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Sudden death while playing sports

Lang SonA 15-year-old male student was playing sports at school when he suddenly fainted, then his heart stopped.

Doctors at Lang Son General Hospital on October 18 informed that the teenager with a history of heart disease, when admitted to the hospital for a diagnosis of stroke, died outside the hospital.

Doctors say that exercising or playing sports too hard can cause people with heart disease to drop blood pressure, faint, and have a stroke.

A stroke, or cerebrovascular accident, is a sudden damage to part of the brain caused by a blood vessel that supplies the brain either blocked (infarction) or ruptured (hemorrhagic). Stroke is the leading cause of death and disability.

There are many causes of stroke. People with dyslipidemia (fatty blood), cardiovascular diseases, and smokers are in the highest risk group.

Patients with atrial fibrillation, heart valves, arrhythmias, congenital heart defects… the heart is not functioning properly, the blood pumping is not smooth. As a result, the heart can suddenly stop pumping blood to the brain, or a blood clot that forms from an irregular heartbeat travels to the brain, becoming trapped, causing a stroke. In particular, people with cardiovascular disease when playing strenuous sports can develop arrhythmias, heart beats very fast, causing a drop in blood pressure, fainting and possibly cardiac arrest soon after.

People with cardiovascular disease are always encouraged to exercise, choose appropriate sports and exercise. In case of non-severe heart failure, exercise is also encouraged, but it is necessary to choose exercises and exercises that are suitable for health and fitness. Avoid overexertion because of the risk of an unfortunate situation.

Thuy Quynh

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China transfers high-speed train to Laos capital

The first high-speed train on the China-Laos railway route was transferred to Vientiane on October 16 and handed over to the operator.

This white, red and blue painted electromotive force distributed train (EMU), designed and built in China, can run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The train was transferred to the Laos – China Railway Joint Venture Company, which is responsible for building and managing the high-speed railway connecting the two countries.

The train departed from Kunming city of Yunnan province, China, to the capital Vientiane under the supervision of China National Railway Corporation (CNRG).

After yesterday’s handover ceremony in Vientiane, the train will be tested before the opening day of the 1,000-kilometer Laos-China railway, which is scheduled to take place on the Lao National Day on December 2.

The first EMU train runs on the China-Laos railway line in Boten town after crossing the border between the two countries on October 15. Photo: Xinhua.

Trains running on the Laos-China high-speed railway are named Lancang, after the ancient name of Laos and the name of the section of the Mekong River flowing through China. The paint color on the carriages represents the national flag of Laos, and the interior also bears the symbol of daffodils, the national flower of Laos.

Each train can carry up to 720 people, the carriages have snack and beverage stalls, as well as facilities for the disabled and information services in Chinese, Lao and English.

The EMU is a multi-car train that can be self-propelled and uses electricity as motion power. EMU trains do not need locomotives to pull the whole train, have the advantages of fast acceleration, low noise and almost no pollution. The driving car of the EMU train is usually arranged at both ends to easily change the direction of the train.

Construction of the 414km Laos-China high-speed railway from the border town of Boten bordering Yunnan to Vientiane began in 2016, with an initial contract worth $1.2 billion awarded to CNRG. Chinese media in June 2020 reported that the value of this project had increased to 6 billion USD.

The railway is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to connect Kunming to Singapore on a 5,500-kilometer Trans-Asian Railway.

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John Cena plays sassy superhero

John Cena’s superhero character wears white boxer pants, dancing to the music in the movie teaser “Peacemaker”.

On October 17 (Vietnam time), DC released the first teaser for the series about the superhero Peacemaker starring John Cena. Characters who appeared in blockbusters The Suicide Squad released in the US in early August, impressed the audience. Filmmaker James Gunn directs and writes the script.

The film will delve deeper into Peacemaker’s past, before he joined the US government’s Suicide Squad. The character is built with sassy personality. His ideal of life is “peace at all costs” and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. The teaser reveals many hidden corners of the character, such as being estranged from her father and not having many friends.

