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India deploys S-400 missiles, ready to deal with China

Indian officials said that five S-400 air defense systems purchased from Russia will be deployed in key areas to counter the threat from China.

An unnamed Indian official said yesterday that the country has received the first two S-400 long-range air defense systems from Russia, and Indian soldiers are installing the equipment and bringing them to the battlefield. The first complex can reach combat readiness in April, the rest will be operational before 2023.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kept the details of the deployment of the S-400 systems secret, but officials with knowledge of the matter said all five regiments will be located in key areas to be ready to respond. threats from China.

S-400 missile launchers deployed by Russia in Syria. Photo: TASS.

An unnamed source said that India has sent a message to the US through diplomatic and security channels, emphasizing that the S-400 missile contract serves national interests in the context that New Delhi faces military pressure from North Korea. Longitude along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is nearly 3,500 km long between the two countries.

Indian Air Force officials earlier this month announced that the country’s first S-400 regiment would be deployed to its base in the northwestern state of Punjab. Indian media said that this battlefield allows the Indian S-400 system to cover the border area with Pakistan, as well as part of the area adjacent to China’s Tibet region.

India ordered five S-400 long-range air defense missile complexes worth $5.5 billion from Russia in 2018. The US has repeatedly said that this could affect the plan to transfer defense technology. Washington for New Delhi in the future, and threatened to sanction the country under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) if the contract is fulfilled.

However, Indian officials insist that the S-400 purchase meets an urgent national security requirement, assuring the US that the systems will not endanger weapons that New Delhi has or has already purchased. will buy from Washington.

Analysts say that the S-400 is attractive to many countries, including key allies of the US, because it is considered one of the most modern weapons that Russia possesses, with many advantages. points do not appear on similar Western weapons.

Location Punjab state of India.  Graphics: Maps of India.

Location Punjab state of India. Graphics: Maps of India.

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The US is in danger of opening its ribs when it focuses on fighting China

As the United States increasingly focuses on fierce superpower competition with China, the United States can create a power vacuum in the Middle East or Europe.

During the Cold War, Europe was seen as a strategic priority for the United States. East Asia has received little attention from Washington, although the United States remains committed to ensuring the security of its allies in the region.

But in the fierce superpower competition between the US and China that many see as the “new Cold War”, Washington’s strategic priorities have been turned upside down. Currently, America’s security strategy is dominated by the threat from China, and East Asia has replaced Europe as the battleground for the world’s key geopolitical rivalry.

But as the United States focuses its resources on confrontation with China, the security consequences are becoming increasingly apparent, according to Minxin Pei, a professor at Claremont McKenna University and a member of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Adversaries are taking the opportunity to challenge America’s resolve. Iran has sought to cement its position in deadlocked negotiations over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the nuclear deal that the Trump administration withdrew from in 2018. Iran’s leaders appear to be seems to be betting that President Joe Biden will hesitate to use military force and get bogged down in a new Middle East war, when the US wants to focus on dealing with China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s current military threats to Ukraine appear to be based on such calculations, Pei said.

“Putin believes he has an opportunity to restore Russia’s influence in the region, because it is difficult for the United States to distract from its China-centric strategy,” Pei said.

President Joe Biden (left) talks online with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the White House on November 15. Photo: NY Times.

The recent moves of Russia and Iran are testament to the US dilemma. To increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome in its competition with China, the United States must maintain strategic discipline and stay away from the risk of another conflict that could put its focus and resources on the line. dispersed. Pei said Biden’s sudden and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 shows his administration’s resolve on the issue.

How tensions between the US and Iran and Russia will play out may need more time to be verified, but Pei believes that Washington will sooner or later face the same problem in many other places.

“Some regional powers may be tempted to bully their weaker neighbors because they think that America’s pivot to East Asia means they are less likely to encounter Washington’s military intervention,” Pei said.

Observers believe that the US focus on China will affect other regions in different ways, with the security impact in Latin America and Africa will be much less than in the Middle East. In Latin America and Africa, US policy in the coming years is likely to focus on economic, technological, and diplomatic competition with China.

