June 15, 2021


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Sentenced to prison for ’emotionless’ recording the dying police

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AustraliaRichard Pusey, 42, took out his phone to record and made an expressionless, obscene comment when he saw four policemen dying after the accident on the highway.

On April 28, Pusey was sentenced to 10 months in prison by a court in Victoria for four offenses: Committing violation of fine customs in public places, Careless acts causing injury, Speeding the vehicle, and Prohibited substance possession.

Richard Pusey (gray shirt) in 2020. Photo: Shutterstock.

This is the first time anyone has been charged with charges Violating fine customs in Victoria since 1963, according to The New York Times.

In addition to imprisonment, Pusey was also fined 1,000 AUD, stripped of his driver’s license for two years, and subjected to a two-year probationary period after being released from prison.

According to authorities, one day in April 2020, Pusey was stopped by police on the eastern highway of Melbourne for running at 93 miles per hour. The maximum speed on this section is 62 miles per hour.

While four policemen were working, a truck crashed into the authorities, Pusey’s car, and two police cars were parked in the emergency stop lane.

Pusey was not injured because he was urinating in the bushes. He did not help the injured policemen, but pulled his phone back to the scene.

In the video, Pusey profaned and made comments like “justice”, “great”, “gorgeous”. When asked by passersby for help, Pusey said “they’re dead” and resumed filming. Four policemen all died later.

The police car was crushed by a truck.  Photo: AAP.

The police car was crushed by a truck. Image: AAP.

In court, Pusey admitted four charges against the charges. His behavior was identified by the judge as “insensitive, cruel, and disgraceful”.

Pusey’s 10-month prison sentence has been counted since he was taken into custody in July 2020. After serving this sentence, Pusey will most likely still be in prison for a crime unrelated.

Two weeks ago, Mohinder Singh, the truck driver who caused the accident, was sentenced to 22 years in prison for the crime Driving kills, smuggling of banned substances, and Prohibited substance possession. According to authorities, Singh lacked sleep and was under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident.

Quoc Dat (According to the The New York Times)


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