According to DC comics, Peacemaker was originally a diplomat who opposed war. However, he later discovered that using force to prevent wars was more effective. He became a spy for Checkmate, the government’s anti-terrorist organization. The villains he fights are mostly dictators or war criminals.

John Cena, born 1977, is a famous American wrestler. He holds the record for the most WWE championships with 16 times. John has been acting since 2006, receiving the lead role in many hit works such as The Marine, 12 Rounds, Blockers…In 2018, the wrestler participated Bumblebee – “blockbuster” of the series Transformers. He also appeared in the movie Fast & Furious 9, released in the middle of this year.

Dat Phan


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Norway suspects archery killer half-converted

Norwegian police say the suspect who killed five people with a bow and arrow may have mental problems and did not actually convert to Islam.

Regional Police Chief Per Thomas Omholt said today that authorities increasingly believe Espen Andersen Brathen, who admitted to using a bow and arrow to kill five people and injure three others in the middle of the week, is mentally ill.

The investigation also showed that the 37-year-old suspect was not too serious about his decision to convert to Islam.

“This person does not follow or practice the traditions prevalent in this culture and religion,” Omholt said.

The site Nettavisen previously published a video Brathen shared on social media in 2017. The Danish man called himself a “warning messenger” and claimed to be a Muslim.

The prosecution confirmed that Brathen was transferred to the health authorities on the evening of October 14. The suspect’s lawyer said the client needs to undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, which can take several months.

Espen Andersen Brathen, suspect in the murder of 5 people with a bow and arrow in Kongsberg, Norway on October 13 in a video shared in 2017. Photo AFP.

The suspect is under house arrest in the hospital. In addition to Brathen’s mental health issue, police will continue to investigate other theories about the motive, including “anger, revenge, impulsivity, jihad, illness or provocation”. Omholt revealed that the suspect admitted to murder but did not feel guilty.

The head of Norway’s intelligence agency, Hans Sverre Sjovold, said Brathen had been under the eye of the counter-terrorism agency, but did not disclose why. He said the suspect had been hospitalized several times.

“This could be an act of terrorism, but it’s important that we continue to investigate and determine the suspect’s motive,” Sjovold said.

It is likely that Brathen, if found guilty, will only receive a 21-year prison sentence, because this is the highest sentence in Norway, after the country abolished the life sentence in 1971. The same sentence applies to Anders Breivik, the killer who murdered 77 people at a summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utoeya in 2011.

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Another 3,797 cases of Covid-19

The localities where the number of infections decreased the most compared to the previous day: Tay Ninh (210), Binh Thuan (61), Dong Nai (61).

The localities that recorded the highest number of infections compared to the previous day: Soc Trang (414), Ho Chi Minh City (222), Ca Mau (168).

The average number of new infections in the country recorded in the past 7 days is 3,559 cases/day.

During the day, 93 deaths were recorded in: Ho Chi Minh City (61), Binh Duong (18), Tien Giang (4), Tay Ninh (2), Long An (2), Dong Nai (2), Dong Thap (1 ), Dak Lak (1), Kien Giang (1), Soc Trang (1).

The average number of deaths recorded in the past 7 days is 101 cases. The total number of deaths in Vietnam so far is 21,043, accounting for 2.4% of the total number of infections.

New infections in Ho Chi Minh City (1,131), Dong Nai (586), Binh Duong (533), Soc Trang (414), An Giang (170), Ca Mau (168), Kien Giang (82), Dong Thap ( 78), Tien Giang (70), Tay Ninh (64), Long An (47), Can Tho (43), Bac Lieu (40), Hau Giang (34), Gia Lai (30), Khanh Hoa (28) , Thanh Hoa (27), Nghe An (25), Thua Thien Hue (22), Tra Vinh (18), Vinh Long (15), Ha Nam (15), Quang Tri (13), Ba Ria – Vung Tau ( 12), Quang Binh (12), Ben Tre (12), Quang Nam (11), Binh Phuoc (11), Ninh Thuan (9), Son La (9), Binh Dinh (9), Lam Dong (8 ) , Dak Nong (8 ), Quang Ngai (7), Phu Tho (5), Kon Tum (4), Ha Tinh (4), Lai Chau (2), Yen Bai (2), Hung Yen (2), Thai Binh (2), Phu Yen (2), Hai Duong (1), Bac Giang (1), Lang Son (1), Lao Cai (1), Hanoi (1). In which, there are 1,475 cases in the community.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Vietnam has 857,639 infections, ranking 40/223 countries and territories, while with the ratio of infections / 1 million people, Vietnam ranks 155/223 countries and territories territory (8,710 cases per million people on average).

