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Men’s ‘wet dreams’

Nightmares, also known as “wet dreams”, is the phenomenon of ejaculation during sleep – a man’s normal physiology, not harmful to health and will gradually disappear.

Nightmares are often accompanied by sexual dreams, hence the term “wet dreams”. This phenomenon usually occurs at night but can also occur during daytime naps.

Doctor Le Duy Thao, Department of Andrology, Hong Ngoc General Hospital, said that nightmares mainly occur in adolescents, between the ages of 9 and 19, often also the first ejaculation marking the onset of sexual dysfunction. reproductive maturity of a man. Nightmares can occur in adult men who have not had sex or masturbated for a long time, helping to release the amount of sperm produced in the body.

Nightmares can also be encountered in cases of stimulation before and during sleep such as watching sex movies… Men with physical weakness, nervous tension or abuse of alcohol and stimulants can also have nightmares. .

Usually during adolescence, nightmares appear once or twice a month and will gradually disappear with adulthood and regular sexual activity.

According to doctors, this condition is not harmful to health, but too much nightmare can cause nutritional deficiencies, body weakness, fatigue. When too much sperm is ejaculated out of the body due to spermatorrhea, and the testicles do not have enough time to produce a new amount, it can make the sperm weaker and the number will also decrease.

Those who dream too much without treatment can lead to erectile dysfunction such as premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation or erectile dysfunction… affecting marital happiness.

In the case of thick dreams, men should exercise regularly, improve their physical and mental health, and reduce unnecessary sensitive thoughts. Limit stimuli before and during sleep; do not view “black” websites. Limit alcohol, stimulants, avoid stress. Choose the right size pants for your body, don’t wear too tight pants that will cause the penis to be stimulated, which is harmful to reproductive health.

Strengthen nutritional supplements, especially foods containing zinc, selenium, vitamins… good for reproductive health in men. In particular, children reaching puberty need to talk to their parents or a trusted person such as a doctor for advice on sex. Families need to be sensitive and share with their children so that they can better understand their bodies and avoid anxiety, shame and guilt.

“If the state of nightmares still does not decrease, affecting health and psychology, it is necessary to see a doctor for early diagnosis and timely treatment,” the doctor recommended.

Minh An


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Forcing his son to treat gay ‘diseases’

HanoiDiscovering that their 14-year-old son often learns about homosexuality and has many strange symptoms, the parents force him to go to the hospital for a check-up for “physiological abnormalities or genetic mutations”.

Seeing the doctor, the patient’s family expressed concern, fear that the child’s development would not be normal, “hoping to be treated soon”. At the Department of Andrology, Hong Ngoc General Hospital, on April 25, the teenager said that in the past 3-4 years, he has realized his gender is different, only has feelings for male friends and has a feminine divinity, but I dare not tell my family. When her parents forced her to go to the doctor’s office, afraid of revealing her secret, she protested, refused, and contradicted her family.

Doctor Le Duy Thao received the patient and said that he was gay, but homosexuality is not a disease, so he did not intervene in treatment. “I understand very well the psychology of the patient’s parents, their ultimate goal is to want their children to be happy, but maybe due to their limited understanding, the treatment is not appropriate,” the doctor said.

In this case, the doctor said that it is mainly psychological counseling for parents and children to understand each other better.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines homosexuality as not a disease., but people who have a sexual orientation with people of the same sex. Homosexuality and Transgender have been removed from the chapter by WHO Mental and behavioral disordersin International List of Diseases (ICD) in 1990 and 2019, respectively.

In fact, there are many parents who cannot accept the fact that their children are gay for fear of prejudices from society. Many families find a healer to worship, look to a doctor to hope to cure “gay diseases” for their children, unintentionally hurting children. Many people are afraid of the reputation, so they hide it, accepting the current life in torment.

Doctor Thao once advised a gay man to accept a wife to please his parents. The wife, after knowing the truth about her husband’s gender identity, decided to carry out in vitro fertilization to give birth, both as a mother and to avoid the reputation of marrying a gay man. “This is a very unfortunate case, causing a woman to miss her whole life,” the doctor shared.