The biggest security impact as the US pivots to East Asia will be felt in the Middle East, a region whose security is heavily dependent on the US. Focusing on China will most likely significantly reduce America’s role as regional “police”. While the United States continues to provide weapons and aid to its most important allies and partners, the Middle East will face a future without security patronage from Washington.

“If the US maintains its strategic focus on China, it will inevitably risk losing significant geopolitical influence in other regions. When it loses the US financial support or security guarantees, , countries will feel less influenced by Washington,” Pei said.

However, the US expert said that Washington’s decline in global position could also bring significant benefits, both for this country and the rest of the world. For the United States, maintaining its priority on superpower competition with China will help it reduce the risk of getting bogged down in unnecessary wars.

The dark side of US unipolarity for much of the post-Cold War era was Washington’s tendency to abuse its military power in international affairs, according to Pei. In the three decades since the end of the Cold War, the United States has sent military forces abroad almost every year, according to the US Congressional Research Service. In particular, the US has suffered very heavy losses in life and property in two major wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Elsewhere, America’s new geopolitical priorities will force countries that depend on Washington to learn how to fend for themselves, experts say. Some Middle Eastern countries are looking to rebuild relations and promote peace to prepare for the “absence” scenario of the US. Relations between several Gulf states and Israel have improved significantly in recent years.

In Europe, “strategic autonomy” may be just the call of a few regional powers. But as the United States increasingly shows its European allies that the region is only a secondary priority for Washington, the countries of the old continent will have to turn their words into actions.

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once declared that the US is the “indispensable country” of the world. This observation is believed to hold true for most of the post-Cold War era. But in an era of fierce confrontation with China, the United States may just be the indispensable superpower for East Asia, but not for other regions.

“When this reality happens, the rest of the world will have no choice but to adapt. That can lead to more military conflict, but it can also lead to more peace.” Pei commented.

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Toyota Tundra Capstone 2022 – luxury upgraded pickup

AmericaThe new generation of the large pickup has a new high-end equipment package to increase its competitiveness against rivals such as the GMC Sierra Denali.

Capstone becomes the highest version of the Tundra, with exterior differences such as chrome rearview mirror covers and 22-inch wheels and materials, also the largest rim size ever on a Tundra.

In addition, the pickup model also has a grille with chrome crossbars integrated with LED positioning lights and large “Tundra” letters on the rear door. Steps up and down on both sides and for the rear box are automatically folded and opened.

Tundra Capstone with large grille with integrated positioning lights. Photo: Toyota

If the old Tundra Platinum and 1794 models already had high-end features, the Capstone version takes it a step further with black-and-white contrasting premium leather seats. Heated leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Black walnut trim details on the dashboard, doors and center console. The car has a panoramic sunroof, the Capstone logo glows on the dashboard.

Tundra Capstone is equipped with a 12.3-inch digital clock, a 14-inch infotainment screen compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Other tech features include a 10-inch color HUD display, digital rearview mirrors, a 12-speaker JBL sound system, and a panoramic camera system.

The new generation pickup uses the i-Force Max hybrid system with a 48-horsepower electric motor that combines a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 and a 10-speed automatic transmission. Capstone thus has a capacity of 437 hp and 790 Nm of torque.

Tundra Capstone can carry up to 674 kg of cargo and towing capacity up to 4,690 kg. Customers can also choose the AVS adaptive suspension system.

Vehicles equipped with a range of driver assistance systems such as DRCC active cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, pre-collision warning and pedestrian detection. Other notable features include automatic high beams, traffic sign recognition assist, rear seat check reminder, rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring. There’s also parking brake assist – a feature that automatically brakes if a collision is possible while the vehicle is in a parking space.

The Toyota Tundra Capstone 2022 will be available at US dealers this spring. The company has not announced the price yet, but the new version is expected to be higher than the 1794 version currently selling for $ 57,700.

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Oscar 2022 will have a presenter

AmericaThe organizers of the Oscar 2022 said that the March 27 event will have a host after three years of eliminating this role.

