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Proposing 10 criteria for massage and spa business

Ho Chi Minh CityMassage and spa business points must ensure a minimum density of 4 m2 / person, the distance between 2 guests is at least one meter, as proposed by the Department of Health.

Content mentioned in Draft set of safety assessment criteria in epidemic prevention with massage and spa business developed by the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City and sent to other departments and districts for comments.

Accordingly, massage and spa business establishments must meet 10 safety assessment criteria in epidemic prevention to operate under Decision 3900 on safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of Covid-19 in the locality. table.

Specifically, business establishments must register QR codes, organize code scans, make medical declarations with guests and employees; Waiters who have had at least one dose of vaccine (full 14 days) or F0 recovered, are required to wear a mask throughout the working time, change the mask after each customer, wash their hands after each service.

Service users also inject at least one vaccine (full 14 days), F0 has recovered or has a negative test report within 72 hours, adheres to keeping the distance between guests at least one meter; Service capacity is allowed 100% in green area, 50% in yellow area, 25% in orange area.

Guests and staff must have their temperature checked before entering the premises and using the service every day; arrange a hand washing area with soap or sanitizer for guests and employees; ensure a minimum density of 4 m2/person and a minimum distance between 2 customers of one meter.

Business establishments must disinfect beds, massage chairs, and other items after each customer service, periodically disinfect doorknobs, elevator buttons, toilets, etc. at least twice a day or when necessary.

The owner of the establishment must have a plan and be responsible for implementing epidemic prevention measures, business plans, publicizing the maximum number of guests at the establishment at the same time (with notice board)…

Previously, on November 16, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee provided massage, spa, beauty salon, bar, discotheque, dance, karaoke, cinema, library, cultural and art performances, video games… open door. However, after 2 days, karaoke, disco, spa, bar, massage services had to stop due to complicated developments of Covid-19. Up to now, these occupations have had to stop for 7 months to prevent the epidemic.

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