In the fourth epidemic, the number of new infections recorded in the country was 852,986 cases, of which 786,106 patients were declared cured.

There are 4 provinces and cities that have not recorded new cases for 14 days in the country: Bac Kan, Hoa Binh, Thai Nguyen, and Dien Bien.

Localities with high cumulative infections during this outbreak: Ho Chi Minh City (415,875), Binh Duong (224,492), Dong Nai (57,708), Long An (33,614), Tien Giang (14,844).

Regarding treatment, the number of recovered patients in a day was 918, bringing the total number of cured cases to 788,923. The number of serious patients being treated is 3,847 cases.

Regarding testing, in the past 24 hours, more than 120,000 tests have been performed for more than 211,600 turns of people. The number of tests from April 27 to now has done more than 20.7 million samples for more than 57.2 million people.

Regarding vaccination, on October 14, there were 1,311,040 doses of vaccine injected. Thus, the total number of doses injected is more than 59 million doses, of which the 1st dose is more than 41.8 million doses, the 2nd injection is 17.1 million doses.

On the morning of October 15, Hanoi temporarily withdrew the entry/exit checkpoint at the city’s gate number 8 on the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway. At the remaining 21 checkpoints of people and vehicles entering/exiting Hanoi, the regulations still apply that people passing through the checkpoints must have a certificate of having received 2 doses of vaccine, have negative test results for nCoV (rapid test or PCR) and health declaration.

Quang Binh province, on October 15, the Covid-19 patient treatment facility at Central Law College (Dong Hoi City) stopped operating. This is the second Covid-19 treatment facility to stop operating thanks to this locality having controlled the epidemic.


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The 90-year-old actor flew into space

AmericaWilliam Shatner, actor in the Star Trek series, became the oldest person to fly into space, while making a journey on Jeff Bezos’ ship.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Shatner, a 90-year-old Canadian actor, in tears after finishing an 11-minute flight to the edge of space and back to the Texas desert, USA on October 13.

The New Shepard rocket, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company Blue Origin, took off at 9:49 a.m. (Hanoi time), after two delays. Blue Origin director Audrey Powers, Planet Labs co-director Chris Boshuizen and Medidata Solutions background researcher Glen de Vries were also aboard the New Shepard passenger cabin.

Jeff Bezos was on hand to greet the crew members upon their return, with applause and celebratory champagne.

William Shatner (left) burst into tears next to billionaire Jeff Bezos after landing in the desert in Texas, USA on October 13. Photo: Blue Origin.

The crew spent several minutes in zero gravity while ascending to an altitude of 106 km, 6 km above the internationally recognized Karman space boundary line.

Like about 600 astronauts before him, Shatner was amazed at the experience of zero gravity and the beautiful Earth as seen from space.

“What you gave me was the most impressive experience I could imagine. I was really moved by what happened,” Shatner told Bezos.

In July, Blue Origin had its first passenger flight into space with the participation of billionaire Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, pilot Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old passenger from the Netherlands. youngest space tourism.

William Shatner is best known for his role as Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise in the sci-fi series Star Trek. The intergalactic voyages of the USS Enterprise drew Americans’ attention to space, as the United States launched its space program.

Thanh Tam (Follow AFP)


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GDP next year is expected to increase 6-6.5%

Given that the economy in 2022 is subject to many risks and challenges from the impact of Covid-19, the Government still sets a target of next year’s GDP growth of 6-6.5%.

