August 1, 2021

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“Summer from 8:30 p.m. on Sunday”. In the sails of an eco-friendly cargo ship

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The magazine’s summer series 8:30 p.m. on Sunday“(Twitter, # 20h30LD) offers a unique collection of portraits, beautiful stories and extraordinary places. For this new number, direction the Atlantic for a slightly crazy adventure on the way to becoming a winning bet.

Let’s go for a crossing of the ocean, not aboard a racing or cruise ship, but a twenty-four meter sailboat designed to transport goods.

Relaunching sailing in the merchant navy

The Grain of Sail is capable of conveying up to fifty tonnes of cocoa, coffee or organic wine. It is the brainchild of twin brothers Olivier and Jacques, two enterprising Bretons who were looking to relaunch sailing in the merchant navy.

> A report by Marie-Pierre Farkas, Patrice Cailloneau and Anthony Santoro.

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