Smartphone Apps: No need for CCTV! With the help of these 4 apps, you can keep an eye on your home for 24 hours

New Delhi: Smartphone Apps: CCTV camera is very important for home security. Often we are constantly out of the house for work. Also, the safety of household items is very important when visiting the village. Even in urban areas, burglary incidents are frequent during the day. In addition, CCTV is also required for the safety of children and the elderly in the home. However, the price of a good quality CCTV camera is high. So often you don’t install such cameras. However, you can even monitor your home 24 hours a day with the help of your smartphone. For this you will use the apps available for free on the Play Store. Let’s learn about similar apps.

Manning app

You can keep an eye on your home without having to use a CCTV camera with the help of the Manning app. For this you need to have a smartphone with Wi-Fi and camera facility. It allows you to keep an eye on your home. Also, the app sends alerts about an event. It also lets you watch live streams.

Travel Safe app

With the help of this app you can get information about emergency services while traveling anywhere. The app ensures that the facility will be available immediately in case of emergency. This app provides information on medical, police, fire brigade, etc.

Cerberus Personal Safety App

With this app you can share real time location with relatives and friends. This will let you know the location of others. The special thing is that this map also opens in the browser.

Proton VPN app

You can use this app for free with any bandwidth limit. This app does not track your movements. It takes full care of privacy and security. In the meantime, these apps are available on the Play Store, and you can download them for free. With the help of these apps, you can easily keep an eye on your home through your smartphone.

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