This goal was stated by the Government in the report on socio-economic development plan for 2022, dated October 12.

Under the authorization to present the report, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung said that, although facing the serious impact of the global crisis in terms of health, economy and society for the first time, the economic The macro economy remained stable in the first 9 months of this year.

However, 4 out of 12 targets have not been achieved. Economic growth in the first 6 months of the year reached 5.64% compared to the same period in 2020, and the 4th outbreak had a serious impact when the growth in the third quarter decreased by 6.17%, dragging the GDP growth rate. 9 months only reached 1.42%.

Mr. Dung also said that the macro economy still has some potential risks; inflation pressure increases; export deceleration. “There was a situation of disruption in some production and supply chains; the circulation of goods was sometimes blocked in some places. Financial markets, real estate, and securities had hot times.” Minister of Planning and Investment commented.

It is expected that growth for the whole year will be at 3-3.5% depending on the country’s ability to open up, but these are all very difficult indicators to achieve.

About the projected socio-economic development plan in 2022Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung said that the Government set out 16 key indicators in the fields of economy, society and environment. In which, GDP growth rate is about 6-6.5%; Average CPI is about 4%; State budget deficit is about 4% of GDP…

Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Minister of Planning & Investment. Photo: Hoang Phong

Commenting, National Assembly Chairwoman Vuong Dinh Hue suggested that the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector still maintained growth in the third quarter and contributed to the overall growth of 0.35%. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly assess the supporting role of agriculture and how to promote agriculture in the coming time.

Meanwhile, the industrial and construction sectors were heavily affected by the 4th Covid-19 epidemic due to the implementation of strict social distancing measures, broken supply chains and dependence on the international market. Economic, logistics, freight transport, labor market faced many difficulties.

GDP of the construction industry in the third quarter decreased by 5.02%, bringing the 9-month increase to only 3.57%. Export growth of textile, leather and footwear industries slowed down. The phenomenon of supply chain disruption, labor chain, loss of customer orders has been happening. The service sector, the sector that has been hardest hit, is not easy to recover from.

The National Assembly Chairwoman emphasized that these are areas that need specific analysis, in order to have solutions for each area, they cannot be general. He noted that the solution for the last months of this year needs to clarify the prioritized content and at the same time carefully evaluate the 2022 context to have a suitable scenario.

Stated that the first important goal is to stabilize the macro-economy in association with social security, National Assembly Vice Chairman Nguyen Khac Dinh said that 2020-2021 is the most difficult period ever for the country. water. Therefore, it is necessary to have support packages with larger scale, stronger measures to recover the economy, stimulate investment demand, stimulate consumption demand and support people and businesses.

Synchronous fiscal and monetary policy, associated with administrative procedure reform, digital transformation, correction of responsible attitude of officials and civil servants, accelerated disbursement of public investment and promotion of social investment festival.

In addition, it is suggested that the Government examine, review and clarify some issues that have emerged over the past time for a report to the National Assembly such as the cost of Covid-19 test; personal charitable matters; the relocation of labor in the southern provinces, laborers returning to their homeland… Impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on disadvantaged groups who have difficulty accessing support policies and the implementation of national target programs on socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas.

Concluding the discussion, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Duc Hai said that forecasting the situation in 2022 still faces many difficulties, so it is necessary to analyze specifically and have breakthrough solutions to solve. In which, attention is paid to the decreasing trend of foreign capital inflows into Vietnam, difficulties for domestic private investment, and reduced growth potential for recovery.

The implementation of supportive policies will put great pressure on the state budget, increase bad debts of credit institutions, increase unemployment and job losses, laborers are leaving the provinces and cities. In large cities, there is a local labor shortage in some areas.

The National Assembly Standing Committee unanimously submits to the National Assembly for consideration and decision the socio-economic goals, targets, tasks and solutions in 2022 and the state budget at the second session, expected to open. next October 20.

Mr. Minh


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‘Culture’ ignores Facebook employees

Before Frances Haugen, some Facebook employees also spoke out about how the social network worked, but most failed and left in silence.

