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Radical Islam: the prefect of Sarthe decides to close the Allonnes mosque

This mosque, located in the popular town of Allones, is accused of being the scene of sermons legitimizing armed jihad and the commission of acts of terrorism.

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She is accused of legitimizing “recourse to armed jihad”. The prefecture of Sarthe announced Wednesday, October 13 that it had initiated a procedure to close the Allonnes mosque, near Le Mans, which hosts around 300 worshipers. “According to the elements collected, sermons and the activity of this place of worship, frequented by individuals belonging to or close to the radical Islamist movement, legitimize the use of armed jihad, death as a martyr, the commission of acts of terrorism and the use of violence, hatred and discrimination as well as the establishment of Sharia “, justifies the prefecture.

This place also houses a Koranic school “welcoming around 110 children before whom armed jihad was valued and which therefore constitutes a place of indoctrination”, according to the same source. Also, “under the terms of the law, all of these facts constitute statements made, ideas and theories disseminated, or activities inciting violence, hatred or discrimination, provoking the commission of acts of terrorism or defending such acts “.

“In view of these elements, at the request of the Minister of the Interior, the Prefect of Sarthe initiated a procedure to close this place of worship”, concludes the press release. Allonnes is a popular town of around 11,000 inhabitants located south-west of Le Mans.

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