The doctor advises people of the LGBT (gay) community, when they want to reveal their true gender to their loved ones, need to be calm, delicate and choose the right time. Relatives, especially parents of homosexuals, need to be equipped with knowledge and try to listen calmly or ask a doctor for help, to avoid hurting children leading to heartbreaking events.

Thuy An


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Old father gave birth to stunted children?

Many people believe that “old father and children pile up”, men get married and give birth late, the children are not born healthy, in fact age affects male physiology more than fetal health.

Dr. Le Duy Thao, Department of Andrology, Hong Ngoc General Hospital, explained that women only have a limited number of eggs, which cannot be increased; In males, sperm is produced continuously since birth. Men have the ability to produce sperm and maintain reproductive function for most of their life. However, as we age, testosterone levels decrease, libido decreases, and erectile dysfunction or ejaculation directly affects the quantity and quality of sperm, and the ability to fertilize is also reduced.

Age also puts men at risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and other metabolic diseases, negatively affecting the reproductive system such as erectile dysfunction… When evaluating fertility, the doctor needs to evaluate the health of the couple. In women, age not only causes difficulty in conceiving, but also increases the risk of fetal abnormalities. Therefore, the optimal recommended reproductive age for women is under 35 years old, men under 40 years old.

The doctor led a study in Massachusetts in 2010, the average frequency of intercourse in men under the age of 40 was 6.5 times / month. This frequency decreases once to twice a month after age 50 and once to twice a month after age 60. Besides, between the ages of 40 and 70, the probability of severe erectile dysfunction triples and increases twice that of the younger group. The frequency of intercourse decreases with age in part due to decreased sexual function.

“Sexual dysfunction does not affect sperm cells and can be overcome with current assisted reproductive technologies,” said Dr.

Doctor Ta Viet Cuong, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, said that the notion that an old father gives birth to a “pile” child is not entirely correct, because if the sperm has a non-abnormal set of chromosomes, a man can still give birth. produce healthy children. In addition, when men ejaculate there are hundreds of millions of sperm, the body will choose the best ones. Weak, malformed sperm are very difficult to swim to meet the egg. “The case of stunted children is often related to care, nutrition … not necessarily due to sperm when conceiving,” the doctor said.

According to Dr. Thao, the impact of age on the body is difficult to avoid. Therefore, men need to have an active lifestyle such as changing a reasonable diet with lots of green vegetables, avoiding fast food, not smoking, alcohol, stimulants.

Exercise regularly, maintain a reasonable weight, minimize stress, stress… Limit alcohol, beer, and tobacco. Take care of the body’s hygiene carefully, avoid repeated infections, which can easily cause infertility due to vasectomy. Have faithful sex with your partner and see a gynecologist early when there is an abnormality.

Thuy Anh


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Can low sperm count have children?

My husband and I have been married for over a year but have no children. My test results are normal, my husband has low sperm count, can we have children? (Hoa, 29 years old, Hanoi).


For men, having children or not depends a lot on the quality of sperm. If the sperm is healthy, the chances of conception will be higher and vice versa.

In theory, a man needs only one motile sperm to conceive naturally. However, the ability to conceive will be greatly affected if the quality of sperm decreases. With a regular cycle of ovulation and sex, the odds of a healthy couple getting pregnant naturally range from 15 to 20 percent. In the case of reduced sperm quality, depending on the degree of decline, this ratio will decrease. There are also some cases of sperm abnormalities, the conception rate is almost zero.

Sperm are only a small part of semen and cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, some changes may suggest a decline in sperm quality such as low semen volume, dilute semen, lumps, solidification, or color change from milky white to red or blue. To most accurately assess the quality of sperm, you should go to the hospital for a semen analysis when there are abnormal signs above or when the couple has regular sex for 6 months or more but still not pregnant.

In addition, men can improve sperm quality by adding some foods such as oysters and shellfish such as shrimp and crab; red meat and poultry; whole grains; yogurt and dairy foods; vegetable oil. Some green vegetables, spices such as broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, tomatoes, garlic, sweet peppers. Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, tobacco, processed foods…

In case you and your husband have been expecting a child for more than a year but have not had a child, active medical support and intervention is required. You should go to a reputable facility to check and choose the most effective treatment plan.

Hope you both have good news soon!

Dr. Le Duy Thao
Department of Andrology, Hong Ngoc General Hospital