May 14, 2021

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Punished for urinating in the wrong place

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ThailandA Chinese woman peeed into the massage fish tank, causing hundreds of children to dry her stomach and was asked to pay 50,000 baht (157 million dong).

The incident just happened in early October when a woman surnamed Wang went to Thailand on a trip after the Covid-19 epidemic. Initially this person only put their feet in the aquarium at a beauty spa. Feeling good, she requested a full body soak in the lake to exfoliate her skin. Too comfortable, Vuong did not “contain himself”. Because the small fish in the pond can not stand the uric acid in the urine, the belly is dried for only a few minutes.

Seeing the dead fish, the owner met Vuong to settle, but this woman argued that it was not her own reason. After more than an hour of witty fighting, Vuong admitted his mistake and agreed to compensate for the spa.

Foot massage with fish is popular in many countries. Image: sina.

This is not the first time this has happened in Thailand. Last year a Chinese male tourist caused a “similar incident” in the golden temple country. This person and you come here to use the service and overslept for 5 minutes. After waking up, he realized that the surrounding fish were on their back with a white belly, losing nearly 100 million VND. Seeing the dead fish, the man immediately fled. When he was stopped, he got angry and blamed the spa owner for blackmailing him. Only when the police got involved did the Chinese tourists admit their mistakes and pay compensation.

Foot massage with fish is popular in many countries. Customers just dip their feet into the water tank, a few seconds later, dozens of small fish fins again peeking dead cells on their feet. The tingling sensation is also considered an effective massage for the feet. The standard fish chosen to enter the tank must be Garra rufa (also known as Doctor fish), originating from Turkey. This fish is small, toothless and feeds on dead cells on human skin.

In China, this form of massage is very popular because many people believe that it can effectively exfoliate skin as well as boost metabolism. However, health experts warn this form of relaxation can spread blood-borne diseases like HIV or hepatitis. There has also been a case in China where a client’s leg wound was invaded by a parasite in the aquarium, resulting in the amputation of all 5 toes.

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