Earlier this year, when Frances Haugen was downloading thousands of pages of internal Facebook documents, another employee also submitted his resignation because there was no hope after many attempts to change the company. That person is Brian Waismeyer.

Frances Haugen testifies before the US Senate on October 5. Photo: Reuters

Like Haugen, Waismeyer is a member of Facebook’s equity control team. He expressed his displeasure on Workplace – where company employees often voice their opinions – through a farewell post. In it, he said Facebook has caused “particular difficulties” for people with jobs like him. He stressed the pressure was “to the point of hindering progress and incinerating those who struggled with it”.

Washington Post Collected Waismeyer’s content and leaked comments in the article, as well as the opinions of many former employees, and drew in common: Facebook is obsessed with growth, unwilling to implement systemic reform knowing full well how harmful they are, and ready to respond to political powers.

Interviewed former Facebook employees describe their “suffering process” at the world’s largest social network: from initial optimism that they could play a role in changing Facebook, to disappointment in what was seen inside the company, and finally to resigning because the attempt failed. A few chose to disclose it to the media, to lawmakers or release “sensitive” material, but they appear to have been isolated after that.

On Workplace, where about 60,000 Facebook employees are active, it’s often a place to “vent” frustration at work. They talk about being dismayed at the belief that they are on the front lines of protecting users from online hate and hurt, or just sharing years of dedicated internal projects that have been banned by management. reason aside.

The social network is currently facing an increasing number of complaints. This could put the company on the brink of danger: possibly under investigation by the US and regulators around the world. Observers say that a controversial company for 17 years like Facebook needs to be regulated to limit divisive and harmful content on the platform.

Some see Haugen’s testimony and the series of documents she shared with reporters and lawmakers as a step toward that goal. “I’m glad this document got to where so many people wanted it. It’s a way of bringing the voices of former employees to Congress and legislators to check disinformation in Facebook’s political ads.” , says Yael Eisenstat, a former Facebook executive.

“The culling of anecdotes from former employees doesn’t tell the story of how change is happening at Facebook. Our team has great experts who make the platform better.” , Joe Osborne, a spokesman for Facebook, said after the report of Washington Post. “Projects always go through rigorous reviews and debates, so there’s no shortage of debate and conflicting opinions.”

Fears that Facebook won’t change were reinforced by Mark Zuckerberg’s reaction to Haugen’s testimony. The head of Facebook has often apologized for the company’s mistakes in the past, but this time took a much tougher stance. He said Haugen created a “false picture of the company” and insisted the company had built an experience that meets the needs of young people while keeping them safe.

Former employees who warned Facebook

Not many people dare to stand up and denounce Facebook as openly and strongly as Haugen, some choose to remain anonymous or share in moderation. The reasons they gave were to avoid retaliation and to respect colleagues who are still working. As for Waismeyer, he described his experience as accurate, but declined to comment further “out of respect for the many great people still fighting the good fight” at Facebook.

When Waismeyer stepped down in March, he was one of the longest-serving researchers in his department. In 3 years working, he has 1 year in charge of a project to help victims with pornography. However, the project was abruptly dropped during restructuring and never deployed again, much to the annoyance of the entire team.

In the Workplace post, he said that people like him face a range of pressures. “Work value is weighed against legal and potential risk, and must be considered for lost profits if users reduce interaction on the platform,” Waismeyer wrote.

One former employee, who asked not to be named, describes how finding and dealing with a serious problem in private groups or containing hateful content repeatedly ran into roadblocks from Facebook itself. “They weren’t interested in what I suggested,” the former employee said. “Each time, they record it but leave it alone and are constantly delayed.”

In November 2020, Lindsay Blackwell, a researcher on equity controls on the Facebook platform, also sent a lengthy resignation letter. Before retiring, she worked in WoW – a project to tweak the hate speech detection algorithm. However, after the team spent more than a year creating solutions to reorient these algorithms, the project was abandoned.

