April 21, 2021


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Saigon river fishes died white

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Binh DuongTens of tons of fish in the Saigon River died white after heavy rains for many days, leaving households empty-handed.

White dead fish on the Saigon River. Image: Yen Khanh

Mr. Luong Van Tinh, 30 years old, said that his family has raised carp, mackerel, and carp … on the Saigon River for many years. On the evening of April 3, after a heavy rain, the fish in the raft showed a lethargic expression. A few hours later, they all turned up on the water surface, with their white belly back.

“Until recently, carp and carp also died, totaling about 13 tons, with losses of over 500 million VND”, Mr. Tinh said.

In addition to Mr. Tinh’s fish raft, on the river section bordering Dau Tieng town and Thanh An commune, there are five other households raising mackerel, carp, and red snapper … with the same situation, with more than 80 tons of dead fish.

In which, Huynh Long Kieng’s family died of more than 35 tons of fish, lost about 3.5 billion. “All my capital invested in raising fish. Fish only have a few days left to sell, but now all die, empty-handed,” said Mr. Kieng.

Mr. Huynh Long Kieng sat beside his white dead fish raft.  Photo: Yen Khanh

Mr. Huynh Long Kieng sat beside his white dead fish raft. Image: Yen Khanh

According to Mr. Duong Van Phuong, Head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Dau Tieng district, after the first rain of the season, water from the streams (Dua stream, Cau Cat stream) suddenly poured in, disturbing the excess food. “However, to determine the cause of death, it is necessary to wait for the results of the water and fish samples,” Phuong said.

Vice Chairman of Dau Tieng District People’s Committee Nguyen Van Binh said that there were nearly 10 households spontaneously raising fish in the dead fish area. Authorities are doing statistics on the damage.

Yen Khanh – Phuoc Tuan


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