Follow Variety, on January 11, Craig Erwich – director of ABC Entertainment – confirmed the information but did not announce the MC’s identity. Jimmy Kimmel is the closest person to be invited to host in 2017 and 2018. Some other artists selected in previous years are Chris Rock (2016), Neil Patrick Harris (2015), Ellen DeGeneres (2014), Seth MacFarlane (2013), Billy Crystal (2012) and James Franco, Anne Hathaway (2011).

Jimmy Kimmel leads the 2018 Oscars ceremony. Photo: ABC

In 2019, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences invited comedian Kevin Hart. However, he caused controversy when he posted a status line on social networks mocking the LGBT community. Hart decided to withdraw after the organizers asked him to apologize publicly.

Oscar 2019 did not have an MC but achieved a higher rating than the previous year. Academy and radio ABC decided to continue leaving this role for the next two years. The 2020 awards ceremony saw a slight decrease in viewership. However, the Oscars 2021 show dropped by more than half its audience – from 23.6 million to 10.4 million. This led the organizers to decide to return to the form of a guide organization as in the past.

The Oscars 2022 will take place on the morning of March 28 (Hanoi time) at a familiar location – Dolby Theater, Hollywood. Last year’s show had to move to Union Station in Los Angeles after being postponed due to the epidemic. On February 8, the Academy will announce this year’s list of nominees.

Jimmy Kimmel opens the Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards ceremony Oscars 2018. Videos: ABC

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Russian officials are pessimistic about dialogue with the US

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister expressed pessimism before the meeting with the US representative in Switzerland, saying that it was difficult for the two sides to reach a consensus.

“The United States does not understand Russia’s security guarantees. I will discuss it flexibly and non-stop, in order to prevent the West from stifling this process and burying it in persistent discussions.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov speaks before a meeting with his US counterpart Wendy Sherman in Switzerland today.

Deputy Minister Ryabkov held a press conference in Moscow in May 2020. Photo: Russian language.

Analysts said that Deputy Minister Ryabkov’s tough statements were intended to lower expectations about the possibility of the two sides reaching an agreement during the meeting. The remarks came just hours after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said there was still a possibility of negotiations in meetings between officials of the two sides in the near future.

“There are certain fundamental principles of international peace and security. It is not a matter of making concessions but of seeing what the two sides or all parties involved can do to reduce tensions in the context of the situation. dialogue and diplomacy,” Blinken said.

He said the US was ready to discuss measures such as arms control and the scope and scale of the exercises, but stressed that Russia needed reciprocity. Blinken rejected the possibility of discussing the US withdrawal from Eastern Europe and preventing NATO expansion.

Tensions between Russia and the West recently escalated after the US and NATO accused Russia of sending about 70,000-100,000 troops close to the border with Ukraine, expressing concern that the country could launch an all-out war. Russia denies the allegations and declares them “baseless”, insisting all military moves on its western border are purely for defensive purposes.

Representatives of Russia and the United States are scheduled to meet in Geneva, Switzerland, on January 10. After the meeting with the US, the Russian side will meet all 30 NATO members on January 12. This is the first time such a meeting has been held since July 2019.

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Robot can dig through the hardest rock

AmericaPetra, a San Francisco startup, has developed a “Swifty” heat-drilling semi-autonomous robot that can penetrate the hardest geological formations by crushing rock into powder.

Thanks to a combination of heat and high pressure, the tunneling robot can drill through hard rock. Photo: Petra

Instead of using a mechanical drill, the robot “Swifty” uses a hot drill with high pressure to remove the rock layer without direct contact. In a recent test, Swifty tunneled 45 – 152 cm wide through crumbling all kinds of rocks. The test involved a 60cm wide tunnel through 6m of sioux quartzite, the hardest rock on Earth that can only be broken with explosives. The robot tunnels at a speed of about 2.5 cm/min.

“Previously, there was no method that could dig through this hard rock. Petra’s achievement was thanks to Swifty’s thermal drilling method that was able to effectively cut through rock without touching,” said Ian Wright, director. Petra’s chief technology officer, said.

Petra’s robot uses machine vision, an artificial intelligence system that allows the robot to “see” and make decisions based on obstacles it encounters. When in operation, the robot breaks the rock with a mixture of hot gases above 1,000 degrees Celsius, turning the rock layer into smaller debris. After the rock layer is broken, a powerful vacuum cleaner sucks up the debris, clearing the way for the robot to continue drilling.

