June 15, 2021


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Secretary of Hanoi: ‘The city is not in extreme isolation’

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Hanoi Party Secretary Dinh Tien Dung said that Covid 19 of these phases was more complicated, but the city actively implemented many effective and non-extreme measures.

At the online briefing meeting between the Hanoi Standing Party Committee and the Steering Committee for the Prevention of Covid-19 and departments, branches, districts in the afternoon of May 10, Mr. Dung assessed that Hanoi was in danger of an outbreak. due to the occurrence of cases in the community and in two central hospitals. However, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee identified the risk of epidemics and soon instructed the forces to implement many “methodical, scientific and creative” measures, even during holidays, April 30, 1. / 5.

“As soon as there was a case of Covid-19 caused by infection in the community from Ha Nam province, the city promptly isolated, blocked, drastically, but not extreme; at the same time, coordinated to handle outbreaks. at Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2, Hospital K at Tan Trieu Facility “, Mr. Dung cited.

Hanoi Party Secretary Dinh Tien Dung spoke at the meeting on the afternoon of May 10. Image: Write Thanh.

To prevent and fight the epidemic, the city has suspended unnecessary crowds, a number of services with high risks of epidemic spread; temporary leave of school for students of all levels; organizing screening tests for many areas, high-risk cases.

“The director of Bach Mai Hospital informed me, 11,000 hospital staff, medical workers and patients have been tested, the results are negative,” said the Hanoi Secretary, but suggested for prevention. services, need to temporarily close shops around medical facilities.

Recalling the contents he had exchanged with the press earlier, the Hanoi Secretary said that there was a time when rumors of “city blockade” appeared, he denied it. Although translation is complicated and has limited isolation, such as an apartment floor, a village or a hospital, the city “does not stretch, blockade in an extreme way, affecting the economic development of the commune. festival”.

The forecast for the Covid-19 situation in the coming time is still complicated, the Hanoi Secretary urges the people to “not be subjective but not too pessimistic to worry too much”. The heads of the committees at all levels are not allowed to leave the city, special cases must be reported. In the locality, the unit that lets officers and employees get Covid-19 due to negligence or subjectivity, the leaders of such agencies and units must be responsible.

The Hanoi Secretary also stated the creative way of Dong Anh district when zoning the outbreak according to 3 layers (the core layer is spaced out according to Directive 16, the next layer follows Directive 15, the outermost layer follows the Directive. 19) thereby ensuring the safety of epidemics, not preventing rivers from forbidding markets, upsetting people’s lives and requiring districts to replicate this effective approach.

At 11:00 on May 10, Hanoi recorded 46 cases in the community in 11 districts (Thuong Tin, Dong Anh, Phuc Tho, Soc Son, Gia Lam, Ha Dong, Bac Tu Liem, Thanh Xuan, Ba Dinh. , Thanh Oai, Hai Ba Trung). Across the city, there are 30 isolated and blocked locations with nearly 25,000 people.

Hanoi may close the beer bar

According to Hanoi City People’s Committee Chairman Chu Ngoc Anh, agencies and people of the city have joined the epidemic prevention and control, but there are still some places that have not implemented drastically. He cited, there are parks, flower gardens and soccer fields that have not strictly followed the regulations on suspension.

In addition, the President of the city said that there are some types of non-essential eating and drinking, such as draft beer and other forms that risk spreading the epidemic. That fact raises the need for the city to continue suspending the above business establishments to prevent and combat epidemics.

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