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The Australian Premier has a ‘secret relationship’ with China politicians

New South Wales (NSW) Premier Gladys Berejiklian on October 12 spoke about the relationship with former Wagga Wagga city congressman Daryl Maguire, who is being investigated for involvement in a scheme to fraudulent public visas Chinese people.

Maguire was forced to resign in the NSW Parliament and as chairman of the NSW Parliamentary Asia Pacific Friendship group, after a 2018 investigation suggested he sought to assist property developers. Chinese real estate in land transactions.

Berejiklian said she had been in a relationship with Maguire since 2015 and called him “the most important person”. However, the NSW Premier said she asked Maguire to resign following the 2018 Independent Commission’s investigation on corruption (ICAC).

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian during a hearing in Sydney, Australia, on 12/10. Image: AAP.

Speaking to the media after the October 12 hearing, Berejiklian said she had “made a mistake in her personal life” with a relationship she did not even reveal to her closest family or friends. .

However, Berejiklian insisted she continued to hold the role of Premier of NSW because “did nothing wrong”. “People may have tried to influence me, but they have failed,” Berejiklian said, adding that she stopped contacting Berejiklian since September.

A new ICAC investigation is focusing on Maguire’s pursuit of business deals between 2012 and 2018, often involving “relations with China”.

Maguire is believed to have discussed with Berejiklian about his financial affairs, including his $ 1.5 million in debt, as well as his possibility of earning money from an airport land deal.

Maguire is “an exaggerator”, Berejiklian says, and she often sees him talking about deals as fantastical. The NSW Premier added she is a “woman independent of her own finances”, adding that she “never ignores inappropriate behavior”.

“I am very clear about my public responsibility and understand the difference between private life and public responsibility,” Berejiklian stressed.

The incident of Prime Minister Berejiklian and former MP Maguire took place in the context of conflicting Canberra – Beijing relations because of many problems. China is said to be “on sight” of Australia’s anti-foreign intervention, but Beijing has repeatedly denied interfering with Canberra.

Relations between the two countries are also serious due to many issues such as trade and influence competition in the Pacific region and have increased recently after Canberra called for an independent investigation of the origin of Covid-19.

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