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Students of the Integrated English program practice pronunciation for free with AI

They practice pronunciation of English words and sentence structure with the AI ​​system that can evaluate and respond immediately.

This allows students to actively practice pronunciation of vocabulary and sentence structures learned in class at any time according to their own personal review schedule. The feature will be deployed synchronously throughout the EMG LMS system and is free for students of the integrated English program.

“When learning with artificial intelligence, students will feel more confident and can correct their own mistakes to find the best pronunciation,” a representative of EMG Education shared.

The AI ​​learning system has a modern design that can immediately detect pronunciation errors that students encounter and give useful feedback to students in real time. The system also records all students’ pronunciation so that they can listen back and compare with the teacher’s sample pronunciation, thereby finding the difference.

Students practice pronunciation with AI according to vocabulary and sentence patterns learned in the integrated English program.

Also according to a representative of EMG Education, learning with artificial intelligence has brought positive results for students around the world. Among those who have had at least three months of experience practicing pronunciation with AI, 90% noticed significant improvement in themselves and 95% expressed feeling more confident using English for tasks. purpose of study, work and daily communication (customers send source check).

Integrated English is an educational program jointly implemented by the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City and EMG Education and put into teaching at public schools in Ho Chi Minh City from the second semester of the 2014-2015 school year. .

With the motto for the development of students, the EMG Education program implementation unit has invested and implemented advanced teaching methods as well as invested in modern educational technology and software systems to provide effective learning experiences for students.

At the beginning of the school year 2021-2022, this unit has invested in developing and putting into use the EMG Learning Management System (EMG LMS) online learning materials system for the integrated English program. With this system, students can access online to review the content learned during the week as well as learn in advance about the content to be learned in the next lectures. According to a representative of the educational unit, this new learning tool received the support and response of students.

Le Trinh Gia Bao, a 5th grader at Nguyen Binh Khiem School, Ho Chi Minh City, thinks that the LMS site is very good and has a lot of good and useful things. Nguyen Huynh Dang Khoi, a 4th grader at Minh Dao Primary School, District 5, shared that the website has many exercises to review English and the teaching method is also easy to understand. Meanwhile, Duong Boi Ngoc, another 4th grader of the Head of Minh Dao Primary School, said: “I find this program very useful for reviewing the lesson that students have just learned that day and taking multiple-choice tests. so that students can recall the lesson. That quiz is fun to learn and play at the same time.”

Integrated English students use the EMG LMS system to access learning content.

Integrated English students use the EMG LMS system to access learning content.

After receiving positive results in the implementation of the EMG LMS online learning system, the educational organization EMG Education continues to bring a new learning experience to the students of the program through the application. artificial intelligence (AI) technology in foreign language learning and plans to deploy more attractive applications in the near future.

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