Several other former and Facebook employees say groups like Haugen’s are often restructured several times a year. In the end, most were disbanded, causing dissatisfaction for many people. Most then choose to win the company in silence.

“We joined Facebook because we love the company,” one person said. “We want Facebook to be better, but over time, we find ourselves that the leaders are very indifferent, or ignorant. Sometimes, they don’t prioritize work.”

Bao Lam (follow Washington Post)


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The director of the beauty salon fell into a trap

Ho Chi Minh CityThe director of a beauty salon in District 1 asked Nguyen Huu Khoa, 34 years old, to do paperwork for many houses being bought and sold, but he “drawn” a lot of bogus money.

On October 8, Khoa – working as a real estate broker, was detained by the District 1 Police for his behavior Abuse of trust to appropriate property and Fraudulent appropriation of assets.

Defendant Nguyen Huu Khoa. Photo: Nhat Vy

According to the investigation, from 2016 to 2018, the director of the cosmetic hospital company on Nguyen Trai Street (District 1) repeatedly authorized Khoa to submit documents and pay taxes, carry out procedures for mass transfer of houses. bought and sold.

At the end of 2019, this man bought a house in the alley of Ly Thai To Street, District 3. According to the agreement, the buyer will bear the registration tax and personal income tax for the seller – about 200 million VND in total. Khoa was authorized by him to give money to carry out the paperwork in this transaction.

The investigative agency determined that Khoa was currently in debt due to a loss of investment, so he took the money of the hospital director to pay personal debt. He lied that he had finished paying his taxes, waiting to get his house papers issued.

Khoa continued to make up the story that 13 houses where the director of the beauty salon was asking for the procedure to change the name had to pay non-agricultural land use tax, asking to give 60 million VND to pay otherwise there would be problems in the buying and selling process.

Waiting for a long time without a house in District 3, the director of the beauty salon asked, Khoa made an excuse that the house had an excess land area, had to wait for the notice of the District 3 Tax Department.

At the beginning of November 2020, Khoa forged “land use tax payment notice” for this excess area of ​​more than 160 million VND. The beauty salon company was suspicious and asked an employee to follow the Faculty to receive the documents. Knowing that he was exposed, he fled.

After a long search, the District 1 police recently arrested Khoa. He admitted that due to his loss of business and poverty, he planned to appropriate a total of 260 million VND from the cosmetic company. This money has been used up by the Faculty, but the investigation agency has not recovered.

Nhat Vy


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iPhone 14 model with ‘perforated’ screen revealed

The series of photos that are said to be models of iPhone 14 shows that the device will have a “punch” screen design, no longer the notch like the iPhone 13.

Twitter account @RockLeaks share some product photos called iPhone 14 with many changes in appearance.

Leaked photos are said to be of iPhone 14. Photo: RockLeaks

Specifically, the front of the iPhone no longer has a notch design and is replaced by a “perforated” camera. Some previous sources said that Apple will hide the Face ID facial recognition sensor under the screen, or remove and replace it with Touch ID also hidden under the screen.

Meanwhile, the camera cluster is placed flat with the surface, not in a square module like on the iPhone 13. The lenses are located individually and slightly convex. In addition, the machine has a square design, steel frame, thinner screen border and 2 TB memory capacity, double the current 1 TB level.

Other alleged iPhone 14 images surfaced on Chinese social media.  Photo: Weibo

More images are said to be iPhone 14 with a punch-hole screen and two rear cameras. Photo: Weibo

After appearing, the image quickly attracted attention on Chinese social networks. However, most believe that this is not an actual photo of the iPhone 14, but just a graphical software build based on recent rumors.

In late September, analyst Ming-chi Kuo, who made many accurate predictions about Apple’s unreleased device, said that the iPhone 14 will have an in-display fingerprint sensor, a “punched” design and a cluster. The rear camera is flattened. The new design makes the overall smartphone more beautiful, but could be thicker.

Meanwhile, the account @PandaIsBald. Continue to use Face ID, not equip Touch ID under the screen for iPhone 14.

Nhu Phuc