May 14, 2021

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Quoc Bao regrets that the show doesn’t have Ha Tran

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HCMCMusician Quoc Bao said that the biggest regret is that Ha Tran is busy with his work and did not participate in the liveshow to celebrate his 30th anniversary as a profession.

During the presentation of the program on the afternoon of April 16, Quoc Bao said Ha Tran was the name he first aimed at when invited. She accepted a performance for the liveshow – originally scheduled to take place in March. However, the musician had not yet obtained a permit for the organization, had to move the morning of May. Quoc Bao said: “I regret that I have spent many new songs for Ha to sing during the night”. He also invited My Tam – the vocalist he used to support his career, but she was busy focusing on her own liveshow.

Quoc Bao (center) on Nguyen Ha (left) and Trini – two guests – during a 30-year live show at Hoa Binh Theater, which took place on the evening of May 15. Image: Thuy Duyen.

Tran Thu Ha has been with Quoc Bao since the late 1990s, when she started singing. Through the hit Kids of pristine in his debut album of the same name, the name Ha Tran gradually became more popular with the public. She continued to record the second record with Quoc Bao – Love cards for ladies, with tracks like Waiting for me on the moon floor, I’m about blue hair … Later, despite changing the style, the singer still maintains a close relationship with Quoc Bao.

Liveshow Quoc Bao has a name Peaceful, bringing together the voices: Bang Kieu, Le Hieu, Nguyen Ha, Trini. Quoc Bao called the music night a “preliminary session” after three decades of working as a profession. Liveshow is divided into three parts, three phases in his music making life, with 21 performances. Part One – Pure, is the first 10 years of his writing with songs on the theme “beautiful, quiet, good”. Part two – Monologue, The next 10 years – is the period when he suffered from many deadlock in his life, so music is more narrative. Part Three – Peaceful, is the current state of Quoc Bao.

Peace of mind (Quoc Bao) - Ha Tran, Tran Hieu

Peace of mind (Quoc Bao) – Ha Tran, Tran Hieu. Video: Le Quoc Phi.

Quoc Bao does not use the symphony – a trend that many singers have adopted in recent live shows – to honor the song’s rusticness. His band consists of eight members, the repertoire is mixed in jazz-rock colors. In addition to old hits, he introduced Dreamers (Dreamers) – His non-verbal music is inspired by Da Lat.

In addition to the 30th anniversary liveshow, Quoc Bao released an album consisting of nine songs with Ha Tran, Nguyen Ha, Bang Kieu, Le Hieu – four singers who have been with him along the way. The project is available in vinyl and CD formats.

Quoc Bao was born in 1967, the author of many songs such as: I came back pristine, Love song for the beauties, I went to green hair, Sitting singing and floating songs, And me with passion, Peace… He is a music advisor to the singers: Mai Khoi, Ngo Thanh Van, My Tam, Nguyen Ha … In addition to composing music, harmonizing, he is also a commentator, author of seven books. book. He launched a book about singer My Tam in June 2019.

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