April 21, 2021


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Quang Ninh to the top of the V-League

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Quang NinhThe club owes the salary of Quang Ninh player to the top of the V-League after winning Saigon 1-0 in round 8 of the V-League on the afternoon of April 7.

Goal: Pereira took a penalty 63

Diogo Pereira’s only goal helped Quang Ninh win the match they played against a difficult opponent. They have earned 18 points in eight games, two points ahead of HAGL but Kiatisuk Senamuang’s army has one game left.

From the corner of Quang Ninh in the 61st minute, midfielder Thiago Santos pulled opponent Gustavo Santos. Referee Nguyen Dinh Thai blew a penalty, making the players of the two teams surprised. From the penalty spot, Pereira sank to the left corner, distracting goalkeeper Pham Van Phong. The Brazilian striker’s second goal in the V-League this season.

Having just replaced a general, Saigon played cautiously and receded most of the time. Japanese striker Hiroyuki Takasaki, at the age of 35, is not aggressive enough to create a danger up front. The fact that Do Merlo was not kicking also caused the visitors to lose their air-combat weapons. By the time Merlo came on the field, Saigon encroached on the pitch but it was too late to change the situation.

Saigon’s most dangerous opportunity came in the 87th minute, from 20-year-old striker Tac Van Toan. Entering the field a few minutes earlier, Van Toan received the ball outside the box on the right. He shot his right foot diagonally, the ball bounced off the post to hit the opposite direction. 19-year-old striker Vo Nguyen Hoang slammed into the accretion but hit the edge of the net.

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