check and urge Mr. Minh’s household to complete the leveling, so there were still some working vehicles.

Contrary to the explanation of leaders of Dong Trieu Town People’s Committee, in the early days of January, Quan Vuong stream area, Quan Vuong village, Binh Khe commune became a big clay mining site; The sound of excavators and trucks echoed day and night over an area of ​​many hectares.

This area is located about one km from the main road of the commune, surrounded by acacia, eucalyptus and agricultural land of the people. Inside there are two excavated points located about 700 m apart. At each point, the top layer of soil is pushed aside to get the clay below. Dozens of trucks take turns transporting the clay out.

On January 7, after the press reported, all illegal clay mining activities were stopped.

Another illegal clay mining site is also at Quan Vuon stream, about 7 meters from the other point.  Photo: Minh Cuong

Another illegal clay mining site is also at Quan Vuong stream. Photo: Minh Cuong

Mr. Tran Nhu Long, Director of Quang Ninh Department of Natural Resources and Environment, confirmed that in Quan Vuong stream area, Binh Khe commune, there are no licensed clay mining projects. “The province has directed the authorities to intervene. The Department has set up an inspection team, the provincial police have set up an investigation team. When there is a conclusion, it will be publicly announced,” Mr. Long said.

Minh Cuong

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Research the option to increase tax on securities

The National Assembly assigned the Government to study tax increases for securities and real estate transactions and report to the National Assembly Standing Committee for consideration and decision.

The above content is stated in the resolution on fiscal and monetary policies to support the Socio-economic Recovery and Development Program approved by the National Assembly on the afternoon of January 11.

Previously, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the State Bank and the Ministry of Finance agreed to accept and explain the opinions of a number of delegates, which affirmed that there was not enough basis to increase tax on securities and real estate transactions. produce.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Toan, Deputy Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee said that recently, the National Assembly Standing Committee and delegates have carefully studied the proposal to increase taxes on securities and real estate transactions and found that explanations of relevant agencies are grounded.

Therefore, the new National Assembly does not decide immediately in this Resolution, but assigns the Government to study and propose relevant tax policies and report to the National Assembly Standing Committee for consideration and decision later.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Toan, Vice Chairman of Finance and Budget Committee. Photo: Hoang Phong

According to him, a tax policy should be considered very carefully. Especially policies related to the market, capital mobilization channels, including the direction of synchronous development of this market to reduce the load on the money market.

“This is the necessary caution of the National Assembly. When considering that the impact is not favorable, it is normal to not decide,” Mr. Toan said.

According to current regulations, domestic enterprises and organizations pay tax on income from securities transfer at the tax rate of 20% on income. For foreign organizations (foreign contractors), the tax rate of 0.1% is applied on the revenue from selling securities. For individuals, the tax rate of 0.1% is applied on the selling price of securities (the application of the tax rate as a percentage of revenue, the selling price of securities does not matter whether it is profitable or not).

Hoang Thuy – Viet Tuan


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Fossil ‘sea dragon’ over 10 m . long

BrotherPaleontologists have discovered a giant skeleton of a ichthyosaur that lived in British waters 180 million years ago.

The Rutland fossil is a rare complete marine reptile skeleton. Photo: Angel Water

Joe Davis discovered the fossil at Rutland Water Nature Reserve in England in January 2021. Davis, the conservation team leader, saw several fossil bones protruding from the ground as they absorbed water from the site. At first glance, the fossil appears to belong to a giant dinosaur. But when paleontologist Dean Lomax examined the photograph, he immediately knew Davis had found a massive marine reptile called a ichthyosaur, or ichthyosaur.

Fish dragons existed at the same time as dinosaurs, but they had a completely different shape and structure. Fish dragons evolved from terrestrial reptiles in the Tam Diep period 246 million years ago. Their bodies become more elongated and fish-like over time. The ichthyosaurs lived in the sea until about 95 million years ago.

Many ichthyosaurs were about the size of today’s sharks, hunting fish, squid and other small prey. Some species are top predators, often targeting large marine reptiles. Up to now, the largest ichthyosaur species in history lived in the Tam Diep period, 250 – 201 million years ago.

Fossils from Rutland are about 180 million years old and belong to a massive animal. According to paleontologist Rebecca Bennion of the University of Liège, this large and complete fossil is a very special find. The skull alone was nearly 2.1 meters long while the entire body was more than 10 meters long, equivalent to a modern minke whale.

It took researchers more than two weeks to excavate the skull. According to Lomax, this is one of the most complete large prehistoric reptile skeletons ever discovered in the UK. While the find has not been described in the official report, Jorge Velez-Juarbe, a paleontologist at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, says the fossil will provide new insights into the evolutionary history of the creature. sea ​​reptile.

The team is still excavating the Rutland ichthyosaur fossil. However, Lomax and his team took every possible measurement and took thousands of pictures to 3D model the skeleton. Currently, they hypothesize that the skeleton belongs to ichthyosaurs Temnodontosaurus trigonodon just known from individual bones in the Jurassic soil of Germany. At the beginning of the Jurassic period 180 million years ago, T. trigonodon was the largest marine predator on the planet.

Another ichthyosaur may have sought to eat individuals in Rutland. Excavators found several Temnodontosaurus teeth around the skeleton, possibly traces of scavenging behavior, Lomax said.

Several species of ichthyosaurs as large as whales evolved in the early Triassic but disappeared during the mass extinction event 201 million years ago. The surviving ichthyosaurs became smaller, but some grew in size again. By examining the teeth of the new specimen, paleontologists can learn about the food and role of the Rutland ichthyosaur in the late Jurassic ecosystem.

An Khang (Follow National Geographic)