May 14, 2021

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Struggling to solve the problem because my child dropped out of school unexpectedly

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HanoiWhile preparing clothes and books for his children to return to his hometown after a few hours in the capital, Hung sighed, blaming the Department of Education and Training for not announcing any earlier.

“This time, I also calculated correctly but still have to do wrong. If I don’t let my children go to Hanoi, the semester is miserable,” said the 38-year-old father after receiving the notice that Hanoi students stopped going to school on May 4. .

Hung explained about his “correctness”, before the whole family went home for a holiday, seeing Covid-19 infection in the community in some provinces, he thought of letting his children stay in his hometown because Maybe the school leaves school to prevent epidemics. However, according to the old schedule, his two children will have to take the final exam on May 4, so he and his wife still have to send their children to Hanoi. Early in the morning of May 3, the whole family took the car back to Hanoi to avoid traffic jams. Unexpectedly in the evening they had to pack back

“Before I got up, I asked my friends who worked in the same industry, but no one was sure if I could quit or not,” said the father, a professor at the university.

For more than a year, the husband and wife of Thanh Hoa have been accustomed to the turmoil in the “89th minute” of the epidemic. On Lunar New Year, he rented a 16-seat bus for his family to return to his hometown. The car only had five people, but he rented it extensively because he had to pack books, computers, clothes … for his children, in case the children had an unexpected holiday like Tet the previous year. That time, Hung was right.

Hung’s wife is a teacher at a private school, so because of the translation, the whole family can quit school and work. In the midst of unstable income and large number of children, they decided to do a round trip the next morning. “I would rather be tired for half a day and go back to pick vegetables in the garden, buy fish from the countryside to eat every day than have to borrow money to buy rice in the capital,” said Huong, wife of Hung.

Having to leave school, Lan Anh’s daughter was sent to her grandmother. After more than 20 days of reuniting with her family, her son in Class One followed her mother to the office. Image: Lan Anh Vu.

Not falling into the “just turned around” scene like Hung’s family, but Lan Anh, in Ha Dong, is equally awkward. 20 days ago, she took her 18-month-old daughter to Hanoi after nearly half a year sending her to her mother’s mother’s house to avoid epidemics.

Every day, after work, the mother is busy with two children, but the couple still try to help the young daughter get acquainted with the kindergarten, with new friends. “Being close to my children, hugging them, my heart is always happy and warm,” said Lan Anh. When the child no longer cries when entering class, no longer hugs and hugs because he is afraid of his mother going away, the epidemic returns. Receiving notice of absence from school, Ms. Lan Anh is dumb With no other way, the woman calls back to her hometown to ask for help from her mother.

The mother accepted the invitation, Lan Anh was eager to pack her things up so that tomorrow she could take time off from work and bring her home early. “She can be assured that she will have her mother by her every night and she will have to leave her mother tomorrow”, she tears.

At Lan Anh company, colleagues were also fussing because their children missed school, but their parents still went to work. Some of them choose to split morning and afternoon shifts to look after their children, before being supported by relatives. Some people with children of the same age invite children to work with friends. Lan Anh’s first-grade son will also go to his mother’s office to join the “children’s association”.

Previous times when she heard that Hanoi gave her students out of school, Ngoc Huyen from My Dinh, Hanoi picked up the phone and immediately called her grandparents in the hometown to look after or send her children home. But this time I was not able to go back to my hometown, neither was the person finished because my grandparents lived in Ha Nam epidemic area.

The family is 8 years old, the child is 4 years old, the husband is busy with work, Huyen is forced to plan how the child can be cared for and the mother can still go to work. Last year, she had to take care of her baby during the day, work night, until 2-3am. The family is still considering whether to send their children to the hometown or not because Ha Nam has had many consecutive cases of illness. “Just being afraid of taking the child back to the hometown, there are problems. It is very bad for each person to be separated from each other,” the mother sighed.

Even so, I still plan to call a mechanic to install 3 more cameras around the house tomorrow morning, in case if my child has to stay at home for a long time, my parents will still be able to monitor them. “Translate does not know when it will end, now instead of finding a temporary solution, I plan on the long term. Children are independent and their parents are more secure, ”said the 39-year-old mother.

Hanoi students continue to study online at home due to the resurgence of the epidemic.  Photo: Hai Hien.

Hanoi students continue to study online at home due to the resurgence of the epidemic. Image: Hai Hien.

Just press the button to post news in the group connecting the teachers to receive babysitting at home, Bich Thuy in Cau Giay, startled to realize that dozens of “advertisements” appeared before with several hundred people also sharing the same needs. .

After a while consulting the price and the program at home, Thuy “pegs” the babysitting price from 7:30 to 17:00, which is 200,000 VND. All I know is that the person who will take care of her child tomorrow is a 25-year-old kindergarten teacher from Hoan Kiem. “When she arrives, I will ask to see her identity card. My house also has a camera so I can rest assured,” she said, as if to reassure herself.

Minh Anh, a private school teacher, also posted news to recruit students to teach at home. A 23-year-old teacher said that the epidemic caused a sudden increase in the need to find a babysitter at home. Just two hours after posting, Minh Anh received nearly 20 calls. Knowing that many colleagues are suffering from unemployment, she stands as the leader of the team, “accepting applications” to share with her colleagues.

“We design the lessons in accordance with the child’s age, every day we receive money on that day. Some parents criticize the price of 200,000 is a bit high, but they can not bargain, they accept”, Minh Anh said.

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