“Petra can drill through the hardest geological formations in the ground, allowing customers to install equipment underground in rugged geographies prone to wildfires and rainstorms. In addition, we can simply digitize projects in the city by allowing engineers to locate beneath the existing infrastructure maze,” a Petra company representative shared.

Petra’s technology was inspired by an experiment conducted by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the 1960s. They designed a nuclear-powered tunneling machine that could travel through the upper mantle of the Earth or even the crust of the Moon. That rock-melting drill never materialized, but Petra learned from the project and performed its first tests in an industrial park in Oakland, California in 2018. Initial testing used plasma but the techniques Engineers quickly switched to gas and heat to make the device less bulky.

Petra’s Swifty robot aims to dig tunnels through bedrock cheap enough to provide the incentive for businesses to put power lines, network wires and other lines underground. According to Petra, Swifty’s thermal drill can reduce the cost of tunneling through bedrock by 50-80%. The company is testing thermal drilling with rocks ranging from granite to limestone in areas from California to the Appalachian Mountains.

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McConnell accuses Democrats of ‘taking advantage’ of Capitol Hill riots

Senate Republican leader McConnell accused Biden and Democrats of using the anniversary of the Capitol Hill riots for political gain.

“January 6, 2021 is a dark day for Congress and our country. Parliament House, where the first branch of the federal government is located, has been attacked by criminals. police brutality and use force to try to prevent Congress from carrying out its duties,” Senator Mitch McConnell said in a statement.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on January 5. Photo: AFP.

According to McConnell, the “embarrassing scene is against the law” and expressed gratitude to the Capitol Police for stopping the violence, while also criticizing Democrats for trying to take advantage of the celebration of the event.

“It is surprising to see some Democrats in Washington trying to use this anniversary to advance partisan policy goals that have existed long before this event. It is amazing to hear some members Senate Democrats cite the mob’s attempt to disrupt our nation’s norms, rules, and institutions as a justification for getting rid of the norms, rules, and institutions themselves.” he emphasized.

McConnell made the comments while leading the delegation to attend the funeral of the recently deceased senator in Atlanta, Georgia. President Joe Biden is scheduled to give a speech about the riots later today.

Crowds supporting former President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021 stormed Capitol Hill during the US Congress meeting to certify Biden’s victory. The riot in the parliament house left 5 people dead and caused millions of dollars in damage, order was restored only after the Pentagon deployed the National Guard to respond.

House Democrats then sought to impeach Trump, but he was acquitted by the Senate.

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Tesla recalls nearly half a million vehicles due to camera and trunk lid defects

AmericaThe electric car company is calling for more than 475,000 vehicles including Model 3 and Model S related to defects in the rear camera and front trunk lid.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also discussed with Tesla about another camera failure, while reviewing the company’s driver assistance system.

The vehicle models involved in the recall range from 2014 to 2021, and the total number of vehicles involved is roughly equal to the number of vehicles Tesla will deliver to customers in 2020, or about 500,000 vehicles.

The Tesla Model S is recalled due to a defect in the front trunk lid. Photo: Tesla

Specifically, out of more than 475,000 vehicles that were called for repair, there were 356,309 Model 3s from the 2017-2020 model year due to a rear camera error, and 119,009 Model S vehicles that had problems with the front trunk lid. Since the Tesla is an electric vehicle, the place that used to be the front engine compartment doesn’t need to be used to store the engine, but to store things.

With the Model 3, “the rear camera’s cable may become impacted every time the trunk is opened or closed, affecting the display image,” NHTSA said.

There have been 2,301 insurance claims as well as 601 defect reports on vehicles in the US.

With the Model S, trouble with the trunk door can lead to the front trunk lid opening without warning and blocking the driver’s view, increasing the risk of a crash, according to Tesla.

Tesla said it is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the above defects in this recall, NHTSA said.

Also in December, NHTSA spoke to Tesla about problems with the side cameras of some models. CNBC once reported, that Tesla had replaced faulty cameras that were installed on the front bumpers on some models without the recall.

