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Sudden death after fasting to pray for Trump from Covid-19

IndiaBussa Krishna Raju, 38, suddenly died from a cardiac arrest after days of not eating or sleeping to pray for Trump to get rid of Covid-19.

Bussa Krishna Raju passed out at a relative’s home in Medak district, Telangana state, central India, and was declared dead at the hospital on October 11 by doctors.

According to friends, Raju, an ardent fan of US President Donald Trump, was shocked to hear that his idol and his wife were positive for nCoV.

“He spent many sleepless nights, fasted and prayed for President Trump to recover for the past 3-4 days,” said a relative of Raju.

Bussa Krishna Raju and Trump worship corner at home in Telangana state in February. Image: AFP.

Raju admires President Trump for his straightforwardness and assertiveness in protecting America’s interests. He caught the attention of international media last year when he hired 15 workers to build a 1.8-meter tall, $ 1,778 Trump statue in the house to worship.

The villagers believed that he should see a psychiatrist, but Raju insisted that this was a testament to his love for the US President.

Bussa Krishna Raju at home in Telangana state in February.  Photo: AFP.

Bussa Krishna Raju at home in Telangana state in February. Image: AFP.

“Every Friday I fast to pray for Trump to live forever. I also take a photo of him and pray before doing anything. He is like a god to me,” Raju once told the media. Indian communication.

In February, he pleaded with the Indian government to let himself see Trump when he visited the country.

The President of the United States announced that he had a CoV infection on the morning of October 2 and then went to the Walter Reed Army Hospital for treatment, before returning to the White House on October 5. Trump announced today that he was “completely negative” for the virus and is about to resume election events.

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