May 14, 2021

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Suicide of medical interns: “A silent tribute” scheduled for Saturday at 2:30 pm in front of the Ministry of Health in Paris

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An intern has committed suicide every 18 days since January, alert the National Intersyndicale of Medical Interns. In question, the working conditions and the hellish pace imposed by the Covid-19 crisis.

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A silent rally is organized on Saturday April 17 at 2:30 p.m. in front of the Ministry of Health, organized by the National Intersyndicale des Interns en Médecine (Isni), in tribute to the interns who committed suicide because of their working conditions.

“It is a silent tribute to all the interns killed by the public hospital”, explained Saturday April 17 on franceinfo Alexandra De Sousa Dantas, vice-president of Isni, while five interns have committed suicide in France since the beginning of January, that is to say one every 18 days. “Interns are three times more likely to commit suicide” than the rest of the population of the same age “, specifies Alexandra De Sousa Dantas.

“The situation was already alarming before the health crisis”, reminds the intern. And the crisis has “aggravated the discomfort”. A campaign “protect your internal” was launched at the end of March by Isni, underlines Alexandra De Sousa Dantas, to “denounce the working conditions of interns” who work “more than 60 hours per week” normally, one working time “which can take up to 90 hours because of the health crisis”.

During this “moment of contemplation”, will be present “three families of deceased interns who will give a speech”. Flowers will be placed “at the foot of the Ministry of Health” as well as “gowns of deceased interns” and “posters with their first name and date of death”. “Our only demand is to be received only with the families by the cabinet of Olivier Véran”, adds the representative of the intersyndicale.

If you need help, if you are worried or if you are confronted with the suicide of a member of your entourage, there are anonymous listening services. Line Suicide listen can be contacted 24/7 on 01 45 39 40 00. Other information is also available on the website of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

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