May 14, 2021

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Sheffield fastest drop in Premier League

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0-1 defeat to Wolves on April 17 caused Sheffield to officially relegate, when the Premier League still has six rounds.

Relegation after round 32 is the worst record in the Premier League. In addition to Sheffield, three other teams in the same situation are Ipswich Town, Derby County and Huddersfield Town. The only thing Sheffield can improve from the aforementioned teams is the score at the end of the season. Teacher Paul Heckingbottom has 14 points, thanks to four wins and two draws.

Sheffield scored 17 goals and conceded 56 times, both of the worst Premier League stats this season. Image: Sky.

“Today was a very sad day for the team,” defender John Egan told Sky Sports after Sheffield lost to Wolves. “We work hard to be able to play in the Premier League. It’s hard to cope with relegation right now. We didn’t play well with too many disappointing statistics. When we felt we played well. Up, as before Wolves today, the bad results are still repeated.

Sheffield was ranked ninth in the Premier League last season. They were the first team since Birmingham in the 2010-2011 season to be relegated despite reaching the top half of the scoreboard last season. Former coach Chris Wilder had hoped to bring Sheffield into the European Cup group at the start of this season. But earning just two points before the start of 2021 makes Sheffield a strong candidate for relegation.

It was not until early January 2021 that Sheffield won their first match against Newcastle. They were, then, shocking by beating Man Utd. But since then, Sheffield has won just two more games, against Aston Villa and West Brom. They lost 26 games and Wilder was forced to leave on March 13. Heckingbottom, manager of the Sheffield Academy, was selected as a temporary replacement.

While Sheffield became the first team to drop out of the Premier League this season, Norwich City were the first team in the Championship to win promotion tickets. Thanks to the third Swansea team being held on April 17, Norwich’s top 2 position was guaranteed. They are even about to touch the championship with 90 points, eight points ahead of Watford with four rounds remaining.

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