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More than 400 central doctors continue to support the South

More than 400 doctors, nurses and technicians from 5 institutes including: Central Obstetrics and Gynecology, Bach Mai, Huu Nghi, K and E, entered Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces for support.

On the morning of August 19, 122 medical staff of Central maternity hospital including doctors, nurses, midwives in the hospital, on the way to Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces. They have been tested, screened and vaccinated against Covid-19 before, trained and professionally trained.

This is the second hospital visit. At the end of July, 33 doctors, nurses and technicians arrived in Ho Chi Minh City.

On the same day, 10 doctors and 20 nurses of Huu Nghi hospital also entered Tien Giang, under the specialties of emergency, intensive care and anti-poison. This is the second time the hospital has paid for Tien Giang hospital.

Doctors and nurses of Bach Mai Hospital see off the Ho Chi Minh City hospital delegation on August 18. Photo: The English

Yesterday, nearly 200 officials, doctors, nurses, medical staff of Bach Mai Hospital to work at Field Hospital 16, Ho Chi Minh City. Bach Mai Hospital is operating and managing the 500-bed Covid-19 Patient Resuscitation Center here. This is the 5th deployment of Bach Mai Hospital, bringing the number of medical staff to the South to nearly 500.

25 medical staff KY Hospital, belonging to the 3rd round of aid, received a task at the Dong Nai Covid-19 Resuscitation Center, on August 18. As the youngest member of the delegation, nurse Nguyen Doan Hung, Faculty of Internal Medicine 2, said “optimistic spirit, just hoping to contribute a small part to the common victory”.

On the same day, 22 doctors and nurses E . Hospital and 25 teachers and students of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hanoi National University also set out for Dong Thap.

Lung central hospital send doctors and nurses to Dong Nai to assist at the Intensive Care Center for Covid-19 patients, aiming to minimize the mortality rate, especially in patients treated on the second floor.

Doctors and nurses at the Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital cut their hair before sending aid to the South.  Photo: Provided by the hospital

Doctors and nurses at the Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital cut their hair before sending aid to the South. Photo: Hospital provides

To date, 13,145 health workers in the North have participated in the fight against the epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces. In which, the Ministry of Health has mobilized 11,411 health workers, including 1,054 doctors, 2,145 nurses and 6,008 lecturers and students of medical schools.

The provinces/cities in the North and Central regions sent 1,734 health workers, including 438 doctors and 1,248 health workers and volunteers.

The rest are staffs who assist with administrative work, logistics, tracing…, assist in taking samples for testing and transporting test samples…

The Ministry of Health has distributed 4,975 ventilators (including 4,080 high-flow HFNC ventilators), 191 RT-PCR testers, 93 extractors, 10 ECMOs, 50 dialysis machines and millions of rapid antibody tests. resources, for Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces.

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