August 1, 2021

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Stress due to corona, the company gave a week off to 700 employees

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  • Companies care about employees
  • Leave to reduce stress
  • Many employees are still working from home

New Delhi. Everybody knows about dating and relationship app Bumble. The Bumble Company has taken a commendable decision in the interest of its employees and has closed its office for a week. A total of 700 employees have been sent on leave due to the stress caused by the ongoing epidemic. Many people are stressed because of this epidemic. The decision has been taken to overcome this situation and provide relief to the employees.

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Corona guidelines have been repealed in many countries, companies are now paying attention to their employees and many companies are also making such decisions to increase the productivity of their work. Currently many such people are still working from home.

The company’s focus on employee health

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. And JPMorgan Chase & Co. While companies like have begun recalling all vaccinated employees to the office, Apple Inc. is poised to adopt a hybrid work from home strategy. So, employees can work from home indefinitely, according to Twitter.

Fear of harassment of companies

According to a study by Microsoft Corporation, a total of 41% of people will be out this year. In such a situation, many companies are afraid of losing their employees. Their attitude can change at any time. Notably, Bumble employees have been granted paid leave. Some companies are trying to relax their employees. Citigroup Inc. It had announced in March that it would ban zoom calls. At the same time, some companies have arranged higher salaries and meals for their employees.

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