The same month, NHTSA began investigating 580,000 Tesla vehicles due to a feature called “Passenger Play” that even allows drivers to play games while driving. Soon after, the company stopped activating this feature on the car.

In February, under pressure from the NHTSA, Tesla had to agree to recall 135,000 vehicles because the touch screens could be damaged and increase the risk of collisions. In August, NHTSA opened a safety investigation into Autopilot driver assistance technology after a series of crashes involving Tesla vehicles and priority vehicles.

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Wildfires destroy hundreds of homes

AmericaThe Colorado fire, fueled by high winds, burned more than 2,500 hectares of forest and hundreds of homes in one day, but caused no casualties.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado, USA, on December 30, confirmed that 370 homes west of the town of Superior and 210 in the old town had been destroyed by a wildfire that broke out on the morning of the same day.

The US National Weather Service recorded winds during the wildfires in two counties of Jefferson and Boulder at more than 160 km / h. The agency’s statement described it as a “historic hurricane” in the region.

According to Governor Jared Polis, high winds caused the fire to be enough to swallow “a football field in seconds”. Superior Mayor Clint Folsom shared that he witnessed with his own eyes houses “exploding” because of the fire and high winds that hit at an unbelievable speed.

“It was one of the most intense experiences of my life,” Folsom recalls.

The house in Louisville, Colorado was burned down in a wildfire on December 30 with winds of more than 160 km/h. Photo: AFP

The local government has issued an emergency evacuation order for about 35,000 people, asking them to leave their homes immediately and leave all their belongings behind. As of December 31, authorities have not recorded any casualties in the fire.

Sheriff Joe Pelle said a short power line was the cause of the fire. About 15,000 households, most of them in Boulder County, were still without power on the morning of December 31.

“We lost our homes, vehicles and all of our possessions when the fire hit the residential area. Thank you to everyone who sent out offers of support. We are still looking for a way to restart our lives and feel grateful. I feel lucky to be healthy,” Math Smith, assistant coach of the University of Colorado football team, shared about the recent horrifying experience.

The fire ended as quickly as it started. By the morning of December 31, the fire had been extinguished after burning more than 2,500 hectares of forest and surrounding areas. After the fire, the weather in Colorado suddenly turned opposite, with 12-25 cm of snow forecast for the first day of 2022.

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The camera automatically reads license plate data

AmericaThe cameras capture license plates from a distance of 22.9 m, at speeds up to 160 km / h, “reading” whether the car is lost, or someone’s missing.

A Plainfield father walks away from his car at a gas station after his payment card was declined at the pump. Minutes later, his car was stolen with his 6-month-old daughter still in the car.

When the car was found and the unharmed child returned to his family a few hours later, officers at the Plainfield Police Department (PPD) knew it was time to turn to technology to help solve similar cases in the future. future.

Flock Safety’s camera works on solar energy, and connects wirelessly. Photo: Flock Safety

Earlier this year, PPD purchased 12 cameras that automatically read license plates from Flock Safety, an Atlanta-based developer of public security systems. The cameras assist law enforcement by recognizing license plates and other vehicle characteristics, instead of the speed camera’s feature of recording speed and capturing images of offending vehicles, including faces. driver. Therefore, on the company’s website there is a line “Don’t take a picture of your face, take a number plate!”.

By connecting to the national crime database, the system can send an alert to the police if a stolen car is passing by, or a vehicle belonging to a suspect is being sought, or vehicle related to a missing person.

A license plate was captured automatically by the camera, with the information that the vehicle of the local nonresident was a gray SUV, and was recorded 3 times in the last 30 days.  Photo: Flock Safety

A license plate was captured automatically by the camera, with the information that the vehicle of the local nonresident was a gray SUV, and was recorded 3 times in the last 30 days. Photo: Flock Safety

The cameras, which cost $27,000, were installed in September on major roads around the city. The camera is powered by solar energy and connects wirelessly.

Flock Safety provides similar security equipment to more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies in 40 US states. According to the company, these cameras can capture license plates from vehicles traveling at speeds up to 160 km/h and from a distance of 22.9 meters, day and night.

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